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Other surnames in query: WOLF

Looking for information on my great-great-grandmother Ada/Ida IVES. She was born 1847 in Ft Edward, NY. She married William Wallace WOLF 1863 while he was on leave during the Civil War. Ada's father (we think) was George M. IVES/IVIS who lived at various time in Sandy Hill and Kingsbury. Any information whould be appreciated. (Query posted 11/10/98) Les Chisholm

Other surnames in query: WOLF

Looking for information on my great-great-grandmother Ada IVES / IVIS. She was born 1847 at Ft. Edward, NY. She married William Wallace WOLF on 1 Nov 1863, by Rev. M. HULBURD at Sandy Hill, NY. The marrage was witnessed by K. WEER and the George IVIS family. Although I have no proof, I think George was her father. Any information would be appreciated. (Query posted 8/2/98) Les Chisholm

Other surnames in query: LINEHAN

Searching for information about a William IVORY who died in Cambridge, NY, in 1918. He apparently was born in 1863, location unknown, possibly the son of a John IVORY. William IVORY married a Mary Ellen LINEHAN, who was born in 1854 in Ireland. Their son, William Joseph IVORY, became a physician in the Washington County area. Any leads and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated. (Query posted 7/23/98) Karen Ivory

Looking for information on the IVORY family that settled in Kingsbury. John and Theophilus IVORY were in the area before 1815 when they moved to Jefferson Co., NY. The family originated in MA. (Query posted 1/23/98)SOBPatchet


I am looking for any info on Samuel JACKWISE, 1796-1870, (spelled various ways: JAKEWAY, JAKWAY, JAQUES, JAQUAYS). He was the son of Hosea and Betsey (ROGERS) JACKWISE. Samuel had 11 children, some of them born in Washington Co., NY and then he moved to PA. I don't have any info on Samuel's wife, but he had one sister, Lucy, and one brother, George (m. Esther ____). George, Esther and Lucy are mentioned in the Bottenkill Church Records. (Query posted 3/7/98) Jodi Jakeway

Joesph JAQUAYS was a Revolutionary War veteran who came to Washington Co., NY, about 1800. His brother Nathan married Hope's sister Hannah NORTHUP and lived in Ferrisburg VT. The JAQUAYS and NORTHUP had originated in S. Kingston RI. Would like to know of any offspring of Joesph JAQUAYS. (Query posted 5/24/98) Alice Wilson

Searching for information on Esther M. JENKINS who married Robert H. DAVIS on 23 August 1855 in Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY (family Bible information). Esther was born 12 September 1836 and Robert was born 12 July 1836 in Tyrone Co., Ireland. They had 9 children. Any information would be appreciated. (Query posted 2/17/98)Theresa Davis Devine

Other surnames in query: BOGART

I'm looking for any information on Peter D. JOHNSON. Need his birth, death, parents, marriage etc. What I know is that he married Elizabeth BOGART (daughter of John and Lucinda?). He had two daughters, Ella (Ellen) May Lucinda JOHNSON and Viola JOHNSON. Ella, who was known as May, was born in Smiths Basin, NY, in 1890, however by the time she was ten she was living in her Grandparent BOGART'S household. Peter had not died because a relative has said that my Aunt had been given a doll from her Grandpa JOHNSON. Both my Aunt and mother have passed away. I have no one to gather info from. (Query posted 12/4/98) Alene DeGeorge

Other surnames in query: BENTLEY, MEAD

Interested in the family of Cornelius JONES who died c1803 Washington Co., NY. His son, Reuben, married Amy BENTLEY. Who were her parents? Reuben's son, Zerah JONES, married Myraett Hibbard MEAD. Who were her parents? Any help appreciated. (Query posted 10/28/98) Lora Jeffries

Other surnames in query: ARLNORD, MCCORMICK

Seeking infor on William Henry JONES who was born September 30, 1840 in Sandy Hill, N.Y (could be 1830) and died September 29, 1907 at Allegan, MI. His occupation was mailcarrier/farmer. His father was Gaylord JONES and his mother was Jane ARLNORD (spelling may not be correct). William married LaVina Ann MCCORMICK in Allegan, MI, on January 2, 1867, they had two children: Garnet V. JONES and Charles H. JONES. William JONES fought in the Civil War as a member of Company B, 8th Michigan Cavalry. In particular looking for family type information on William: brothers and sisters, where parents came from, how parents got to NY. (Query posted 7/28/98) Phil Jones

Other surnames in query: FORD

Sarah Caroline JOSLYN married John E. FORD c1846. Sarah was from Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. Her parents were, according to death record, George and Ruth Ann JOSLYN. According to her burial record, her parents were George and Susan JOSLYN. Which is correct? Sarah and John E. FORD had two children born in Washington Co.: Emeline L., born 1847, and Mary H., born 1849. The later children were born in Palmyra, NY. Would like any info an the JOSLYN and FORD family. (Query posted 10/28/98) Penny Brown

Joseph JUDD was born 11 March 1820 in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. I am seeking the parents of this person. It is believed that Joseph JUDD'S father was Benjamin JUDD, but looking for confirmation. (Query posted 10/25/98) Sonrev


I am doing research on the KENYONS/KINYONS of Washington Co., NY and I am interested in descendants of all lines of this family name. I am willing to share/swap information with anyone who is interested. (Query posted 5/5/98) Karla Staudt

Other surnames in query: QUINN

Looking for information on ancestors James and Mary QUINN KEOUGH who lived in the Cambridge, Salem, and Greenwich, NY, area in1860. Mary died May or March 24-29 1870. (Query posted 11/13/98) JAM695

Other surnames in query: HORTON

I am searching for info. about the family of Albert and Sarah HORTON KING. Albert was born at Cabotville, MA in 1851. Sarah was born c1860 in VT. They lived at Sandgate, VT, 1870-1910 (not in VT census 1910). Moved to Washington Co., NY, to either Hebron or Jackson area. They had eight children, William, Hosia, Sam and others. Sam was born 1903, he died Sunderland, VT. (Query posted 11/24/98) Harley O. Wilcox

See query posted under "DAILEY."

My ancestor Lewis KNAPP was born 1812 in Washington Co., NY, to Roger KNAPP and Freelove, maiden name unknown. I would like to find out Freelove's maiden name and anything else known about her. Lewis' first wife was Mariah (Lana) BARKER who was born 1813 and died 18 August 1834, Sandy Hill, NY, at the age of 21, so they must have married 1830 or later. Also, Roger KNAPP was originally from Dutchess Co., NY. His parents were Eli and Rachel (or Elizabeth) DUBOIS KNAPP and I would like to know more about them as well. I know Eli was born 1741 in CT and was in the French and Indian War but I know nothing about Rachel except her maiden name. (Query posted 2/17/98) A.C. Quinlan


Other surnames in query: WOOD, MARRA

I am looking for information on Charles Lackey who was born 8 April 1860 in Hebron, NY, and died 11 April 1946 in Shushan, NY. His wife Mary A. Wood was born 1854, died 1921. They had one daughter thatI know of Myrtle Mable LACKEY, born 10 March 1896 in Saratoga, NY, unable to get any records on her as far as birth certificate, she may have been adopted Myrtle marrried Eugene MARRA, born in West Pawlett, VT, on 4 August 1913, lived in the Hebron and Shushan areas, they had 12 children, I have information on the children, need help on the grandparents and great grandparents, any help would be appreciated. (Query posted 9/13/98) Linda Marra-Rochette


Seeking info on John LAMB and family of Sandy Hill, Washington Co., NY. He died in 1829 and his wife, Abigail, died about 1843/44. Their children were: Olive (born c1787, died 1809 in Sandy Hill and married Barna HACKET), Anna (married Mr. WRIGHT), Eunice(married John SULLIVAN 1813 in Stillwater, Saratoga Co. and died 1834 in Cincinnati, OH), Sarah (married Mr. CARTER), Electa (born c1798 and married Dr. Daniel AYRES 1819 in Saratoga, Saratoga Co., NY), Minerva (born 1802, died 1825 in Sandy Hill and married Mr. CORNELL), Delight (married Mr. BARTLETT), and Milcana. (Query posted 7/23/98) Neal & Sandra Hurley

Other surnames in query: PETTIT

Searching for anyone searching for LANGWORTHY and PETTIT families in Washington Co., NY, in the towns of Buskirk's Bridge, White Creek, Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls) and Greenwich. (Query posted 4/24/98) Kevin M. Pemrick

Other surnames in query: ST. PIERRE, BUTLER

I am searching for information on Vital LA POINT(E) who married Rachel ST. PIERRE in Easton, N.Y. In the 1850 census he was a harness maker in Washington Co.,living with his wife at the resdience of Fredrick and Sophia BUTLER in Greenwich, NY. In 1860, he was a harness maker. (Query posted 3/14/98) Tim Tillyer

Other surnames in query: VANGUILDER

Searching for Henry LAROSE who was married to Tildey VANGUILDER. They were living in Whitehall, NY, in the early '40s. (Query posted 1/23/98)Christine Milligan

Other surnames in query: RAINEY

Mary E LEBARRON was born in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, in 1853/1854. She was the daughter of Charles LEBARRON who was born 1830/1831 in NY. She married Charles A. RAINEY about 1880 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. Seek info about her parents and siblings. (Query posted 10/28/98) M. Perkins

Other surnames in query: SANSSPREE

I am looking for the names LEDUC/LEDDICK and SANSSPREE. They were from Whitehall and Mechanicville. I am especially interested in Francis Leddick who was born in Mechanicville, NY, in 1917. His mother was Frances SANSSPREE LEDDICK and his father was Francis LEDDICK Sr. The LEDUC name was from Jean Baptiste LEDUC who was the father of Francis LEDDICK Sr. (Query posted 3/4/98) Kathy Leddick Reyome

Other surnames in query: YOUNG

There was a store, probably a drug store, in Cambridge by the name of LEGRY'S. Chester YOUNG was a druggist there at one time. Does anyone know anything about LEGRY? Was this a family name? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 8/19/98) Jean Gilmore

Other surnames in query: WALKER

Job LEONARD, 1757-1823, died in North Granville, NY, and is buried at Truthville Cemetery. According to Letters of Testimentary, his wife at that time was Lucy. She would be his second wife. His first wife was Betsy Robbins WALKER, daughter of Col. WALKER. The only Col. WALKER that I have found of that time era is a Col. Timothy WALKER, whose son was also Timothy. I have also found a Timothy LEONARD in Washington Co. Could he be a son of Job and Betsy? I descend from their son Addison LEONARD. (Query posted 6/5/98) Evie Bresette

Other surnames in query: RUSSELL (ROUSSELLE)

Looking for a record of my paternal great grandfather's birth. Death certificate gives Ft. Edward, NY - 1857. His parents were Joseph L'ESPERANCE and Celia RUSSELL (ROUSSELLE). His name was Joseph L'ESPERANCE. An inquiry to Ft. Edward, was not successful. (Query posted 12/22/98) MnyPets

Other surnames in query: LEEK, WARD

I would like to compare notes with anyone researching the family of Amasa LEWIS who was born c1911 in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, who married Mary LEEK. Also, I am interested in the family of William WARD, who was listed in the 1810 and 1840 census of Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 11/10/98) Louis R. Ward, Jr.

Other surnames in query: GRAHAM

Seeking information on Jane LIDDLE (LITTLE, LYTLE?), born 1785, died 11 June 1862 in Hartford, Washington Co., NY. She was married to David GRAHAM, and their children were David, Daniel, Martha, Jane, Nancy Ann, Mary or Marion, John, Robert, and Joseph. Who was her family, where did they live, and is she any relation to the Mary LIDDLE, a later prominent citizen of Hartford and in whose house the present Hartford Museum is located? (Query posted 9/2/98) Jim Turner

Other surnames in query: BROUGHTON

I am looking for any information about Thomas LILLIE or his wife Florence BROUGHTON. They were married in Whitehall, NY on 1 October 1879. She was born in Whitehall, he was born in Scotland. He was a trial lawyer and county judge in Whitehall. They had four children: Louise, Annie, Alice and Thomas. He died in 1943 in Schenectady New York. She died in Whitehall in 1918. (Query posted 10/29/98) Diane Taylor


I'm seeking information about Donald LINDSAY, born probably in Argyleshire or Fifeshire, Scotland, who married Mary MCQUARRIE, and emigrated to America with his wife and four children (Richard, Duncan, Effie, Christian) in June of 1739. They sailed from the Scottish island of Islay to America with Captain Lauchlin CAMPBELL of Leorin and 470 others (89 families and 112 single persons) to settle the Kingís Lands at Wood Creek. They settled in Argyle, NY, where Donald died some time after 1765, being one hundred and four years of age. Son Richardís history is unknown, but he probably settled in Vermont. Duncan married twice, first to Anna MCDOUGAL, and secondly to Mrs. Agnes MCCOY, nee MCINTYRE; he lived in Argyle, New York, until his death in about 1785. The histories of Effie and Christian are unknown. (Query posted 12/4/98) Gerry Lindsay

Other surnames in query: STOREY

Looking for info. on Gideon and Peggy (STOREY) LINDSEY who resided in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, c1800. Children are Elijah, Joel, Cloie and Rachel. (Query posted 4/24/98) Faith Ludwick

Other surnames in query: MCDONALD

Seeking a marriage of Nancy/Agnes LIVINGSTON, born 16 June 1788, to a John MCDONALD, born c1791. They were possibly married in Washington Co., NY c1811-1815. Need documentation for DAR application papers. (Query posted 8/26/98) Vickie L. Herron-Luster

Other surnames in query: BOICE

I am looking for the family of Alexander LIVINGSTON and Lovina BOICE. They lived in Argyle, NY, and had children named Alice, Thomas, William, John and my direct descendant, Sarah Jane LIVINGSTON. Alexander was born about 1808, I believe in Argyle, NY. I am looking for any information on Alexander or Lovina. I believe they are both buried in Cambridge NY at Woodlawn Cemetary. Who were there parents? What was their heritage? (Query posted 5/24/98) Linda Kelley

Other surnames in query: AYERS

I am looking for Nathan LOCKE who might have died in White Creek, Washington, NY. He was born between 1750 and 1760 in Shutesbury, MA to Joseph LOCKE and Mary AYERS. Joseph, Nathan's father, was a Revolutionary War Veteran. He may have been a descendant of William LOCKE of Woburn, MA. I'm trying to determine his death date and if he ever married. (Query posted 2/24/98) Jerry Harrison

Other surnames in query: MULHOLLAND, DUNCAN

Looking for Elizabeth LORION/LYONS that was married 10 January 1884 to James MULHOLLAND then widowed and married to James DUNCAN on 13 May 1899 in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. Elizabeth had a sister Suzanne LORION/LYONS married to Paul DUNCAN on 1 January 1879. They had a brother William LYONS. (Query posted 9/16/98) Laurie

I am hoping to find a newspaper article on the death of my grandfather William Claiborne LOVELACE. He died from injuries suffered when a compressed air drill blew up perhaps at a mining site somewhere around Whitehall, NY. The accident most likely happened around the last week of April 1937. He was taken to a hospital in Glens Falls, NY, and died on 5 May 1937. William LOVELACE lived in Whitehall, NY, with his wife Ethel and their three children, for only a short time before his death. Any information or tips on where to look would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 12/22/98) Deborah Richardson

Need information on the family of David LOVELISS (LOVELESS) who was on the 1800 Washington Co., NY, census. Anyone with info on this family please contact me. (Query posted 12/10/98) Peggy McGee Maness

Other surnames in query: ROBINSON, ARCHIBALD, QUA, CUMMINGS

Looking for information on these family lines, including descendents and ancestors. The following information which I presently have appears fairly reliable: William ROBINSON of Annsville, NY, was born 1832 and died 21 April 1913. His wife Mary Elizabeth ARCHIBALD of Salem, NY, was born 12 March 1835 and died 26 or 27 December 1886. James ROBINSON of Argyle, NY, was bor 23 May 1799 and died 23 August 1871. His wife, Anne LIVINGSTONE of Hebron, NY, was born 1798 and died 19 September 1886. John ROBINSON of Great Britain died c1846, Argyle, NY, his wife was Elizabeth QUA. John LIVINGSTONE, Jr., of Ireland, was born c1760 and died 19 April 1836 in Hebron, NY. His wife was Anne CUMMINGS of Cambridge, NY, and was born c1765 and died 12 September 1827. John LIVINGSTONE, Sr. of Ireland, died c1788 in Hebron, NY. His wife, Agnes BOYD died c1796. I am also seeking the descendents of William Henry ROBINSON who was born 15 September 1861; George Livingstone ROBINSON who was born 19 August 1864, and Willard Marshall Law ROBINSON who was born 1 October 1900, all of West Hebron, NY. Please send any information you may wish to share. (Query posted 7/23/98) David White-Lief

Other surnames in query: WAGNER, SHELDON

Found in the Sleeper News in an article on Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, the marriage of Jane LYTLE and James WAGNER on June 21, 1827. Looking for parents and/or siblings of Jane. I have alot of LYTLE info in MI. I am researching Stephen LYTLE, born c1800, married Abby SHELDON; Andrew LYTLE (may be brother); Charles LYTLE (may be brother). William LYTLE was Surveyor General of the U.S. in MI in 1830 surveying land. Could he be the father? Any help will be appreciated, will share MI info. (Query posted 3/7/98) Pamela


Other surnames in query: EAGLESTON

Looking for information on a William W. MACDONALD/MCDONALD who was born in Scotland. He married Marinda (Melinda) EAGLESTON of MI. They had children: William, born 1828; John S., born 1832; Wing Allen, born 1834; and Edwin R., born 1838. Listed on 1865 census for Glens Falls. Son Edwin was in the Civil War. Was there a place called Michigan in Washington Co., NY? Would appreciate any information. Subject is my great-great-grandfather. (Query posted 12/16/98) Patrica Eggleston

Other surnames in query: DART

Am looking for any information regarding Margaret MACK, presumed to have been born in Washington Co., NY, on 22 August 1779. Married Jeremiah DART about 1814 and bore David Mack DART 24 July 1816, Nelson Kellogg DART 22 April 1818, and Reuben Keyy DART 2 January 1821. Also possible son George G. DART 17 October 1812 and father may have been a David MACK, christened 15 December 1779 in Edrom, Berwick, Scotland. Any information or helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 12/22/98) Doris D. North

Frederick and Mary MACONEGHY (many spelling variations) with 3 or 4 children came to the Argyle, NY, area from NIR/IR around 1830. They had a child Nancy in 1836 in Vermont. Moved to Seneca Co, OH, by 1840. Edward and Nancy MCCONEGHY came to Argyle, NY from NIR/IR 1830-1843. Had 7 or 8 children here between 1843-1851. Moved to Williams Co., OH by 1853. My most pressing questions: (1) Are there records for the MACONEGHY/MCCONEGHY/MCCONNACHIE name. (2) Who are the listed children of FREDERICK MACONEGHY. (3) Is there any reference to a JOHN MCCONNACHIE (g-g-grandfather) (various spellings)? I know John, Frederick and Edward are related, but not the actual relationship. (Query posted 7/23/98) Steve Baynes

Other surnames in query: RODD, GENDRON

Lots of MANELL info from Whitehall,Washington Co., NY, to share, starting with Peter MANELL who died 1875 and his wife Mary Helene (Ellen) RODD MANELL. Recently found George, William and Nancy MANELL with their mother Ann MANELL, that may be siblings of Peter. Would love to make that connection. Peter was also known as Pierre GENDRON at one time, I also have a GENDRON family he could be a part of. (Query posted 9/16/98) Laurie

Other surnames in query: LEWIS

I would appreciate any information on Ephraim MANSFIELD'S parents; his father may have been Amos MANSFIELD. Ephraim was born in Hebron, NY, in 1778, died 1840. He married Nancy LEWIS of Wells, VT, on 1 December 1803. They had children Lucina, born 1805; Anna, born 1807; Alonzo, born 1809; Ursula, born 1811 and Solomon, born 1814. Ephraim MANSFIELD appears on the Whitehall, NY, census for 1810, 1820 and 1830. May have had brothers -- Thomas and Josiah???? Would also appreciate knowing burial sites for this family. (Query posted 12/4/98) Patricia Eggleston

Other surnames in query: LEWIS, SIMONDS, SPINK

Am very interested in learning the parents of Amos MANSFIELD who had son, Ephraim, born in Hebron, NY, in 1778, married Nancy LEWIS, daughter of William and Bathsheba LEWIS of Wells, VT. Ephraim had children: Lucina, married a SPINK (?); Anna; Erlonzo, married Melinda SIMONDS; Ursula, m. Luther SIMONDS; Solomon. Ephraim appears on the 1810, 1820 and 1830 census for Whitehall, NY. Did he have a brother named Thomas? ANY information appreciated. (Query posted 12/15/98) Patrica Eggleston

Other surnames in query: LEWIS

I am looking for Amos MANSFIELD who had a son Ephraim born in Hebron, NY, in 1778. Ephraim was supposedly a teamster in the War of 1812; he had married in 1803 a Nancy LEWIS, daughter of William and Bathsheba LEWIS of Wells, Vt.; they had children: Lucina, Anna, Alonzo, Ursula, and Solomon. Ephraim appeared on the 1810, 1820 and 1830 census of Whitehall, NY; died 4 April 1840. Would appreciate anything on the MANSFIELDS -- burial sites, dates, etc. (Query posted 11/30/98) Patricia Eggleston

Other surnames in query: WILCOX, RANDALL

Azubah MARK was born in Kingsbury Town, NY, ca. 1805, married probably in Monroe County, NY, Aaron WILCOX, son of Joel and Catherine (RANDALL) WILCOX of Chester Town. Azubah's father was Miles MARK. Family eventually moved to Michigan and Indiana. Need any information on Azubah's ancestry, siblings, etc. (Query posted 2/24/98) Richard Welch

Other surnames in query: REYNOLDS

I am looking for information about Nancy MARTIN who married my great-great-great- grandfather William REYNOLDS. He emigrated in 1811 and married and had a family by 1814. They lived and the children were born in Argyle,Washinton Co., NY. I am trying to find Nancy's father from Scotland and her mother's place of birth. Nancy's birth place and date also needed. She died in 1845 at the age of 51 in Ellicot, Chautaqua Co. NY. The family left Argyle in 1827 and moved to Scholarie Co., NY, according to the 1830 Census. Then they moved to Ellicot and remained there. (Query posted 8/20/98) Jean Mounts

Found Haile and Hannah MASON in Ft. Ann, Washington Co., NY, in 1820, 1825, 1830 Census. Who were Hannah's parents? Did Haile and Hannah remain in the Ft. Ann area? Where are they buried? Found a son, Edy MASON and family, in Sennett, Cayuga Co., NY, in 1820 and 1830. Haile was a son of Samson MASON who died in 1811 in Ft. Ann. (Query posted 12/9/98) Gloria U. Martin

Other surnames in query: GILBERT, WRIGHT

I am looking for the parents of Russell MATTESON, born1784 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, and his sister Rosilla. She married Moses GILBERT; Russell married Phebe WRIGHT (she was the daughter of Abraham WRIGHT). One of Russell's sons was named Spencer, so he may be connected to that RI family. I was formerly under the impression that Russell was named Daniel, based on handwritten family records of the period, but information on his family from Crawford Co., PA have conclusively shown his name and relations. Daniel may be a relative's name. (Query posted 11/10/98) Jeff Erwin

Other surnames in query: RIDER

Barnabas MATTHEWS is buried in the Miller Cemetery in Washington Co. near the VT border. His wife was Desire (RIDER) MATTHEWS. Their son, Barnabas, Jr. is also buried there. They arrived in Whitehall around 1799. His son, Solomon MATTHEWS, my ancestor, stayed in Yarmouth, MA. His other son, Isaac MATTHEWS, moved to Warsaw, NY. I am interested in finding cousins from this branch. I have pictures to share. (Query posted 8/11/98) Douglas Jones

Other surnames in query:

Looking for information on the family of William H. MAXFIELD, born in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY in 1880. William married Margaret HAMLIN of Fair Haven, Rutland Co., VT and lived the rest of his life in Rutland Co. (Query posted 11/24/98) Aubrey Doggett

Other surnames in query: DOBBIN

Searching for any information on James and Jane (DOBBIN) MCALLISTER. Emigrated in 1824 and stayed in Washington Co., NY, until 1835 when they moved to Washington, Marion Co., OH, then eventually to DeKalb Co., IL. Children born to James and Jane while they were in Washington Co. include Mary (born 7 February 1826), Eliza (born 12 November 1827), Martha (born 6 March 1830), William J. (born 15 March 1832), and James W. (born 1 July 1834). (Query posted 9/2/98) Steve McAllister

Other surnames in query: ROCHE/ROACH

Looking for leads on Patrick MCCARTY (born April 1826 in Ireland - died after 1900 in WI) and Mary ROCHE (born 1822 in Ireland - died 1875 in WI). I believe they married in Granville, Washington Co, NY, in 1852 and their first two children, Margaret MCCARTY (born Aug 1854) and Edward MCCARTY (born 1855 - died 1869), were born there. I'd appreciate any help. (Query posted 5/24/98) Marla Witt McCarty

Other surnames in query: PFISTER

I'm looking for MCCOMBS in the Charlotte Co. (Washington Co.), NY, area from 1777-1800s. I have a record of John MCCOMBS and son-in-law Francis PFISTER in Albany Co., NY, in 1777. Records have been found in Bennington, VT, and Schenectady, NY. (Query posted 1/23/98)Murray McCombs

Other surnames in query: GRIFFIN

Looking for information on Bernard C. MCDONALD, married Mary Rose GRIFFIN born 25 September 1888 in Ballinalack, County Roscommon, Ireland. Possibly married in 1907 in the village of Schuylerville NY, Saratoga Co., NY, possibly in the Church of the Visitation. Lived in Middle Falls, Town of Greenwich. Bernard died 7 January 1941 and Mary Rose died on 14 October 1968. Any information about Bernard's family, possible from around Rutland, VT, or Mary Rose, including marriage records, birth certificates, immigration records and family members would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 7/12/98) Lynn McDonald-Jass

Other surnames in query: GRIFFIN

I am looking for any information on Bernard C. MCDONALD, born 1884, married Mary Rose GRIFFIN born in 25 September 1888 in Ballynalack, County Roscommon, Ireland. They probably married in Schuylerville, Saratoga Co., NY. They lived in Middle Falls where they had four children. Any information, dates or stories would be appreciated. (Query posted 6/20/98) Lynn McDonald-Jass

Other surnames in query: RAINEY

Robert MCDOWELL was born c1839 in Ahoghill, County Antrim, Ireland. He married 7 June 1857 Elizabeth RAINEY in Portglenone, County Antrim, Ireland. They emigrated to America c1859 and settled on a farm in Salem, Washington Co., NY. Robert and his 2 children died there. I need Robert's exact birth and death dates, names of the 2 children and their death dates, and any information about his wife. (Query posted 1/23/98)Jim McDowell

Other surnames in query: BALLANTYNE

Daniel MCFARLAND, born c1732 married (2) Jane BALLANTYNE, and came from Ireland and settled in Salem around 1796. Children: James; Mary, Margaret, Daniel, William & Robert. Information is very sketchy on the family. Need any and all information, descendants, ancestors, of Daniel MCFARLAND. (Query posted 7/23/98) Ursula


Mary Ann MCFARLAND married David MOORE about 1886. She died 19 January 1939. Their children were: Ella Mae MOORE, married Charles MCNEIL; James MOORE, married Carrie FAIRLEY; Joseph MOORE, married Jessie HILL; Thomas MOORE, married Mary BLISSER; Verna MOORE, born 1902, died 1924 of TB; David MOORE, married Bertha JOHNSON; Alexander MOORE, married Florence REID; Eva MOORE, married Forrest PRATT. Any information on this family appreciated. (Query posted 6/20/98) Carol M. Snyder


Looking for information on the family of James MCGEOCH of Galloway, Scotland. What was his wife's name? Where did he live specifically? What parish was he in? Who were his father and mother, brothers and sisters? How many children did he have, and what were their names? Three of his sons came from Scotland to NY, probably between 1795 and 1805. Another son is known to have stayed in Scotland. The three sons who came to America lived and died in Washington Co., NY. William MCGEOGH (first brother), born in Scotland, June 1, 1775; arrived in NY about 1795; accompanied by John DOBBIN and John MOODIE; married Jeanette SMALL on March 9, 1803; became a US citizen in March 1808, lived in or near Cambridge and Jackson, NY, most of his adult life; died on May 8, 1846, in one of those two places. John MCGEOCH (second brother), born in Scotland, 1777, married Agnes MCCLURE (born 1788, died November 15, 1844); died at Argyle, January 14, 1857; both are buried in the old church yard, back of the South Argyle church. Alexander MCCEOCH (third brother and my ancestor), born in Scotland, September 20, 1783, arrived in NY about 1803, married Jannet MCCLELLAN (born September 5, 1789, died August 6, 1872), daughter of William MCCLELLAN of Hebron, lived in Argyle, became a US citizen with his brother, William, in March 1808, charter member of the North Argyle church in 1830; both are buried in the North Argyle cemetery. James MCGEOCH was the fourth brother; he stayed in Scotland and lived in Edinburgh for awhile. Nothing much is known of him. Help with any information would be appreciated, and I will gladly share with others any knowledge I have accumulated. (Query posted 8/23/98) Lyle A. McGeoch

Other surnames in query: MCGOURTY

I am searching for John MCGLYNN and Bridget MCGOURTY. They had a son James, who was born in Glens Falls, NY, approx.1853-1855. Any and all information would be appreciated. (Query posted 11/10/98) Marymcg2

Other surnames in query: MENZIE

Gregor McGregor (born 1769) arrived in VT in 1805 from Killin, Scotland. His father may have been Duncan and his mother may have been Janet. They owned farms either in VT, NH or NY. Would anyone have land atlas, or land records for same. Gregor's wife was Janet MENZIE, married in New York 1814. (Query posted 5/5/98) Ann Stadden

Other surnames in query: SKENE, CRAIG

Seeking info on Lawrence/Larance McKENZIE/McKINSEY, born c1740. Arrived North America c1749 from Ireland, settled at Skenesborough as Tenant of Philip SKENE in 1762 (three year initial lease). Trade: Mason. Wife: Mary [CRAIG ?]. Daughters: Margaret, Bridgette, Helen. Son: name unknown. 1778 a Loyalist, migrated to Quebec, joined Roger's Rangers. Am seeking (and willing to share...) any information about, or pointers to information about, Lawrence and Mary - where married, when children born, etc., and anything about their settlement experiences on Skene's Grants around today's Whitehall. (Query posted 11/12/98) Bruce Murduck

Other surnames in query: ARNOTT

Seeking descendants of John MCMILLAN (1736-1812) and Mary ARNOTT (1733-1803) to correspond with. They settled in Salem in 1765. There is a growing group of cousins waiting to hear from you. I am currently establishing a web site devoted to our lineage and have connected with many cousins already. Also interested in George ARNOTT and Jane MORRISON descendants, also from Salem area, married in 1800.(Query posted 10/28/98) Michelle McKenzie

Other surnames in query: WARD

Seeking information about Annie Laurie MCMORROW/MCMURRAY. She was born 5 February 1845 in Leitrim, Ireland, came to US ca. ??, married in Cambridge June 12, 1873 Benjamin Lester WARD, postmaster of Cambridge, NY. She died 27 February 1928 in Springfield, MA. We think she had two sisters, but have pictures of other family, some labeled "Troy, NY." Any and all information on her family in Ireland, her arrival in US, other MCMORROWS or MCMURRAYS in the Troy area, greatly appreciated. (Query posted 4/19/98) Diana Ward Baber

I'm trying to see if a connection exists with my g-g-g-grandfather, Walter MCNEIL, and the references I have found to MCNEILS in Washington Co., NY. Walter was born 1820 in NY, as was his father, whose name was possibly James or George. If anyone has any information on MCNEILS in NY and specifically Washington Co., I would very much like to correspond with them. (Query posted 11/30/98) Debbie L. Cowman

Other surnames in query: ADAMS

Walton MEAD, age 18, a laborer, was enumerated in the household of Frederick ADAMS in the 1850 census of Easton Township, Washington Co., NY. A Walton MEAD, age 31, enlisted at Easton on 6 September 1862 and was mustered into Co. K, 77th NY Infantry. A Walter MEAD, age 31, enlisted at Albany 1 September 1862 and mustered into Co. A, 77th NY Infantry. He was said to have deserted 1 May 1863. In Greenwich Cemetery there is a headstone of Walter Mead, Co. K , 77 B--- NYSV, died October 25, 1869, aged 38 years. Were Walter and Walton the same man? Was Walton the son of Abner MEAD who died 6 January 1853 and is buried in Greenwich Cemetery? (Query posted 10/28/98) Susan G. Boyle

Other surnames in query: CATLIN

I am researching Israel and Keziah MEAD of Washington Co., NY. They are buried at the Kingsbury Cemetery in Kingsbury, NY. Keziah was born in 1761 and died on 30 November 1788 at the age of 27 years. Israel MEAD was born in 1732 and died on 5 March 1806 in his 75th year. His grave marker indicates he was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. I believe their daughter Mary (Polly) married Asa CATLIN circa 1784. She bore four children and passed away circa 1792. Mary (Polly) MEAD CATLIN was the first of Asa's wives. Asa was eventually married three times and fathered 19 children. (Query posted 6/5/98) Jerelyn Leinweber

Other surnames in query: BURGESS

Looking for any information concerning the MIDDLETONS who lived in Washington Co., NY, from c1800. It is thought that William MIDDLETON and his brother moved from New London, CT, to Washington Co. between 1800-1810. William married Anne, maiden name unknown, and had children: Hannah; Lewis, married Abigail, maiden name unknown; Maria; and George, married Marinda or Marilu, maiden name unknown. Lewis and Abigail had children: Joseph, John H., Helen, George, Charles M., Edward and John. I am interested in any descendants of this family. Also am curious about Peter MIDDLETON (apparently unrelated to above family) who was a physician in NY City and owned land in Washington Co., NY. Peter married Susannah Nichols BURGESS and died 9 January 1781. (Query posted 1/23/98)Rlkuehl

Other surnames in query: TAFT, MULLER

According to the 1920 cencues and my mother's birth certificate, both my grandparents were born in Whitehall, NY. My grandfather was born in 1890 or 1891, and my grandmother in 1891 or 1892. My grandmother's mother'sname was Elizabath TAFT. My grandmother was named Mary A. TAFT. My grandfather was Charles Augustas MILLER and that his father was born in Germany so the name was probably changed from MULLER to MILLER. Both my grandparents moved to Watervielt were they got married, possibly in 1913. If anyone has info please contact by email. (Query posted 8/19/98) Jeanne Henderson

Washington County is a potential birthplace for Warren P. MILLER. Warren's father is Peter and his mother is Elizabeth and Warren was born in NY State about July 23, 1820. Both his father and mother were also born in NY. In the census of 1820 there were two Peter MILLER'S in Washington County (Easton, Greenwich) who have boys under the age of 5. Could either of these be the Peter MILLER I'm looking for? (Query posted 5/24/98) Don Cox

Other surnames in query: HARNDEN

Seeking information on Erastus MONROE, born 1814 in NY (date of death unknown). His wife was Harriet HARNDEN (dob and dod unknown). They were the parents of Wilbert Henry MONROE, born July 8, 1856 in Granville, NY. (Query posted 3/14/98) Howard Alford

Other surnames in query: TRUMBULL

Jane MONTGOMERY was born 1808 in Salem, NY, parents unknown. She married Jonathan J. TRUMBULL. Any info welcome. (Query posted 7/23/98) Jackie Towner

Other surnames in query: MARTIN

Lydia MORE, birthdate unknown, married Moses MARTIN. She died in 1822 probably in Salem, Washington County, NY. Moses and Lydia moved from Stillwater, NY, to Salem in the late 1760's. Their children were Aaron (born 1767), Miriam (born at Stillwater), Triphena (born 1775), Moses Jr. (born 1776), Adam (born 1786), Anna, Asa (born 1789) and Lydia. I am looking for more information on Lydia, her parents and anything else on the MORE family. (Query posted 4/22/98) Nancy Shaw

Other surnames in query: GRAY

Looking for parents of Isaac MOREHOUSE and Thankful GRAY. Isaac was born 1756 in southeast NY and died Hebron, NY, in 1839 He married Thankful GRAY, born 1757? and died 1835. Had approximately 12 children, 11 of whom (at least) married. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 4/19/98) Kathy

Other surnames in query: HENDERSON, MCFARLAND

I am looking for parents of Ephraim MORRISON who was born 12 September 1763 who married Lucretia HENDERSON in October 1781 at Salem, Washington Co., NY. Lucretia was the daughter of James HENDERSON Jr. and Rachel McFARLAND who came to Washington Co. from Oakham, MA. (Query posted 6/20/98) Ginny Deagan

Other surnames in query: WHALEN, BROLAND

Looking for the descendants and/or information on Michael and Catherine (WHALEN) MORRISSEY. They lived in Wells, VT, according to the 1880 VT census. They are buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Granville, NY, and are listed as witnesses to baptisms in the Granville, NY, Catholic cemetery records. They may originally have come from Waterford, Ireland. Compiling the BROLAND/MORRISSEY genealogy and any assistance would be appreciated. (Query posted 2/17/98) Lynn J. Gauthier


Looking for Owen MULHOLLAND, born c1816 Ireland, and his wife Catherine PARSONS MULHOLLAND, born c1818 Ireland, living in Whitehall,Washington Co., NY. They had the following children: John, born 1843, married to Flory; Thomas, 1845-1847; Maryanne, 1846-1936, married to James DUNCAN; William, born 1848, married to Catherine; James, born 1849, married to Elizabeth LORION 1884; Catherine, born 1854, married to Henry THOMAS; and Julia born 1857, married to William GOODRICH. Any info helpful. (Query posted 9/16/98) Laurie

Other surnames in query: HANKS

My g-g-g-grandfather was David West MURRAY was born 15 March 1790 in Granville, Washington Co., NY. He married Lucy HANKS in VT and died in MI in 1864. I think his father's name was Peter, however I have no record of his mother. I am interested in any information regarding his parents or siblings or any family history. (Query posted 9/16/98) Jack Bartlett


I have a photo of a Mrs. Thomas NEAL, which was taken in Cambridge, NY, by the H.M. WELLS Studio. The photo, I would say from the looks of the woman's clothing, was taken about 1870/1900. If anyone knows anything about this woman I would to hear about her. Also, if you are related and would like the photo please let me know and I will send it to you. (Query posted 4/22/98) Melissa Perkins

Other surnames in query: SHERMAN, DANFORTH

Searching for information on Thomas NEWBERRY who married (1) Susannah SHERMAN,(2) Prudence, maiden name unknown, and (3) Mrs. Lucinda DANFORTH. Thomas was supposed to have been born in RI in 1765, most of his children were born in Warrensburg, NY, and then he moved to Tioga Co., PA. My Thomas Spencer NEWBERRY was the son of Thomas and Lucinda, and may have been born in Warrensburg, NY, or Tioga Co., PA. I believe that Thomas, Sr., died before, or shortly after, the birth of Thomas Spencer. If anyone has any information regarding this family, I would appreciate it if they would contact me. (Query posted 1/23/98)Myrna Blumberg

Content NEWTON was met by Tyrus HURD in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, and taken to Arlington, VT. where they married on 12 October 1785. She was age 19. She lived and raised her 12 children In Arlington. In 1824 Tyrus and Content moved to Middleport, Niagara Co., N.Y. to live near their son, Davis HURD. In the 1850 U.S. Census of Niagara Co., Township of Royalton it is declared that she was age 84( placing her birth c 1766) and born in CT. She died soon after the taking of the 1850 census. Any information about the NEWTON family--birth, deaths, marriages--between the years of 1770 to the early 1800's in Washington Co. may lead me back to Content's origins and parentage in CT. (Query posted 9/2/98) Wells Behee

Other surnames in query: HURD

I am searching for the parentage of Content NEWTON who married Tyrus HURD of Arlington, VT. They may have crossed the state border into Cambridge, NY, to wed. I am not sure whether they married in Cambridge or in Arlington on 12 October 1785. Content was born in CT according to the 1850 U.S.Census of Royalton Township, Niagara Co.NY. What NEWTONS lived in or around Cambridge NY in 1785? (Query posted 4/24/98) Wells Behee

Other surnames in query: GOODRICH

Still looking for info on Nathaniel NICHOLS who was born 16 March 1823. He married Adaline H. GOODRICH on 25 March 1843 and he died 16 October 1879 in Ticonderoga, NY. (Query posted 11/13/98) Kent Nichols

My great grandfather, Joseph Matthew NORTON, was born 11 June 1834/35 in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. He left New York for California sometime before 1860. Have been unable to identify his parents. Can anyone help? (Query posted 6/5/98) Joanne Frieze

Other surnames in query: SMITH, GIBBON

C.E. Banks in History of Martha's Vineyard, vol. 3, states that John NORTON was born 18 March 1740 in Edgartown, Dukes Co., MA, and married Jane SMITH in March 1761. John NORTON died 6 March 1825 in Easton, Washington Co., NY, where he had moved about 1790. Am looking for information on John and Jane NORTON and am particularly interested in an item mentioned by Mr. Banks which is "An obituary notice of him, prepared by Judge James GIBBON of Poultney, VT, was published shortly after his death." If anyone has a copy of this obituary or knows where one could be obtained, please contact me. I am more than willing to pay for copies and postage. (Query posted 2/17/98) Karen Adams

Other surnames in query: GATES My g-g-grandfather, Lyman NORTON, was born in Washington Co. in 1808. He married a Hannah GATES, born in March, 1813, somewhere in NY. He is the furthest back in my NORTON line and fathered 17 children by 2 wives. He was in Ohio in 1835, IL in 1854. He died in Shabbona, IL in 1890. I believe I may have located his possible parents, William and Abigail NORTON in Whitehall. They are listed as: 2 males under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 1 female under 10 and 1 female 26-45. I also located 2 other William NORTONS in the county but their ages are too old, my William was born about 1780.(Query updated 5/23/98) Jim Ryan


Maurice O'CONNOR and his 3rd wife Emeline Spaulding WYMAN married between 1850-1853. Need date and place. They appear on the 1870 census in Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. He was born c1798-1800 in England and was in Canada before arriving in Crown Point, Essex Co., NY, in the 1840s. Maurice is not on the 1880 census. Did he die in Kingsbury? Emeline appears in the 1880 census in Crown Point but using the surname WYMAN. What happened? (Query posted 2/17/98) E.L. Whitney

Researching Elijah OLDS and/or James OLDS who are listed in the 1800 Cayuga Co., NY, census. They are also in the 1810 Onondaga Co., NY, census. I suspect that Elijah OLDS is the same Elijah OLDS listed in the 1820 and 1830 Jackson Co., IN, census. His children: Briggs Cherrytree OLDS, born NY 6 June 1813; Henry Forest OLDS, born c1819 IN; and suspect Elijah OLDS, Jr., born c1805, probably in NY. The 1790 NY census list only three OLDS: James and John in Washington Co. and Thomas in In Albany Co. Then the 1800 census has James in Cayuga Co., John still in Washington and Thomas gone. Any help is gladly accepted. (Query posted 11/10/98) Osborn

Searching for information on the ancestors of Ebenezer OLMSTEAD, born in 1802 or 1812, who married Nancy GREEN (born 1810 or 1821). They were the parents of Elizabeth OLMSTEAD (1834-1907), who married Isaac GLEASON. They lived in Crawford County, PA. Ebenezer OLMSTEAD was born in New York. The 1830 Washington County census lists an OLMSTEAD and a GREEN on adjacent pages. (Query posted 2/16/98) Richard Luduena

Seeking infor on Erastus ORCUTT (1801-1893?), day laborer. The 1860 census says he was 58 at the time. He is buried in Stockbridge Rural Cemetery, Munnsville, NY. Matilda DAVIS ORCUTT (1804-1891) is buried in the same cemetery, she was 56 in 1860 and listed as a stocking maker. An Erastus ORCUTT, age 73, male, born in Washington Co., NY, married 1 time, farmer, is also listed. (Query posted 5/25/98) Jo Dee

I'm looking for info on John OSGOOD and Isaac OSGOOD who are listed as heads of household, living in Fort Ann, NY, in the 1820 and 1830 census. I know they are descended from Aaron OSGOOD who was born 1732 and came to Washington Co., NY, c1785. Ransom OSGOOD, who appears in Fort Ann with John OSGOOD, may be a son of John or possibly Isaac. This is all I know about them. (Query posted 1/23/98)Arthur Osgood

Searching for info on the following members of the OVEROCKER family: Martha Isadora, born 6 August 1854 in Easton, Washington Co., NY, and married ____ HEAVRE. Looking for children of this union as well as spouse's name & parentage. Also: OVEROCKER, Mary Estella born 16 September 1859 in Easton, Washington Co., NY, married SNYDER, WIlliam. Looking for children of this union as well as spouse's parentage. Also: OVEROCKER, William Henry born 6 September 1852 in Easton, Washington Co., NY, married c1879 to WEBSTER, Lydia born October 1862, daughter of WEBSTER, George & BRUNDIDGE, Elizabeth. Looking for birthplace of Lydia, vital stats on Lydia's parents, names & stats of Lydia's grandparents. Also: OVEROCKER, Emily Frances born 7 March 1850 in Easton, Washington Co., NY, married 16 February 1870 to ECKNER, John. Had one child that I know of, ECKNER, Lillian. Looking for Eckner's parents and vital stats, more children of this union, if any, and their descendents. (Query posted 5/24/98) Billie Lovett


Looking for info about James W. PALMER who was born in 1833 in Washington Co. and may have returned after moving to WI and then MN. I would like to find his parent's and sibling's names. (Query posted 3/14/98) Patricia Palmer

Other surnames in query: WEAVER, BRATT, KANE

I am looking for any information on Frederick A. PARKER, living in Greenwich, NY, around 1900-1905. Frederick A. PARKER'S parents were James PARKER and Sara WEAVER PARKER. They lived in NY, but I do not know where. James and Sara had 11 children. The names I know are Edward B. PARKER, Margaret R. PARKER BRATT, Charles PARKER and Frederick A. PARKER. There may have been a sister named Cora PARKER who married a Frank KANE. There may be a brother named Henry and possibly another sister named Cornelia. Edward, Margaret and Cornelia all moved to IA. If anyone has any information, I would appreciate a response. (Query posted 12/4/98) Ginger Rhodes

Looking for the parents of Ambrose Plumer PARKER who was born 5 February 1798, in the Granville area of Washington Co. He settled in Tioga Co., PA in the year 1826. Seeking more info on other members of this family. The 1850 census tells me he had a daughter Harriet PARKER, age 23 born in NY. He Married Ruby METCALF in 1823, in NY. (Query posted 5/5/98) Gary R. Treat

Other surnames in query: SMITH

Looking for information on Abel PASCO/PASKO of Sandy Hill, NY. My ancestor Ichabod SMITH, went to live with him ("his uncle") after Ichabod's father died, in late 18th century. Ichabod was born 1782. Found Abel in census but at that date, no one but head of household listed, of course. Has anyone run across this person? Ichabod's mother was Hannah, surmise she was Abel's sister. I have no info on siblings of Ichabod. We have his complete life history but nothing of his antecedents. Thanks for whatever help is out there. (Query posted 8/23/98) Halltall

Other surnames in query: MCMILLAN, SMITH

I am looking for Hugh PATTERSON who was born 24 September 1803 and died 23 March 1878. He was married to Nancy MCMILLAN PATTERSON. If anyone has information on Hugh and who his parents might be I would appreciate it. I do know he lived in Washington Co., NY. He was the the great-grandfather of my grandfather, Russell C. SMITH. (Query posted 11/12/98) Karen Phelps

Other surnames in query: KILEY

Would like any info on Azuba PATTERSON who was born 4 August 1799 Washington Co., and his parents, John PATTERSON and Mary KILEY. How does this John connect with the other PATTERSONS who were of Salem, Washington Co., NY from the 1770's to 1800? (Query posted 10/28/98) Pam Wood Waugh

I am searching for information on Eunice PAYNE, daughter of Noah PAYNE (an early settler in the Ft. Miller/Ft. Edward area, Washington Co., NY. Isaac B. PAYNE, her brother, was born in 1759 in Schuylerville (now Saratoga Co.) but Isaac is reported to have had his home in Ft Miller at the mouth of the Hudson River and Moses Kill. I do not know where or when Eunice PAYNE was born but I am assuming it to be in this same general region (old Albany Co.?). Eunice PAYNE married John M. BERRY from Saratoga Co. probably in the late 1700's. I would appreciate corresponding with anyone who has information or is research this family line. (Query posted 3/14/98) Gary Pettett

Looking for info on Poole PEARSON who was born l755 and died l840 Seneca Co. Ny. He lived in the Washington Co. area l790 m. Hepzebeth___(maybe SWAIN of William SWAIN of Easton). (Query posted 2/24/98) Noel Orris

I am looking for any information on the PEEBLES family from or in Washington Co., NY. If anyone has any information or would like what I have please contact me. (Query posted 8/23/98) Mark Peebles

My ancestor Frederick CARPENTER lived in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. I'm told he is listed in men of the revolution. His daughter Eunice was married to Levi PEET. Levi PEET was born 23 February 1793 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. They had 8 children of whom one was Cornelius Tenbrook PEET. Cornelius was born 4 December 1822. He married Mary BOGGS born 5 January 1823. Cornelius and Mary were parents of Jerry Orrin PEET, my great-grandfather. Any info on these families appreciated. (Query posted 4/24/98) LLU007@aol.com

Other surnames in query: ROBERTS

Interested in any information available on Kenneth PENNINGTON or his parents Fred PENNINGTON (born 1882, died 1917 in Monson, ME, area) and Mary ROBERTS PENNINGTON (born 1885, died 1915 and I believe is buried in Granville, NY). Mary ROBERTS PENNINGTON may have been previously married and had a son, Elmer ROBERTS. They lived in Granville, NY, area. Fred and Mary were married in 1909 I believe. Fred's parents were William and Mary PENNINGTON but I have no information at all on them. (Query posted 8/3/98) Alan Pennington

Searching for information about Hannah PENNOCK (PENOCK). She was born in Hebron, Washington Co., NY, 15 August 1823. She married Rueban CARPENTER, born in the Town of Hope, Hamilton County 1 October 1821. They settled in Chittenango, Madison County in the early 1850s. (Query posted 5/24/98) Ken

Looking for information on the descendants of Thomas PERRIN, who moved to Granville in the 1790's. He later moved on to Brant County, Ontario, but several of his children remained in Washington County. I will be glad to share information with other family members. (Query posted 4/24/98) John Donaker

Samuel PERRY, born c1795 MA, died 1863 Huntley Station, McHenry Co., IL, married c1820 in Washington Co., NY, to Mary (last name may have been VAN VORHEES but lack proof of this). The 1855 special census of Allegeny Co., NY, listed Mary, born 1797, in Washington Co., NY. She was alived in 1863 in, and received the bulk of her husband's estate which included pasture lands, in Dodge Co., WI, and McHenry Co., IL. Their known children are Simeon E., William Vorhees, Maryette or Margarett Reynolds, Mary Cooper, John Lane, Martha A., and Betsey PERRY. I have the couple traced through NY to WI to IL and am willing to share any information. (Query posted 1/23/98)Earline Bale

I have traced this family backwards from OR and ID, to NE. I heard of a family of PETTEYS that came from Washington Co ., NY. Would like to find any links to these PETTEYS . (Query posted 11/30/98) Dottie Miller

Seeking information on Permelia PETTINGILL, born 1788 Fort Ann, NY, and died 1834 Fort Ann, NY. She married Moses TAYLOR, born 1785 Ballston, NY, and died 1869 Oakdale, WI. Moses was a private in the 121st NY infantry in the War of 1812. They had a son, Samuel P. TAYLOR who was born 1814 NY and died 1894 Oakdale, WI. (Query posted 2/17/98) J.E. Brown

See query posted under "LANGWORTHY."

Other surnames in query: MORIN/MURRAY

Anthony PINARD/PENOR and Matilda MORIN/MURRAY'S first child George was born in Washingtom Co., NY, in 1860. I am hoping perhaps they were married in Washington Co. also. They were French Catholics and were probably married in the late 1850's.Their second child was born in Saratoga Co., NY. If anyone has excess to Catholic records, it would be helpful. I am at a standstill with this couple. (Query posted 12/22/98) Lois Carey

Searching for several PINKERTON families in Washington Co., NY. Samuel PINKERTON and Mary WARNOCK were in Hartford in 1850 but left by 1860 for WI. William PINKERTON and Margaret MCCLOY were in Salem in 1850, again left for WI by 1860. Robert PINKERTON and Rachel MCALLISTER were in Salem 1860-1880. Samuel PINKERTON and Jane MCALLISTER were in Hebron in 1860 and in WI by 1870. John PINKERTON and Sarah MCALLISTER were in Jackson in the 1870s-??. All came from Northern Ireland in the Antrim Co. area. Most descendants came to Waupaca Co., WI, and some went on to IA and CA. (Query posted 1/23/98)Holly Kobza

Searching for information on William POTTER who was possibly born RI in 1733 and married Elizabeth SHERMAN c1770 RI or Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY. They had children: William Appleton, born 1772 Fort Ann, NY; Thomas, born 1774 Fort Ann, NY, married Weltha WEILER in 1797; Joseph, born Fort Ann, NY; Elisha, born Fort Ann, NY; Elijah, born 1787 Fort Ann, NY, married Laney VAN WORMER in 1810 Fort Ann, NY; Gardner, born Fort Ann, NY; Eliza Jane, born Fort Ann, NY; Elizabeth, born Fort Ann, NY; Phillip, born Fort Ann, NY. In the 1810 census of Westfield, Washington Co., NY, Thomas POTTER lived 9 houses from a William who was old enough to be Thomas' father. The 1820 census of Fort Ann lists Thomas POTTER. In the 1825 Fort Ann census, Thomas POTTER lived next door to Phillip POTTER who was probably his brother. The 1834 tax records of Parma, Cuyahoga Co., OH, vol. 348, pg. 76, lists Thomas POTTER. The book Women Who Came to the Western Reserve Before 1840, page 232, lists Mrs. Thomas POTTER who came in 1835 from Whitehall, NY, lived in Parma, OH. (Query posted 2/17/98) Carol Petersen

Searching for info on Thomas POTTER who was born 1774 Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY. He married Wealtha (Wealthy) WEILER c1797 Fort Ann, NY. They had children: Jane, born 1799 Fort Ann, NY, married Lyman Benjamin FRANKLIN c1820 Fort Ann, NY; Joseph, born 1802 Fort Ann, NY, married Mary BURNHAM 1840 in Parma Cuyahoga Co., OH; Rebecca, born 1804 Fort Ann, NY, married a HUGHES; Stephen, born 1806 Fort Ann, NY, married Mary Ann KILMER 1834 in Essex Co., NY; Gardiner Godfrey, born 1811 Fort Ann, NY, married (1) Emily ALLEN 1839 OH and (2) Evalina HINMAN 1844 IA; Susan, born 1813 Fort Ann, NY, married Gardner ROYCE 1834 NY; Betsey, born 1815 Fort Ann, NY, married a RICE; Sylvania (Lovina), born 1817 Fort Ann, NY, married Benjamin WHITNEY 1835 OH; William Washington, born 1818 Fort Ann, NY, married Sarah Ann WHITNEY 1839 MI; and Lemuel POTTER, born 1822 Fort Ann, NY. (Query posted 2/17/98) Carol Petersen

Looking for information on Norman Washington POTTER. One of his sons, Wellington W. POTTER, was my grandfather and I have learned from the 1920 census that my mother, aunts and uncles were listed in Washington Co., NY. Most of the family is buried in the Corinth Rural Cemetery. Any info would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/98)Divepo

Other surnames in query: GAULT, SMITH

John PORTER probably married twice. One wife was ?Marie GAULT and another was Ruth ? or Francis ?. He had a daughter Eliza A. born 16 March 1843 who married Milo SMITH c1862, probably in Hebron. Eliza's siblings were William, Ruth, John Jr., Lands, and Augusta by John's first wife and Charlie, Ed, Jean, Francis, Clara and Fred or Ted by his second wife. Does anyone know any more about these people? (Query posted 11/10/98) Liz Burdick

I am looking for Benjamin F. PRATT who was born c1808 in Washington Co., NY. His parents may be an Edward PRATT (may be his middle name) and Deborah SPOONER, or SPOMER. Would like any info on possible siblings, and info about his parents. (Query posted 4/24/98) Dolores Pratt Davidson

Searching for info on Calvin Z. PRATT who was born c1778 and died 27 September 1840. He married c1796 Olive CLEMENTS/CLEMONS. Olive was born c1772 and died 2 October 1839. Both are buried in the cemetery on the old Clemons farm on Gould Rd., Whitehall, NY. I don't know the parents of either Calvin or Olive. I thought she might be related in some way to Abraham CLEMONS who lived near them when they lived in Whitehall, Westhaven, and Dresden, but can't find any connection. If they aren't related to Joseph and Jonathan CLEMONS, why are they buried in the same cemetery? Joseph CLEMONS' son Jonathan, Abraham CLEMONS, his sister Nancy HOWARD, and Johanna PRATT are mentioned in the will of Joseph CLEMONS but no relationship is stated. Who is Johanna PRATT? Calvin and Olive PRATT had 10 children and in 1800, were in Whitehall; in 1810, 1820, 1830 in Westhaven; and in 1835 in Dresden. Any help on this family would be appreciated. (Query posted 3/15/98) Pat Pratt

I am researching the surname PRESTON. The PRESTON'S came through Washington Co., NY on their way from CT to Monroe Co., NY. One of my ancestors, Othniel PRESTON, Sr. was born in CT but lived in and died in Washington Co, NY (buried in White Creek Cemetery.) As far as I know, Othniel had 3 children; Othniel Jr (1757-1818), Ruth (1764-1791) and Naomi (1766-?). I also need info on Othniel's wife...don't know her name or any info on her. I am looking for descendents of Othniel's to share info with! (Query posted 11/24/98) Bonnie Stinchcomb

Searching documentation that Othniel PRESTON who died in 1777 is buried in the White Creek Cemetery, White Creek, Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 6/5/98) David Stielow

I am trying to establish, for use in papers for DAR application, that Othniel PRESTON, born 1784, was the son of Othniel PRESTON, born 1757. I have not been able to find definite proof. Am also seeking the marriage record of Othniel PRESTON c1804-1810. Any help would be appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/98)DObrien272

My great-great-great grandfather Oliver PRIEST was born the year of 1802 in Washington Co., NY. I would like to know who his parents were. (Query posted 5/24/98) F. Dixon

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