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Other surnames in query: ELLIOT

Jonathan ALDRICH/ALDRIDGE shows in the census records for 1790 to be a head of household in Kingsbury, Washington Co. NY. In 1800 census (or 1810) there are two Jonathan ALDRIDGE'S shown as heads of household in Kingsbury. Sometime after 1760 Mehitabel ALDRICH ELLIOT moved with her husband David ELLIOT to Kingsbury. They had lived in Duxbury, MA as had Mehitabel's first cousin Edward ALDRICH. About 1757 Edward ALDRICH moved his family to New Hampshire. At the same time David ELLIOT moved his family to Duchess Co. NY. Edward ALDRICH had a son Jonathan ALDRICH born 1739 who is listed as "died before 1757." My strong suspicion is that he did not die, but rather moved with the ELLIOTS to NY, winding up in Kingsbury. Mehitabel ALDRICH ELLIOT had a daughter named Prudence. In 1820 Jonathan ALDRICH (ALDRIDGE in census records) comes to Rose, Wayne Co., NY, and buys land and he and his two grown sons, Edward and Peter, take up farming there. (By now there are no ALDRIDGES in Kingsbury census records) A Rose, NY, historian says that Jonathan's name (nickname) was Macajah. Mehitabel had a son Macajah. Peter names a son Macajah and a daughter Prudence. And then there is the Edward for the grandfather back in NH. I sure wish I could find some hard data in the Kingsbury area which would back up all this (to me anyway) quite reasonable surmising. (Query posted 9/2/98) Chuck Mason


James Alexander, born Scotland, married Margaret MCFARLAND, born Scotland; emigrated in 1794/97 from Ireland and settled in Salem, NY. Children:(first three born in Ireland rest in Salem) Archibald, born 1789 married Elizabeth WEBSTER; Rebecca, born 1793, married James HAMILTON; James, born c1794, married Catharine LOWRY; Mary, married David ADAMS; Margaret, born 1797, married Andrew CULBERTSON; Susan, married Robert MCGILL; William (nothing known); Jane C., born 1806, married Robert KINNEAR; Martha, married William LEE; Isabel, born c1811 married Charles KINNEAR; and Delilah, married Robert DOUGLAS. Looking for any ancestory, descendants or info pertaining to this family. (Query posted 7/23/98) Ursula

Sophia ALLEN was born 11 January 1823 in Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. Her father Barney ALLEN was also of NY. Her uncles were Ethan and Ira ALLEN and she may have had a brother Martin. Looking for info on this family. Sophia is my g-g-g-grandmother. (Query posted 11/10/98) Dee McLaughlin

Other surnames in query: GILLISPIE, GOURLAY

Need parents and grandparents of Eleazer ALLEN, born c1814, Hebron, NY, died 14 September 1863, Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md (Civil War veteran, 145th PA Vol Infantry). Father may have been Charles ALLEN, a farmer. Need parents and grandparents of Elizabeth (called Betsey) GILLISPIE of Hebron, NY, born c1825 in NY state, died 20 November 1905, Buffalo, NY. Need name of Eleazer ALLEN's first wife. Children by 1st wife were Lucy ALLEN, born c1834 and Mary Ann ALLEN, born c1837). Eleazer and Betsey were married 4 November 1846 in either Hebron or Manville, NY where James GOURLAY was a witness. Eleazer and Betsey ALLEN had Charles ALLEN, born 23 May 1849, Hebron, NY; Gorulay ALLEN, born 1 February 1852, Hebron, NY; and Frank ALLEN, born 27 June 1863, Erie PA. (Query posted 9/2/98) Carl Weaver


Searching for info on Stephen ALLEN and wife Sarah. Stephen's will (Book B, pg. 62) is dated 22 December 1832 at Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. It lists his wife, Sarah, sons Charles, Stephen, Winter, Hiram, Joseph, and daughters Hannah (MATTESON), Phebe (FEIRSON), Sarah (BUCK), Rebecca (FINTON or FINN), and Farozin/Frozen (FINTON or FINN). Our ancestor is Winter ALLEN. I have been unable to connect this Stephen to his parents. I suspect Stephen is son of Moses and Anna (AKIN) ALLEN who had these children: Stephen, born 18 October 1754, died 25 September 1834; Mary, born 9 December 1755; James, born 28 January 1757; Anne, born 14 March 1759; Joseph, born 7 October 1761; Moses, born 11 December 1763; and William, born 26 May 1765. The parents of Moses ALLEN, born c1730, may have been Benjamin ALLEN, born c1680, and Waitstill BOWERMAN. I believe Benjamin and Waitsill had children: Benjamin, Moses, Thomas, Judah, and John. They may have come from Dartmouth, MA.(Query posted 1/22/98)Dave Burnisky

Other surnames in query: COATS, GILLETT

I seek information on William AMIDON/AMEDON. He was born 28 May 1824. He was found living in the household of Horace COATS in Dresden in 1850. He married Esther Amelia GILLETT. She was born 3 March 1831 in Washington Co., NY, the daughter of Adonijah and Theodocia GILLETT of Dresden. Esther had apparently left her parent's household by the 1850 census. They married by 1860, when they were living in Dresden. In 1870 they were living in Fort Ann with Esther's widowed father. William and Esther moved to Columbia Co., WI, where William died on 1 Dec 1891, and Esther died on 20 Feb 1903. Who was William AMEDON'S father? (Query posted 12/4/98) Nancy Mullen

Other surnames in query: DAVIS

I am seeking information on Moses AMIDON and his wife, Sarah DAVIS. They came to Granville sometime after 1800. They had 10 children: Davis, Mary, Annis, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Samuel, Moses, Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and Sarah. If anyone has any information, please share with me. (Query posted 9/2/98) Jodell McVey

Other surnames in query: WHITE, O'DELL

According to his Civil War record, George W. ANDREWS was born in Washington Co., NY (12 November 1847). He served from IN and later married Hortense F. WHITE. Family records showed him being born in Bennington, VT, and his sister Cynthia ANDREWS being born in Eagleville, NY (1849). Their parents were Parvis ANDREWS (born 1802 in Bennington, VT) and Julia O'DELL (born 1818 in Troy, NY). Any information on this family, particularly on the marriage of Parvis and Julia, would be appreciated. (Query posted 5/5/98) Brian Strehlke

Other surnames in query: BRAYTON

I am seeking the parents of Levi ANDREWS born 1 May 1792 in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, died 7 May 1864 in Kingsbury, Washington Co. Levi married Phebe BRAYTON born 15 Oct 1799, Queensbury, died 24 Aug 1870 in Pattens Mills. I have reason to believe that Levi's father could have been Christopher ANDREWS. (Query posted 8/8/98) Jim Dayton

Other surnames in query: MARTIN I am working on a family history of the ANGELLS. I have a gentleman named Henry ANGELL that I'm searching for. Is there is any information about Henry stating where in Germany he may have come from and who his wife was? Henry was Augustus ANGELL'S father. He emigrated to the US with two of his brothers from Germany. Augustus was his 2nd son born in 1752 in Washington County. Augustus was married to Triphena(?) MARTIN and they had son named Newell born in 1789 in Washington Co., NY (Query posted 5/4/98) Diane L. Woodard

Other surnames in query: TIDD

Who were the parents of Judith TIDD who married David ARMSTRONG, Jr., of Hebron, Washigton Co., NY? They married in the early 1800s. (Query posted 1/23/98) Bonnie Tidd Miller

Other surnames in query: SALISBURY

Looking for information about Daniel ARNOLD who married Avis SALISBURY and lived in Granville, Washington Co., NY, 1810 - 1830 per US census. Family moved to Allegany Co., NY, in the late 1830s. Want their birth, marriage location and parents. (Query posted 4/24/98) Del Arnold

Other surnames in query: HARRINGTON

I am looking for the parents of John ARNOLD. He was married to Freelove HARRINGTON and lived in Arlington Vt. when his children were born. He died at the home of his son Jesse in White Creek, NY, and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Cambridge, NY. (Query posted 3/14/98) Linda Kelley

Other surnames in query: STEVENSON

I am looking for William AUSTIN who was born 6 May 1769 in Westfield, Washington Co., NY. He married Elizabeth STEVENSON. (Query posted 5/24/98) Genealogical Society of Douglas County


Other surnames in query: , RICH, MULKINS, BISHOP, ELSWORTH, FERRIS

Sherman BABCOCK was born 19 October 1762 in S. Kingston RI, served in Rev War 1777-79. By 1789 he was settled in Westfield (now called Fort Ann), Washington Co., NY near Lake Champlain. He married Delecta RICH, (daughter of James RICH?) probably in Washington Co. NY c1790. Sherman was a pastor as well as a farmer. He was baptized at Ft. Ann Washington Co., NY, 1790-1800 just north of present day Hudson Falls, NY,-near Argyle, NY. Sherman became the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Westfield, NY (aka West Fort Ann) on 12 February 1790. Their first son Thomas, one of 11 children, was born there in 1790/91. Another son, Youngs, was supposedly born there in 1792. In 1792 he left serving in Westfield & moved his family to Panton, Addison Co., VT, where a son, Barnabus/Barnes/Barnis was born 24 February 1794--(possibly with a twin named Bernice). The family moved back to Westfield, NY, after his birth and daughter Amanda was born in 1795, as was Hiram R. (aka Henry?) born in 1798. In 1799 Sherman was again called as Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Westfield, NY. He was ordained by a council of churches from Hartford, Queensbury, Sharon, Kingsbury, Granville and Middletown VT. He served for 6 years and severed his connection with the church on 5 June 1805,. Sons Stephen (aka Lee?) born 1801 there as well as James R. born 1803. The family again returned to Panton, VT, before the birth of their 8th child, daughter Salome/Saloma in 1806. Sherman bought 15 acres of land in the town, recorded on 7 April 1806. Son Rowland, born 5 March 1809, daughter Elesta (aka Lusty or Linty), born 11 February 1811 or 12, and son Pardon A., born 28 August 1814. In 1809, Young married a Beulah BISHOP, the oldest daughter of Jesse BISHOP in Panton. Barnabus was married to a lady named Asenath in 1814, most likely in Fort Ann, NY. Sherman sold his land in Panton, VT, on 22 September 1814. Between 1815-1818, the family moved westward (possibly stopping in OH along with some of the Henry MULKINS family??)-eventually some members ending up in Harrison Co., IN, some in Racine, WI, some in OR. Only the families of Thomas and Barnabus remained in VT. Barnabus eventually moved to WI before 1850. Thomas married Clarissa FERRIS, daughter of James FERRIS on 20 February 1810 in Panton, VT. About 1818, Sherman & family were settled in Posey Twp, Harrison Co., IN. Amanda married 16 May 1818 in Clark Co., IN, to Jonathan ELSWORTH. Son James R. married Rachel MULKINS, (daughter of Henry MULKINS) on 25 December 1822 in Posey, IN. Rowland married Nancy PYBURN on 22 October 1828 in Posey, IN. Elesta married Willard MULKINS also the son of Henry Mulkins on 18 May 1834 in Harrison Co., IN. Sherman died in MO in January 1851. Would like to contact other descendants of Sherman BABCOCK and share info/pictures. (Query posted 5/23/98) Marilyn Light

Other surnames in query: CONGDON, SHEAR

Mary BACKUS, born c1824, was the daughter of John & Electa (CONGDON) BACKUS. She married Abram SHEAR and they removed to Kent Co., MI, where they died. Seeking documentation of her birth, believed near Putnam, NY. Her father was a founder of the Free Will Baptist Church of Putnam c1823. (Query posted 8/20/98) Brad Arms

Other surnames in query: BLY Interested finding out about the BAILEY family who lived on the end of Second Ave. in Whitehall, NY. I believe my grandfather came from Canada, but the year is unknown. He married Georgiana BLY, and had 4 girls and one boy. My cousin Jimmy was killed in the Phillipines during WWII. (Query posted 7/28/98) C.R. Vogler

Other surnames in query: OFFENSEND, COATE, MILLER

I am trying to find out more information about Silas BAKER (1793-1877) who married Amanda OFFENSEND (1795-1879) and lived in Fort Ann. They had 12 children: Sarah Ann(born1817); Algernon Sidney (born1819); LaFayette (born 1821); Milan Palmer (born 1826)l Harriet B., married a COATE (no date); Dewitt Clinton (born 1827); Walter Scott (born 1831); Christopher Columbus (born 1829); Ellen, married a MILLER (born 1833); Irving Randolph (born 1835); Marie Antoinette (born 1838); and Alfred Hitchcock (born 1840). I am a descendant of LaFayette and Melissa BAKER, thru their son Albert Milan BAKER. (Query posted 12/4/98) LHPMMP

Other surnames in query: STEVENS/STEVENSON, BACKER

My great-great-great-great-grandparents, Algernon S. BAKER (father named Thomas, mother unknown) and Sarah STEVENS or STEVENSON were living in Ft. Ann when my great-great-great-grandfather, Silas Thomas BAKER was born on August 12, 1843. Silas lived for a time with his grandparents, we think in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Eventually he moved to IL. I have found references to the name BACKER in the Census of 1720 for Albany Co. I am wondering if this is where this family came from. Any help will be appreciated and I will share all information I have in return. (Query posted 8/23/98) Barry Jernigan

I would like to know if the Benjamin BAKER who registered ear marks in Granville in 1792 and 1802 has any connection with the Benjamin BAKER who was born 1827 and died 12 May 1902 and is buried in the South Horicon Cemetery in Brant Lake, Warren Co., NY. This Benjamin married Sarah (Sally) COON who was born 1826 and died 19 January 1885. Benjamin and Sarah's son, Samuel BAKER was born in Washington Co. (Query posted 4/24/98) Jean Baker

Other surnames in query: KINYON

Does anyone have any information on Gardner BARBER (married Susannah (maiden name unknown), died 27 Septembr 27, 1852). Both are buried in Bottskill Baptist Church Cemetery in Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. I am looking for his relationship to a Ruth BARBER who was born c1742 in Kingstown, Washington Co., RI, married c1757 to Robert KINYON (born 10 January 1734/35, died 2 October 1805) who are also both buried in this cemetery. I believe that Gardner also came from RI and may be nephew or a cousin of Ruth's. Is he the son of her brother, Thomas BARBER, born 19 October 1699? (Query posted 6/20/98) Karla VonFumetti Staudt

I am looking for any information on William Harrison BARBER who was born 29 July 1843 in Whitehall. His father may have been named Thomas (or Stephen). Wm. H. BARBER had a brother Joseph BARBER (born 1839) and two sisters, Hannah and Matilda. This family was in Allentown, PA by 1860. Any information on these Washington County BARBERS greatly appreciated. (Query posted 5/25/98) William McIntosh

Other surnames in query: PIERCE, GILLETT, DENSLOW

I am searching for the parents of Shubael BARBER, born about 1770 (in CT or VT). My Shubael married Charlotte PIERCE on 5 Nov 1802 in Hartford, Washington Co., NY. They eventually removed to Sandusky Co., Ohio, where he died in 1840. There is a well-documented BARBER family of Windsor, CT, which includes Gideon BARBER who married Anna GILLETT. They had two sons named Shubael. The first (born 1747) died in March 1778. The second Shubael married Mary DENSLOW in 1800 and had a family in CT; he is NOT my Shubael. There was also a Shubael BARBER who served in the Rev. War from CT. He died in the service in March, 1778. Was this the son of Gideon? If so, did he ever marry and have a son named Shubael? Gideon BARBER had two other male children -- Daniel and Martin. Were either of them the father of my Shubael? (Query posted 5/24/98) Ted Steele

Other surnames in query: TEFFT, KENYON

I am looking for descendant/ancestor information on the family of Benjamin BARBER born 1707 and died 1792 who married Mary TEFFT. They had a daughter Ruth BARBER who married Robert KENYON, early settlers of Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 5/5/98) Karla Staudt

Other surnames in query: COLLINS

I have reached an impasse on my BARBER family. Family records end with Ralph BARBER, born 6 April 1788 and died 22 May 1872. He married Pamela COLLINS. Mention is made by the family of Washington Co., NY. It has been suggested that Ralph could be Benjamin Ralph. This may fit because Ralph's oldest son was named Benjamin. Descendants of Ralph are Melancton, Isaac, William, William, and William (myself). If I follow Benjamin R. BARBER back I have Samuel, Daniel, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, and Edward, born 1588 Bedford, England. Does this match anything anyone else has? (Query posted 1/23/98)Bill Barber

Other surnames in query: BARKER

My ancestor, Jonathan Farnham BARRETT came to North Granville, NY, in about 1817. He was married to Anne BARKER from White Creek, NY. They had 8 children. Jonathan Barrett operated the first woolen mill in White Creek in 1810. Their son, John Barker BARRETT was born in North Granville, NY, on 29 April 1819. I am trying to find his birth record. (Query posted 12/22/98) Baker742


We are doing research on these surnames with links back to Quebec and then to France. We are trying to establish migration from Canada, down rivers via counties such as Washington and Warren Co., NY and then into CT and MA. Any links or references that anyone sees or can steer us to would be appreciated. (Query posted 11/24/98) Barbara Basney

Other surnames in query: MYERS

Searching for information on the BASSETT/BASSET family. According to Addie B. BASSETT MYERS' obituary, she was born in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, on 10 October 1843 to Thomas and Emily C. BASSETT. The family went west and settled in La Harpe, IL, in 1849. Addie died 20 September 1886, her mother was still living at this time. Addie married Richard MYERS at Terre Haute, IL on 22 October 1863 (have marriage registration) and they had 8 children. They were Baptists. Any information would be appreciated. (Query posted 2/17/98) Sheryl Legg

Other surnames in query: WILLIAMS

I have been searching for a birth/baptismal record for Sally BECKWITH who was born c1789-1790, daughter of Grant BECKWITH and Mercy WILLIAMS, who were resident in Westfield (Fort Ann) but I do not seem to find very many published sources from this time period. Any help on this family appreciated. (Query posted 3/7/98) Christopher Allen

Other surnames in query: STILES

I am doing reasearch on Jonathan BELLAMY and family. Jonathan BELLAMY was born in 1771 in Bethlehem, Litchfield Co., CT. He moved to Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY, married Phoebe STILES 12 November 1804 and proceeded to raise a family. Known children are: David, born 19 May 1806, Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY; Frederick, born 1811, Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY; Alfred, born 1813, Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY; Rufus King, born 1816, Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY; Augusta, born 1819, Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. Any additional details or other information or any suggestions about this family would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 11/24/98) Earl Jackson

Looking for information on Exodus BENNETT who was born c1815 at Easton, NY, near Greenwich, NY. Exodus's parents were Jabez BENNETT and Almira ? This family belonged to the Bottenkill Baptist Church. Any information would be helpful. (Query posted 11/30/98) Denise Mullen

Other surnames in query: PETTEYS

I am searching for information on Hannah BENNETT born in 1770's or 1780's. Her name was listed on a probate record of Olive Reynolds PETTEYS as being her sister. I don't know who she married or any of her children. It is very possible that she moved from Washington Co. before her death. If anyone has any information on a Hannah BENNETT it would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 3/4/98) Rosemary Markham

I am looking for any BERRY's in Old Cambridge, Washington County pre 1800's. The names include: Jonathan BERRY; Thankful BERRY, Fortunatus BERRY, Simeon BERRY, Joseph Rogers BERRY. Any information on any BERRY surname in Washington County would be greatly appreciated. Some members of this family lived in Saratoga County. (Query posted 3/7/98) Connie Berry

I'm willing to share what information I have on the BESSEY family. I have the complete family from Anthony BESSEY, born 1609, original immigrant to New England, through 6 generations plus several lines well beyond that including the line that arrived in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, in 1763. The first BESSEYS there were Ephraim and his son Ebenezer. Philip shows up in Argyle around 1780 but there is no record of Philip in the family tree. I believe he was an unrecorded brother of Ephraim. I do not have the surnames of the wives which I am avidly seeking. The BESSEYS departed in numbers from Cambridge to Marcellus, Onondaga Co., NY, before 1810. (Query posted 2/17/98) Jon Nicholson

Am searching for any information on Michael/Micah BIGELOW and/or Thomas BIGELOW. Both are listed in the Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, census of 1810 and 1820. I believe Michael is my g-g-g-grandfather. He was allegedly married to Eleanor and their daughter Mary Louise was born in Whitehall, NY, on 7 December 1818. Mary Louise and her family moved to Orleans Co., NY, in 1823. Any BIGELOW information would be welcome. (Query posted 2/17/98) Judywendt@aol.com

I am looking for information on Albert BILLINGS who was b 24 March 1817 in Washington Co., NY, and his wife Almira CLAPPS, born September 1820 in Washington Co., NY. They moved to Wheeler, Steuben Co., NY, c1854. (Query posted 5/23/98) M. Nardi

Other surnames in query: WHIPPLE

I am searching for information about my great-great-grandmother, Lydia BILLS, born 25 May 1784 in Washington Co., NY, who married Ithamar W. WHIPPLE, born 28 September 1780 in Rutland, VT. I would be most interested in hearing from anyone who might have some knowledge of Lydia or her family. (Query posted 8/20/98) Nancy Whipple Erbland

Looking for references to Peter BISHOP (and family) and Rufus A. BISHOP in Washington Co. in the 1790's then Clinton Co.after 1810. Any leads will be appreciated. I believe Peter sold land in Argyle 1799, but have no other information. (Query posted 11/12/98) John Stevens

Other surnames in query: CASE

Researching Sophia BLACKMERE, who was born in Washington Co., NY, on 14 Apr 1799. She married William CASE on 5 Jul 1815, probably in Washington Co. They both died in Cattaraugus Co., NY. William died 25 Apr 1881, and Sophia died 17 Feb 1892. (Query posted 3/14/98) Karyl Hahn

Other surnames in query: ROGERS

John BLAIR, Jr, was born Pelham, MA, in 1754. He married Jean ROGERS in Hebron, Washington Co., NY, in 1781, and died Putnam, NY, in 1826. He was a Revolutionary War vetran and son/ of Col. John BLAIR. Seeking documentation of his marriage and death. (Query posted 8/20/98) Brad Arms

I am seeking information on Jonathon BLAIR'S family. Jonathon was born in NY cl805 (he was on the census in l850 in Conecuh Co., AL aged 45 years. I found 2 BLAIRS on the l8l0 census in Washington Co., NY, village of Putnam. There was a John Blair and the next name was James Blair (I think, for the writing was difficult to read) and the ages given indicate they could have been father and son, John being the oldest. Jonathon was my great-great grandfather and his sons were William, James (my great grandfather), and John plus three daughters. Jonathon's wife was Salina, a fullblooded Choctaw and was 20 years his junior. William, the oldest, was two years old in the 1850 census, so I am assuming they were married in the late l840s. I could find no trace of Johnathon before l850, he also was on l860 census but not on l870 although Salina was and then she was not found again. I am assuming Jonathon died in the l860s but late 1860s as salina had a six year old daughter. (Query posted 4/22/98) Howard Blair

Other surnames in query: BRADWAY

My g-g-grandfather John BLAKEMAN was born on 23 February 1843 in Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls), Washington Co., NY. His parents were Harve BLAKEMAN and Sarah BRADWAY (?) of Sandy Hill. I think Harve's fathers name was Isaac BLAKEMAN. Looking for any information on Isaac. Isaac was 66 yrs old on the 1850 Census which makes his birth year 1784. The census did not list his wife. (Query posted 11/30/98) Fern


Seeking information on any member of the BLAKESLEY family in Washington Co., NY. Particularly interested to know if they are any relation to the BLAKESLEY family of neighboring Rutland Co., VT. Trying to make a connection to my John BLAKESLEY, born in NY in 1805, who gave his parents' place of birth as VT. Any help greatly appreciated. (Query posted 8/11/98) William Morgan

I am researching my family and have found that it ties into the Michael and Catherine BOWE family from Ft. Edward in the 1940's. They had 3 children I believe: James, named after Catherine's grandfather, Robert, and Eugene named after Catherine's father. Any information would be appreciated. (Query posted 9/16/98) Matt Thornton

Other names in query: WARREN, LOVEJOY, BEEBE

Seek town of birth for Emeline WARREN, born 26 October 1824 in Washington Co., NY. Her mother was Eliza BRADLEY (born 25 December 1806 VT, died 1880 MI); her father was Timothy "Leonard" WARREN (born 11 March 1799 VT or NY, died 1862 MI). They were married 26 December 1822. Emeline WARREN (born 1824 Washington Co., NY) married William P. LOVEJOY, son of Palmer LOVEJOY and Patience BEEBE, who was also born in Washington Co., NY. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 9/13/98) Karen Mohr

Other surnames in query: GREEN, FISH

Amos BRAMAN is my paternal great grandfather. His obituary states that he was born 11 October 1842 in Washington Co. NY. "Amos Braman, a prosperous stock farmer and dairyman of Section 17, Levis Township, was born in the state of New York, Oct. 11, 1840, son of Seth and Dorcas (GREEN) BRAMAN. The father, who was a farmer by occupation, was reared and married in that state. He and his wife reared eight children: Hannah, Assel, Mary, Ann, Jim, Olive, Sabrey, and Amos. Amos Braman remained at home until the death of his mother which occurred when he was 2 years and 6 months old. He then went to live with his married sister, and they moved to Kalamazoo, Mich., when he was about 5 years old." I assume his mother Dorcas would have died about April, 1843, according to Amos' birth date. He married Nancy FISH 4 July 1863 in Kalamazoo. They moved with Nancy's family to Crawford Co., WI. I cannot find anything on Amos and very little on the BRAMAN name--could the spelling have changed? Would appreciate any info on the BRAMAN family of Washington Co. NY. (Query updated 6/5/98) Karen Quackenbush

Other surnames in query: POTTER

I am interested in learning more about Ann BRAYMAN and William C. POTTER. They were married in Exeter Township 20 April 1843. She may be the sister of my great grandfather, Amos BRAMAN--see BRAMAN query posted above. (Query posted 12/4/98) Karen Quackenbush

Other surnames in query: SWEET, WILSON/WILLSON, WOODCOCK

Looking for any known connections between the following names -- BRAYTON, SWEET, WILSON/WILLSON, and WOODCOCK. Interested in connections prior to 1850. (Query posted 9/2/98) WADE439


Seeking info on Judith BRIGGS who would have been born 1781 (we don't know where). Request any information on her parents. Known siblings were Thomas BRIGGS, William BRIGGS, Stephen BRIGGS, David BRIGGS, Elizabeth BRIGGS, Sarah BRIGGS and Mary BRIGGS. All of Easton, Washington Co., New York. (Query posted 7/23/98) McQueary

I am looking for info on Solomon BROWN, born 1805 in Salem, NY. He moved to Kingston, NY, and owned a hotel. (Query posted 11/13/98) CNolljr

Other surnames in query: WOOD

Looking for information on Mary BROWN who married Ezekial WOOD on 25 March 1732 in Uxbridge, Worchester, MA. Mary BROWN was born in 1709 in Hampton, Washington Co., NY. Of course there was no Washington Co. then, but I would appreciate any information that could be supplied regarding Mary BROWN and her parents, Benjamin and Sarah/Elizabeth BROWN. (Query posted 9/2/98) Stuart Freeman

I am trying to find any information on the parents of Israel BROWN. The Kingsbury, NY, 1850 census shows him living with his wife Eliza and his children Sally, Rebecca, Harriet, Jay, Arnold and Lilas. I have found another Israel BROWN who was one of the original settlers of Fort Ann who might be a relative. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 2/17/98) Wayne

Other surnames in query: ROUSE, FOSTER

Searching for information on Samuel BROWN who was born 19 December 1779 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. He was married 2 times. His first wife was Susanna ROUSE and his second wife was Diantha FOSTER of MA. Who were the parents of Samuel BROWN? (Query posted 1/23/98) R8459@aol.com

Other surnames in query: LEWIS, PARKS

The surnames that I am looking for in Washington Co. are BUCK and LEWIS. My g-g-grandparents were John BUCK and Dehlia LEWIS BUCK. John BUCK was born 30 September 1807 in the Township of Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY; he married a Dehlia (possibly spelled lots of different ways) LEWIS on 10 December 1832 in the Town of Salem, (she was born in December 1813 in the Town of Salem). Somewhere between 1840 and 1850 or so they emigrated to Hannibal, Oswego Co., NY, and they both lived there until their deaths--his in 1895 and hers in 1904. I know absolutely nothing of Dehlia LEWIS other than her name prior to her marrying John BUCK. I've even considered that she was married prior to marrying John BUCK and that her maiden name is not known at this point. According to another BUCK researcher I've been told that John BUCK'S parents are Justus BUCK and Lovina PARKS, but I would like to substantiate that information. (Query posted 6/20/98) Marilyn Stern


Am looking for any information on Lyman Elkanah BULLOCK born 29 September 1841 in Washington Co., NY. Married Melissa INMAN (born 10 January 1852) on 10 December 1871 at Osawatomie, KS. Children were Lydia Elvira BULLOCK LOOMIS, born 21 September 1872, died 16 July 1929; Lois Augusta BULLOCK BORTON, born 9 September 1873, died 21 April 1944; Charles William BULLOCK, born 9 May 1875, died 29 June 1928; Amelia Anne BULLOCK TUSING, born 24 October 1876, died 14 July 1927; John Harvey BULLOCK, born 23 November 1877, died 10 December 1950; Ida May BULLOCK ROBERTSON, born 24 October 1879, died 9 June 1947; Clarence Lyman Elijah BULLOCK, born 23 March 1881, died 22 April 1941; M. BULLOCK, born 2 June 1883, died 29 August 1883; Obidiah Pedro BULLOCK, born 15 May 1885, died 10 October 1886;Lolitta Eva BULLOCK HAYES born 8 November 1887, died 10 March 1916; Benjamin Franklin BULLOCK, born 12 August 1890, died 8 November 1890. Any information will be appreciated an passed on to any other persons interested. (Query posted 10/28/98) Pat

Jacob BURCH'S daughter, Margaret BURCH, was born 1811 Washington Co., NY, and lived most of her life in Spartansburg, Crawford Co., PA. Jacob's son, John BURCH, was born 6 October 1830 in Spartansburg, PA, and died 29 July 1909. He also lived most of his life in Crawford Co., PA. I would like to know more about Jacob BURCH. Where did he come from? His son's death certificate says he was from NY and the birthplace of his daughter hints at Washington Co. Can anyone find a record of Jacob? (Query posted 7/28/98) Stephen Burch

Other surnames in query: SAYWARD

I believe Alonzo Leroy BURRIS was born in Washington Co NY around 1818. I don't have any other info until he married Lydia W. SAYWARD on Dec 25, 1849 in Essex Co NY. He was in the 20th IA Vols, and was described as being 44 years old when he mustered in at Clinton IA on August 7, 1862 and died on Feb 13, 1863 in Springfield, MO. He is buried in the National cemetary there. (Query posted 2/24/98) Karen

Other surnames in query: FANCHER

I am looking for information on John BUTLER. He and wife Lucinda lived in Washington Co., NY, c1800-1810. Their daughter Amanda BUTLER FANCHER was born in Washington Co. in 1804. John was born in ME in 1780 and Lucinda was born in CT in 1785. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 3/15/98) Pamela English


Other surnames in query: QUACKENBUSH

I am seeking information on Nora CANARY who was born July 1868 in Easton N.Y. Nora married Addison QUACKENBUSH born November 1858.also in Easton. They had the following children Hattie, Herbert, Fannie, James, Mabel, Arthur, Ada, Earl and LeRoy. Any help will be appreciated. (Query posted 9/2/98) Barstorm

Other surnames in query: ARPAIA, DERUBBO

I am researching 3 family names that have Washington Co., NY, connections from the years 1895-1900. A great uncle, Domenico DeRUBBO (watch for variations in spelling such as DiRUBA) worked for the railroad and lived in Shushan. My grandmother, Crestina (Christine) CAPPELLO, indicated that Shushan was her destination when she left Italy (taken from data on ship passenger list). She arrived in the U.S. on 2 December 1898 in NY. The woman she traveled with went to Ft. Edward, NY. By June 1900, she had married and was living in Saratoga Springs, NY. My grandfather, who also worked for the railroad, was Vincenzo Arpaia (again watch for variations in the spelling such as Arpia or Arpio). He eventually went by the name of James ARPEY (ARPE has been found). Have searched for marriage records throughout northeast NY with no luck but I am inclined to believe town historians and town clerks may have overlooked the spelling variations. (Query posted 2/17/98)Neil Draves-Arpaia

Other surnames in query: HADSELL, MASON

Zephaniah/Zephiniah M. CARR was born in Washington Co., NY, on 6 April 1822. His father, Daniel(2) CARR, born 1795 was a native of RI, moved to Steuben Co., IN, in 1843 where he died in 1844. Daniel(2) CARR's father, Daniel(1) CARR, was taken captive by the Indians 30 June 1778 in a prelude to the Wyoming Valley Massacre but was released/traded some time after 15 July 1778. Daniel(1) CARR married Amy (Rachel) HADSELL. Zephaniah's mother was Martha MASON. Looking for further information on this family, especially Zephaniah or his father, Daniel(2) CARR. (Query posted 11/12/98) Judy Ardine

Other surnames in query: MCGEE

Amos CARTER was born in 1805 in MA. He was married before 1826 to Nancy MCGEE. Nancy was born in 1809 and she died 13 March 1855 and was buried in North Argyle, Washington Co., NY. For many years, this couple were residents of Argyle. Amos' father appears to be Loammi CARTER. Can anyone supply more information about this couple including where Amos is buried? (Query posted 5/4/98) Jim Dayton

Other surnames in query: WEBSTER, BLAKESLEE

I am seeking more information on the CARVER family who first settled in Washington Co., NY, during the American Revolution or shortly afterwards. Bernice CARVER (born 8 December 1753, in Providence, RI and died in NY prior to 1790) married a woman named Olive. It is possible that he first settled in Hampton before settling down in Whitehall. He had two children: Bernice, born 19 July 1780, and an unnamed daughter born between 1776 and 1790. The second Bernice (sometimes Burnus) CARVER married Rachel (born 19 March 1786, died 5 May 1850) in 1805 in Whitehall. There is a possibility that Rachel was a WEBSTER. Bernice and Rachel had seven children: daughter, born c1806; daughter, born c1808; daughter, born c1810; George Webster CARVER, born 24 January 1814; daughter, born c1816; Alfred P. CARVER (probably), born 1823; John W. B. CARVER, born 19 July 1837 (?). George Webster CARVER (my great-great grandfather) was born in Whitehall and died in Lansing, IA, 20 February 1897. He was listed as living in Whitehall in 1850. He married a woman whose name is unknown and they produced six children: Henry, born 1841; Ellen, born 1842; "M.A.", born 1844; John, born 1846; George, born 1848; and an infant, born 1850. George Webster CARVER is not to be confused with George W. CARVER, who also was born in Washington Co., NY, in 1819 to Stephen CARVER and married Caroline BLAKESLEE. I need to find out the actual family name of Rachel CARVER and George Webster CARVER's first wife and whether there are any living descendants of this family still in Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 4/24/98) Roger Carver

Other surnames in query: BLAKESLEE

I am a direct descendant of George Webster CARVER (my great-great grandfather) who was born in Whitehall in 1814. He married Caroline BLAKESLEE and had about six children, all of whom were born in Whitehall in the 1840's: Henry, Ellen (or Helen), "M.A.", John, George, and an unnamed infant. George Webster CARVER emigrated to northeastern Iowa sometime in the late 1850's. His parents were Bernice and Rachel CARVER who also were born in Whitehall. The first CARVER to arrive in Whitehall was Bernice's father, also Bernice, from RI sometime between 1760 and 1780 with his wife, Olive. I would like very much to connect with the descendants of this family in Whitehall or in Washington County. I have a photograph of George Webster CARVER, taken sometime in the 1870's. (Query posted 4/22/98) Roger Carver


Researching the Abraham CASE family of Washington Co., NY. Abraham CASE (1761-1831) married first to Ruth PRESTON and second to Naomi PRESTON, both daughters of Othniel PRESTON and Anna LOVE. Abraham and Ruth (LOVE) CASE issue: Naomi CASE (married Nicholas BRESIE), Aaron CASE (married Olive HEWLETT), William CASE (married Polina ROBLEE), Ruth CASE (married John ROTCH). Abraham and Naomi (LOVE) CASE issue: Leonard CASE (married first Bathsheba BRIGGS and second Polly LYMAN), Anna CASE (married Daniel WOODARD), Hiram CASE (married Polly WOODARD), Naaman CASE (married Mary FOSTER), Daniel CASE (married Sally PERRIN), Elizabeth CASE (married Roswell TEMPLE), Philinda CASE, Abraham CASE (married Lydia ALLEN), Jaspe CASE (married Silas NELSON), Merritt CASE (married Annis BALDRIDGE. (Query posted 6/5/98) David Stielow

Gorham CASEY was born in Washington County on 11 August 1803. His mother's name was Rosanna CASEY born in 1779 in Cape Cod (MA?) I am looking for Gorham's father and other family. All notations or comments, no matter how small,would be appreciated. (Query posted 2/24/98) Don Casey

Other surnames in query: SEELEY

Looking for info on George P. CASWELL who was born 1844, in or around Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY. He was married to Gertrude V. SEELEY who was born 1856, Fort Ann. They had two sons, Horace, born 1876, and George, born 1879, both in Fort Ann. The elder George and Gertrude both died in the typhoid epidemic of 1881. (Query posted 6/20/98) Taylor Caswell

Other surnames in query: AYRES

I am seeking information on James J. CATLIN and his wife, Johanna AYRES CATLIN. Two of their children were Solomon V. CATLIN and Colonel Hooker CATLIN. I am descended from Colonel Hooker CATLIN, who was a blacksmith for a Nebraska Cavalry unit in the Civil War. The name "Colonel" was given to him at birth. He was born in 1839 in Washington County, New York and resided in Wisconsin during the 1850 census. One record gives the name of Colonel Hooker CATLIN'S father as Jasper J. CATLIN; however, another record gives the name of his father as James J. CATLIN, which is more probable. James J. CATLIN was the second of nineteen children born to Asa CATLIN, a longtime Kingsbury resident in Washington County, New York. Asa's youngest son, Nicholas Mead CATLIN, served in the New York Legislature circa 1861. I hope someone can help me sort out these CATLINS! (Query posted 5/23/98) Jerelyn Leinweber

Other surnames in query: AYRES, READ

I am researching the CATLIN family members who resided in Kingsbury and other towns in Washington Co., NY. My great-great-grandfather, Colonel Hooker CATLIN, was born circa 1838 in Washington Co., NY. ("Colonel" was his birth name and not his military rank.) His parents were James J. and Joanna (AYRES) CATLIN. I believe that the parents of James J. CATLIN were Asa and Polly (READ) CATLIN. Asa CATLIN was married three times and fathered 19 children. His youngest child was Nicholas Mead CATLIN, a minister who also served in the New York Legislature. Can anyone help me with this branch of the CATLIN family? I have also collected quite a bit of info on other CATLINS and would love to share information with other CATLIN researchers. (Query posted 4/24/98) Jerelyn Leinweber

Other surnames in query: WATKINS

I am searching for information on Jane CHAMBERLIN who came to Washington Co., NY, with her parents Sullivan and ?????? CHAMBERLIN sometime around 1815. Jane was born in NH in 1812. She eventually married Daniel WATKINS who was born in Rensselaer Co., NY. (Query posted 7/27/98) Betty White

Other surnames in query: WOODWORTH

James CHANDLER was born 18 November 1812 in West Granville, Washington Co., NY. His father's name was William. He had at least two brothers Hyrum and Philander. I found a Joseph CHANDLER in the 1790 census. Maybe a grandfather? James and his brothers went to IA and WI. James married Harriet WOODWORTH of NY. I am looking for any NY family history I can find and more info on the brothers. (Query posted 9/16/98) Kathleen

Other surnames in query: CHARBONNEAU

Looking for information on my grandfather Chrystome CHRRON who was born in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. His parents were Napoleon and Philomene CHARBONNEAU. Crystome was born 1878. (Query posted 8/11/98) Gene P. Charron

I need any information available for Helene G. CHASE, born October 1884, residing in Fort Edward, NY, as the daughter of Joshua CHASE during the 1900 census. (Query posted 12/9/98) Robert Lescault

I need information on the following person: Joshua CHASE, born January 1850 in RI, living in Fort Edward, NY, during the 1900 census. He is listed as Head of the Family with Nellie (?) as his wife. Joshua is not listed on the 1910 census, but Nellie is listed as a widow. I have been unable to locate documentation of death. (Query posted 12/9/98) Robert Lescault

Other surnames in query: TANNER

I am trying to run down information on an Isaac CHILDS found in the 1790 Census of Washington Co., New York. He settled around 1786, at the time the New Hampshire Land Grants were settled, in Granville Town, Granville, Washington Co., NY. He died in 1813 leaving a will. His wife's name was Erma or Emma. I would like to know if he owned land in the Granville, Whitehall area. I have been told that in the Abstract Wills of Washington Co., it is stated that the father of Isaac CHILDS died in RI. His first name is unknown. I believe this Isaac CHILDS is a brother to Major Silas CHILDS who is buried in Welch Hollow cemetery in Fort Ann. Isaac CHILDS had a daughter, named Esther who married John TANNER. Esther is buried in the North Granville cemetery in North Granville. Can anyone help me find more info regarding Isaac CHILDS, possibly born around 1750. (Query posted 3/14/98) Arlean Childs

I am trying to find info on Silas CHILD/CHILDS. I have a Silas or could be Maj. Silas CHILDS/CHILD from the Revolutionary War. I also have an Isaac and Isaac Jr. The info I have on Silas was that he died in the Fort Ann area around 1819. Isaac and Isaac Jr. lived around Whitehall. Any info on this family would be appreciated. (Query posted 3/7/98) Rich Childs

SEVENTY-SEVENTH NEW YORK STATE VOLUNTEER INFANTRY REGIMENT , 77th NYS REGT., need any available info-- seeking first person accounts or quotes by the men of the 77th or about the 77th from any source of that time period. Sources such as reunion brochures, diary(s), letters, books, old newspapers, scrapbooks, etc. I am also seeking info on any photos depicting the 77th that might be available for publication. My great-great-grandfather served as a Pvt in the 77th. I am working on a book about the contributions that unit made during the Civil War. (Query posted 4/24/98) Robert F. Morrow Jr.

Other surnames in query: MINOR

Seeking descendants of Ephraim Wheeler CLAPP, aka Colonel CLAPP or Wheeler CLAPP, born 2 July 1790 and died 24 October 1875 in East Salem, Washington Co., NY. I have a paper written by him in his 79th year with a poem (not sure if he wrote the poem or simply copied it) addressed to his grandson, Edmond MINOR. Will send xerox of paper to interested descendants in exchange for information on your lineage. (Query posted 10/28/98) Michelle McKenzie

Other surnames in query: BENTLEY

Searching for the parents of Abraham COLE, b. 7 Jan 1807 in NY who married Mary BENTLEY, daughter of Layton BENTLEY, on 5 Apr 1840 in Washington Co., NY. They moved to Cooper County, MO, before 1855. (Query posted 3/14/98) Vah Ross

Other surnames in query: BACKUS

Seeking ancestry of Electa CONGDON who married John BACKUS. John, born 1793 in CT, lived in Washington Co., NY, much of his life, and moved on to Steele Co., MN, after 1870 where he died in 1878. Electa was probably born 1 March 1803 in NY and died 1884 in MN. (Query posted 1/23/98)Brad Arms

Other surnames in query: LEONARD, COBB, BENSON

Who was the wife of David COOK who was born in Dutchess Co., NY c1746 and moved to Easton, Washington Co., NY, c1774 with his brothers and his parents, Ebenezer and Catharine (LEONARD) COOK? In late 1823 or early 1824 he moved to live with his son Ebenezer in Genesee Co., NY, where he wrote his will, naming sons, John, Stephen, Ebenezer, Jacob and William and daughters, Phebe BENSON and Hannah COBB. (Query posted 5/25/98) Richard H. Benson

Other surname in query: COE, HOWARD

William COON was born on 3 May l798, supposedly in Washington County, NY. He went to Scriba, NY when he was about l4. On 7 January l8l9, he married Nancy COE of Herkimer Country (born ll October l800). She died on 3 April l849, and he remarried at some point to Dorcas Prosser HOWARD. He died sometime after l862, because we have a letter he wrote to his son, John Harvey COON, in l862. We have been unable to locate his grave in Scriba. We cannot find any antecedents. We've wondered at the Rufus COON who was almost 70 years old in l850 according to ownership of Lot 65 in Salem. Any help gratefully appreciated. We have further info on Dorcas (a little) and further decendents of William. (Query posted 3/14/98) Prudence

Other surnames in query: MOREHOUSE, MERRILL, BAKER, MACOONE

Seeking any information on all COON and allied familes in Washington, Warren, Saratoga, and surrounding counties. Interested in William COON, Josephus COON, MOREHOUSE, MERRILL, BAKER and any other allied families. Believe they are part of the COON families in VT and Rensselaer Co., NY, going back to MACOONE in Westerly, Washington Co., RI. Will share info. (Query posted 2/17/98)Ruth Ann Messick

Other surnames in query: NICHOLS

Edwin B. CORNELL (born 1868, died 1925) married about 1890 Bernice NICHOLS (born 1870, died ?) and they lived at White Creek, Washington Co., NY. I've been told they had a daughter, Elsie, in 1893. Does anyone know anything more about Elsie? Were there other children? I'd be very interested in more information about this family. (Query posted 12/22/98) Fred Murphy

Other surnames in query: YARNS

Looking for any sign of residence by Samuel COVEY, Sr ca 1775-7 at Fort Ann. Also looking for any info on Thomas YARNS, resident of Kingsbury, whose land was confiscated, as was the land at Fort Ann, belonging to Samuel COVEY about 1777. Thomas YARNS had a son Gilbert YARNS and a son Johnson YARNS, whose lands were also taken. Thomas YARNS and family settled in Fredericksburgh, Ontario and Samuel COVEY and family traveled through St. Therese, Quebec, settling at Caldwell's Manor, Quebec. (Query posted 12/22/98) Pam Wood Waugh

I'm looking for ancestors/descendants of Peter COWAN (born c1795). His known children were William C., John and Maria(h) A. COWAN, all supposedly born in Washington Co., NY. Peter's father may have been named Moses. They may have lived around Granville. Sometime before 1844 the children were in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. Any information would be appreciated on this family. I love to share what I have. (Query posted 9/13/98)
Cyndi Saxton Jorae

Seeking information on Elmore A. CRANDALL, Charles H. CRANDALL and Eugene CRANDALL, all from Greenwich, NY. (Query posted 12/4/98)
Ginger Rhodes

Other surnames in query: GOULD

Does anyone have any info on Mary (Polly) CRANDELL who was born 27 June 1815 in Washington Co., NY? She married Warner GOULD in 1838. They were in Tioga Co., NY, by 1850. Any help would be most appreciated. (Query posted 11/30/98) MarcyRose

Other surnames in query: SALLS, COLTON, TRYON

Looking for info on Henry CRAWFORD, who was living in Cambridge, NY, during the 1790 census, with 4 free white females. I believe he had 3 daughters: Elizabeth, born c1787 NY, married Isaac SALLS, lived Noyan, Quebec; Sarah, born c1785, married (1) John SALLS, (2) John COLTON, she died Stockholm, NY; and Jane, born c1789, married David TRYON, Jr., lived Noyan, Quebec. I think Henry was the Henry CRAWFORD in Alburgh, VT 1796. Henry was also listed as a member attending the 1st meeting of the United Presbyterian Church in Coila on 13 Aug 1785 (Coila is a hamlet of Cambridge). (Query posted 11/13/98) Pam Wood Waugh

Other surnames in query: PETTITT, COOKE, PRESTON

William CRONK was probably born ca 1790-1800 NY, married before 1820 NY to Abigail PETTITT. Their son Robert James CRONK was born 21 September 1820 (Stillwater, Saratoga Co., NY), and died 1 June 1883 (Sandy Hill, Kingsbury, Washington Co, NY). Robert married 10 Jan 1849 Adaline E. COOKE, born 24 August 1827/8, Washington or Herkimer Co., NY, daughter of Harvey COOKE and Betsy PRESTON. Adaline died 20/21 February 1906, Boone, Boone Co., IA. Robert and Adaline's children (all probably born Washington Co., NY): 1. Herbert A.P. CRONK, born July 1850 (Granville). 2. Eugene "Gene" CRONK, born 1853. 3. Clarrissa J. "Clara" CRONK, born 1854/5. 4. Adeline/Carolin "Lina" CRONK, born "early" 1858 (Greenwich). 5. George CRONK, born 1859. 6. Preston Neff "P.N." CRONK, born Jan 16, 1871 (Sandy Hill). We desperately want to connect this family to one of the Cronks found in the 1790 Census of NY! Can anyone help! (Query posted 7/28/98) Gene Hyden

Other surnames in query: CLARKE

Seeking information on Levi CROSBY who was born c1776 and died in Granville, NY, on 4 July 1846. He married Lydia CLARKE and may have been from CT. (Query posted 4/4/98) Marion Walter

Searching for death date and burial location of Johnson CROWNER, born in 1781 in Litchfield Co., Connecticutt to Peter and Elizabeth CROWNER. Listed in 1820 census as resident of Argyle township. Believed to have died between 1820-30 in Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 8/20/98) Mark D. Crowner

I am looking for information on a Joshua CUNNINGHAM. He was drafted in July of 1812 in the town of Hartford, Washington Co., NY. He was in Capt. W. Strait's Co., of the New York Militia. (Query posted 6/16/98) BLC6044@aol.com

Other surnames in query: DAVIS

I am trying to find information about Stephen CURTIS. He was born 10 May 1735 and was the son of James CURTIS who was born 1 April 1713 and who may have died in or near White Creek, Washington Co., NY and Margaret (DAVIS) CURTIS. A James CURTIS died 16 January 1739-40 but I am unsure if it was this James CURTIS or his son and I am unsure of where they died. Margaret CURTIS died 1 July 1748 in White Creek. There is nothing known about Stephen except his date of birth. He is the right age to be the father of my Ontario Co., NY, Thomas CURTIS which is why I am trying to find out more about him. (Query posted 8/19/98) Linda Herman

Other surnames in query: NELSON

I am trying to make connections from Ontario to NY for my CURTIS family. Many of the family were in White Creek, Washington Co., NY, and I thought we might fit with that family. Thomas CURTIS was born c1760 (maybe NJ/ maybe NY) and he married Vallonia (possibly NELSON) born c1765 NY. Their children were: Submit, born Nov 13, 1785 NY; Stephen, born c1788 NY; Anna, born 1790 NY; Thankful, born c1794 NY; Comfort, born 1797 NY; William, born c1799 NY; Phoebe, born c1800 NY; John, born 1801 Upper Canada; Thomas, born 1803 Upper Canada. We believe the children born in NY were born in Onondaga County but Thomas was from somewhere else. I am not sure if Vallonia was from Onondaga County. The CURTIS family I looked at was a John CURTIS originating from England but has several members born in White Creek. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 3/7/98) Linda Herman

Searching for info on Benjamin CUTTER (1762-1848). Any info on his ancestors or descendants would be appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/98)Doriann@prodigy.net


(Other surnames in query: RICHARDSON)

Laura A. DAILEY was born 1813 in Ft. Ann, Washington Co., NY, and died 17 June 1897 in Clarks, Merrick Co., NE. Laura and Austin Nathaniel RICHARDSON of VT (?) were married in July 1839 in Ft. Edward, Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 6/20/98) Judy Richardson Williams

Seeking a DAILEY/KINNER marriage, c1833-6. Seeking parents of Lydia Belle DAILEY, born Comstock, Washington Co., NY, 1816, married, as his second wife, Samuel KINNER, born 1809, Wood Creek Rd., Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. Both reputed to be of Scotch extraction, and members of the Comstock Baptist Church. Possible parents, Absalom, Milo Dailey. (Query posted 5/23/98) Mary Fallon Richards

Am seeking information on the antecedents of Lydia Bell DAIL(E)Y, who was born c1812 in Whitehall, Washington Co., probably to a family of that name on Wood Creek Rd. She married, c1832, as second wife, Samuel KINNER, who lived on that road. They emigrated to western New York, Wyoming Co. Though I have quite a bit of data on the families, I have not been able to tell which of two or three men was her father. (Query posted 4/19/98) Mary Fallon Richards

I am seeking information regarding the ancestry of Samuel DANALD. He was born 27 May 1805 near Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. On 26 October 1825 he married Azubah SPAFFORD in Vergennes, Addison Co., VT. They had 9 children: Samuel, William, Jane, Orrin, Duran, Eliphalet, Maria, Harriet, and Lucetta. The first 3 children were born in VT. The rest were born in Olmsted, Cayahoga Co., OH. Samuel DANALD died there on 4 December 1893. The name DANALD is very unusual. There are very few of them in the country today. I suspect that the name may have been changed. In Addison Co., VT, I found land records for a MACK DANALD. Perhaps the names was originally MacDONALD or something similar. If anyone has information regarding the DANALD family in Washington Co., NY, or ideas about the origin of the name, I'd like to hear from you. (Query posted 2/17/98)Debbie Thomas

Would like to find the burial site of Josiah DARROW, born 18 March 1799 and died 2 March 1883. Known to have lived and died in Cambridge Township. (Query posted 4/4/98) Roger Abbott

Other surnames in query: GAGE

Abiel DAVIS married Susannah GAGE in 1753 in Freetown, MA. They removed to Granville, Washington Co., NY, where they were in 1790. Then what happened to them? (Query posted 11/10/98) Douglas V. Smith

I am looking for any information on Samuel DAY and his wife Elizabeth, born c1770. They lived in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. One of their children was Asa DAY, born April 1793. (Query posted 1/23/98)Jeffrey Showell

David DAYTON was born 5 Mar 1766 in Suffolk Co., NY. He married Chloe SKIFF 29 Dec 1789. Family tradition places David and Chloe in Washington Co. in the late 1780's after which they moved to Hadley, Saratoga Co., NY in 1792. Seeking information on this couple including vitals, locations, and Chloe SKIFF's parents. (Query posted 5/4/98) Jim Dayton

James L. DEAN and wife Cordelia, who was from Utica Co., NY, moved to Crete, Will Co., IL by 1835 and all their children were born IL. In the History of Will County, he was said to have been from Washington Co., NY. Is he related to the DEAN family of Washington County? I think he went to IL with Frank SHIPMAN. Any help will be appreciated. (Query posted 3/1/98) Mary Ann Mushel

Other surnames in query: THOMPSON, WATROUS

Sometime between 1832-1835, my great-great-great-grandfather came to settle in Argyle. His name was John DENISON/DENNISON, he was married to Isabela THOMPSON. They both were from Ireland. One of their sons was named Joseph G. DENNISON who was married to Louisa WATROUS. I am interested to find out why John and Isabela came to the US and how did they happen to pick the Argyle/Salam NY area. John was a farmer, born 1811. (Query posted 8/3/98) Emma

I supposedly have several DENNIS relatives buried at the Whiteside Burial Grounds in West Cambridge, NY. They are: Aaron Chase DENNIS April 7, 1785-August 22, 1838;Desier Bull MILLER November 30, 1788 - January 27, 1858 (wife); Elizabeth Chase DENNIS, Mother of Aaron Chase DENNIS December 8, 1755 or 1788 - March 4, 1822; and Ruth CORNELL Mother of Desier Bull Miller b. 1755 d. April 5, 1836. I would like to find the records of this cemetary to determine if there is another DENNIS buried there. Possibly Thomas DENNIS, the father of Aaron Chase DENNIS. I am uncertain if he is the father. (Query posted 2/24/98) John L. Callaghan

Other surnames in query: NEWELL

I am trying to locate a DERNBERG (DURNBERG) family. A Catherine DERNBERG was living in Hoosick Falls in 1896 and she should have been about 70+ years of age. The only other information I have is that the family had a daughter named Harriet (aka Hattie) who was born in 1846 and married into the NEWELL family of Otsego County in 1860. Any help would be appreciated. (Query posted 8/23/98) Jon N. LeChevet

Looking for information regarding Lewis DEUEL, born 1782 in Hebron, Washington County, NY. I believe I am a 5th generation decendent. Washington County was probably called Charlotte County at that time. (Query posted 12/4/98) William Deuell

Other surnames in query: DODLIN, DENIO/DESNOYERS

Seeking information on the following family members: Zaphras DEWEY and Margaret DODLIN who married in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, on 13 June 1834 (in a double wedding with Lemissa DODLIN at the home of the bride's parents.) They had daughter Mary Jane DEWEY born c1840 in NY. She married Joseph DENIO/DESNOYERS and they had children: Margaret, born c1859 Whitehall; Marie Caroline, born 1860; Augustine, born 1865; Marie Henriett, born 1868; Jane Adeliah, born 1870. (Query posted 10/29/98) Erin

I'm trying to trace the arrival in the United States (from England) of my ancestor Francis DEWSON. According to a letter written in 1936 by his grandson, "Francis DEWSON settled along the shores of Lake George in Vermont around 1812." He gives no other details. I was wondering if Francis DEWSON might have been in Washington County around that time. (Query posted 2/16/98) (John Gilhooly)

Isabel DICK was born 29 December 1784, married, 11 July 11 1811 to John REA, Jr. and died 5 May 1869 in Hebron, Washington County, NY.. Their children were John (born 1814), Alexander (born 1820), Eleanor (born 1823) and George (born 1828). There may have been more children. I am looking for more information on Isabel and her parents. I think the family may have come to Washington County from Pelham, Massachusetts. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 4/22/98) Nancy Shaw

I am looking for info on the DIXON/DIXSON/DICKSON family from Hartford,Washington Co., NY. Thomas DIXON was bORN 1753 in CT and married Jane PARKER. Most of the children were born in Hartford. My Robert (son of Thomas) was born 1797 and married Cornelia CLINTON, probably of Hartford and then Polly DUNN. Any info on any of these line would be great. (Query posted 5/24/98) DPratt137@aol.com

I am looking for the parents of Dr. Jonathan DORR who was married to Hattie ALVIA. They lived in Cambridge, NY and died there. I believe that his mother and father may have been Dr. Jonathan DORR Sr. and Margaret FAULKNER from Lyme, Ct., but I need this verified. (Query posted 3/14/98) Linda Kelley

Theodorus DOTY was born 25 December 1736 Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA. He married Jane DENSMORE of Hardwick, MA, on 20 May 1759 and moved to Salem, Washington Co., NY, c1760 where his 7 children were born. The children were: John, Chillus, Prince, Theodorus, Alpheus, Nancy and Philander. Theodorus, the father, supposedly died in 1783. Any leads to the death dates of he and wife Jane would be helpful. Also need birth dates for John, Prince and Philander as well as any biographical information. (Query posted 1/23/98)Case Zwart

Other surnames in query: BROWN, ROBERTS

I am seeking information about James DRAPER who resided in Granville, NY, and appears in the 1790 census of Granville, Washington Co., NY. His name appears in the 1799 tax records for Granville, NY. Who was his wife? His children were Zilpha m. (1)? BROWN and (2) Thomas ROBERTS; Nathan DRAPER, born 1782; and James, born 1790. Seeking birth, marriage, church, death and burial records for all of the above. (Query posted 12/22/98) Ron Draper

Looking for any information on DUCAT/DUKET family from the Fort Ann/Argyle area during mid 1800's. (Query posted 5/25/98) Kathi George

Looking for info on Burton DUERS who was briefly married to Genevieve TUCKER in 1917. Their daughter was Iva Jeanne DUERS. (Query posted 3/14/98) Linda Crannell


Looking for DUNCAN in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. Ribert DUNCAN (1805-1856) married to Jennie who was born 1812, with the following children: Alice, married to Milo HAMMOND; Charles, 1873-1954; Inez; Lillian, married to Roy HANSON; Nelli, born1867, married to Frank MERRIAN; Minnie, born 1863, Henry 1872-1922; Elizabeth, born 1870 or 1873-1944, married to David MANELL; James Jr., 1885-1933, may have been married to Elizabeth LORION MULHOLLAND. Any info helpful. (Query posted 9/16/98) Laurie

Edward DUNHAM was born in Dutchess Co., NY, in 1753. He moved to Ft. Edward around 1768. He is in 1790 and 1800 census in Argyle and Moreau with a wife and family. I need the names of wife and children. He may be brother to Elijah. (Query posted 12/10/98) Jean Dunn

Caleb DUNHAM, born c1790, and wife Lucy COATES had several children in Dresden-a clue said there was a Dresden Railroad crossing so named in Washington County. The children were James Warren born 13 April 1824 and George E., born 22 June 1832. They moved to OH and died there. Caleb and Lucy married 8 Jan 1822 in Benson, VT. Any help will be appreciated. He missed every census that I have looked at. (Query posted 3/14/98) Mary Ann Mushel


I am looking for a mystery ancestor named Elizabeth, maiden name unknown, born Washington Co., NY, c1799. She married Lafayette EAGER/AGAR in Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada, and died 27 May 1878 in Madoc Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada. There was a William EAGER in Cambridge, NY, in the early 19th century but I don't know if there is any connection. I know it's a stretch, but if anyone can help me find the last name of Elizabeth or her parents' names, it would be much appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/98)Dave Lamm

I am trying to find info on one of my ancestors. His name was Otis H. EDSON. He was a physcian. He died in Hampton, NY, on April 11, 1851. I am looking for any info on him, such as an obituary, or a will or possibly what cemetery he was buried in. I don't believe he moved to Hampton until the 1840's. Any info would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 3/7/98) Suzanne Carpenter

Other surnames in query: MANLEY

Louisa EGGLESTON was born 30 August 1818 in Onondaga Co., NY. Her parents are Abraham and Ada (MANLEY) EGGLESTON. Abraham was born in VT and Ada in NY. Through other inquiries I was told that there are several EGGLESTONs (EAGLESTON/EAGLETON) in Washington Co. and that an Amy EGGLESTON, born in Washington Co., moved to Onondaga. SO---does anyone know Abraham EGGLESTON born c1790? (Query posted 12/22/98) Anna D.

I am looking for information about Joseph EGGLESTON, his wife Lucy, and their 5 children: Henry, Joseph, Lois, Jane, and Anna. Joseph EGGLESTON lived in Hebron, Washington Co., NY, along with his wife and children in 1812. I would especially like to know the names of Joseph EGGLESTON'S parents and his wife Lucy's maiden name and any other information about them as well. While searching for information about my great-grandfather, Henry EGGLESTON, who I only knew was born in NY in 1805 and died in Bronson, Branch Co., Michigan on 25 January 1873, I was sent information by a very kind person on the Internet telling me about a publication that connected Henry EGGLESTON to Hebron, Washington Co., NY. This publication, the "Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine" Jan.-Feb. 1945, had an article entitled "Egglestons in the Michigan Census" by Frank Egleston Robbins. In this article was the following information: "Joseph EGGLESTON was a wheelwright who lived in Hebron, Washington Co., NY. His will dated 25 February 1812 and proved 27 November 1812 names his wife Lucy, sons Henry (my great-great grandfather) and Joseph, and daughters, Lois, Jane, and Anna." The article further says that this information came from Oral E. CLARK of Bronson and Lyle T. EGGLESTON of Morenci, MI. I know that at least three of the children, Henry, Lois and Jane, ended up in Bronson, Branch Co., MI. (Query posted 8/23/98) Lucinda Rohrs

See query posted under "BABCOCK."

I am looking for any information on William ENGLAND, his wife Mary-Ann SNYDER or their children possibly born in Kingsbury, N.Y. between 1765 and 1775. The children are Hannah ENGLAND, William ENGLAND Jr., and John Peter ENGLAND. William ENGLAND Sr. was a sergeant in Kings Royal Regiment based in New Albany. This family left Kingsbury for Montreal in 1776 and later settled in Yamachiche, Quebec. (Query posted 2/24/98) Raymond Deschenes


Other surnames in query: STEARNS, GRIMES, BROWN

I am seeking documentation for the birth/parents of Joseph FARMER. He was born in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, on 29 August 1797. His father was Simon FARMER, Sr., and wife Relief STEARNS FARMER. I have the date of birth from a bio of his son, I.G. FARMER who was born and died in Fowler, St. Lawrence Co., NY. Simon and Relief both died leaving minor children in Herkimer, NY. Can anyone help me. Also seeking information for Willard GRIMES, and John BROWN and his wife Ruth---- daughter Ruth married Joseph FARMER. All of the above families lived for a time in Washington Co., NY, then in Herkimer, NY. (Query posted 12/17/98) Allan Cox

I am looking for any records and any information on the FARR families of Washington Co., NY. The 1790 census of Kingsbury, NY, lists Stephen and the 1830 census of Fort Ann, NY, lists James, Reuben and Truman. I would appreciate any assistance. (Query posted 1/23/98)Mark Farr

I am looking for information on a FERGUSON family who probably left Charlotte Co., NY, by 1777. Members of the family were Richard, Sr., Richard, Jr., Israel and Farrington FERGUSON. They went to Canada during the Revolutionary War. (Query posted 1/23/98)John Schneider

Seeking information on the family (parents, siblings, etc.) of Abner Elias FERRINGTON (my great-great-great-grandfather) born 17 February 1824 in Washington Co., NY, and died 23 August 1891 Redwood Falls, MN, and buried in Blooming Prairie, MN. Married 15 October 1845 (NY) to Caroline Vandenberg TABOR. Abner was probably Baptist. Caroline Vandenberg TABOR was born 6 September 1828 (NY) and was buried 3 or 13 September 1867 in Blooming Prairie, MN. Related families may include: Sally TABOR, Benjamin RIDEOUT, VANDENBERG. Abner and Caroline's 1st child, Francis, was born in Argyle, Washington Co., NY on 8 August 1846. The family then moved to Leon, Cattaraugus Co., NY, and had a 2nd child, Sarah Elizabeth (my great-great- grandmother), on 6 May 1848. In Leon, they were living with a Sally TABOR and a Benjamin RIDEOUT, probably parents or grandparents. From there, the family moved to WI, then to MN. (Query posted 4/19/98) David Magnuson)

See query posted under "BABCOCK."

(Other surnames included in query: ELLIS/ELY)

Searching for information on Lyman FISH who was born in VT on 10 October 1808. He married Adeline ELLIS or ELY in 1827. I found a Lyman FISH on the 1830 census for Fort Ann, NY, and I'm trying to determine whether this is the same man. Lyman and Adeline had children Wilhemine (born c1834), William C. FISH who was born July 1836 "at the foot of the Green Mountains" in VT, and Frances (Frank born c1838). The family was in St. Lawrence Co., NY by 1840. Any information appreciated. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 6/5/98)Dee Alexander

Mary FOSTER was born in 1796, married to Benjamin ASHTON in 1823 and died 29 June 1875. She is buried in Woodlands Cemetery in Cambridge, Washington County, NY. Their children were Martha (born 1826), James White (born 1828), John B. (born 1830), David G. (born 1832), Lydia R. (born 1835) and Andrew F. (born 1837). I would like to know who Mary's parents are and any other information on the FOSTER family that anyone would like to share. (Query posted 4/22/98) Nancy Shaw

Searching for any information on the parents/siblings of Nancy Ann FOSTER. She was born 7 December 1798 in Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., NY, or in Albany Co., NY. She married Benjamin DORITY on 18 December 1814 in Huttenbush, Washington Co., NY. Huttenbush was a settlement in what is now the town of Dresden. By 1817, Benjamin and Nancy Ann DORITY were living in Onondaga Co., NY. Have been told she was raised by Margaret VAN CORE. (Query posted 2/17/98) E. Stoll

Looking for David FRADETTE who was born 1853. He married Lousia, born 1854, and their children were: Stella, born 1876 and Steward, born 1878. They lived in Sandy Hill, NY. (Query posted 11/13/98) Sandy

Solomon FRANCISCO was born October 2, 1768, Whitehall, Washigton Co., NY and married Mary (Maria?) FREEMAN on December 18, 1787. He died January 20, 1844. Eight children: Henry, born 1788; Rebecca, born 1790; John, born 1792; David, born 1794; Calvin, born 1796; Ruth, born 1798; James, born 1800; Hiram, born 1802; Anson, born 1804; Maria, born 1807; Alonzo, born 1809; Elon, born 1811. I have no idea if marriage or any/all briths took place in Washington County. Looking to make connection. (Query posted 3/14/98) Bob Hood

I received a muster role record & pension # of a: James FRASER, born 18 March 1839 Hebron, Washington Co., NY; married. Mary. Was in Co. D, 22nd NY Vol. Infantry; enlisted 1 June 1861, Cambridge; mustered 6 June 1861 as Sgt.; deserted on 28 June 1861, broken to private and discharged 11 February 1864. This was sent to me by mistake. I was seeking a JAMES FRASER from Livingston Co., NY. If anyone has need for this muster role paper or pension application file # let me know & I can either fax or snail mail it to them. I can't see throwing it away. (Query posted 12/4/98) Jim Fraser

Other surnames in query: GILMORE

Joseph FREEMAN resided on land S.E. of Turner's Patent in Salem, Washington Co., NY, which was originally laid out in small lots as soldier's rights. The soldiers never moved onto these lots. Joseph FREEMAN may have been near Salem as early as 1770's. Joseph FREEMAN had a daughter Lydia FREEMAN. Did Lydia FREEMAN marry James GILMORE of Cambridge in the 1820's? Thanks for any help. (Query posted 12/22/98) Jean Gilmore

Other surnames in query: CASE

I am looking for information on Lucius Hubbard FULLER who was born 1802, Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. His father's name was possibly Jonathan FULLER. Lucius married Experience CASE of Penfield, Monroe Co., NY. They had five children: Lisania, born 1828 Cambria, Niagara Co., NY; Diana, born 1829 , MI; Lyman Perry, born 1832, Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI; Josephus, born 1837, Warsaw, Hancock Co., IL; Lucius Hubbard Jr., born 1838 Far West, Caldwell Co., MO. (Query posted 10/28/98) Vance

Other surnames in query: MORGAN

Alexander FULLER married an Alma, and had a daughter Amanda J. FULLER who was born 1877 and died 1965. Henry MORGAN married a Ruby, and had a son Herbert C. MORGAN who was born 1876 and died 1948. Herbert and Amanda were married and had Hazel, Rose, Clara, Garnet, Alma, Freeman, and Victor. I believe they were from Saratoga, Warren, and Washington Counties in NY. Do any of these names ring a bell with anyone? (Query posted 8/23/98) Janet

Other surnames in query: MORGAN

Searching for the parents of my g-grandparents, Herbert C. MORGAN, born 1876 and died 1948 and Amanda J. FULLER MORGAN, born 1877 and died 1965, believed to be from Washington Co., NY. Amanda's mother was a Native American and I am most interested in her. (Query posted 7/28/98) Janet

I'm seeking information about a Revolutionary War veteran whose daughter, Lydia FULLER, was of Kingsbury, NY in 1832. This information is taken from a pension application. Any help will be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 3/14/98) Jan McCabe


Seek any information of GAMBLE families in Washington Co., NY. I am particularly interested in any information on William GAMBLE and Susannah Gilbert GAMBLE. William was born 1756 Manchester, NH, and supposedly died in Greenwich, NY, c1813. Susannah died c1844 in Camden, NY. We know they had somewhere between 8 and 11 children: Reuben Gilbert, William, Betsey, Clarissa, James, and John. Reuben remained in Washington Co. all his life. William settled in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY, and all the rest were in West Camden and Camden, Oneida Co., NY, residents. I'm looking for any information on GAMBLES in Washington Co., NY, no matter how insignificant it may seem. (Query posted 5/25/98) Jerry Reed

Other surnames in query: LEWIS, CHASE

My great grandfather was born in Easton, Washington Co., NY, 1 September 1845. His name was Henry Augustus GARDNER, son of Samuel Perry and Esther (LEWIS) GARDNER. In the 1850 census this family was living next to Samuel GARDNER'S father by the name of Winslow GARDNER. I know that Samuel GARDNER had several siblings, but I only know for sure, one other than he, and his name was Nathan GARDNER. I have been trying for years to find other descendants of Winslow and Rebecca (CHASE) GARDNER. Winslow and Rebecca lived in several areas of Washington Co., from 1810 through at least 1850, namely, Kingsbury, Hampton and Easton. By 1858 they were living in Pittstown, Renesselaer Co., NY. I have many records of the ancestors and descendants of Winslow and Rebecca (CHASE) GARDNER, and will be happy to share any information with any interested person. (Query posted 11/10/98) Shirley A. Halbeisen

Other surnames in query: HARRIS, TOWNSEND, RYCKMAN

My 4th great-grandfather John GERMAN, I, was at Fort Edward, Washington Co., NY, for several years prior to 1776, at which time he had 100 acres of land and a good log house. He joined the British forces on Lake Champlain on 4 November 1776, and lost all his possessions in 1777 when his wife and children went behind the British lines. John I and his entire family resettled in Ontario, Canada, after the Revolutionary War. John I was apparently married twice. He and his first wife, Grace (last name unknown), had 5 children: John II, Christopher I, Jacob I, Rebecca, and Mary (my 3rd great-grandmother, who married Solomon HARRIS, an uncle of Townsend HARRIS, the 1st US Ambassador to Japan). Solomon HARRIS was also born in Washington Co., NY (Kingsbury), and was one of 8 children of Gilbert, Sr., and Thankful (TOWNSEND) HARRIS. Grace (?) GERMAN was at Quebec or Old Lorette (near Quebec) in January 1778 and at least until October 29, 1778, when John I visited her and their 5 children (3 over 10 years old and two under) on leave. Grace "disappeared" between late 1778 and 1784. John I's second wife was Mary RYCKMAN. They married soon after Mary immigrated to Ontario in 1784. Their children were James and Henry. John I is believed to have been born c1730 in southern Germany and immigrated to British North America while young. At least some of John I's immediate descendants were Quakers, so John I may have passed through PA before he settled in Fort Edward, NY. I have the following dates for John I and his children: John I, born c1730, Germany, served as Sgt.; John II, born c1750, served as Corp., 1st child named Jacob; Christopher I, born c1750, served as Private; Jacob I, born c1760, served as drummer; 2nd child named Jacob; Rebecca, born c1770; Mary, born c1774, Mary's 8th child named Jacob; James, born c1784; Henry, born c1788. I suspect that John I's father's name was Jacob, because it is so prominent in this family. Any assistance or suggestions regarding John's roots in Germany (Palatine?) or his history in the colonies, or anything about his first wife, Grace, would be welcome. I would also like to correspond with relatives of Gilbert HARRIS, Sr. (Query posted 11/24/98) Carl Strand

Other surnames in query: HUNT

Looking for info on the GIFFORD family, in particular, I need the parents of Abram GIFFORD (1806-1846) who married Margaret HUNT on 1 February 1827 in Cambridge, 8Washington Co., NY. Margaret was born 28 February 1807 in Cambridge died 1889 Harmony, Chautauqua Co.,, NY. (Query posted 5/23/98) Betty Bue

Other surnames in query: VON ASPERN, TAYLOR

My grandmother Allie Belle GILCHRIST married Max VON ASPERN probably in Fort Edward, Washington Co., NY. Their first child, Alpha Taylor VON ASPERN was born in Fort Edward, Washington Co., NY. in 1913. Their second child, John Earl VON ASPERN was also born in Fort Edward in 1914. I am looking for information on Allie and Max and on Allie's parents. Allie Belle GILCHRIST'S father was Alexander GILCHRIST and her mother was Helen P. TAYLOR. Allie Belle is reputed to have been born in NE in 1884 but her parents on census records show NY as birthplaces and they may have been the reason Allie and Max lived in Fort Edward. (Query posted 12/4/98) Kim von Aspern

Other surnames in query: SMITH

Searching for info on the second marriage of James GILMORE. After the death of Martha SMITH in 1820, James GILMORE of Cambridge, NY married second Lydia ???, and they were parents of 4 children: Jane, Mary, Eunice Abigail, and David (born c1827, died 9 January 1831 -- just 16 days before his father, James GILMORE). Who were parent's of Lydia? What happened to her and the children after death of James in 1831? (Query posted 5/23/98) Jean Gilmore

Other surnames in query: SMITH

Seeking parents and siblings of Martha SMITH, born June 1768, died 13 November 1820. She was first wife of James GILMORE, born Cambridge, NY, 3 June 1767, died 25 January 1831. Both buried Cambridge. They were married c1788 and parents of 10 children. I do not know where Martha was born. Any information will be greatly appreciated and I'd be happy to share info on this family. (Query posted 5/23/98) Jean Gilmore

Other surnames in query: ARCHER, SHELLEY

Looking for info on George GILMORE who was born 2 May 1805 in Stevenson's Corners, Washington Co., NY. He married Mariah ARCHER on 29 January 1832 in Cambridge, NY. Mariah was born 14 September 1807 in Washington Corners, Washington Co., NY. George's mother was Elizabeth SHELLEY (1776-1869). She and her husband, whose first name is unknown, had at least 4 sons: George, Hiram, Silas and Henry. I want to find the first name of George GILMORE's father and any other info about this family. (Query posted 1/23/98)Jim McDowell

Other surnames in query: HARMON

I am searching for information/confirmation about William GLOVER who was born about the year 1785 in Salem, Washington Co., NY. He married Adelphia HARMON and settled in Cayuga Co., NY where they raised ten children. I have a reference that states that William's father was Samuel GLOVER, but I have no proof. Can anyone help me? (Query posted 4/24/98) Jamie Campbell

Other surnames in query: HODGEMAN, TEFT, BISSCHOP

Searching for info on Herbert Hodgeman GOFF who was born 22 July 22 1883 at Argyle, NY, or any relations. Mother's name was Mary Alice HODGEMAN, unwed. Father was _____ GOFF, perhaps from Quebec,Canada. She later married a TEFT and had two sons. One was named George, the other's name is not known. She passed away in 1915, she may have lived in Grenwich Village. Her son Herbert was raised by a grandmother, Mary Alice HODGEMAN, from about 3 years on. This was likely in Boston. Herbert immigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada about 1915-16. He married Adolphina BISSCHOP on 16 May 1916. (Query posted 6/5/98) Charles Low

Other surnames in query: LIDDLE

Seeking information on David GRAHAM, born 1757, probably in Scotland or Ireland, and died 12 May 1827 in Hartford, Washington Co., NY. His mother's name was Martha ______. His wife was Jane LIDDLE and their children were David, Daniel, Martha, Jane, Nancy Ann, Mary or Marion, John, Robert, and Joseph. In the genealogical tables of The Story of Hartford, it has his father as Joseph Graham. However an old family Bible indicates that Joseph was probably an older brother of David, not his father. The family settled in the Hartford area in the late 1790's. Where did they come from, and what is David's ancestry? (Query posted 9/2/98) Jim Turner

Other surnames in query: GRIFFIN, WHITE, MARTIN, GLEASON

Desperately seeking some record of the death in Washington co. of John GRANGER who was b. c1784, the oldest of 13 children of John Martin GRANGER and Sarah GRIFFIN. John married Lucy WHITE who died 1827 in Steuben Co., NY, when John apparently went " back east" to live with a daughter. Other names might include MARTIN or GLEASON. Any help very much appreciated. (Query posted 7/23/98) Jeanne

Other surnames in query: CARPENTER

I am seeking information on the GRAY family of Washington Co., NY. Dr. Henry GRAY lived in White Creek. His wife, Margaret CARPENTER GRAY, died there on November 22, 1837. Dr. GRAY died in 1863 in Londonderry, VT. I am searching for their place of burial. Their son, Dr. Henry Carpenter GRAY, practiced medicine in Cambridge, NY. He died on February 10, 1877. Any information on Dr. GRAY or his family would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 7/28/98) Ann Dennis

Other surnames in query: SLOAN, ATWOOD

Seeking info on Jane GRAY who was born in Salem in 1798, daughter of John GRAY and Margaret SLOAN. She married Elijah Gregory ATWOOD. Their son William ATWOOD was born in Salem in 1822. He married Mary SMITH. Jane GRAY is my g-g-grandmother. (Query posted 5/24/98) Kae Smith

Other surnames in query: SWITZER, EMBURY

I'm trying to identify the parents of Mary GRAY, born c1769. She married 1 January 1789 to John SWITZER, son of Peter SWITZER and nephew of Philip EMBURY and Margaret SWITZER. John SWITZER was living in Salem, NY, from c1770-1812 before moving to Ontario, Canada. I obtained this info on Mary GRAY from the book Palatine Families of Ireland by Henry Z. Jones. The 1790 NY census indicates there were other GRAY families living all around them. (Query posted 1/23/98)Sandy Slattery

Other surnames in query: CADMAN

Just today I found out that my Loyalist ancestor John GREEN was from Ft. Edward, NY, which was in Charlotte Co. in 1781, now Washington Co. From the information received below from Canadian records it appears that he had a relative by the name of William GREEN, a brother, I believe. It appears that John GREEN was born c1747 as he was 36 years old in 1783. Here are the references I received today.The claim is also mentioned in Peter W. Coldham's American Loyalist Claims on page 201. GREEN, John, [from] Fort Edward, Charlotte Co., N.Y. Left there in 1781, joined army and served in Loyal Rangers until their reduction. GREEN, John Marysburgh Soldier Loyal Rangers LBM (Land Board Michkelb... ) Provisions List 1786. GREEN, William Marysburgh Stamped Book, soldiers, Queen's Rangers, LBM Provision's List 1786, wounded at Battle of Brandywine, invalided and discharged at own request - afterwards in secret service. John was married to a Sylvia CADMAN, dau of another loyalist who served in the Kings Royal Regiment of New York, William CADMAN. I do not know if John and Sylvia were married in Canada or NY. Does anyone have any additional information on John GREEN or his family, or the CADMAN family? (Query posted 11/13/98) Stan Cornelius

Other surnames in query: OLMSTEAD

Searching for information on the ancestors of Nancy GREEN, born in 1810 or 1821, She married Ebenezer OLMSTEAD, born in 1802 or 1812. They were parents of Elizabeth OLMSTEAD (1834-1907) who married Isaac GLEASON (1824-1891). Nancy GREEN and Ebenezer OLMSTEAD were born in New York. The 1830 census of Washington County lists an OLMSTEAD and a GREEN on adjacent pages. (Query posted 2/16/98) Richard Luduena

Other surnames in query: DAVIS

Seeking information on Aaron GROVER, born 1801 in Washington Co., NY. I am trying to verify this information. He lived in Geneseo in 1829 and was married to Mary A. DAVIS from Jefferson Co., NY. (Query posted 6/5/98) Thom Reel


I am trying to find any information on Benjamin HAIGHT who was born c1809 in Washington Co., NY. His parents may have been William and Sylvia HAIGHT. Any information would be appreciated. (Query posted 5/24/98) Jim Haight

Other surnames in query: PAUL

My ancestor Thomas HALL is listed in the 1800 Church Ledger of the Argyle Presbyterian Church. He bought a farm in Hebron and raised a family. Thomas was born in Ireland and died in Salem, NY, in 1844. It is believed that John HALL is a brother to Thomas HALL, Thomas and Sarah are buried next to John and Agness HALL in a very small cemetery in Argyle, NY. Thomas and Sarah had a son John William HALL born 15 April 1808 in Hebron, NY. John W. married Margaret PAUL of Argyle NY. This information comes from a book on the HALL family by Juanita Arundell HALL published in 1990 by Gateway Press. I would be interested in contacting anyone who has any information on this family. I would also like to find a copy of the above mentioned book and find out the name of the cemetery and possibly get pictures of the headstones. (Query posted 7/23/98) Kathy Caswell Rinke

Other surnames in query: FAIRCHILD

Searching for the parents of Melissa HALL who married Benjamin FAIRCHILD. They had son Joshua FAIRCHILD born October 1771 in Queensbury, NY. I believe Melissa's father was Joshua HALL but I have no other information. (Query posted 1/23/98)Dwight Johnson

Searching for a HAMILTON family who migrated from Whitehall, NY, to Ontario, Canada, c1800-1830. They may have been farmers or carpenters. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/98)Hubert Hamilton

Other surnames in query: MELLEN

Seeking info on Joseph and Susanna (MELLEN) HANCOCK. I have a reference that states that Joseph was in the 1800 and 1810 census for Washington Co. (Hampton? Twp.) Joseph and Susanna lived in Milford, Worcester Co., MA, until about 1798, then moved to NY. Joseph was born 13 November 1743 in England, died 14 August 1818. Susanna was born 10 June 1753 in Oxford, Worcester Co., MA, died 21 March 1827. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 12/9/98) Bonnie J. Wiley

Other surnames in query: LANDT, GRAVES, KILMER

Peter and Eve (LANDT) HARDER lived in Argyle, Washington Co., from c1801 to his death in 1842 and her death in 1848. Both are buried in the Kilmer Cemetery at Summit Lake (just outside Argyle). Peter was born 27 March 1752, Eve was born 17 June 1763, baptized Claverack, Columbia Co., NY. They married 7 Aug 1781, Claverack, NY. They had 8 daughters: Christina, born 1782; Maritje, born 1785, married William Tubbs GRAVES, 1805; Eva, born 1787; Lydia, born 1790, married 1809, Abraham KILMER; Catherine, born 1793; Gertruy, born 1796; Elizabeth, born 1799; Helletje, born 1805, died 1806. Looking for more info on daughters. (Query posted 5/25/98) Jolene M.

Other surnames in query: MANVILLE

Byron Lathrop HARLOW married Celia MANVILLE on 19 February 1834 in Whitehall. Is there any additional information on Byron or the couple after they married? (Query posted 7/23/98) Colleen Stokes

Other surnames in query: WRIGHT, SHAW

I am seeking info on the ancestors/siblings of my g-g-g-grandparents James Monroe HARRINGTON [1822-1910] and Charlotte WRIGHT [c1825-1875.] James was born in Hebron, Washington Co., NY, and Charlotte was probably born in NY state. James' parents were probably David HERRINGTON/HARRINGTON and Polly SHAW of Washington Co., NY. James died in Austin, MN in 1910 and was buried near Bloomington, Grant county, WI where his wife passed away in 1875. Any leads, info would be very helpful. I have some info to share on my direct line in Minnesota. (Query posted 5/25/98) Rob Esse

Other surnames in query: SAWTELL, SQUIRE

Seeking a source that documents that Rowena HARRIS (born c1788, died in Belleville, ONT) was a daughter to Ebenezer and Lydia (SAWTELL) HARRIS. ROWENA married Salmon SQUIRE in Washington Co., NY. Salmon was born 16 February 1781 in Halifax, Windham Co., VT and died in Salem, NY c1836. Ebenezer HARRIS was born 22 December 1765 in Brooklyn, Windham, CT; married May 1785; and died 1 Apr 1853 Camden Valley, Washington Co., NY. I have The Seven Journals of Washington Co., NY by Dr. Asa Fitch, which gives Rowena as a daughter to Ebenezer, but I need another source for verification. Any response will be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 9/2/98) Barbara George

On CD#183, Early Settlers of NYS 1760---1942, there was a mention of a George HARRISON that was admitted to the Church at Middle Granville, Washington Co., NY, in 1838. Does anyone know how I can get more information on this man or other HARRISONS in this area. (Query posted 11/13/98) Barbara Boardman

James HARSHA is said to have sailed from Newry, Northern Ireland, and arrived in what is now Salem in 1764 as an elder of Dr CLARK'S congregation of the Associate Reformed Church. He died in 1766. I am looking for his birthplace, wife and children. I have a refernece that mentions sons in Stillwater. (Query posted 6/5/98) ALums48454

Searching for information on John G. HASKIN (HASKINS) who was born Courtland [??], Washington Co., NY, in 1809. Occupation: farmer. Married to Unice (Eunice) K. also known as Annetta K. Children born in Washington Co. were James, born 1828 and Lyman, born 1829. Moved to Clay, Onondaga Co., NY, in about 1829. (Query posted 9/16/98) Carol Martin

Seeking information on the Anthony HASKINS family who came from Shaftsbury, Vermont to Washington Co., NY, between 1782-1788. He had children: Seth, John, Isaac, William, David, Ira, Franklin, Martha and Sarah. (Query posted 6/20/98) Ricki Pitzner

Other surnames in query: PIERCE, PHILLIPS

Jason HAVENS was born Farmingham, MA, on 18 January 1773. He married Charlotte PIERCE on 8 March 1796 and moved to Washington Co., NY. They had the following children: Harriett, Luther, Delilah, Mary, Aldulah, and Peolin. Peolin HAVENS was born Hartford, NY, on 1 May and married Betsey PHILLIPS of Middleport, NY, in Erie, NY, on 1 May 1834. Had the following children: Luther, Harriet, Leovina, Albert P. and Forrester. Family moved to Green Co., WI. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 8/3/98) Sylvia Havens

Just found out that my grandfather, Albert J. HAWKINS, was born 9 October 1895 in Whiethall, NY. He joined the army in March of 1917, in Washington Co., as far as I know. After the war he wound up in NE TX where he spent the rest of his life. Only other clue that we have about his background is that he had a sister named Minnie. I know that this is not much to go on but any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 6/5/98) Randy Ray

Searching for Capt. Abner HAWLEY and family. Abner was born 15 December 1739 in Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT. He married Margaret, maiden name unknown, also of CT. After the Revolutionary War, he moved to NY, "near Albany." He had the following children: Abner), Jr., James, Thomas, Naomi, John, Luther, Mary and possibly others. In the late 1700s, he moved to Victor, Ontario Co., NY. (Query posted 1/23/98)Kathryn Hawley Atkinson

Other surnames in query: ROGERS

I am looking for info on a James HAY. He married Lois ROGERS of Greenwich, NY.They had three children that I know of: Charles A. HAY, Ebenezer D. HAY, and William H. HAY, there might be more siblings, but I am unsure at this time. I a/m looking any info on/ them and the parents or birthplace of James HAY. (Query posted 8/11/98) Scott Reyome


I am searching for relatives of Benjamin F. HAYNER born 1823 in Washington Co., NY. His father was John "Jack" HAYNER who married Isabella HARDIN 2 August 1815 in KY. HAYNER has various spellings ie HANER, HAYNOR, HANNER, HAYNES. Father of John HAYNER was James HAYNER born 1749 in US or Germany? James had children: Solomon, John, Catherine and Mary. (Query posted 5/25/98) Carolyn Hickey

Other surnames in query: MCCONNELL, SMITH

Looking for info on Squire HEATH, born c1790-1800. One rumor is that he married Abigail SMITH in Washington Co., NY. His children were John HEATH (born 3 October 1820 in Washington Co.), Frederick A. HEATH (born 19 June 1825 in Adams, Jefferson Co., NY), and Fidelia Correna HEATH (born 13 July 1827 in Adams Co.) Fidelia married William Wallace McCONNELL on 21 September 1847 in Canada. Any info on the HEATH surname and these individuals would be most appreciated! (Query posted 10/29/98) Jeff Darlington

I am looking for information on my ancestor James HENDERSON, who was born in Fort Edward, Washington Co., NY, on 21 January 1802. He lived on his father's farm and worked on the Champlain Canal as a forwarder of lumber. In 1837, he removed his family to Rensselaer Co., NY. Town records only go back to 1880, so I have been unable to locate a birth certificate or the location of his father's farm. (Query posted 10/29/98) RM Kilm

Other surnames in query: HAWLEY

I am trying to locate Reuben HENRY in Washington Co., NY, in 1810. Reuben was born in Harpersfield, NY, in 1775. His father, James HENDRY was killed in the Revolutionary War. I am looking for Reuben in Washington Co. as he married a HAWLEY from Washington Co., probably in 1802. By 1820, he was in Portage Co., OH. By the late 1830's he, and the HAWLEYS were in Jackson Co., Michigan. If Reuben Henry is in Washington Co., he would be in records that deal with the area in or near Hartford. (Query posted 10/28/98) Andrew M. Hendry


James HENRY (born 10 Dec 1806) and wife Elizabeth DICKSON/DIXON (born c1805/9) were both born in Scotland and immigrated to U.S. c1831. A daughter, Christianna, was born 31 Jul 1832 in NY State, christened in Washington Co. (recorded in North Argyle United Presbyterian Church) on 25 September 1832. Two sons were also born in NY State: John Dixon HENRY (born 21 April 1834) and Robert HENRY (born 28 Feb 1836). Were they born and baptized in Washington Co? The HENRYS moved on to OH c1837/38 where more children were born in Richland/Ashland Co. (William HENRY, born 27 June 1838, died young.; James HENRY, born 3 March 1840, died young; Mary Elizabeth HENRY, 17 August 1842; and William James HENRY, born 1 April 1846. About 1852 they joined another HENRY family in Somonauk area, DeKalb Co., IL, and all attended the same Presbyterian Church. This other HENRY family also came from Washington Co., New York. The family patriarch was William HENRY, Sr., born in Scotland, married _____ OLIVER, settled in Washington Co., NY when they came to America. They had 6 known children, (most, if not all, were born in Scotland): William, Jr., George, Robert, John Vetch, Margaret, & Elizabeth. William, Sr. married (2) Eleanor ROBERTSON, an aunt of Anne HOY (Mrs. George BEVERIDGE). Son John Vetch HENRY, son of William HENRY, Sr., was born 1779 in Scotland, married 1811 in Washington Co., NY, Parmelia JOHNSON (born 28 May 1788, Rupert, Vermont, died 9 June 1864). They had 12 children all born in Greenwich, Washington County, New York. James HENRY, son of John Vetch HENRY, grandson of William HENRY, Sr., was born in Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, 22 January 1812, died 6 July 1899, DeKalb Co, IL. This James HENRY moved to DeKalb County, IL around the same time as my ancestor James HENRY (see above, spouse of Elizabeth DICKSON/DIXON). Seeking information on my James HENRY & Elizabeth DICKSON/DIXON & their children as well and this other Henry family as we believe the two James HENRY in the above are first cousins. (Query posted 5/5/98) Gina Henry Wright

I'm looking for information regarding the ancestors of Ashbel HERRON. He was born 2 April 1804 in Whitehall, Washington County, NY. He left there as a young man so marriage and death records are elsewhere. (Query posted 3/4/98) Norm Stephan

Other surnames in query: DAVIDS

Joel B. HERVEY was born c1805, born "at sea". Searching for his parents. In the 1790 census of Westfield Town, Washington Co., NY, there was a Joel HERVEY listed as head of family. Could this be his father? In the 1840 Ohio census, Joel B. HERVEY had a son under 5, son 10-15, daughters under 5, 5-10 and 10-15. In the 1860 census of Fairfield Township, Butler County, OH, it shows Joel HERVEY, 55, as chairmaker, born in PA, and Elizabeth (DAVIDS ??) HERVEY, 50, born in NJ. In the 1920 Greenville Twp., Dark Co., OH census, it shows under J.C. HERVEY and Hester A. that Jothan's father, Joel, was born "at sea, U.S." and Elizabeth was born in NJ. (Query posted 9/14/98) Dottie Lewis

Other surnames in query: ALLEN

I am looking for Maria HIGH, daughter of Charles and Christine HIGH, born in Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY, 14 April 1798. On 13 July 1822 she was married to Samuel ALLEN. This is the oldest obituary we have in our family records, but we are not sure who she is. We believe she is the sister of our great great great grandfather, Samuel HIGH, born 26 October 1801. (Query posted 10/29/98) Elizabeth Kruse

Other surnames in query: ARNOTT, MCMASTER

I am looking for information on John HILL, born 1809 in Ireland. He married Elizabeth ARNOTT in 1835 and had 10 children born in Salem, NY. I am descended from his last child, Abrah HILL, and would like to find out what county John came from in Ireland, in what year he came to the U.S., etc. His parents were James and Elizabeth MCMASTER HILL and I would like to find out more information about them. I have 2 sources that disagree as to whether the parents came to the U.S. or not. John had brothers Alexander, James, and Hugh, and sister Annabella. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 2/18/98) Jean Hill Carman

Does anyone have any connection to: Aaron HILLS probably of the town of Hartford, Washington Co., NY. He had 2 daughters I know of: Asenath HILLS and Purdy HILLS. Both girls came to North River, in what was then part of Essex County, NY (nowWarren County). Would appreciate any leads anyone might have. (Query posted 4/19/98) Carol Waldron Thomas

Other surnames in query: SWASEY

I am looking for information about Maria Martha SWASEY HOGLE (born 1842, died 1930). According to a book about the HOGLES, she and her husband Charles Wesley HOGLE are buried in Salem, Washington Co., NY. Charles's father, John HOGLE, was born in Washington Co. in 1796 according to this same book. Does anyone have any information on Maria? Were there other SWASEYS in this area? (Query posted 12/10/98) Janice

Other surnames in query: FISHER

I'm looking for any information on Amariah HOLBROOK who was born 10 December 1749 in Brimfield, Hampden Co., MA and died 5 July 5 1799 in Washington Co., NY, possibly in Sandy Hill. His father was John HOLBROOK, 1721-1747, and his mother was Patience FISHER, 1725-1811. Amariah's brothers and sisters were Elijah, John, Patience, Bathsheba, Lucy, Abner, Lovinia, and Joel. Some were born in Brimfield, MA, and some in Sturbribge, Worcester, Co. MA. (Query posted 5/5/98) Dave Holbrook

Other surnames in query: SOUTHARD

I am searching for my ancestor, Ira HOLDEN, who supposedly was born in Washington Co., NY, c1800. His parents were Justin HOLDEN and wife, Lydia. I do believe that he married Alvinah SOUTHARD.Is there anyone that can help me find this family? (Query posted 5/24/98) Erik & Marion Andersson

Other surnames in query: SEARL

Benjamin and Lucy HOTCHKISS moved from CT to Whitehall, NY, after 1794 and before 1806. They moved with their children Axcella(?), Martha (married Isaac SEARL 1811, Whitehall, NY), Hiram and David (born 1794 Cheshire, CT). Their last son Benjamin was born 1806, Whitehall, NY. Benjamin and Lucy are likely my ancestors. I am intersted in any information regarding the members of this family. (Query posted 7/27/98) Ross

I am searching for any mention of Charles HOWE, my great-grandfather, supposed to have been born in Fort Edward, NY, in 1836, and his parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 11/4/98) George Howe

Other surnames in query: MITCHELL

Ensign MITCHELL married Lucy HUBBARD in Washington Co., NY, around 1784-86. Family records, that I can't verify, tell me that Lucy HUBBARD was born 2 Feb 1762. Ensign MITCHELL served in the NY line during the Revolution and was living in Whitehall (Skenesborough Landing) when he enlisted. I'd appreciate anything anyone has on Lucy or Ensign, and any suggestions for Hubbard research in this period and area. (Query posted 7/12/98) Dan Lewis

Other surnames in query: STUART

Looking for info on the family of Abijah HUBBARD and his wife Martha STUART. Their son Orlando HUBBARD was born 26 March 1796 Whitehall, NY, and died 11 February 1871 Waterloo, NY. Orlando's wife, Susan STUART, was born 25 May 1806 Whitehall, NY, and died 4 August 1879 Waterloo, NY. (Query posted 1/23/98)John Rogers

See query posted under "SCHOOLS--HUDSON RIVER INSTITUTE."

Looking for info on Cornelius HULBERT who was born c1802, supposedly in Fort Ann. His wife was Elsena ____? who was born c1805 Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 6/4/98) John Mosher

Other surnames in query: GRAY

Need confirmation that the Nehemiah HULET found in the publication Vital Records of Tyringham, Berkshire Co., MA to the Year 1850 is the same Nehemiah as the one found in Granville, Washington Co., NY. The Tyringham vital records show him with wife Esther and children: Cyrus, born 22 August 1792; Ira, born 12 January 1798; John Short, born 4 June 1801; and Lewis, born 2 July 1795. Also need names of the parents of Nehemiah HULET. The Nehemiah HULETT who lived in Granville, NY, stated that he had lived in Granville since about 1802. He was buried along with his wife Eleanor (GRAY) HULETT in the Hill Cemetery, South Granville, NY. His gravestone states that he was born 24 February 1764 and died 4 August 1848. His Revolutionary War pension application of 1832 states that he lived as a boy in Belchertown, Hampshire Co., MA, and that Belchertown was where he entered the service in Colonel SHEPHERD's 4th MA Regt. in February 1781 and in which he served until discharged at West Point, NY, on 31 December 1783. Killingly, Windham Co., CT, vital records indicate a Nehemiah HULET born 18 January 1747/48, son of Oliver and Sarah HULET. CT Revolution rolls and lists show a Nehemiah HULET who enlisted at Killingly, CT, in Colonel John DURKEE's 4th CT Regt. on 21 September 1779, discharged 15 January 1780. US census records for Nehemiah HULET: 1790, Brooklyne, Windham Co., CT 11/4; 1800, Tyringham, Berkshire Co., MA 30001/11010 (1M 45+); 1810, Tyringham, Berkshire Co., MA 11101/20101 (1M 45+); 1820, Granville, Washington Co., NY 010201/00201 (1M 45+); 1830, Granville, Washington Co., NY 011002001/00001 (1M 60-70). Any info appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/98)Robert C. Stancliff


Samuel HUNT married Margaret, last name possibly CURRIER. They had children: Amelia, married James MALLORY; Martha, married Seth SPRAGUE; Mary, married Stephen COOK; Elvin, married Mercy GIBBS; Thomas, married Sarah SPRAGUE and then Anna; Stephen S., married Bridget SPRAGUE; William, married Thankful SPRAGUE; and Abigail, married Phineas WHITESIDE. This family lived in Washington Co., NY, for a time and many settled and stayed right there. I would greatly appreciate any information on this family at all. I am willing to share what I have. (Query posted 11/13/98) Karen Krihwan

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