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Hannah YOUNGLOVE married John NELSON (born c1718). The NELSONS were from the southwestern VT area. A descendant of this couple was Holden NELSON, born 1822, who married Ruth JOHNSON and had 5 known children. He was in the Hebron, Washington Co., NY, census in 1860. Seeking any information. (Query posted 2/22/97) Michelle Nelson

Seeking information on the family of Samuel NELSON of Hebron, NY. Samuel was born c1812 and wife Laura was born c1813. They had children: Amanda, born c1835; John, born c1837; George, born January 26, 1838; Eleazur, born c1839; Joel, born c1840; Samuel W., born c1842 Hebron, NY; William, born c1845; Sarah Ann, born c1848; Louisa Elizabeth, born c1850; and Harriett NELSON, born c1852. Son George NELSON married Emily Jane PHILLIPS in Hoosick, NY, 14 October 1857, and he died 16 June 1864 MIA at Petersburg, VA. Son Samuel W. NELSON married Laura Lucinda PHILLIPS on 11 May 1864 and he died 11 September 1874 Williamstown, MA. Any information on this family appreciated. (Query posted 2/1/97) Janet Doyle

I am looking for information on the John NEVENS family who lived in Salem, Washington Co., NY, in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Census information from that time period would be helpful to me. (Query posted 9/30/97) Donna Nevens

Searching for information on Alice NEVILLE, born 22 April 1844 in Ireland, and married Paul KEHOE, possibly in Granville, Washington Co., NY. She lived in Granville with her parents Patrick and Mary (HERRON) NEVILLE. Believe that Alice and Paul may have settled in Rutland Co., VT. Would appreciate contact with any others researching this or related lines. (Query posted 1/23/97) Cereice Cook

Patrick and Mary (HERRON) NEVILLE settled in Granville, Washington Co., NY, c1850. Their children were: Mary, c1830-1897; Thomas, 1838-1882; Patrick H., 1840-1912; John H., 1842-1867; Alice, 1844-?; and Nicholas, 1847-1880. Patrick and Mary died in Granville in 1868 and 1886. Children Mary and John also died in Granville. Alice married Paul KEHOE and may have settled in Rutland Co., VT. Would appreciate contact with others researching this or related lines. (Query posted 1/23/97) Cereice Cook

Looking for information on Nathaniel NICHOLS who was born in Washington Co., NY, on 16 March 1823 and died 16 October 1879. He married Adaline GOODRICH who was born 9 August 1827 and died 12 November 1873. They had children: Fannie, born 1 October 1845, died 1 January 1913; Sarah, born 12 April 1850, died 2 February 1877; Andrew, born 22 July 1852, died 8 January 1900; Harriet, born 8 March 1855; Fred, born 24 June 1861, died 16 January 1886; Willie, born 29 June 1864, died 19 January 1866; Rollin, born 28 July 1866. My great grandfather, also son of Nathaniel, was born 6 January 1848, died 13 March 1883, buried Moriah, NY. He married Mary MOON, born Moriah, NY, 14 February 1852 and died 1 March 1892. They had children Wallace and Willard (twins), born 30 January 1872 Moriah, NY. Wallace died 6 March 1935 and is buried Putnam Station, NY. Willard died 13 June 1885. Henry and Mary also had daughter Bertha, born 20 April 1875. Wallace married Mildred CROSS who was born in Lewis, NY 17 August 1872 and died 20 October 1950, buried Putnam Station, NY. Wallace and Mildred had children: Richard, born 23 July 1899 Moriah, NY; Dorothy, born 20 August 1901 Graphite, NY, died 1 February 1981; Ruth, born 19 April 1903 Hague, NY, died 30 July 1942; Marguiette, born 14 September 1904, died 24 May 1982; and Ernest, born 7 December 1906 Ticonderoga, NY, died 2 August 1964, buried Putnam Station, NY. Ernest married Anna BAIN, born 22 December 1916, died 11 July 1990. They had children Joan, Dan and Kent. Any information on this family appreciated. (Query posted 9/18/97) Kent Nichols

Searching for information on Elisha NICHOLS who was born 10 January 1773. He married Mary BOLTON HYDE and they had son John Franklin NICHOLS who was born 18 March 1809 in Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY. Other children were: Huldah, Lydia, Lucinda, Phidelia, William C., Weltha, Daniel B., Aura, and Minerva. I believe that HYDE was Mary BOLTON's first husband's name. (Query posted 7/23/97) Ron Nichols

I have quite a bit of information on the surname NOBLE including branches in Washington and Warren Counties, NY. Some information dates back to the 1600s. These branches include, but are not limited to, Mark, Joel, Noah, Benjamin, Elijah, Lyman, Charles and Josiah. Please contact me if you are interested in sharing information. (Query posted 1/23/97) Tammy Lawrence

Searching for information on Benjamin NORTHRUP and his wife Elethan HARRIS. Both were born in Cambridge, NY, according to the 1850 MI census. Their oldest son, Benjamin, was born NY 1828 and their next child was born in OH in 1830. Any information on this family appreciated. (Query posted 9/17/97) Chris Cironi

I am trying to obtain information on Dr. Jonathan NORTON. I believe he was born in Pittstown, Granville, Burnt Hills or Ballston Spa, NY, between 1790-1800, and I think his actual birthdate was 17 December 1798. It is likely his father was also a doctor. In the 1830 census, Jonathan was in Rensselaer Co., NY, with his wife, probably Ann, born 1800-1810, and his 4 daughters: Ester and Elizabeth, both born 1820-1825 and Harriet and Mary Ann, both born 1835-1830. The surname HOAG is also connected to this family. Jonathan moved to MI in the 1840s and died in Parma, Jackson Co., MI in 1844, probably on 18 December 1844. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 12/14/97) Bill Lyons

I'm looking for information on Aaron NORTON, born 1802 Washington Co., NY, died 1866 Breckingridge Co., KY. Also, Abigail NORTO, born 1752 MA and died 1802 Washington Co., NY. Any info on this line of NORTONS would be appreciated. (Query posted 9/17/97) Diana Pierce (e-mail address needed!)

Charles C. NORTON was born in Washington Co., NY, c1822. One of his sons was born in Fort Miller although Charles is listed in the 1850 census in Greenwich. I'd love to find his parents and any other information. He married Amanda BLAKE. (Query posted 3/31/97) Carol Morrison

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I am researching my ancestors who married and lived in what was Kanes Falls, now Fort Ann, NY. My great-grandparents were Thomas O'CONNOR and Nancy BAIN. Nancy's father, Andrew BAIN, married Ellen CROWE in the same area. The parents of Thomas O'CONNOR were listed on his death certificate as John CONNER and Ann O'CONNOR. Thomas was born in IRE in 1831. ANy info on this family would be appreciated. I have much information from their marriages until now to share. (Query posted 12/14/97) Marie

Lydia BARLOW, born 1790 NH and died 1866 Scioto Co., OH, married Ransom ODELL in NY c1810-1814. One son, Moses ODELL, was born in NY, before the family moved to OH in 1815. There are several Ransom ODELLS in NY and I'm trying to pin down which is mine as well as learn about the BARLOWS. Any info on a BARLOW family that came from NH to NY might be helpful. Suspected NY counties where the marriage might have taken place are Washington, Chenango and Rensselaer. (Query posted 10/24/97) Herma Armstrong

Seeking the parents of Miriam OLMSTE(A)D who married Benjamin MATTESON in 1819 in VT. They resided in Washington Co., NY, before moving to Jefferson Co., NY. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 4/10/97) Sharon Rauworth

Seeking ancestors of Daniel ORCUTT, born 3 August 1766 Whitehall, NY, married Debora TOZER, born 6 March 1767. Deborah TOZER was the daughter of Baruch TOZER and Sarah LOOMIS. They were married in 1787. These are my g-g-g-g-grandparents and any help will be appreciated! (Query posted 8/25/97) Kenneth Gross, Jr.

Seeking info on any and all OTT, UTT, OAT (and related spellings) families--anywhere, anytime. Need this info for our many readers and researchers. (Query posted 12/14/97) Cora Ott

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Seeking information on A. Elizabeth PARKER, believed to have been born in Fort Edward, NY, on 5 October 1895 or 1897. Her parents may be Charles S. PARKER and Ethel GATES, also of Fort Edward. Elizabeth married James H. PEARSALL of Glens Falls on 23 August 1918. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 3/31/97) James B. Milne

Looking for death information on Damariss PARKER who is believed to have died in Granville, Washington Co., NY, in 1790. Damariss was the wife of Enos PARKER. Also looking for the marriage of their daughter Philena to Silas BARNES about 1792. (Query posted 1/23/97) Michele Roth

Searching for info on John PARRISH and his wife Elizabeth RICE. John was a Revolutionary War veteran (Rev. War pension files 4821 NY State, Wash. Co.) In 1792 he moved his family from Livingston Manor, NY, to Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY. HIs will is dated 10 May 1843 and probated 16 November 1843. Their children moved to Jefferson Co., NY, to the town of Pamelia. Who were John PARRISH's parents? Did he have brothers and sisters? Where was Elizabeth (RICE) PARRISH from? (Query posted 12/14/97) Bob Shepherd

Looking for any information on Edward PATTEN who came to NY after spending some time in Newfoundland with his brother Charles PATTEN. Both arrived from the Channel Islands around 1795. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 1/6/97) Anne Patten Oliver

PAYNE Searching for more information on Joseph Hitchcock PAYNE, born 26 March 1810 Hartford, NY. He was the son of Rev. Peter PAYNE and Mercy HITCHCOCK. Joseph married Nancy DEMING and they had son Edward Biron PAYNE. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 10/24/97) Shaun O'Connor

Searching for information on Dr. Stephen PEABODY. He was in the Washington Co., NY, area from the late 1700s to early 1800s. I'm especially interested in any reference to a son named Lewis Royce PEABODY who married Matilda FARR. Stephen married (2) Susan TRIM, the mother of son Lewis. (Query posted 12/14/97) Sallie

William PERKINS died 26 September 1808. His wife, Margaret (PLACE) PERKINS died there in 1834. Seeking info on their children and descendants. We have the children's names as Joanna, Abigail, Phebe, Asa, Frances, David, William, Joesph, Ebenezer, Job and John. (Query posted 2/1/97) Wayne James

Seeking any information on David and Susannah LANGWORTHY PETTIT who resided in Buskirk Bridge, Washington Co., NY. Susanna PETTIT died in 1856 and David PETTIT died in 1862. They are both buried in Island Hill Cemetery in Buskirk, Rensselaer Co., NY. They had 8 children. Susannah LANGWORTHY PETTIT was the daughter of Ira LANGWORTHY and Jennie PHILLIPS, daughter of Francis PHILLIPS of Cambridge and White Creek, NY. Have a lot of information to share on the children of David and Susannah LANGWORTHY PETTIT. (Query posted 4/10/97) Kevin Pemrick

Norman PHELPS, Jr., was born in Fort Ann, NY, in 1788. He was the son of Norman PHELPS, Sr., who was born in Hebron, Tolland Co., CT, on 9 November 1763. Norman, Jr., married (1) name unknown, and (2) Hannah Ellison CHASE, born 5 March 1785 Petersham, MA, and (3) Minerva PLUM, married 14 December 1834. Norman PHELPS, Jr., died 19 May 1871 and Minerva PHELPS died 27 September 1878. Both are buried in the Seeley Cemetery, Ridge Rd., Queensbury, NY. Norman and Minerva had children Sarah, born 1845 and Andrew James, born 9 December 1844. I need Norman, Jr.'s, birthdate, any information on any of his 3 wives and more information on his children. (Query posted 3/9/97) Herb Phelps

Need information on Eliakim PIERCE who was born c1770 and died 4 November 1830 White Creek, Washington Co., NY. His wife, Marian, preceded him in death. She was born 1770 and died 23 February 1822 and is buried in the Ashgrove Cambridge Methodist Episcopal Church in White Creek, NY. His will mentions offspring: Nathan, Daniel, David, Samuel, Nehemiah, Thomas, Ephraim, Mary HERRINGTO and Jane PIERCE. Any info on the PIERCES of White Creek would be appreciated. Would also like to know Marian's last name and any info on her family.(Query posted 3/31/97) Ardis J. Pierce

Looking for any information on Edourd PILOTE/PILOTTE and wife Marcellina GUAY PILOTE from Canada to Essex Co., NY, then down to Rensselaer Co. Need birth information on my great-grandfather Paul PELOTTE/PILOTTE and information on my great-grandmother, Delia GAGNE, and her family. (Query posted 2/22/97) Cherie N.

Searching for information on my great-great-grandmother Elizabeth H. PITTS, born 10 May 1840. She was the daughter of John PITTS and Mary WRIGHT (I have also heard her name was Mary DUSHON.) Elizabeth had brothers John, James, and George Albert. Her sisters were Amanda, Mary Jane and Julia. They were all born in Granville, Washington Co., NY. I am looking for any info about her parents/ancestors. Elizabeth H. PITTS married Thomas J. LICENCE, who was a son of Robert LICENCE/LYSONS, of Washington Co., NY, and Elizabeth and Thomas lived and died in Pawlet, VT. Any LICENCE info would also be appreciated. (Query posted 9/30/97) Joyce Clegg

I'm part of a group trying to trace all the descendants of Enoch PLACE (1631-1695) of Kingstown, RI. A goodly number of his descendants went to NY. We have 5000+ names in a database and are eager to correspond with any and all who have PLACE ancestors. (Query posted 2/1/97) Wayne James

Godfrey and Susanna (TANNER) PLACE migrated from RI to Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, before 1810. We have reason to believe they had 10 children, although we know the names of but six: Mariah, born 1807; Nathan born before 1810; Thankful, born 1811; Joshua, born c1822; Casper, born c1824; and Susan, born c1828. Any help with the other 4 and/or further descendants of any of these children appreciated. (Query posted 2/1/97) Wayne James

Searching for information on Joseph POWERS, born 28 July 1886 Hudson Falls, NY, and died 25 September 1958 Tupper Lake, NY. He married 1918 Regina SABOURIN, born 11 August 1887 Hull, Quebec, Canada and died 31 May 1977 Tupper Lake, NY. Joseph POWERS father was Joseph POWERS, born 1830/31 and died 25 March 1900. He married Catherine ROURK, born County Cork, IRE, and died 4 May 1922. (Query posted 7/31/97) Tom and Jean Smith

Seeking family information on the children of Othneil PRESTON (born 1737), Othneil PRESTON (born 1757) and Othneil PRESTON (born 1784). I am descended from Othneil PRESTON (born 1784-c1860). Also seeking the marriage for Othneil PRESTON, born 1784, who apparently had more than one wife. His wife Mary BENSON was my ancestor. Thanks for any help! (Query posted 6/9/97) Doris J. O'Brien

I have traced my g-g-g-grandfather John PUTNAM to Chautauqua Co., NY, where he recorded a land title in 1806. He married Sabra PRESTON c1800 and she was born 20 June 1780. Their daughter Maria married John HARTWELL and moved to Tryonville, PA, in 1846. I am trying to locate John PUTNAM's parents and whereabouts prior to 1806. John was supposed to have been born 20 September 1779 but I don't know where, although it was probably in Washington Co., NY. Any data on his predecessors and any info on Sabra PRESTON for whom I have no information, would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 5/31/97) Axel H. Ahlberg

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Searching for information on my ancestor, Samuel QUA, who was born in Hebron, Washington Co., NY, in May 1819. I am trying to find out the name of his parents and siblings. Can anyone help me? (Query posted 3/31/97) Steven Quay

Seeking more detailed information on my MCMILLIN and ADAMS ancestors of Washington Co., NY. My 3rd great-grandparents were Andrew MCMILLIN and Margaret ADAMS. Andrew was born at Mt. Hebron, Washington Co., NY, in 1803 and died c1873. He married c1831 Margaret ADAMS, born 1811 and died c1873. They had children: Nathaniel (my g-g-grandfather); Samuel; Mary Jane; Abraham; Benjamin; Betsy, married William Scott HANNA; William; Martha; Unise; James; Margaret; and an unknown child. Andrew MCMILLIN's father was born Londonderry, Ireland, 1773 and died 1856 Washington Co., NY. He married Anna, last name may have been QUA, born 1773 Washington Co., NY. They had children: William McClellan; Nathaniel, married Euphemia JOHNSON; Andrew; and 2 other unknown children. In a letter from Alida HANNA of West Hebron, 1896, she mentioned that on the way to Salem she stopped by the cemetery where Grandpa and Grandma MCMILLIN were buried. I have not located their graves. It is also a family rumor that Margaret ADAMS is related to the Presidents ADAMS. Some related cousins may be HURD, HANNA, GETTY and TAYLOR. Seek info on all of them, their ancestry, descendants and whether of not Anna MCMILLIN's maiden name was QUA. (Query posted 4/19/97) Byron Renner

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Searching for info on the family of Jane Eliza RAE. I have a fragment of a Bible on the inside of which is an inscription written by my great-grandfather, Hurd Allyn DRAKE. It reads, "This Bible was carried by my Grandmother, Jane Eliza RAE, in a covered wagon from Washington County, NY, to MI in 1826." Is there any information on Jane Eliza RAE? Her name may also have been spelled RAY. Either before or shortly after moving to MI, Jane married John PRESTON, who was also from NY, although not necessarily from Washington Co. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 12/14/97) Mary Golota

Looking for any information on Daniel RANGER who is shown on the Washington Co., NY, census for 1790. (Query posted 7/12/97) Mike Ranger

Elijah RANSOM was born c1790 Washington Co., NY, and died 14 September 1869 KS. He married Sarah RHODES and they had son Ira RANSOM, 1840-1906, who married Sarah Ann SHORT. Visit RANSOM homepages for additional information. (Query posted 5/31/97) Bill Scholtes

Need information on the ancestors of Fitch REED (born 1797 VT). He married Almyra GIBBS (she was his 2nd wife, born Pawlet, VT). He died 1865 Ontario, NY. Fitch REED served in the French and Indian War. Also need to know the name and ancestors of his first wife. His children were: Laura, married Edward MASON; Jerusha, born 1831, died 1851; David B., born 16 October 1828 Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY, died 18 December 1891 Ontario, NY; John L.; William E.; and James T. Fitch REED was living in Wayne Co., NY, by 1832. His grandfather was a member of the Bennington Mountain Boys. Was his grandfather's last name FITCH or REED? (Query posted 9/30/97) Nancy Esley

I am researching the family history of the names listed above. We know Col. Antonie RENOIS was born 1811 on board ship from France to Canada. His parents were Pierre RENOIS, died c1833-36, and his mother was Louisa, last name unknown, who died 1848. His parents settled in Beloeil, Canada. Antonie came to Whitehall, NY, c1833 with his parents and his two brothers and two sisters: Adelaide, Victor, Sophie, and Peter (P.J.). Col. Antonie RENOIS married Margaret CHAMPAIGNE in 1833. She died in 1835 and he then married Charlotte LATREMOUILLE c1836. Any information on the history of any of these families would be helpful. (Query posted 4/10/97) Jim Embrich

Looking for people related to Job Jay REYNOLDS and his wife Abigail BUMP. They lived in Hartford, NY, in the early 1800s. Job Jay's parents were William REYNOLDS and Susanna RICE. (Query posted 7/12/97) Robert Reynolds

Searching for information on Peter Hilton RICE, born 29 January 1816 NY, who may have had siblings George RICE, born 24 October 1817 and Catherine RICE, born 27 February 1823. Peter Hilton RICE is said to be from "Whitehall Village" and is documented on Jackson Co., MS, and Washington Co., NY, records. He moved to Amite Co., MS, where he married 1 January 1852 to Elizabeth "Betsy" BOYNTON, the widow of Theodore Weston HITCHCOCK. (Query posted 3/9/97) Pauline

Searching for info on John and Thaddeus RICH who were in Salem, NY, from 1800 until after 1840. Thaddeus stayed in Washington Co., NY, but John moved to Troy, NY. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 12/14/97) Arlettia Fyfe

I'm interested in information on William (Billy) RICHARDSON. He shows up on the 1790 and 1800 census in Granville, Washington Co., NY. Land records show he purchased land on 10 February 1800 in Granville with his wife Tryphena. Secondary records indicate he was a blacksmith in Granville and died there at the age of 85 (my calculations indicate that would have been 1835-1840). Daughter Betsey RICHARDSON WARREN was born 1 August 1793 Granville, NY, and son John RICHARDSON was born c1794. Both children moved to Franklin Co., NY, in the 1810s. Any information on where William or Tryphena RICHARDSON came from or what became of them would be appreciated. (Query posted 7/23/97) Bruce Arfken

Seeking information on the parents of Francis ROBERTSON/ROBERSON/ROBINSON, born 29 December 1763 RI, who married Keturah KENYON, born 24 May 1768 RI. They had the following children: Susannah, born 21 May 1781, married Job BAKER; Marcia, born 23 April 1789, married Solomon BAILEY; Robert, born 15 August 1791; Polly, born 20 September 1793; Francis, born 13 November 1796, married Almire DEWELLE; Jeremiah, born 16 April 1799, married Eunice BAILEY; Jonathan, born 24 April 1801; Ira, born 13 August 1803, married Theressa BARBER; David, born 17 July 1807; Ansel, born 23 April 1810, married Maria L.; Barber, born 26 November 1811, married (1) Nancy FOSTER, (2) Harriet FOSTER, and (3) Lydia TUCKER; Martin, born 20 June 1816, married Sarah Jane COOK. This family lived in Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, however Marcia ROBERSON BAILEY moved to Onondaga Co., NY. Any information on this ROBERSON/ROBINSON/ROBERTSON family would be appreciated. (Query posted 10/24/97) Rosemary Markham

Searching for information on John Banks ROBERTSON, born 1800 Cambridge, NY. Family history lists his father as William ROBERTSON. William's wife, Elizabeth FLEENING, was born in Scotland as was William. He was born in Bemersyde and Elizabeth was born in Kelso. She was daughter of James FLEENING. William and Elizabeth RICHARDSON had 2 children born in Scotland: James and George. They came to Washington Co., purchased land, built a house and had other children, a total of 11 or 12. I do not have the names of all the children born in Washington Co. John Banks RICHARDSON married Matilda HUTCHINS and they had 9 daughters. Matilda died, John remarried but had no more children. John died in Macoupin Co., IL, in 1888. Would like very much to hear from others researching this same line. (Query posted 7/23/97) Agnes Chambers

Searching for information on the father of John ROBERTSON, born 1800 Cambridge, NY. I have William ROBERTSON and Elizabeth FLEENING as his parents but cannot verify this. John married Matilda HUTCHINS and had 9 daughters, all born in Washington Co., NY: Ann, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Margarett, Jane, Sarah, Matilda, Agnes, Susan and Amanda. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 7/12/97) Agnes Chambers

Searching for info on Edward (c1784-1834), Simeon (c1784-1835) and Orlen (1808-1877) ROBINSON. They were probably born in Washington Co., NY, and died in OH. We have Orlen purchasing property in Copley Twp., Summit Co., OH, in 1830. (Query posted 12/14/97) Jack Cepko

Searching for any information on the ROCQUE surname from Whitehall, NY. Adolphe Ferdinand ROCQUE/ROQUE/ROCK was born 20 December 1873 Whitehall, NY, and died 31 December 1942. He married Marie Francilla NORMANDIN on 5 October 1896 in Whitehall, NY. Their children were: Pierre Ernest, born 8 November 1897; Romauld Frederic, born 7 February 1901; Leo, born 2 October 1902; Joseph Tracey, born 16 October 1905 (all these children born Whitehall, NY); Marc, born 25 April 1910; Maurice Jean, born 6 May 1913. The parents of Adolphe ROCQUE (an only child) were: Pierre (Peter) ROCQUE, born 8 April 1848 Whitehall, NY, died 24 June 1930 Whitehall, NY, and Adeline TERAIEN/THERIEN. Pierre (Peter) ROCQUE's parents were Charles Adolphine ROCQUE, born 1824 Montreal, Quebec, Canada, died aged 73 in 1897 Whitehall, NY. He married Julie/Julia/Juliette VAYETTE/VEJEN in 1842. Their children were: Pierre (Peter), born 8 April 1848, married Adeline TERIEN; Suzanna, born 10 February 1850; Joseph, born 29 November 1851; Ferdinand, born 10 November 1852; Ignace, born 4 December 1854; John Baptiste, born 19 November 1856, Alfred, born 6 October 1858, married Susie OSIER; Isaac, born 28 December 1861; Julienne, born 30 October 1864, married William FARMER. Any info on this family appreciated. (Query posted 12/14/97) Kathy Sweetser

Researching the family of Pierre Solomon RODD and Marie-Louise GELINEAU-DANIELS RODD. They were married 1827 Canada, and moved to Whitehall, NY, c1837. Their daughter Mary Helen (Ellen) RODD was my g-g-grandmother. Mary Helen was born 1837 Canada and died 1913 Whitehall, NY. She was married to Peter Gendron MANELL and they had 10 children, all born Whitehall, NY. She was widowed 3 times. She was also married to Noel Jacob YARTER and they had son Fred YARTER who died in 1899 at age 15. She was also married to Jead Baptiste LEDDICK. (Query posted 6/9/97) Laurie Manell Kiriakou

Searching for the parents of Agnes Ann ROGERS who was born 22 July 1822 in Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 3/31/97) Sharon Garber

I am looking for information on the ROOT family that lived in Washington Co., NY. I don't know when they moved there but some of the family says my great-grandfather Amos Emiel ROOT and his wife Alma LOOSCHEM were both born in Germany but I'm not positive about this. My grandmother Carrie ROOT was born Whitehall in 1891 or 1892. Her sisters were Cornelia and Helene and they had a brother Harold born c1901. My grandmother Carrie played the piano in movie theaters. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 10/24/97) Carol

David Elliot ROSS and William Elliot ROSS, brothers, emigrated to Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, c1908 from Scourie, Sutherlandshire, Scotland. David died about December 1909. Looking for information on David's death and the identities of any of William's descendants. (Query posted 12/14/97) James McCabe

I am looking for John ROSS who was born in Isle LaMotte, VT, 24 August 1837. His parents may have been John J. ROSS and Margaret POMEROY. He lived on Sixth St. in Whitehall, NY, for over 50 years according to his obituary. He was a railroad watchman for 15 years and an engineer for the Delaware and Hudson Railroad for many years. He married Margaret HUBBARD and she died 29 April 1904. She was married before to a Dr. Lucius HUBBARD who passed away. He was also married to Mary A. NOLAN. John and Margaret had 2 children: John and Sarah Margaret. Sarah Margaret was born 28 August 1861 in Burlington, VT. She was married 24 December 1885 in Whitehall to James Emmet CAYEA. According to their marriage certificate, Sarah's parents were John ROSS and Sarah ROBARGE. Talk about confusing! Any help would be greatly appreicated. (Query posted 1/23/97) Sharon Klenotiz

Have only census info for 1800 and 1810 for my last of line Erastus ROWLEY and wife Lydia RICHARDSON. Info from various sources says their children were born in the Washington Co., NY, area. Was there a Richardson's Patent in this area? The children were: Aurilla, born 18 June 1796, married Joseph RICHARDSON (a cousin?) who was born 3 January 1796 VT; Rosella, born 31 May 1800; Nathan, born 17 May 1802 Westfield, NY; Abigail, born 17 October 1804 Fort Ann, NY; Marcus, born 1807 Washington Co., NY. Would love to find anything about this family in hopes of linking to the Henry ROWLEY family of Barnstable, MA. (Query posted 12/13/97) Roger Rowley

I am seeking information on the family of Adam Martin RUSSELL, born 3 February 1811. His father was William RUSSELL, born 22 April 1770 and died 9 February 1853. His mother was Submit, maiden name unknown, born 20 August 1768 and died 3 May 1849. Adam Martin RUSSELL had brothers and sisters: Edward, Orphana, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, William, M.L., John, Lucinda, D.L. and O.L. His grandfather was Ebenezer RUSSELL, born 1746 and died 25 December 1836. I would like to confirm that the above family lived in Salem, Washington Co., NY, from c1775. Would also like any leads to information on the birthplace and the parents of Ebenezer RUSSELL. (Query posted 8/25/97) Chuck Kelly

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Seeking information regarding Thomas SAMSON, born 1799 Washington Co., NY. He was living in the town of Richland, Oswego Co., at the time of the 1855 NY census. He died in 1874 and is buried at Martiville Cemetery, Town of Sterling, Cayuga Co., NY. (Query posted 9/18/97) Paul Ketchum

Searching for information on Dr. Isaac SARGENT who was born 1769, probably VT, and died 1821 Fort Ann, NY. He married (1) Lydia ROBERTS 1792 and married (2) Mary BACON 1797. By wife Lydia, he had daughter Lydia SARGENT. By wife Mary he had Samuel B., Isaac, Henry Gibbs, Edmund, Julia Ann, James B., Leonard Roberts, Mary B., and Louisa Broughton SARGENT. Wish to correspond with others researching this line which descended from William SARGENT "of Malden, MA, 1638." (Query posted 2/1/97) Anne S. Fisher

Seeking the parentage of Joseph SATTERLEE, born August 1789 Washington Co., NY, and died 15 December 1863 East Otto, Cattaraugus Co., NY. He married c1814 Dorcas BABCOCK (born 5 December 1798 and died 27 July 1886 East Otto, NY). Joseph served in the War of 1812. After Joseph's , he probably first settled in Bolton, NY, and then removed to Pike, Wyoming Co., NY by 1820, and then settled in East Otto, NY, c1832. Any and all help regarding the parentage of Joseph would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 4/19/97) John W. Ladwig

Looking for information on the husband of Louisa Scott, born 15 February 1814 Cambridge, NY. Her husband was Jesse MONTGOMERY, born c1810. Their children were: Mary, born c1836; Welthy, born c1838; John, born c1840; James, born c1841; Solomon, born c1842; and Emma, born c1846. Louisa's parents were John SCOTT II, born 26 July 1776 Cambridge, NY, and married 29 April 1801 to Mary (Polly) DAY, born 21 October 1783. (Query posted 7/12/97) Richard E. Miller

I am looking for info on any SCOVILLES who lived in Ft. Edward. They settled there when it was part of Argyle c1791. Specifically, I am looking for more about John SCOVILLE whose first wife Elizabeth died and he married (2) Abigail BEEBE. Also seek Edward SCOVILLE who may have been his son, who married Susan CASE, possibly a daughter of Alexander CASE. Also seek Rhoda SCOVILLE who married Silas SPAULDING in Fort Ann. Also seek Pyrlina SCOVILLE who married Daniel WINCHESTER in Fort Edward. A suspected related family is Stephen WINCHESTER who married Nancy CASE in Fort Edward in 1816. Some information on the John SCOVILLE family is in the Greenfield Congregational Church records. I'm also interested in William SCOVILLE who was in the Jackson census in 1820 and who was probably in Arlington, VT, census 1810. He was likely married to Elizabeth CHAPMAN. Any information on any of these names would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 10/24/97) Harvey H. Neilsen

The first marriage in Schroon River/Lake, Essex Co., NY, was supposedly the marriage of my ancestors John SCRIBNER and Silence LELAND. I'dl like to know the exact date of this event. I think it was about 1804, long before such records were regularly kept. I'd appreciate any help. (Query posted 2/22/97) B.K. Macpherson

Searching for info on Elcena SCRIPTER who was born in Washington Co., NY. I am not sure SCRIPTER is her last name, the only clue I have is when she married a ROBERTS, a SCRIPTER was a witness to the marriage. Elcena was the second wife of Reuben CROSS, born VT c1800. He moved to Hague, NY, and later to North River. Elcena was his second wife. Any info appreciated! (Query posted 9/30/97) Bill Zullo

Seeking information on Mary (Polly) SHARP, born 15 May 1777 (birth calculated from Bible record of her death), married c1802 Joseph H. SEXTON. Mary died 4 July 1865 at Bolton, Warren Co., NY. Her parents were Cornelius SHARP and Maria VAN BOMMEL. The information on her parents was provided to me via mail with no documentation and I have not yet corroborated it. Information also via mail: "Joseph H. SEXTON, son of Amos and Sybil SEXTON, was born 27 January 1781. He married Mary (Polly) SHARP, probably from Cambridge, Washington Co., NY." From the 1800 census index, Washington Co., NY: Cornelius, Andrew, and Garret SHARP, all p. 188. Cornelius SHARP bought land in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, in 1796 and 1798, both times listed as "of Cambridge." Also from mail and undocumented: Cornelius had a brother, Peter. (Query posted 7/23/97) Darcie Randall Ridolfi

I am seeking information on Anna SHARP and Cornelius SHARP. Anna, daughter of Cornelius, married William CLANCY in 1799-1800 Washington Co., NY. She was born 1777, location unknown, and after she had their first child in 1800, they sold their farm and moved to Camden East Twp., Ontario Province, to obtain cheap land. William had come down from Newfoundland in 1795. Cornelius SHARP is listed in the 1790 census for Washington Co., Cambridge Township. He later purchased additional property from J. SCHERMERHORN of Schenectady and Christoffel VAN BOMEL in 1796 and 1798 respectively. Cornelius' family is noted in a CLANCY family history as being German, Methodist and of robust stature. Anna is noted to have had 6 brothers and 2 sisters, names unknown. Any additional information on the names or birthdates of these siblings, their mother, or from where Cornelius came from. (Query posted 4/19/97) Pete Czora

Searching for info on Abram SHEAR, born c1822 NY. He left Putnam, Washington Co., NY, c1842 and headed west, settling in Kent Co., MI. By 1845, he had married Mary BACKUS and they had children: John W.; Mary E.; Flora A.; Rosabell; Fred R.; and Jennie. Abram SHEAR died 15 May 1892 Kent Co., MI. Wife Mary had died before 1860 and he then married for a second time. I am particularly seeking info from before Abram arrived in MI. I have info on his daughter Flora. (Query posted 4/19/97) Brad Arms

Seeking information on the family of Zuriel and Sarah (HUNT) SIMONS. This family was in Washington Co., NY, for the births of children from September 1795 through February 1804. One child died in February 1806. The family then traveled west to Chautauqua Co., NY. Their children included: Hiram, born 1795; Philander, born 1798; Mary, born 1800; Tryphenia, born 1802; Ebenezer, born 1804; and Elvira, born 1806. Any assistance appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/97) Kathy Ainsworth

Seeking information on Charles MCCABE and wife Mary Ette SIMPSON. They were probably married c1840-45 NY. Her father was John SIMPSON, born MA, and his father was born IRE. Charles and Mary Ette moved to MN and were there in 1875. (Query posted 4/10/97) Larry Hartsog

I am looking for Isaac SLATER who was born 21 June 1831 Schoharie, NY. He resided in Sandy Hill, Washington Co., NY, in 1889 and in 1907 he was living in Fort Edward, Washington Co., NY. He may have died there on 2 June 1908. I do know he married Sarah J. KIZER/KISER, also of Schoharie. There are at least 4 children (possibly more): Levi, Henry, Charles and Alva. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/97) Sharon Klenotiz

Searching for the place of birth of Wesley SMEAD. One source says he was born in Pound Ridge, NY. Another source says he was born in Whitehall, NY, in 1800-1801. The Whitehall information comes from the "History of Knox and Daviess Counties, IN," where it also says he was raised in Whitehall and Poughkeepsie, NY. Wesley's father was Ithiel SMEAD who married Diadema, last name unknown, c1799. Ithiel was in Cincinnati in 1815 where he gave the 4th of July address at the Baptist Church. He is listed in the 1819/20 Cincinnati City Directory as Dr. Ithiel SMEAD and then he moved to Detroit where he was a physician/surgeon listed in the Detroit City Directory of 1837. He died in Detroit 6 July 1845. Would like to find more information about Wesley SMEAD and his father Ithiel SMEAD and their Whitehall connections. (Query posted 1/23/97)Beryl Smead

Searching for info on John SMITH, born 1832 Canada, according to the census. He married Harriet, last name unknown, born Washington Co., NY. They were in the 1865 Fort Ann census with daughters Alma and Clara. In 1880, John was a widower living in Argyle with daughter Alma MOORE and family. When did his wife Harriet die and where is she buried? I am unable to find John SMITH after 1880. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 6/9/97) Edward H. Pratt

Searching for info on Ezra B. SMITH (1811-1862) who married c1835 Lydia CLARK (1816-1874), probably in Hebron, NY. They removed to Horicon, Warren Co., NY. Lydia was born in Otsego Co., NY, her mother was Mary, born in MA. Need info on her parents. (Query posted 4/19/97) Douglas V. Smith

Searching for information on John M. SMITH who was born c1800. His wife was Mary and they had several children, one whose name was Henry. I believe John was a barrel maker. Son Henry SMITH was born in the 1830s. Any info on these Washington Co. SMITHS appreciated. (Query posted 2/22/97) David Smith

Seth DUEL, (birth and death dates unknown) married Susannah (maiden name and birth and death dates unknown). Their children were: Martha, born 27 July 1812 Horicon, NY and died 2 August 1885 Tolland, CT, married Joshua SMITH, born 22 February 1804 Horicon, NY. His parents were Joseph SMITH (birth and death date unknown) married Freelove (maiden name and birth and death dates unknown). Martha DUEL and Joshua SMITH were married 22 October 1848 Hebron, NY. (Query 1/23/97) Evelyn Turner

Researching for much more information about Aaron SMITH who died 3 January 1835 in N. Hebron, NY. He was married to Louisa, maiden name unknown. Their son Nathan, born c1782 N. Hebron, married Polly WHEDON/WHEATON, daughter of David and Zillah. Polly and Nathan had son Whedon SMITH, born 13 January 1809 N. Hebron, NY. Whedon SMITH married Dolly A. DIBBLE of South Granville. Their son Milo D. SMITH, born 22 November 1837 N. Hebron, married Eliza PORTER, born 1843. She was the daughter of John PORTER. Milo SMITH died 24 December 1930 in Gainsville, Wyoming Co., NY. I'll be happy to exchange information. (Query posted 1/23/97) Liz Burdick

Looking for information on the SOMERSET/SAMOISETTE family from Glens Falls/Sandy Hill. John E. SOMERSET (or Exeor John the Baptist) was born in 1870. (Query posted 3/31/97) Daniel Couture

I am looking for info on my SOUTHWORTH family. Norman H. SOUTHWORTH was born in Kingsbury (Sandy Hill), Washington Co., NY, in 1819. His parents were Joseph and Martha (TEMPLE) SOUTHWORTH. Norman's wife was Emma, they had 2 children in NY and then moved to IL and had 2 more children. I can't find any record of his oldest daughter. She doesn't show on any of the WI census records. Norman was going only by his initials N.H. SOUTHWORTH. He later married again and had more children by the 2d wife in WI. His children from his first marriage were Edwin, Eliza, Orville, Ella, Carrie, Mary and Frederick. He had daughter Jesse Lenore by his second wife Marth Jennie BROWN SCROLL. Any help on this family would be most welcome. (Query posted 9/18/97) JoAnn

My g-g-grandmother was known as Emma THORN and was born in Ft. Ann in 1848. Apparently, she was not born into the family of Charles THORN. She first shows up in the THORN household on the 1860 census listed by the name of Emma WARNER at age 11. She was not listed in that household on the 1855 census. Just to confuse things, her maiden name is listed some places as WARNER but other places as SPENCER. Family lore has it that she was a Mohawk. I have come to believe that she was likely Mohawk. Since that was a matrilinear society, she may have experienced some confusion about whether to use her birth father's name or her birth mother's name as her "maiden" name. Except for legal documents, she always referred to Charles THORN as her father, possibly out of respect for his having raised her. The most likely explanation for all of this is that her birth mother was named SPENCER and her birth father was named WARNER. At any rate, would appreciate information about any and all WARNERS and SPENCERS in Washington Co. between 1848-1860. (Query posted 4/19/97) Linda Crannell

Thomas BEECHER married Emma SPENCER and had twin sons born in Fort Ann on 28 August 1823. They were named Andrew and Levi Thomas BEECHER. The boys were orphaned at age 10 and were brought up by an Aunt Sarah. Andrew BEECHER married Lovisa, last name unknown, and had 5 children: John; Frank; Charles; Emma; and 1 unknown child. Daughter Emma married George, last name unknown, and lived in Glens Falls and Albany. Levi Thomas BEECHER left Fort Ann for MI and married Caroline M. GIDLEY. Levi died 6 September 1883. They had 10 children. I am interested in finding more information on the family, especially info about Emma SPENCER and her husband Thomas BEECHER whose father supposedly came to this country with Burgoyne's Army. He was a nailmaker by trade. (Query posted 4/19/97) Sam Franc

Looking for information on Paul SPINK, born 1802, or his parents and grandparents. Paul is mentioned as living in Hampton, Washington Co., NY, in 1830. Recent information I received showed he was married to a Roxy BARLOW (or could be HARLOW), born 1803. He moved to MI by 1840. Census and death records of his children indicate he was born in NY, VT, or RI. There is a Benjamin SPINK in Hampton in 1800 and possibly in 1830, also an Israel SPINK in Hampton in 1820. I think these men could be related. The following children of Paul and Roxy SPINK were born in NY: Elisha, born 1824; Orlin, born 1826; Charlotte, born 1828; Edson, born 1830; Sidney, born 1832; Polly, born 1834; Sylvia, born 1836; and Isaac, born 1836 (twins, I think). Paul is listed in the History of Washington Co., NY, p. 364 as a tax collector. Paul died in 1877 in Hanover Twp., Jackson Co., MI, where he lived for about 40 years. (Query posted 7/31/97) Colleen Stokes

Need a look-up on the 1860 Washington Co., Hartford Twp. census, page 664 for more details on one Hannah SPRING listed there as head of household. Would anyone be able to help? Thanks in advance for checking! (Query posted 9/18/97) Dawna Clark

Searching for any info on the family of Christopher STARK/START and wife Susanna. They had sons Asahel, William P., Nathan, John, and daughter Susanna who married Daniel WALDO. Christopher was born 1728 New London, CT. The children were born 1755-1772 Dutchess Co., NY. They were living in Washington Co., NY, after 1779. Asahel, William and John STARK/START moved to Ontario Co., NY, after 1800. (Query posted 4/10/97) Sharon Reck

I am researching Joshua and Abigail STARKS listed in the 1860 census in North Hebron, Washington Co., NY. Their son, George M. STARK, was my grandfather's grandfather. This census lists Joshua as 46 years old and Abigail as 42 years old. I believe George M. STARK was born on 8 June 1862 (from Jamaica, VT, historical notes). I am looking for vital statistics on Joshua and Abigail or other information leading to their parents. (Query posted 1/6/97) Bill Leigher

Am interested in finding the parents of Priscilla STEARNS who married Thomas BORDEN in Washington Co., NY. She was born 1 September 1754. (Query posted 12/14/97) Dorothy

William STEVENSON was born 24 September 1805 Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, and died 20 February 1860. He married 1 February 1832 Jane, last name possibly MCDONAL, who was born 9 April 1808. They are buried in Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NY. Would like any information on her parents who may have been John MCDONAL and Sarah THOMAS. (Query posted 5/9/97) Jeffreay A. Bockman

I'm looking for whatever information may be available on my g-g-g-grandparents Hiram DAVIS (born 1788 VT) and Melinda STEVENS (born 1 December 1793 NY). They were married in Washington Co., NY, on 25 August 1814. Melinda died 1880 IL. I believe Melinda's parents were Simon and Ann WOODWARD STEVENS and have been told that her father was a judge in Washington Co., (Query updated 4/10/97) Gary B. Swanson

Searching for information on Capt. John DEWOLF, veteran of the War of 1812, father of Peter DEWOLF who married Lavinia, last name unknown. They were parents of Marcus Jackson DEWOLF who married Annetta KILLION STEVENSON. Annetta STEVENSON had been adopted as an infant by Thomas and Sarah STEVENSON when her mother died. All lived in Salem from 1812-1850s. Annetta KILLION had a sister Margaret who in 1916 resided in Greenwich, NY. Any and all help would be appreciated. (Query posted 3/31/97) Terri Cody

I am interested in getting birth, marriage and death statistics on Samuel STEWART. He was born 1780-1790, most likely in Washington Co., NY. HIs parents were probably Oliver STEWART (1761-1855) and Cynthia JACQUAY. He married Susan, last name unknown, c1820 in Oneida or Madison Co., NY. He then died around 1850 in Erie Co., NY. He shows up in the 1830, 1840 NY census. His father Oliver STEWART, fought in the Revolutionary War. (Query posted 12/14/97) Dick Skochdopole

I am interested in information on Oliver STEWART (1761-1858). He fought in the Revolutionary War in the NY Continental troops. He was born in Colerain, MA, and died in Stockbridge, NY. He moved from Washington Co., NY, c1791-1797 to Lenox, Madison Co., NY. (Query posted 7/12/97) Richard E. Skochdopole

Searching for the parents of Agnes (Nancy) STEWART. She was born 1769 Argyle, NY, and died 14 October 1846 Argyle, NY. She married Duncan MCDOUGALL c1790 in Argyle. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 4/19/97) Susan

Seeking information on Daniel Roberts STEWART, born 3 June 1850 Glens Falls, NY. His parents were Henry Wilbur STEWART and Almira ROBERTS. Daniel married Clara KOOKEN and moved to Groveport, OH. They had 7 children: Edwin Kooken; Henry Burke; Grace Gertrude; Luella Louise; Anna Watseka; Daniel Roberts; and Dean Delano STEWART. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 1/6/97) Michael Stewart

Rev. William STORM(S) was born 24 February 1774 in Easton, Washington Co., NY, son of James and Mary STORM. He died 28 December 1859 in Town of Alexandria, Jefferson Co., NY. C1798 in Marbletown, Ulster Co., NY, he married Elizabeth BRODHEAD, daughter of Capt. John BRODHEAD and Mary DAVIS. The known siblings of Rev. William STORM were Christianah, born 1765; Jennis, born 1770; Rachel, born 1775; John, born 1779; and Leah, born 1783. Rev. William STORM served in the War of 1812 and was a Methodist circuit rider preacher. I am seeking further information about his parents John and Mary, and their ancestries. Further information on William STORM's siblings would also be of interest. (Query posted 12/14/97) David Simonds

Looking for information on Jacob STOWE family from Hampton, NY. The STOWE family lived in the Hampton area in the early 1800s. I believe his was was an ANDREWS, daughter of Ebenezer ANDREWS, one of Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys. (Query posted 8/25/97) James D. Hier

Searching for information on Seth STRONG, Jr., born 1743 Northampton, MA, and died 1830 Washington Co., NY. He also married in MA. He was the son of Seth and Lois STRONG. Seth had 1 child born in Washington Co., NY, and that was daughter Cynthia STRONG who married Caleb HILL in Granville in 1790. Cynthia and Caleb moved back to Isle La Motte, VT, where Caleb was from. Cynthia married (2) William STEPHENSON and they stayed in VT and are buried there. Seeking the town of Seth, Jr.'s death, where he is buried and an obituary. (Query posted 10/24/97) Kay Alexander

Searching for info on Patrick SULLIVAN of Ft. Edward. His father was James SULLIVAN of Ft. Edward. James died 1895 in Troy at his daughter's house. In his obituary, it states he was a resident of Ft. Edward for 50 years. My question is this: did he come to Ft. Edward from Ireland directly and was he naturalized there? Loren SULLIVAN, the former Ft. Edward supervisor, was killed this past year and I had made a promise to him that I would try and find this information. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 10/24/97) Matt Thornton

William SWEET was born 1772 RI and died 7 November 1854 Gouverneur, NY. He married Hannah CLOUGH, born 18 September 1775 Stafford, CT, and died 10 February 1868 Gouverneur, NY. William SWEET left RI at a very early age and moved to Washington Co., NY. He married Hannah CLOUGH (Ithimer2, Timothy1) in Washington Co., c1791. They moved from Hartford, NY, to Ticonderoga in 1813 where William bought a 200 acre tract in the Vineyard. Sometime before 1850, William and Hannah moved to Gouverneur, St. Lawrence Co., NY, and lived there until they died. They are both buried in Richville, NY. William SWEET may have had a brother Philip and may have had a son Oren and a daughter Phebe. Oren SWEET (1794-1868) married Rachel DEWEY (1794-1815) and Phebe SWEET married Eleazer DEWEY, Jr. (Query posted 10/24/97) Jerry Dafoe

Looking for anything about William SWEET (1772 RI-1854) who arrived in Washington Co. c1790 with close friends Thomas and Eunice (SWEET) BRAYTON. William married Hannah CLOUGH (1775 CT-1868), daughter of Ithamer and Elizabeth (HEATH) CLOUGH. William and Hannah moved to Ticonderoga (1793) and moved back to East Hartford where they lived until 1816. William may have had a brother Philip and children Oren and Phoebe. They arrived in Gouverneur, NY, between 1840-1850. Does anyone know anything about these people? (Query posted 8/25/97) Jerry Dafoe

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I am looking for relatives from Washington Co., NY: Henry and Harry TABER. They were from Easton, NY. Am also looking for the family of Libbie BURDICK of Greenwich, NY. Henry and Libbie were married in Greenwich in 1873. A son or brother may have been Harry TABER. Libbie's sister was Julia BURDICK. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 5/31/97) Pat Koger

Lewis and Amy DAVIS TABER were married in 1793 and settled in Easton, Washington Co., NY. Who were her parents? (Query posted 3/31/97) Douglas V. Smith

Searching for information on Henry TABER who was born 1796 RI and died 11 June 1861 Easton, Washington Co., NY. Family supposedly moved to Washington Co. before the Revolutionary War. He married Margaret HANER. Would like any information on where he lived and where he is buried in Washington Co. Their son Lewis TABER was born 1827 Jackson, Washington Co., NY, and married Sarah P. CRANDALL, born 1827 Easton, Washington Co., NY. They migrated to Cayuga Co., NY, in the mid-1800s. Looking for any ancestral information on either family. (Query posted 3/9/97) Sue A. Brenchley

Joseph DICKEY, Sr., was born Madison, NY, in January 1798. He married Lavina or Lovina TAGGART in Washington Co., NY, in 1822. They were in N. Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, when the following children were born: Moses Taggart, born 17 July 1823; Joseph Leroy, Jr., 29 November 1826; Albert Franklin, 28 March 1831; Cortland M., 6 February 1835. The couple moved to Franklin Co., OH, in 1841 and later to Xenia, OH, where Joseph began the Miami Powder Co. in 1855. Searching for any information regarding the family of Lavina TAGGART DICKEY. I believe she is related to my g-grandmother Mary L. TAGGART. (Query posted 6/9/97) Dale W. Hartman

Godfrey and Susanna (TANNER) PLACE migrated from RI to Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, before 1810. We have reason to believe they had 10 children, although we know the names of but six: Mariah, born 1807; Nathan born before 1810; Thankful, born 1811; Joshua, born c1822; Casper, born c1824; and Susan, born c1828. Any help with the other 4 and/or further descendants of any of these children appreciated. (Query posted 2/1/97) Wayne James

Need dates and parents of Tabor TEFFT who married Hannah WALKER before 1820 in Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, and died 19 September 1872 Springfield Twp., Oakland Co., MI. Hannah WALKER was born 15 April 1799 NY. Hannah married (2) Martin WOODARD in NY. Also need the parents of Hannah WALKER. (Query posted 5/9/97) Ginger Peckham

Looking for families from Clinton Co., NY who had Washington Co., NY ties. Charles TEFFT married Emily LAFLAM c1805 Clintonville, NY. They had Henry, Sarah, Caroline, Anna, Mary, Frank, Julia and Florence before moving to Washington Co., NY, in 1892. Charles TEFFT'S parents were O.B. TEFFT and Anna BRIGGS. O.B. TEFFT was born in Sandy Hill, NY, in 1794, where he married Anna BRIGGS, then moved to Clinton Co., NY. O.B. and Anna TEFFT had children: Henry, O.A., Walter, Oden, Sarah, Charles, Edward and Nancy. Emily LAFLAM'S parents were Peter and Lydia STONE LAFLAM. (Query posted 5/9/97) Marina Wilson

I am looking for the parents of Oden (O.B.) TEFFT. He was born c1782-1794 and died 12 June 1854 Clintonville, Clinton Co., NY. His wife was Ann whose last name was possibly BRIGGS (c1801-1868). They had children: Odin, 1829-1886; Sarah, born c1834; Charles, 1836-1903; Edward, born c1840; and Nancy, born c1841. Other sons may possibly have been O.A., Walter, and Henry TEFFT. (Query posted 2/22/97) Susan Ryan

Seeking information on Peter THOMPSON who married (1)1781 Elizabeth OAKLEY in Dutchess Co., NY, then married (2)1793 Susannah, maiden name unknown, in Easton, Washington Co., NY. They lived there 20 years. Seeking information about Elizabeth and their children who were born 1781-1793. (Query posted 1/23/97) Melvin Brown

Am looking for Amos, Thaddeus or Oliver TIDD who lived near Pownal or Sandgate, VT, from 1800-1820. One of them may have been married to Hannah Louise LYONS. They attended church in Washington Co., NY (Methodist church founded by Embry) and moved to Cortland, Cayuga Co., NY. Any help appreicated. Also looking for all TIDD/TEED families, all dates, all areas. (Query posted 10/24/97) Bonnie Tidd Miller

William and Thaddeus TIDD are among the early members of the Methodist church from "Old Cambridge." Are there any birth, marriage, or death records from this congregation? I am searching for all TIDD/TEED families and would welcome any info. (Query posted 4/10/97) Bonnie Miller

I'm looking for information on my g-g-grandfather James TOOLE (was O'TOOLE when he emigrated) who lived in Sandy Hill. His son John owned a meat market in Hudson Falls. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 8/25/97) MEGOALIE34@aol.com

Does anyone have any information about Robert Montgomery TOOLE? He was born in Sandy Hill, NY, c1845-50. He was my great-grandfather. (Query posted 5/31/97) Sandra Wright

Trying to find the siblings and ancestors of Ed TOWN. According to the Civil War pension application filed by his widow Eliza HAYWARD, Ed TOWN was born in Argyle, NY, in 1803 and married Eliza HAYWARD in Lisbon, NY, in 1828. They lived in Clark Twp., Durham Co., Ontario, from the 1840s-1860s. Would like to correspond with anyone having information on any TOWN, TOWNS, or TOWNE family in these areas. (Query posted 3/9/97) Betty Towns

Searching for the father of Allen C. TRACY (1813-1892). He married Amy HAGAR (1813-1896) and they had son Gustavus A. TRACY. Allen was born in Granville, Washington Co., NY, and died in Logan, NY. I am wondering if Theophilus TRACY, who has a 1793 earmark registration in Granville, is his father? Any information appreciated. (Query posted 2/1/97) Suzanne

Searching for info on my TRUESDELL line. Gideon TRUESDELL married Dorcas CRANDALL. Their son John TRUESDELL (1786-1838) moved to Warsaw, NY, c1806. They lived for a time near Whitehall and/or Hampton, NY. I vaguely remember visiting a cemetery in that area when I was young and seeing TRUESDELL headstones. I have no record of Gideon and Dorcas or their lineage. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 12/14/97) Shaun Fisher

I have been trying to trace my family history and just got a surprising update. My great-grandfather was always known to me as Frederick TUCKER, born Ft. Ann, NY, and his parents were George TUCKER and Mary MCCHESNEY. Frederick married Mary Elena PINCHIN on 28 October 1891 Ft. Ann, Washington Co., NY. He was 30 and she was 18 and he was born c1861. Here's the surprise (now they tell me!)--my mother says she heard that his family name was originally spelled TOOKER, not TUCKER. If you think our families might connect or have any suggestions for further research, I would like to hear from you. (Query posted 5/31/97) Linda Crannell

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Wish to correspond with others researching Hannah UNDERHILL, born 27 June 1798 Easton, Washington Co., NY. She married Henry TAYLOR c1830, die died 4 July 1883 Quincy, Branch Co., MI. Who were Henry TAYLOR'S parents and siblings? According to a newspaper, Henry and Hannah were married in 1830 yet their first child was born in 1826. Is this correct? Hannah was the daughter of James UNDERHILL who was born 1768, married Deborah SOUTHERLAND in 1792 and died in 1849. Hannah's siblings were Anson UNDERHILL, born 1793, married Margaret RALSTON, died 1869; Sally UNDERHILL, born 1794, died young; William UNDERHILL, born 1798(?), married Mary POTTER; Rachel UNDERHILL, born 1800, married Oliver HALL in 1826, died 1894; Maria UNDERHILL, born 1802, married John BECKER in 1820; Charlotte UNDERHILL, born 1804; Samuel UNDERHILL, born 1805, married Jemima PEASE in 1831, died 1878; Nathan UNDERHILL, born 1807, married Elizabeth/Elmira TIFFANY; Harriet UNDERHILL; Permelia UNDERHILL; Stephen UNDERHILL, born 1809, unmarried, died in CA; and Matilda UNDERHILL. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 9/18/97) Marilyn Lane

I am looking for any information on my father, Albert Robert UPTON, born 23 March 19--?. He lives in the Fort Edward, NY, area and runs a farm. (Query posted 12/14/97) KBainey@aol.com

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I'm seeking the parents of Sarah VANDENBERG/VANDENBURG who was born 17 October 1816, probably in or near Washington Co., NY. She married Henry DUBOIS in 1837. Henry DUBOIS was the son of Peter DUBOIS of Easton. Henry and Sarah DUBOIS lived in Easton from c1837 until 1850 when they left to settle in Sauk Co., WI. Sarah's death certificate states that her father was a "Vanscort" VANDENBERGI can't find the name "Vanscort" used as a given name in any VANDENBERG line (Volkert, yes, but not a Vanscort). However, an Evert VANDENBERG from Washington Co., NY, (about the same age as Sarah) also moved to the same county in WI shortly after the DUBOIS family did. This Evert VANDENBERG who moved to WI is probably the son of an older Evert VANDENBERG, who was the son of Killian VANDENBERG and Sarah VAN SCHAICK, all of Washington Co. Has anyone worked on this particular VANDENBERG line? There are tons of VANDENBERG families in Saratoga Co., NY, which I have sorted thru and ruled out. I keep coming back to Killian VANDENBERG of Washington Co. with his son Evert as the right VANDENBERG line for my Sarah VANDENBERG, born 1816. Can anyone help? (Query posted 5/9/97) Helen M. Graves

Searching for info on the parents of Arthur J. VAUGHN, born 20 or 24 March 1844 Sandy Hill, NY. He served in the Civil War and emigrated to Fremont Co., IA, in the early 1870s. He married Emeline Bentley KNAPP (??) on 5 March 1868 Washington Co., NY. Emeline was born 22 August 1846 and died 26 February 1921. Arthur J. VAUGHN died 29 July 1912 Farragut, IA. Any information on this family appreciated. (Query posted 12/14/97) John A. Vaughn

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Looking for info on the family of Minnie May WADE LICENCE, my great-grandmother. Her father was Benjamin Franklin WADE (born 1848 Granville, NY) and married Lillian JACKSON (born 1860 Mt. Holly). I am looking for information on the parents of Ben WADE whose father was Zaccariah WADE and mother was Malinda PRIEST. I need the name's of Lillian JACKSON's parents. Would also like info on the husband of Minnie WADE who was George Henry LICENCE, born Pawlet, VT. His parents were Thomas LICENCE and Elizabeth PITTS, born 1839. (Query posted 4/10/97) Joyce Clegg

Searching for information on the WAITE family of Washington Co., NY. They came from RI. Our line later moved to Cattaraugus Co., NY. Rev. William WAITE was born 1730 Wickford, RI, and died 20 March 1826 Cambridge, NY. Stephen WAITE was born 11 October 1761 Newport, RI, and died 1842. Peleg WAITE was born 17 July 1797 Washington Co., NY, and died 19 March 1876. James WAITE was born 22 February 1829 Napoli, NY. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 4/19/97) Jim Adkins

I am a descendant of Rev. Wm. Waite of Wait's Corner. I would like to correspond with any of his relatives. Would also like to know if anyone of the WAIT families hold a reunion. I am also searching for a Waters Nathan WAITE, presumably born in VT c1830. Would like to know his parents and if he had brothers and sisters. (Query posted 4/10/97) Shirley Wait Jewell

John WALCH of Hebron, Washington Co., NY, supposedly came with Burgoyne and then settled in Hebron. He had three sons: Gideon, Ransom and John. Gideon married Martha WARD and moved to Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., NY, c1820. I am descended from Gideon but am interested in the families of Ransom and John. Would also like to confirm this family history that was told by Gideon's granddaughters. (Query posted 8/25/97) John E. Walch

Looking for any information on my great-grandfather Edward Lyle WALKER, born 1855 E. Greenwich, NY. His father was Rufus Emerson WALKER. Edward left E. Greenwich with his parents in 1874 and they went to Lewiston, NY. I believe Edward had a brother Charles. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 5/9/97) Robin Palmatier Gornell

My g-g-grandmother was known as Emma THORN and was born in Ft. Ann in 1848. Apparently, she was not born into the family of Charles THORN. She first shows up in the THORN household on the 1860 census listed by the name of Emma WARNER at age 11. She was not listed in that household on the 1855 census. Just to confuse things, her maiden name is listed some places as WARNER but other places as SPENCER. Family lore has it that she was a Mohawk. I have come to believe that she was likely Mohawk. Since that was a matrilinear society, she may have experienced some confusion about whether to use her birth father's name or her birth mother's name as her "maiden" name. Except for legal documents, she always referred to Charles THORN as her father, possibly out of respect for his having raised her. The most likely explanation for all of this is that her birth mother was named SPENCER and her birth father was named WARNER. At any rate, would appreciate information about any and all WARNERS and SPENCERS in Washington Co. between 1848-1860. (Query posted 4/19/97) Linda Crannell

Peter O. WARREN was born c1782 MA. He lived in Salem, Washington Co., NY, c1802. Had land in VT and moved to Onondaga Co., NY, c1814. He married Prudy MORLEY as his 2nd wife, had 5 children. His wife died and his children lived with others. He married a 3rd time and had son Hiram. Does anyone know the parents of Peter O. WARREN? Who was his 1st wife? Where was he born? Any information would be appreciated. (Query posted 9/18/97) Rachel McCormick

Seeking ancestors and descendants of Ebenezer WARREN of Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA. Ebenezer, a judge, was the brother of General Joseph WARREN. Ebenezer and his brother fought at the Battle of Lexington. Some of Ebenezer's descendants went to NY and later to MI. My direct line settled in Cattaraugus Co., NY, but were also believed to have been in Wyoming Co. and Washington Co., NY. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 3/31/97) Karen Mohr

I am looking for any information regarding Isaiah or Josiah WASHBURN. Josiah apparently came from the Delaware Valley to Tioga Co., PA. Isaiah, who I believe is Josiah's father, was found in the 1840 and 1850 census of Windham Township, Bradford Co., PA. I have yet to find any other reference to an Isaiah WASHBURN. Any information on the descendants or movements of either Josiah or Isaiah WASHBURN would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/97) Carl Washburn

Looking for the parents of Varnum WATSON, born 17 October 1792 RI, and died 17 November 1876 Ft. Ann, Washington Co., NY. Varnum and his wife Polly (Mary) lived in Greenwich from c1820 until shortly before Varnum died. Also need the parents of Polly, whose surname was possibly BARBER, born 1799 Sandgate, Bennington Co., VT, and died 16 November 1858 Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 4/28/97) Terry Meltzer

Looking for information on Samuel WEATHERLOW, who, according to the Federal Census of 1860 for NY State, was born in Orange Co., NY, but moved at some point early on in his life to Washington Co. His first 7 children were born in Washington Co.: Peter Eastman, Fanny, Eliza, Milo, Mercy and Sally WEATHERLOW. I know that he purchased 35 acres from Jacob WINCHELL, according to a deed recorded at the Washington Co. Clerk's Office. The deed was for the sum of $500.00, and this land was located between Whitehall and Westfield, later known as the town of Hartford and Fort Ann, NY. This deed is in the index of deeds, dated 26 August 1808. Samuel WEATHERLOW is known to have left Washington Co. for the town of Junius, now Seneca Co., but I do not know the exact date. Any info on Samuel or any of the children would be most helpful. (Query posted 2/22/97) Henry W. Miller

Eleazer/Elizur WEBSTER (1743-1791) married in East Hartford or Glastonbury, CT, Ruth DENSMORE (1747-1829). They removed to Hampton, Washington Co., NY. Does anyone know where these folks died and are buried? What are the sources of Ruth's birth and death dates? What is her ancestry? (Query posted 5/15/97) Douglas V. Smith

I am looking for any information on George WEBSTER who married Rhoda STODDARD (born 1778, daughter of Reuben STODDARD). George and Rhoda were the parents of Rev. Chauncey WEBSTER, born 20 May 1799 Hartford, Washington Co., NY. Their second son was Harvey Smith WEBSTER, born April 1801. Harvey was born in Bennington, VT, then still part of Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 2/22/97) Gerry Melato

Hesibah/Hezibah BUEL married Edmund Henry WELLS. She was the daughter of Ichabod BUEL of Cambridge, NY. Edmund was born in Cambridge, NY, in 1771, and died there 2 April 1813. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 6/9/97) Marsha Markham

Looking for John WELSH who died Cambridge, NY, 28 April 1803. His wife Hannah died 23 March 1833. Both are buried at the Coulter-Wells Cemetery in Cambridge. John's will was recorded 25 March 1803 and he left a farm to his son William at Mayfield, NY. William and his wife Ruth ORCUTT had 15 children. I have info on them but no info on John. I have William's birthdate as 1 May 1766, but no birthplace. (Query posted 4/19/97) George Welsh

Searching for the dates and places of death and burial of Samuel and Abigail WELDEN LUCAS. Abigail was born 1758 and died c1840. Samuel died c1826. I believe they lived in their old age either with daughter Jerusha (LUCAS) SMITH, wife of Gideon SMITH, of Jackson, NY, or daughter Charlotte (LUCAS) REYNOLDS, wife of Jacob REYNOLDS, of White Creek, NY. (Query posted 3/31/97) Douglas V. Smith

Looking for addtional information on John C. WEST, born 1791 and died 1823 Granville, Washington Co., NY. He was son of Caleb and Bathsheba WEST. He married Lucy BOLDRY of MA in 1813. The inscription on his Washington Co. cemetery headstone says,"Lieut. John WEST..." We have never been able to determine what military unit he was a member of. (Query posted 7/31/97) Bill Cooley

I have found the will for Samuel WEST who died 1831. His wife was Margaret FAIRCHILD and they had children Paulinus, Samuel, Jr., and Margaret P. (WEST) THOMPSON. Their grandchildren were Lorenzo, James and Perlina. I am now searching for the parents and ancestry of Samuel and Margaret (FAIRCHILD) WEST. I'm still looking for any connection so William Barber WEST and Harry WEST, born c1836. Am also searching for information on a marriage of Margaret P. WEST to a THOMPSON and looking for the maiden name of Nancy WEST who married Samuel, Jr. Willing to share info and sources. (Query posted 3/9/97) Wayne R. West

Searching for information on Samuel WESTON. He was born c1740, possibly in New Bedford, MA. Supposedly, he came to Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, c1792, with children William, Jonathan, Sophia, Maria and Prudence Jane. His first wife had died in New Bedford, MA, and he remarried in NY. His second wife is buried near Galway, Saratoga Co., NY. Her name is unknown. I don't know how long he actually stayed in Washington Co. and he is buried in Genesee Co., NY. (Query posted 2/1/97) Tracy Weston

Seek information on the descendants of James WESTURN (1760-1834) and his wife Ann HAYFORD for a comprehensive genealogy in progress. They resided in Bolton and Ticonderoga, NY, as well as VT. Related Essex Co., NY, families include ROWLEY, ARTHUR, FOSTER. Many descendants still reside in St. Lawrence and Franklin Cos., NY, OH, MN, and elsewhere. (Query posted 1/7/97) Claire Kluskens

Searching for confirmation that Phebe WETHERBEE, born Kingsbury, NY, was the daughter of James WETHERBEE. James was son of Oliver WETHERBEE. Phebe's brothers and sisters are also listed as having been born in Kingsbury: Lucinda; Alva, born c1804; Rachel or Rhoda, born 1807. Phebe married David CRAIG on 26 January 1832 in IN. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 12/14/97) David Glasscock

Isreal WHIPPLE was born c1774. He lived for some time in Washington Co., NY. He married a woman whose first name may have been Marcie. They had several children, including Job and probably also William, David, Benjamin, and Amy Jane. Isreal and Marcie moved to Monroe Co., NY, and are buried in the East Sweden Cemetery near Brockport. He died 21 July 1853. Can anyone tell me anything about the Isreal WHIPPLE family of Washington Co.? (Query posted 8/25/97) Clark Edwards

Searching for information about Joseph WHITE, Sr., and his wife Betty JOHNSON WHITE. They moved to Granville, NY, after the Revolutionary War, possibly to join their daughter Lois WHITE GORHAM and her husband Frederick GORHAM. They may have later moved to Otsego Co., NY. The sons of Joseph and Betty WHITE were Joesph, John, Charles, Stephen and Harvey. All the children were born in Derby, CT. The sons all later moved to the area around Lake Co., OH. (Query posted 9/30/97) Ann Lux

Looking for information on Nathaniel Bennett WHITE who was born 11 September 1862 Jay, NY. I do not know his parents. Nathaniel was married 24 October 1891 Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. He married Rose RYON, born Burlington, VT, on 28 March 1869. Rose's mother was Mary according to Rose's old grade school report card. Any help on this family would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 5/9/97) Nicholas L. White

Seek information on Philip WHIT(E)MAN, born 1800 in Washington Co., NY. He married Margaret, last name unknown, c1827. Philip and Margaret WHIT(E)MAN had the following children: Catherine, born 1827; John, born 10 April 1832; Jonathon, born 1835; Martin, born 1838; and Elizabeth, born 1842. Philip's father may have been Benjamin WHIT(E)MAN. Philip and family were living in Steuben Co., NY, during the 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1855 census years. All family members had left NY prior to 1860, possibly settling in IL. (Query posted 12/14/97) Lori Graff

Searching for any information on Sophia WHITESIDE, born 1795 Cambridge, NY. She may be tied in to the family of Phineas WHITESIDE. (Query posted 12/14/97) Dan Thomas

Looking for info on William Melville WHITNEY, born June 1858 Sandgate, VT, died 12 February 1931 Granville, NY. His wife was Anna (Nancy) WHITNEY, born June 1861. They had children: Fred, born October 1881; Maud, born August 1883; Marion, born April 1885; Dwight, born March 1887; Gertrude, born November 1891; Ione, born July 1893; William, born 1895; Anna, born 1899; and Roy, born after 1900. According to William's obituary, the family lived in Middle Granville for 16 years. William is buried in Elmwood Cemetery per Nancy Rathbun of Granville. The parents of William, Sr., were Edward WHITNEY, born April 1825, and Adeline BALCH, born 24 January 1845 Hartland, VT. (Query posted 10/24/97) Colleen Knights

Would like information on Rev. Thomas (or Archibald) WHYTE and the surname of his wife Agnes (??). They resided in Argyle, Washington Co., NY, c1800. Their son William was born 26 May 1803. Are these people descendants of the William WHYTE family of the Mayflower? (Query posted 1/23/97) Dedi Streich

Seeking information on (Martha) Jane WIBERT, born 17 November 1822 Granville, Washington Co., NY. She was the daughter of James WIBERT, born 4 September 1783, and Anna HART, born 17 April 1784. Need any information on these people. (Query posted 1/23/97) John C. Rinehart

Would like information on the ancestry of George WILEY who apparently came to Putnam, Washington Co., NY, sometime prior to 1803. He lived in Washington Co. ,NY, for many years. Was he married after coming to Washington Co.? What was his wife's name? He was apparently foreign born. What country did he come from? When did he die and where is he buried? (Query posted 3/31/97) Merlyn Christensen

I am looking for any information on Amos WILKINSON and his family preceeding and following him. He had a registered earmark in 1792 from Washington Co., NY. His son, as far as we know, was Amba WILKINSON, born 30 May 1794 in Granville, NY. We know this from Amba's bible. As per the 1790 census, Amos had one son under 16 and a female in his household. Any information, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated! (Query posted 8/25/97) Bill Wilkinson

I am trying to locate any information on Josiah WILKINSON. He left Smithfield, RI, and arrived in eastern NY in 1738 with his wife Margaret THOMPSON. Josiah supposedly is the father or grandfather of Amos WILKINSON. The 1790 census records Amos with one female and one male under 16. Amos WILKINSON has an earmark registered in Granville, NY, in 1792. Amos had son Amba WILKINSON born 30 May 1794 Granville, Washington Co., NY. Any related information or information corroborating what I have would be greatly appreciated! (Query posted 8/25/97) Bill Wilkinson

I have a collection of 20 letters written by Mary A. (POTTER) WILLIS, wife of Talcott WILLIS, of Sandy Hill, NY. The letters were written from 9 March 1875 to 21 February 1892. The letters were written to Mary's "cousin" Amos JEWETT of Hornby, Steuben Co., NY. Mary A. POTTER WILLIS was born 11 November 1829 NY and her husband Talcott WILLIS was born c1826 NY. The family appears in the 1880 NY census in Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. Sandy Hill, NY, was their mailing address. Mary's sister Hattie POTTER, born c1826, lived with Mary and Talcott at Sandy Hill. I think Mary died c1892-1894. I would like to find the name of Mary and Hattie's mother. Does anyon have info on this family? (Query posted 12/14/97) Jean Clark

I am seeking information on the family of Stoughton WILLIS (born 1768 Stoughton, MA, died 22 March 1847 Hampton, NY) and his wife Mary, otherwise Polly, surname unknown (born c1767, died 23 August 1847 Hampton, NY). They wer married c1794/5 in either NY or VT, farmed in Washington Co., NY, and are buried in the Route 22A cemetery. He was from an old MA family about whom I have a lot of information, and she is reputed to be a Native American from MA. Their children were: Stoughton F., born c1796; Sally, born 1797; Nathan, born 1799; Elizabeth, born 1803; David, born 1804; Azariah, born 1807; and Abigail, born 1808. (Query posted 7/31/97) Toby Dills

Looking for any info on my g-g-grandmother Isobel WINN, born 19 November 1812 Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. She married William SARGEANT in Lee, MA, in 1828. I have no other info on her ancestors but I fairly complete info to share on her descendants. (Query posted 4/28/97) Makuliman

I am looking for information on William Wallace WOLF, born 19 August 1837, who married Ada IVES, born 1847. They were married in October 1863 Sandy Hill, NY. After the Civil War, where William served in the 16th NY Vol. Inf., they moved to the Motley, MN, area. Any information would be appreciated. (Query posted 5/15/97) Les Chisholm

I have information on the WOLFE/WOLFF family, mainly in Washington Co., NY, dating back to 1795. This information includes the lines of George Washington WOLFE. Please contact me if you are seeking information on this family or if you have info to share. (Query posted 1/23/97) Tammy Lawrence

Searching for info on the WOODRUFF family. I have Ezra WOODRUFF in the 1800 census and Jonathan WOODRUFF in the 1810 census of Washington Co., NY. Jonathan is known to have daughters Lavina and Louisa before 1830 in Cambridge, NY. Other names of interest are Oliver ROBINSON and CLOVER/COLVER, no first name known. (Query posted 12/14/97) Bob Bowles

Looking for descendants of Nellie May WOODARD and Seth WOODARD. Nellie May was born about March 1875 Sandgate, VT, daughter of Isaac WOODARD and Amanda WATERS. She married Seth WOODARD on 20 August 1892 Greenwich, NY. She died 14 June 1968 Salem, NY. Her son Enos WOODARD was living in Shushan at the time. Her daughter Belle WOODARD CHURCH was living in CT. Any help would be appreciated. (Query posted 10/24/97) Terry Meltzer

Looking for the ancestors of William WRAY/RAY who moved from Hartford, Washington Co., NY, to Clarendon, Rutland Co., VT. His first wife may have been Dorcas/Dorkas EDDY. His second wife was Abigail WYMAN and his third wife was Sybil LIVERMORE. His last 2 wives and many of his children are buried in Hinesburg, VT. He had son George whose daughter Elizabeth M. WRAY married Otis Snow BRIDGES and eventually their descendants went to NE and WY. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 9/30/97) Ann T. Sipes

I am researching Rosannah WRIGHT who married James MCCAUL in the early 1800s. They had 2 children, John, born 24 February 1816 and Mary, born 7 August 1818. They lived in the Hartford or Granville area. (Query posted 12/14/97) Sarah A. Zagha

Searching for info on Sarah WRIGHT of Hebron, NY, born c1790s-1800s and died April 1868 Sandgate, Bennington Co., VT. She married Alvin MOFFITT and they had children: Henry, Frank, James, Jerusha, Gilbert, Hiram and Luther. (Query posted 8/25/97) H. Crosier

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