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Other surnames in query: CANARY, SERLEY

Looking for information on Adam (or Addison) QUACKENBUSH born 1858 in Easton, NY. He married 1st Nora CANARY born about 1868 and they had the following children Fannie, James, Herbert, Hattie, Mabel, Arthur, Ada, Ear, and LeRoy. Nora passed away and Adam then married Anna SERLEY they had Willard and Willis. Any help will be appreciated. (Query posted 12/4/98) Barbara


Searching for info on Andrew RACE, born c1770, he married Lydia J., last name unknown. Children were George W.; Jonathan; Lucretia; Betsy; Fanny; Emaline; Hannah; Mary Ann; and Sally. George W. RACE built the Methodist Church in Raceville. (Query posted 12/15/98) Cheryl Race Buxbaum

Other surnames in query: WATKINS

Does anyone have any information regarding the history of Raceville (next to Fort Ann in Washington Co.)? My ancestor was a Lucretia RACE who married Orange WATKINS (Orange was born in Fort Ann in 1840s) and I am assuming Lucretia may be connected to Raceville RACE'S. (Query posted 11/13/98) Rebecca

I am trying to find information on Moses Y. RANSOM that was born 16 March 1838 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. His parents were Chauncey S. and Anna Eliza RANSOM. Moses died in Cleveland, OH, on 12 November 1906. Moses was an exceptional woodworker and made beautiful and unique woodwork. I am trying to recreate some very clever spiral moldings that he created. I would like to find out family history of the RANSOMS. (Query posted 12/10/98) Paul Tucker

Searching for info on Josiah REAB. He is the son of George REAB who lived in Salem, Washington Co., NY. Josiah REAB shows he served in the War of 1812 and is shown in the 1860 census of CT. Would appreciate any info on the REAB family. (Query posted 3/15/98) Gene Reab

I would like to confirm if my g-grandfather George E. READ, born about 1854, was the son of Sabine READ and Huldah READ. Were he or his family members of the local Episcopal church in or near Ft. Edward, N.Y.? (Query posted 2/16/98) (Bob & Kathy)

Other surnames in query: MEAD

Hiram REDDING was enumerated in the 1840 census of Greenwich Township, Washington Co., NY, with 1 male under 5, 1 male age 20-30 and 1 female 20-30. He had married Miranda MEAD and had son William Farr READING on 19 November 1838 in Cheshire Co., NH. Where did this family go after 1840? (Query posted 10/28/98) Susan G. Boyle

My g-g-g-grandfather was Major REED. He and his siblings were born in Washington Co., NY. His father's name was Samuel REED, mother's name was Mary. Here is a list of the known children: Anna, James, Joseph, Joshua, Polly, Major, Sally Samuel, Matilda and Willard. I really need help on the father. The only things I have on him beside the children is he was born about 1765 and died January 1815 in Meigs Co., OH. I would like to know what his wife's last name was and their parents. I sure hope someone can help. (Query posted 12/4/98) Pam

Other surnames in query: PRENDERGAST, QUINN

My grandfather, James F. REED, was born in Cambridge, Washington Co. on 18 March 1868. I would appreciate any info on him or his parents, Thomas and Catherine PRENDERGAST REED. Thomas was born 1 December 1819, possibly Ireland (James' death certificate lists his father as born in Cambridge, NY) and Catherine was born 10 September 1836 Ireland. James married Jane QUINN, b. Schenectady, NY. They lived in Cohoes, NY, Somersworth, NH, and finally in Norwich, CT. (Query updated 5/25/98) Ann Wheeler

Interested in any information on Samuel REED who was living in Washington Co., NY, when his son Major REED was born in 1789. Have been looking for years and cannot find any information. Major REED moved to Washington Co., OH, and had a daughter Olive and a son Willard. A REED family from MA has numerous people with the name Olive and Willard. Major REED's mother was named Mary. Do not know if she was Samuel REED's first wife. Samuel REED moved from Washington Co., NY, to Caledonia, NY, and in 1810 bought property in Washington Co., OH. Samuel is believed to have been born in 1765, state unknown and parents unknown. (Query posted 1/23/98)Barbara Schwarz-Sprik

Other surnames in query: SHELDON, HAWS, HINES

David REMINGTON and his wife, Mary SHELDON, moved to Greenwich, Washington Co., where he died 1834/7. Their son, Gardner, and his wife, Mary HAWS, lived in Greenwich and Easton. They married 1790 in NY. He died 1862 and she in 1812(?). Their son, Gardner and his wife, Sarah Maria HINES, married in Washington Co. before 1844. They took their family and moved west sometime in the 1850's. I'm looking for land records, baptismal records, marriage, death, wills, etc. (Query posted 4/4/98) Jane Hardin

Other surnames in query: BROUGHTON

I am looking for information concerning a Harrah Judson REYNOLDS and a Mary BROUGHTON,who were in Washington Co., NY, in the 1850's. I have a bound book of letters which were written by Mr. REYNOLDS to Miss BROUGHTON from 1853 to 1858. The book is about an inch thick, with much information about the towns of Whitehall, Hamilton, North Hebron, Orwell and West Hebron. My father gave the book to me a number of years ago, saying it wasn't related to our family, but he had bought it at an auction, and was too interesting to throw away. Does anyone know anything at all about these people? I have no clue at all who they were. Am very curious. The last 3 or 4 letters are partially written in a code that almost resembles shorthand--I'm VERY curious to learn what he said to her that others couldn't read!!! Would appreciate any help. (Query posted 5/13/98) Colleen Holland Grisier

Other surnames in query: VANCURLER

I am looking for info about Jacob REYNOLDS and his wife Charlotte. They were living Cambridge/Salem, NY, in 1800. Their son Luke REYNOLDS married Phebe VANCURLER in 1800 in Sandgate, Bennington Co., VT. I think Charlotte was living with daughter Martha's family in 1850 in Shaftsbury, Bennington Co., VT. (Query posted 1/23/98)Mel Perkins

I'm searching for Parks RICHARDSON born in Washington Co., NY, according to the 1855 census. The 1855 census lists him in Mayfield, NY, married to Rosanna. He should have been born about 1800. I don't have any other info... Any RICHARDSONS out there? (Query posted 9/2/98) mbj1227

Other surnames in query: RIDDE, GRAHAM, EKDRUIDGE, BEEBE

I am interested in any knowledged of a Jane RIDDELL or RIDDE. She was married to either Robert GRAHAM or David GRAHAM or perhaps both at different times. These unions would have been in Hartford, Washington Co, NY, in the late 1700's/early 1800's. I'm in possession of two death certificates of a woman listing their mother as Jane (1 RIDDELL and 1 RIDDE ). The two women I mentioned are Mary E. (GRAHAM) EKDRUIDGE and Nancy A. (Graham) BEEBE are believed to be sisters of my husband's g-g-grandfather. (Query posted 11/30/98) Yole3@aol.com

I need the parents or any other information on Orlen (Orlin) C. ROBINSON, born in November (?) 1808 in Washington Co., NY. He died on 4 May 1877 in Copley Twp. Summit Co., OH. We can place him (purchased a lot) in Copley Twp. in 1830. His wife name was Harriet P. Lnu, (1815-1881) born in VT. His father or uncle may have been either Edward or Simeon ROBINSON, both buried near him in Copley Twp. (Query posted 12/17/98) Jack Cepko

Other surnames in query: CHRISTIAN

James C. and Susan M. ROBINSON were brother and sister, both born in the Argyle, Washington Co., NY. area. James married a Susannah ?, they had a son David H. born c1859. Susan and James were school teachers. They went south to the Newton Co., GA, area before the Civil War to teach. Susan stayed and married a William B. CHRISTIAN, my great-grandfather's brother. James ROBINSON may have served in either the Confederate Army or he went home and served in the Union army. I cannot find him or his family after the war started. I am looking for any of their family that was still in the Washington Co. area. Any information or help will be greatly appreciated. Maybe you can help solve a family mystery. (Query posted 5/13/98) P.L. "Chris" Christian

Other surnames in query: MCKNIGHT

Looking for information relating to Calvin ROBLEE/ROBBLEE or Orlando ROBLEE who resided in Ft. Ann, Washington Co., NY. Calvin ROBLEE, birth date unknown and died 2 February 1835, married Laura Everts MCKNIGHT. Three children of Calvin and Laura were listed in a document relating to Fort Ann, Washington Co. These children were Wesley ROBLEE; Charles ROBLEE; and Orlando ROBLEE born 21 October 1829, Granville, Washington Co., NY, died 9 October 1917, Freedom, Cattaraugus Co., NY., married Agnes, maiden name unknown. (Query posted 6/4/98) Phil Roblee

Other surnames in query: EVERTS, AUSTIN

I would appreciate any info about Thomas ROBBLEE(ROBLEE)1761-1831. His will was recorded in Salem, NY. He filed for his Revolutionary War pension papers as a resident of Granville, NY. He married Chloe EVERTS, 1762-1831. They are buried in Truthville Cemetery. Also interested in any info about his father, Ruben ROBBLEE (ROBLEE)who was born February 1738 in Huntington, N Y. Ruben married Phebe AUSTIN. I would like to find where Ruben and Phebe are buried. (Query posted 4/24/98) Jean Baker

Other surnames in query: ROULEAU

Looking for any RODD families from Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. I have a lot of info to share begining with Pierre Solomon RODD and his wife Sophie ROULEAU RODD. Belive all RODDS in Whitehall originated with this couple. (Query posted 9/16/98) Laurie

Other surnames in query: WRIGHT

James M. ROGERS was born 9 April 1812 in Argyle, Washington Co., NY. He married Lydia Ann WRIGHT in January 1838 in De Witt, Onondaga Co., NY. The older children were born in Manlius, Onondaga Co., NY. By 1850 they were in Lee County, IL, and had moved to Iowa City, IA, by 1858. Would very much like to find information about James M. ROGERS' parents and brothers and sisters. (Query posted 9/16/98) Joyce Rogers

Other surnames in query: AUSTIN, MCKEE, BREWER

Searching for the family of Agnes Ann ROGERS who was born 22 July 1822 in Washington Co., NY. She died 16 January 1893 and is buried in Amelia Co., VA. Agnes married (1) ___ AUSTIN and had son James Henry AUSTIN who was born 26 April 1842. She married (2) David MCKEE in Walworth, NY, and had son Hiram MCKEE who was born 10 July 1846 Webster, Monroe Co., NY, and died 1936 Palmyra, NY. Agnes married (3) Peter BREWER on 13 October 1848. Agnes and Peter BREWER had children: John Freeman, born 29 September 1849 Webster, NY; Samuel E., born 29 March 1851 Webster, NY; Jacob Rivenberg, born 22 August 1853 Webster, NY; Mary Jane, born 18 July 1855 Webster, NY; and Alida Ann, born 4 August 1863 Webster, NY. Would like to contact anyone researching any of these names. (Query posted 2/17/98) Nora Barden

I am looking for Charles Wesley ROSS (born 1803) and his wife, Margaret, and their children Anna Marie, Charlotte, Burch, William Henry, Melancton, Daniel Reid and John Doty. They moved to Jackson Twp., Washington Co., NY, in 1846, and to Salem Twp. (Eagleville) in 1859. (Query posted 1/23/98)D. Reid Ross

Other surnames in query: DOW

Looking for information on a William S. ROUNDS who died in 1965. The Social Security Death Index indicates that his benefits were sent to Roxbury, VT. We contacted the clerk and she does not know of any such person. Could they have been sent to a relative with a different name? He was married in 1905 in Buffalo, NY, to Ella DOW. They later went to Denver, CO, and had a daughter Pauline in 1907. No divorce records have been found and we are trying to complete a part of our genealogy which was unknown until about a year ago. (Query posted 2/17/98) Louise Thompson


I am looking for information on a Clark SACKETT who came from Washington Co., NY, and bought 80 acres of land in Monroe Co., MI, in 1835. I am trying to see if he was the father of Arden H. SACKETT who was born in Monroe Co., MI, in 1837. It is known that both of Arden's parents died prior to him gaining adulthood. It is also noted that Arden's first born son was named Clark. (Query posted 12/9/98) L. Sackett

I am trying to find the parents of Mrs. Abigail SATTERLEE, born 1795, wife of Gideon SATTERLEE, Jr., who was born c1780 in Stillwater, NY. They married c1811 in Easton, Washington Co., NY. Abigail was the mother of George SATTERLEE who was born in Easton, NY, in 1813. (Query posted 2/17/98) Kent Davis

I am searching for information about Eva SAVAGE born c1770, probably in Westfield Twp, Hampden Co., Mass. One sources shows Eva as a child of John SAVAGE from England with three brothers, William, Daniel and Roger all born in Westfield Twp, and married to Justice WINCHELL in 1787 in Westfield Twp. Another source indicates she was a child of William SAVAGE and Martha GIPSON, born in Mohawk Valley, Herkimer Co., NY, and married to Justice WINCHELL there in 1783. Eva and Justice settled in Hebron, Washington Co., NY and had a family of 8 children. I'm trying to establish who Eva's parents really were and learn more about their family. I will appreciate any information I can get. (Query posted 2/24/98) Donald G. Hill

Does know of anyone who has information about "Hudson River Institute"? My brother found a Religious Album at Gill Library in Greenwich. It would appear, from materials copied, that the album was like a guest register or autograph book. Several messages addressed to "Hattie WRIGHT" of Bald Mountain. She was a niece of my husband great grandmother, Anna Judson Wright GILMORE. I'd like to know about students, teachers, history of the Institute, dates it was in operation, etc. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 5/24/98) Jean Gilmore

My grandfather, Joel Willson SCUDDER, was born in South Granville, NY, in 1851. His parents were Peter and Polly SCUDDER. I would like more information about them: where they came from, possible burial sites, anything at all will be helpful and appreciated. (Query posted 6/20/98) Ray Clough

Other surnames in query: WOOD, FURMAN

Abraham SEARLE and wife Jerusha WOOD had daughter Almira SEARLE who was born 12 March 1816 in White Hall, Washington Co., NY. She married Elisha Burton FURMAN on 5 February 1836 in Ellicottville, Cattaraugus Co., NY. Need any info on any of these people. (Query posted 12/17/98) 1bahm@fbo.com

John SEBRING was born 1755/65 in Plumstead Twp, Bucks Co., PA. (Another source says Raritan Valley, NJ). John SEBRING purchased land near Argyle, Washington Co., NY, in 1808. In the 1810 census he was living at Greenwich, near Argyle. He was not shown in the 1820 census. His wife was Mary ?. He had at least 2 sons: Jacob SEBRING, born 1791/92, possibly in Washington Co., NY, and John SEBRING, born 1793. Both of these sons moved to Wayne Co., NY where they died and are buried in Wolcott Cemetery in Wayne Co.. I have limited information on John II's descendants and very complete info on Jacob's descendants. Would appreciate any information on this family, particularly any other children of John SEBRING and Mary. (Query posted 10/29/98) Tom O'Neil

Other surnames in query: CASWELL, WILLIAMS

Looking for information on Gertrude SEELEY, (1856-1881), Fort Ann, NY. She was married to George P. CASWELL (1844-1881?). Both died in the typhoid epidemic of 1881. They had two sons, Horace (born 1876) and George (born 1879), both born in Fort Ann. Gertrude's parents were Horace SEELEY, (born 1825, Fort Ann) and Sumira WILLIAMS SEELEY (born 1834). Horace and Sumira were married July 12, 1849, and had seven surviving offspring. Only sure of Gertrude and Jefferson SEELEY (born 1859). (Query posted 6/20/98) Taylor Caswell

Other surnames in query: ELDRIDGE, LEJEEX/LAGER, WRIGHT

I am seeking information on the following family: A Capt. SEELY, neighbor of James ELDRIDGE (possibly lived near Salem), had a daughter known as Widow LEJEEX/LAGER. She was the mother of Charles S. WRIGHT who lived near Bald Mountain. Chloe SEELY WRIGHT LEJEEX was born c1764 in CT., and died the at home of her son Charles S. WRIGHT on 13 January 1854, and is buried Galesville Cemetery, Middle Falls. Cemetery records state she was widow of John LAGER, but neither he nor her first husband, _____ WRIGHT are buried in that cemetery. Charles S. WRIGHT was my husband's great-great-grandfather. Who was Capt. SEELY? Who were the husbands of Chloe SEELY? Would like to hear from anyone with knowledge of these people. I would be glad to share information which I have. (Query posted 8/23/98) Jean Gilmore

I'd like to correspond with anyone having information on the Selfridge family who arrived in Washington Co. (or its predecessor) in about the 1760s from Pelham, MA. My ancestor was Neal SELFRIDGE, son of Oliver (and Ester SMITH) SELFRIDGE. Neal was christened at Cambridge in 1774. He married a Martha HILLMAN around 1810. Need info on her family, too. Neal's family came west through the Wayne/Seneca Co. region to Cattaraugus Co., and finally ending up in southeastern OH. His descendants came to Allen Co., OH. Will be happy to share what I have. (Query posted 6/4/98) Anna B. Selfridge

I have been trying to get info on my grandfather, Henry William SENECAL who was born 1899 Comstock, NY. His father was also named Henry W. SENECAL and was married to Lydia MOSES. Any info on these persons would be appreciated. (Query posted 5/4/98) Henry K. Hughes

Searching information on the ancestors of Roswell SEXTON (1776-1856) who married Elizabeth ARNOLD in 1797. They were the parents of Clarissa SEXTON (1800-1868), who was born in Sharon, NY. (Query posted 2/16/98) Richard Luduena

I've been trying to find more information on Abram SHAFF (born c1780), son of William SHAFF (10 January 1754 Germany-21 June 1829 Middlesex, Yates Co., NY) and Margaret Brouwer (1758-31 December 1823 Junius, Seneca Co., NY). In newspaper announcement of William's death, Abram was mentioned as living in Ft. Ann. The 1850 census lists Abram with Olin age 74 and Helen H. age 10. Abram SHAFT is mentioned on the poll list for Dist. #3 general election, November 1855, in Ft. Ann, NY. Also in Washington Co., Greentree (1850 census) is listed Daniel SHAFT, 14, living with Ebinnezer DANOW, 58, Carpenter born NY, Lydia DANOW, 54, ES DANOW23 male, and Marien DANOW, 18. 1850 census also lists a Mariah SHAFT, 11, in Whitehall living with CM DAVISON 31, Mary, 28, C. K.(?), 2 female, C.M., 9/12 year old, male, and Christine SKINNER, 19. I have information that Abraham SHAFF who married Elizabeth TUCKER, but there's also an Abraham SHAFF who is the son of Johannes Shaff, William's brother. (Query posted 5/23/98) David Schaff

Other surnames in query: GANCE

Seeking documentation of death and marriage and probate info for Lodowick SHEAR, born c1746 (Holland?). He married 1780 Dutchess Co., NY, to Margaret GANCE, and he died 4 February 1831, Putnam, Washington Co., NY. He was in Revolutionary War. Children were: Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Suzanna, Jasper, Ann, Christian Gans, John B. Abraham and Sella. (Query posted 8/20/98) Brad Arms


I am seeking information on the family of John SHEPARD (born 8 November 1733) and his wife, Elizabeth SACKETT (born 13 September 1734). They settled in Hebron, Washington Co., NY, with their extended family in 1783. John was a Capt. in the Revolutionary War, and they moved to this area from Westfield, MA. They had 13 children: John Jr. (born 9 September 1755, married Anna ROOT); Grace (born 28 December 1756, married Warham GUNN); Lucretia (born 16 February 1758, married David SACKETT); Dolly/Dorothy (born 24 May 1760, married Enoch LEE); Silas (born 13 September 1761); Walter (born 31 March 1763, married Sally WALKER); Lydia (born 1 July 1764); Betsey (b. 7/13/1766), Edward (b. 11/22/1767), Bohan (b. 7/15/1769, married Charlotte STANNARD); Diana (born 6 February 1771, married Abner LONG); Electa (born 21 November 1772, married a WILCOX); Polly (born 25 November 1774, married (1) a WOODWARD, and (2) Samuel HICKS). The date and place of death of John and Elizabeth is unknown. I would appreciate any information on this couple or any member of their family. (Query posted 11/13/98) Wayne Shepard

A great-aunt of mine, Laura or Marjorie HAAR, married Foster SHEPPY and lived in Whitehall, NY, in 1925. At the time of her sister Ruth HAAR WEATHERWAX's death in November 1925, Mrs. Foster SHEPPY was said to be either "seriously ill" or in the midst of childbirth. May have given birth or died at this time. Any information on any SHEPPY descendants would be greatly welcomed. (Query posted 1/23/98)Patti600

Searching for information on Charles SHERMAN who was born 1809 RI. He married Rheuhanna TANNER in Cambridge,N.Y, she was born 1805. In The Sherman Directory, Charles is listed as origin unknown. Rheuhanna's brother was one Martin TANNER. Both families moved to Bolton Landing, NY in c1840-1850. If someone has any info on either family when they lived in Washington Co., I would be grateful. (Query posted 4/4/98)H.W. Sherman


Am very interested in learning the parents of Uriah SIMONDS, born E. Hartford,CT., died 1833 in Hartford, New York. Married Jerusha CASE, daughter of Joseph CASE, who died in 1851. SIMONDS/CASE would be my third great grandparents. They had children: Leonard (died a year old); Jerusha, married Eli SMITH; Vashti, unmarried; Leonard, m. Betsey SMITH, and (2) Maria WINCHESTER; Mary, married Simeon PINE; Melinda, married Erlonzo MANSFIELD; Luther, married Ursula MANSFIELD. Cannot find the burial site of SIMONDS/CASE in or near Hartford. Would anyone know?? (Query posted 12/15/98) Patrica Eggleston

Other surnames in query: CASE

Would appreciate knowing the parentage of Uriah SIMONDS, born 1764, East Hartford, Conn., died 8 October 1833 , Hartford, NY. He married Jerusha CASE, daughter of Joseph CASE, they had children: Leonard, Jerusha, Vashti, Mary, Melinda and Luther. Uriah SIMONDS was my 4th great-grandfather. His son, Luther, may have lived in the Hampton area, is buried at the Hooker Cemetery. Would appreciate any information. (Query posted 11/30/98) Patricia Eggleston

Other surnames in query: SIMONDS

Would appreciate knowing if Ebenezer SIMONS, died 10 February 1856, and his wife, Hannah SIMONS, died 23 August 1831, buried at Hatch Hill Cemetery in Whitehall, NY, are any relation to Uriah SIMONDS who died in Hartford, NY, on 8 October 1833. Others buried at the Hatch Hill site: Ezekiel SIMONS, died 8 May 1867, and wife, Betsey. Would appreciate any information. (Query posted 12/17/98) Patrica Eggleston

Other surnames in query: BARBRE

I am looking for anything on the SLY family. They lived in Washington Co., NY, and then moved to IN. Samantha SLY was born in Washington Co., NY, on 6 October 1818. She married a James Bracket BARBRE in IN. We think the SLY we may be looking for is named Solomon, Joshua or Benjamin. Any help would be appreciated. (Query posted 10/28/98) Lee Pelton

Other surnames in query: CHAPIN

I have a g-g-grandmother Clara Nell (Nellie) SMITH who was born in Granville, NY, on 2 June 1853. She died 19 May 1894 and is buried in Bump Cemetery, Chittenden, VT. Her gravestone says Nellie M. SMITH. I am looking for her birth record to confirm her name, and get her parents' names. There is no record of her marriage to George W. CHAPIN in the VT vitals, so I am looking for that record in Washington Co., NY, as well. (Query posted 11/12/98) Denise Cross

Other surnames in query: DIBBLE, THOMPSON, WHEDON

Whedon SMITH married Dolly DIBBLE who was probably of S. Granville on 29 December 1829 in N. Hebron. He was born in 1804 and she was born in 1810. Were her parents Eli DIBBLE and Cloe THOMPSON? Were his parents Nathan SMITH and Polly WHEDON? Please help. (Query posted 11/10/98) Liz Burdick

Other surnames in query: BARBER

My family is interested in finding more information about William SMITH who married Sara BARBER in Ft Edward, NY, in 1854 (we think). He died in the Civil War at the battle of Richmond. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 7/23/98)DennisC104

Jedediah SMITH was said to be "of Hebron, NY" in an 1800 deed in Tinmouth, Rutland Co., VT. I believe he had a son, Seldon, born c1797. He reported his birthplace as VT in later censuses. Any clues welcomed! (Query posted 5/24/98) Jerry Smith

Seeking parents and siblings of Martha SMITH, born June 1768, died 13 November 1820. She was first wife of James GILMORE, born Cambridge, NY, 3 June 1767, died 25 January 1831. Both buried Cambridge. They were married c1788 and parents of 10 children. I do not know where Martha was born. Any information will be greatly appreciated and I'd be happy to share info on this family. (Query posted 5/23/98) Jean Gilmore

I am looking for any information on Simon SMITH, born c1815 Washington Co., NY, who married Jane, maiden name unknown, also born Washington Co., NY. They were married c1836, possibly in Washington Co., NY, and moved to Johnsburg, Warren Co., NY, where they had at least 5 children: Walter, born 1837; Pauline, born 1841; Martha, born 1845; Simon, born 1846; and George H., born 1849. (Query posted 1/23/98)Mike Zapolski

I have just traced the SPENCER surname of my wife to Greenwich, Washington Co, NY. Does anyone have information of this line: Abner died 1802, Elijah born 1772, Bezaleel born 1797 and Derastus born 1824. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. This is my first time to New York. Help!! (Query posted 2/23/98) Fred (Woody) Hendrick

The 1830 census index lists the following three people as living in Washington county. Isaac SPINK(Whitehall), Johsman SPINK- that is how the index spells it (Whitehall), and Paul SPINK (Hampton). I am researching Paul who moved there about 1805 and was supposedly born in VT in 1802. I would like to find out the connection between the three men. Any information on their origin or descendents may help. In addition to Isaac, Johsman, & Paul SPINK, there are two more SPINKS listed in Washington Co. that I am interested in learning about - where they were born, died, or any connection to the above. Michael SPINK of Cambridge and William SPINK of Greenwich. (Query posted 5/24/98) Colleen Stokes

Looking for "Elijah(?)" SPOOR, possibly of Washington Co., NY. Eunice Southwick Spoor AMEDEN is buried in the New Hebron Cemetery in Hebron, Washington Co., NY. She died of heart disease and dropsy, in Dorset, VT, October 11, 1857, age 63 years, 7 months, 21 days. The Hebron Cemetery Burial Record book states she was born in Williamstown, MA, the daughter of Samuel SOUTHWICK. Her husband Elijah SPOOR must have died or left her sometime between 1814 and 1820, (because their son Sylvester E. (my 2nd great-grandfather) was born in the town of Hebron, in the year 1812 or 1814) and then she married second Horatio G. AMEDEN sometime before 1820(?). I've had absolutely NO luck finding the elusive Elijah SPOOR. The only way I found out his name was from the book "The History of Washington Co. NY - 1878" written by Crisfield Johnson. My 2nd great-grandfather, Sylvester E. SPOOR, gave a lot of info for the book, and he mentions his parents' names as Elijah and Eunice. I suspect the "E" for his middle initial might be for "Elijah". I just know if I could find Elijah - there were other SPOORS in Upstate NY and I'd be able to trace back a lot further. I've tried all the census records, death records, cemetery records, etc. for the time period he would have been living. (Query posted 3/14/98) Stacy Niedzwiecki

Other surnames in query: CLEMONS, SPINK

William H. SPRATT and Polly CLEMONS were maried in Whitehall on 7 February 1833 and lived there for 2 years. Is there any information available on them? Was Polly CLEMONS a daughter of Jonathan CLEMONS? When they left Whitehall for Detroit, was Lucy SPINK CLEMONS with them? (Query posted 7/23/98) Colleen Stokes

Searching for information on the ancestors of Ephraim SPRING (1774-1860), born in Washingon County. He married Mary SUMNER (of Connecticut) (1781-1865). Their daughter Naomi SPRING (1811-1877) married Joel Marsh OAKES (1806-1891). (Query posted 2/16/98) Richard Luduena

Searching for any info on Isaac STARK(S) who may have been the son of Nathan STARK(S) who shows up on the 1790 U.S. census for Granville. Isaac lived and died in the Granville, NY, area of Washington County. He is buried in the Snow Cemetery in Comstock. The dates on his tombstone are 1807 - 1874(?). His wife was Betsy Ann SHAW. She died in Mendon, VT, but is also buried next to Isaac in Comstock. The dates on her VT death certificate are 1811-1910. Among their children are John J. (my great-great grandfather) and Henry STARK. (Query posted 4/24/98) Jay Moore

Other surnames in query: MASON

Searching for information on my Great-great-grandfather, Thomas STEVENS who was born 1825 in Ft Ann, Washington Co., NY. He married Linjse MASON. They had at least one child, Royal Vaness STEVENS, who was born 12 March 1872 in Roberts Co., MN. (Query posted 11/24/98) Cindy Keen

Hoping for information on Roger STEVENS, born c1760, probably Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA, or possibly in VT or NH. His only known family was a younger sister Abigail "Abi" STEVENS, born 15 July 1771 Weymouth, MA. She married Caleb NASH, Jr., c1795, and they lived in MA, VT, and CT. They were back in Jericho, Chittenden Co., VT by 1802. Roger STEVENS served 5 years in the Revolutionary War, enlisting at the age of 17 in January 1778 in Sullivan Co., NH. Extensive pension papers do not include any mention of parentage. After the war, Roger lived in Wells, Rutland Co., VT, where he owned a sawmill with a wartime friend, Amos SNOW. In January 1792 in Granville, Washington Co., NY, the 31 year old Roger married Esther SNOW, the adolescent daughter of Amos SNOW, aged 12 years 9 mos. at the time of her marriage. They moved back to Wells, VT, in 1792 and then to Jericho, VT, c1800 where Roger STEVENS died 7 June 1841. Esther and several grown children moved to McHenry Co., IL, where she died in 1855. Roger and Esther STEVENS had 13 children: infants 1 and 2 were born and died 1792-1794, Wells, VT; Prudence, born and died 1795 Wells, VT; Henry H., born 1798 Jericho, VT; Abigail, born 1804 Jericho, VT; Tamerson "Tamsy," born 1807 and died 1815 Jericho, VT; Joel, born 1810, Jericho, VT; Melissa, born 1813 Chittenden Co., VT; Artimus C., born 1816 Chittenden Co., VT; Jonas George, born 1819 Chittenden Co., VT (my g-g-grandfather); Lydia Snow, born 1819 and died 1820 Chittenden Co., VT; and Tamerson "Tamsy," born 1822 Chittenden Co., VT. Would so appreciate any information on Roger STEVENS. (Query posted 2/17/98) M.B. Knowles

Looking for info or marriage between Isaac STEVENSON and Rhoda WALLACE, 1790-1820. (Query posted 2/24/98) Ken Woodall

Other surnames in query: GIBSON

John Stevenson STEWART married Susan Ann Jane GIBSON and they had a son William John STEWART who was born in 1851 at Argyle in Washington, Co. Any info regarding these ancestors would be most appreciated. (Query posted 8/2/98) Pamela Moran

Looking for any information on Alexander STEWART who was born in Washington Co., NY. He married Irene JUDD either from Washington Co., NY, or Washington Co., OH. (Query posted 5/23/98) Robert Stewart

Looking for any information on Alexander STEWART born in Washington Co., NY. I believe he married Irene UUDD. (Query posted 5/13/98) Robert Stewart

Does any one know of my family. Lydia M./Lydisette M. STRONG was born 7 Jan 1787 either at VT or NY. I don't know who her parents were. I've searched Dwights History of the STRONG family, can't find her no matter where I've looked I can't find her. In our family it has been handed down that she was the 4th Lydia M. She married 2 July 1812 at Granville, Washington, NY to Salma 7) CHAPIN. Salma was born 22 September 1791 at Granville he was the son of Darius 6) and Margaret (BEEMAN/BEAMAN) CHAPIN. I don't know who Margaret's parents were. Lydia M. (STRONG) and her husband were parents of 5 children, all born Granville, Washinton Co., NY. They were (1) Jane Ann born 28 June 1813; (2) Nelson Elisha born 10 Mar 1815; I found this in the book of History of Washington county p210-211, "..from this branch of the church (The North Granville Baptist Church) many young men have gone into the ministry...among them is the name of Nelson Elisha CHAPIN." He married 1836 to Sarah A. .......; (3) Mary H., born 1 April 1817 and married c1838 at Granville, Washington, NY to O.H. Perry FISHER. They lived 15 miles from Albany, NY. "Uncle Perry" ran a saw mill there, did a lot of work for the railroad. The railroad ran between New York City and Albany acorss Mary and Perry's meadow land; (4) Lydia M./Lydisett M. born 25 August 1819 and married 11 Feb 1836 at Ontario Co., NY, to William A. F. PECKHAM. They removed to Aztalan, Jefferson Co., WI. They were my 2nd gr-grandparents; (5) Willliam James CHAPIN born 20 September 1822, married (1) 16 February 1848 at Granville to Harriet L HORTON; married (2) c1860 also at Granville to Lucinda M. MARSHALL. (Query posted 5/24/98) Wilma Fleming Haynes

I'm looking for any information on William STUART/STEWART/STEWARD and his wife Amy HUTTON who were members of Elder Nathan TANNER'S church at Bottenkill (later Greenwich) in 1782. (Query posted 3/14/98) Marcia Anderson

Looking for information on Martha STUART/STEWART (1756-1832), wife of Abijah HUBBARD (1762-1826). They had children John L., born 1791 Whitehall, NY; Patrick, born 1794 Whitehall, NY; Orlando, born 1796 Whitehall, NY; Lerna, born 1798 Bridport, VT. Abijah and Martha STUART/STEWART HUBBARD left Whitehall for Seneca Co., NY, c1806. (Query posted 2/17/98) John Rogers

Other surnames in query: LAMB

Seeking info on John SULLIVAN and family of Sandy Hill (Kingsbury Township), Washington Co., NY, and later of Cincinnati, OH. He died in 1835. He married Eunice LAMB 1813 in Stillwater, Saratoga Co, N.Y. who died in Cincinnati in 1834. Their children were: John Lamb SULLIVAN (born 1816), Richard Lamb SULLIVAN (1818-1850), Harriet Electa SULLIVAN (1823-1853), and Edward Thomas SULLIVAN (born 1827). (Query posted 7/23/98) Neal & Sandra Hurley

I am looking for more information about Palmer J. BAKER and his wife Eliza SUNDERLIN; they are the parents of my ggg grandmother Eliza Jane BAKER who was born 28 October 1843 Patten's Mills, Washington Co. NY. married William D. CARR in Ringwood, McHenry Co., IL where she had moved with her parents. The mother's SUNDERLIN are descendents of Revolutionary patriot, Nathan REED. (Query posted 4/4/98)Mary Buchholz

Other surnames in query: SUNDERLIN

Looking for information on the family with the surname of SURRARER. They were living around Ft. Ann, Washington Co., NY, from 1800-1870. Also need info on Joseph SUNDERLIN who married Jane SURRARER, daughter of John and Sally SURRARER. In 1865, they were listed on the census of Washington Co., NY, John was in his 90's. When and Where did John SURRARRER pass away? Any information would be very appreciated. (Query posted 11/10/98) Sharon

I am looking for information on John SURRARRER, born 1772 Canada, and in 1865 was living in Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY. His wife Sally died between 1850 and 1865, I am assuming in Washington Co., NY. Would like to find out when and where John and Sally died and where they are buried. Any information on this family would be appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/98)Sharon K. Merren

Looking for info on WIlliam SWAIN who was born l729 and died l773. He married Lydia GORHAM and they had children: John, Elizabeth, Hepzabeth, Lydia and Abner. Hepzabeth m. Poole PIERSON. (Query posted 2/24/98) Noel Orris

Other surnames in query: WOODCOCK, WILSON/WILLSON

Looking to connect a Hugh SWEET to ancestors in Washington Co, NY. He is found, age 25, working on the Ivy WOODCOCK farm in Dresdan, east of Glens Falls in 1850. He is found in Lapeer MI (1860) with wife Clarinda and children Frances, age 7, born MI, and Alice, age 6 mos., born MI. Living with them is Charles WILSON, age 12. Later they would name their first son Ivy. Other daughters would follow -- "Winnie" & "Lettie." Clarinda's parents were from CT -- John & Clarinda WIL(L)SON. All four -- Hugh and wife, John and wife are buried at Mt Hope Cemetery, Lapeer, MI. If you can help, please contact. (Query posted 7/27/98) WADE439

I'm looking for info on Sydney and Lois SWEET. I think they lived in Washington Co., NY, from 1850-1890s. Son Fred SWEET married Edith NELSON from the Wells/West Pawlet, VT, area. They had children Floyd, Alta, Viola, Albertha, Sydney, Lois and Elizabeth (my grandmother). She was living in West Pawlet, VT, at the time of her death. To my knowledge, Fred and Edith SWEET lived south of Granville, NY, or in South Granville, NY. (Query posted 3/15/98) Delbert Tifft, Jr.


Other surnames in query: HOFFMAN, CATLIN, REED, EFFINGER

Margaret TALMADGE/TALLMADGE was born to Josiah and Margaret HOFFMAN TALMADGE on 11 February 1791, and died 9 June 1873 in Lancaster, OH. She was married to Alexander CATLIN on 23 October 1814 at Smith's Basin, NY. I know of at least two daughters, but I do not have their names or dates. One daughter married a Mr. REED and another daughter married a Dr. EFFINGER and resided in Lancaster, OH. Can anyone offer any information about this family? (Query posted 8/2/98) Jerelyn Leinweber

Other surnames in query: FOSTER

My g-g-g-grandfather, William TANNER, was born in Washington Co., NY, in 1800. He married Lydia FOSTER, who was born in NY about 1802. William and Lydia lived in Greenwich Township. In 1842, the family moved to Erie Co., PA. Their children were; James, Morgan, Mary, Jane, Amos and Elizabeth. Any information on the family or William and Lydia's parents would be appreciated. (Query posted 8/3/98) Dolores Moon

I am searching for information on the members of the Joseph TATRO or TETRO or TATIO family including his daughter Julia born in 1840. (Query posted 4/22/98) Richard Smiley

Other surnames in query: YOUNG

I'm trying to find an ancestor by the name of James H. TAYLOR. He married a woman who was believed to be an Indian whose name was YOUNG. They had a daughter named Mary TAYLOR who was born in Fort Edward, NY, in 1835. If anyone has any information on this family I would most appreciate hearing from you. (Query posted 9/16/98) Bev Mazzeo

Emma (Esther) WARNER/SPENCER/THORN was born c1848 and appears in the 1860 census in the household of Charles THORN under the name of Emma WARNER Her daughter's marriage license lists her mother's maiden name as SPENCER. She was, perhaps, Native American. She married John D. PINCHIN and had daughter was Mary Alena PINCHIN. (Query posted 3/14/98) Linda Crannell

I am looking for information on William Christopher THORPE, born 17 October 1888 Salem, NY, and died 23 February 1929. He was married to Betrice Helene ROLIN on 25 December 1919 Brattleboro, VT. He died before my mother was born on 25 July 1929. His mother was Anna Elizabeth MONTGOMERY and his father was either John or George THORPE. (Query posted 2/17/98)Sharon Pait

Am looking for anyone by the name of TIREMAN who was born in or lived in and around Fort Ann, NY, prior to 1880. I am particularly searching for a Silas TIREMAN. His children's names were: William, born 1869/70; Arthur James, born 15 April 1871/72; and Daisy, who married a man by the name of MCKENSIE and resided in Schenectady, NY. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/98)Henry A. Tireman

Frederick TUCKER was born c1861. His father was George TUCKER and his mother was Mary MCHESNEY. Family lore says name was changed from TOOKER to TUCKER. (Query posted 3/14/98) Linda Crannell

(Other surnames in query: WINN)

Seeking further information on Jacob TRAVIS who was born 1774 in NY, and moved from Waterford, Saratoga Co. to Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. Jacob died there 24 October 1848 and is buried at the Cemetery by Cottage St. His wife's name was Mary __, who died 4 July 1825 at Waterford. Children who stayed in area were Gabriel TRAVIS, born 16 September 1804 and died 12 April 1879 at Waterford, married Susan D. WINN of Brunswick; and Jacob TRAVIS, born 23 February 1811, who I believe may have stayed around the Half Moon area. Seek to correspond with other descendants. (Query posted 6/20/98) Joy Thomas

I am looking for information on the "Church of Middle Granville" in Washington Co., NY. I would like to know when the church was started and what denomination it was/is. My g-g-g-g-grandfather Loman(Lowman)TRUAIRr had my g-g-g-grandfather baptised there. The Rev. John TRUAIR had an adopted daughter Julia Ann baptised there in 1814. I would love to find out if this John TRUAIR is Loman's brother, John. I suspect it is, but don't have the definitite proof. Their father, Manuel TRUAIR lived in Granville, Washington Co. I would also like to find out Manuel's wife's name. I have not been able to find it yet!. (Query posted 11/13/98) Pat Clayton Bezek

Other surnames in query: DURKEE

Woodward TUCKER was born 1763 and wife Lucy Anna DURKEE TUCKER moved to Washington Co., NY, and Woodward supposedly died at Whitehall. He had at least two sons: Jireh (who moved back to VT) and Adin TUCKER, whose family was found in 1820 and 1830 St. Lawrence County census. Any leads welcome. (Query posted 9/13/98) Jane Peppler


There are no "U" queries for 1998. Check the archives for 1996 and 1997 for queries regarding the "U" surname you are researching.


Other surnames in query: DAVENPORT, WINNE, RUNDELL

Attempting to verify the marriage of Cornelius VAN BUREN, son of Hendrick and Maria (WINNE) VAN BUREN, to Catherine DAVENPORT, daughter of Richard and Ann DAVENPORT. They lived in Easton and she was considerably older than he (born 1784 and died 1845). He is buried in Stillwater next to his wife Sarah RUNDELL. Richard DAVENPORT's will seems to verify this marriage. (Query posted 1/23/98)Dunes97

Seeking any information about the lineage of Daniel VAN GUILDER (alternate spellings VAN GELDER, VAN GILDER), who moved to Washington Co. after the Revolutionary War, or his son Daniel (1819-1891), or grandson James Franklin VAN GUILDER (1844-1923). (Query posted 9/2/98) Lorraine Ferguson-Goss

Did Daniel VANGILDER of Washington Co., NY, have a daughter named Jane born c1792? Is there any further info on Daniel who was a Revolutionary Patriot and on the 1835 Pension Roll from Washington Co.? Any help appreciated. (Query posted 7/28/98) Pat Johnson

Other surnames in query: COOPER, OSTRANDER

Does anyone know anything about John VAN OSTRAND of Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, or Wallem, Alexander, Abbols, Abssom, or Agbert VAN OSTRAND of Cambridge, also having property in Arlington, VT. Or, John COOPER of Salem, Washington Co., NY between 1790-1812. Looking for family of David OSTRANDER, Danby, Tompkins Co., NY, born VT c1781 and Mary COOPER born c1786, father John COOPER. Hoping there is a connection with these families. (Query posted 7/27/98) Liz Gerrity

Researching the line of Jacob VANWORMER, Sr., a Revolutionary War soldier who came to Washington Co., NY, and settled in West Fort Ann. I visited Washington Co. in 1995 and obtained a lot of information in the county, but am looking to fill in some blanks - especially his ancestry and travels before coming to Washington Co. as well as his later move to Jefferson County, NY and the migration of some of his children to MI. I am descended from Jacob, Jr., son of Jacob, Sr. Also interested in other lines of Jacob, Sr., as well as those of his siblings. (Query posted 5/13/98) Dennis VanWormer

Other surnames in query: MARTIN, BENTLEY, KNICKERBOCKER

My g-g-grandfather was Arthur John VAUGHN, born 20 March 1844 Sandy Hill (Kingsbury), NY. He was one of 10 children. His parents were John VAUGHN and Hannah MARTIN (born 7 October 1805 Kingsbury, NY, and died 1901 Fort Edward, NY). Arthur John VAUGHN married Emeline BENTLEY on 5 March 1868 in Kingsbury, NY. Emeline BENTLEY VAUGHN was born 22 August 1846 and died 26 February 1921 in Farragut, IA. Her parents were Joseph BENTLEY and Emeline HESCALL (or HASKELL). Her grandparents were Asa BENTLEY and Mary KNICKERBOCKER. I believe the children of A.J. VAUGHN and Emeline BENTLEY VAUGHN were all born in Kingsbury from the 1820s-1840s and their names were: Delos, Adaline, Cordelia, Martha, Darwin, Ira, Oscar, Danford, Fayette and Arthur. I am searching for info on the ancestors or descendants of any of these people. I have further information to share. I am particularly interested in VAUGHNS who were living in the area c1800. (Query posted 1/23/98)John A. Vaughn

Trying to find information on Jacob VEALEY and Peter VEALY. They were of the same family but spelled their names differently on the 1800 census. I think they lived in or around Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. Peter is my g-g-g-grandfather and after 1800, he moved to VA. I am trying to find any info on this family. Were they Dutch? (Query posted 1/23/98)Bob Vealey


I am looking for vital record information on Zachariah Henry WADE who was born April 1855 in Granville, N.Y. I am looking for any other information such as brothers/sisters or other family. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 3/7/98) Keith D. Wade

I am particularly interested in finding the final resting place and other information on my great grandfather Franklin Wood WAITE/WAIT who, my family recollections indicate, died 12 November 1943 and was born in Glens Falls November 28, 1856. His father was George Pearson WAITE (born May 13, 1823 in Chestertown, NY and died September 08, 1886 in Glens Falls. (Query posted 2/24/98) Michael Coolidge Fowler

Other surnames in query: GATES

Searching for information on Ira WARD and his wife Densey Pamelia GATES. Ira WARD was born 11 December 1820 in Washington Co., NY, or Bennington Co., VT. He resided in White Creek, NY, in 1842 at the time of his marriage to Densey GATES. By 1849 they were in Jefferson Co., WI, and by 1861 in MN. He died 21 July 1907 in Beauford, Blue Earth Co., MN. Would like to know his parents' names. Ira and Densey married on 20 December 1842 in Shaftsbury, Bennington Co., VT. Densey Pamelia GATES was born 16 February 1828, possibly in Shaftsbury, VT. She died 15 August 1889 Beauford, Blue Earth Co., MN. Her parents may have been Josiah and Della GATES but would like to confirm that. Ira and Densey WARD had children: Ira, Jr., born 1845 NY; Willard, born 1848 NY; Thomas, born 1849 WI; Eleanor, born 1857 WI; Elva, born 1861 MN; and William, born 1862 MN. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 3/15/98) Sue Delaney

Other surnames in query: MASON, GREGG

Looking for parentage, siblings, of Annis WARD, born 16 September 1820 in either Hartford or Hampton, Washington Co., NY. Family bible says Hartford, death certificate says Hampton. She married Aaron Phillip MASON in September 1836 in Grafton, NH, and they immediately moved to Godfrey, Madison Co., IL, where they farmed. Annis died in Chicago on 8 March 1899 at the home of her only child, Mary Elizabeth MASON GREGG. (Query posted 1/23/98)RPerry1391

Other surnames in query: DUTCHER, DERBY

I am looking for any information on the family of Joseph WARNER who died 26 October 1884, age 75, in Fort Ann NY. He married Lenora DUTCHER on 5 February 1826 in Granville, NY, she was the daughter of Daniel & Byer Jane DERBY. They had 7 sons, Edward, Daniel, Joseph, Cornealus, William, George & Ami. Does anyone know the name of Joseph's parents or where he came from? Thank you for any help you can offer. (Query posted 3/14/98) L. Warner-Lynch

Other surnames in query: RICE/ROYCE/RACE, BRADLEY

Seek info on origin of Ebenezer WARREN, born 4 December 1769 and Ann RICE/ROYCE/RACE, his wife, born 13 July 1777, married c1798; children: Timothy Leonard, born 11 March 1799; Huldah, born 5 May 1801; Harriet, born 23 April 1803; Ansel Bailey, born 2 April 1805; Diadema, born 14 July 1807; 7 younger children were born in Genesee Co., NY. Timothy married Eliza BRADLEY 26 March 1822, their child: Emeline, born 26 October 1824 Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 12/22/98) Karen Mohr

I am looking for more information on Ezra WARREN (died 1806, aged 88) and his son Newman WARREN (Revolutionary War soldier, died 1813, aged 54). Both migrated from Washington Co., NY, to Wheatland (Scottsville), NY, in 1803 and have many decendents there including myself. Specifically need any info on Ezra's parents. (Query posted 11/30/98) Fourspuds

Other surnames in query: BLOOD

I am searching for information on Obed WARREN who was born1760 CT and married Mercy BLOOD, born 1759 MA. He was a Baptist Minister in Salem, NY, around 1800. Need the names of his children and who they married. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 9/16/98) Rachael McCormick

I am looking for the children of "Bishop" or David Bishop WARREN, son of Gideon WARREN. Particularly, I want to know if Bishop had a son SAMUEL who went to Canada? (Query posted 7/28/98) Dot Arthur

Other surnames in query: RICE/ROYCE

Seeking parents of Ebenezer WARREN. I have new info on my Ebenezer WARREN, namely his birthdate: 4 Dec 1769. He married Ane RICE/ROYCE, who was born 13 July 1777, and their first known child was Timothy Leonard WARREN, born 11 March 1799. Then there were 12 children including: Hulda WARREN, born 1801; Harriet WARREN, born 1803; Ansel Bailey WARREN, born 1805; Diadema WARREN, born 1807; Lovira WARREN, born 1809; Finances Phoebe (?) WARREN, born 1811; Ebenezer Wallace WARREN, born 1815; Benedict Brooks WARREN, born 1817; Lucius Platt WARREN, born 1820; Elias Davis WARREN, born 1823; and Stephen Barnum WARREN, born 1826. By 1808, the family was known to be living in Covington, Genesee Co./Wyoming Co., NY, where Ebenezer bought land from the Holland Land Company. They were living in the same town as Abel WARREN, Gideon WARREN's son, from Washington Co., NY. When Abel moved to Shelby, MI, so did some of Ebenezer's oldest children. Any clues appreciated. Believe Ebenezer was from Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 6/20/98) Karen Mohr

Other surnames in query: SAVAGE

Seek information on Ebenezer WARREN, son of Gideon WARREN and info on Ebenezer WARREN, son of Caleb WARREN and grandson of Gideon WARREN. I need the names of the two wives of Ebenezer. I know that one was Abigail SAVAGE. Which Ebenezer was married to her? Is there a chance that the other Ebenezer was married to Aurilla, maiden name unknown? (Query posted 1/23/98)Brian Warren

Other surnames in query: BROWN, CUNNINGHAM

Seek to prove parents of David R. WATSON born c1825 NY, married Lydia P. BROWN, born c1828 NY. This couple is in the 1850 census in Henderson Co., IL, with 2 daus. Another daughter was born 1853 per family legend. Lydia died 1855, child became orphaned and cared for by Mary S. WATSON who married 1840 Washington Co., NY, to James CUNNINGHAM. Believe David's parent could be Samuel WATSON and Hannah (maiden name unknown) who took their family to IL c1850. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 12/22/98) Peggy Carey

Other surnames in query: LEWIS, WEIR

Hannah WATSON was born c1834, Washington Co., NY, married 30 June 1852 Amos P. LEWIS, born c1825, died 10 March 1866, East Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. They had at least one child, Thomas R. LEWIS, born c1855. Looking for parents and descendants of and Amos P. and Hannah (WATSON) LEWIS. Hannah is the niece of Hannah (WATSON) WEIR, wife of Thomas WEIR of Salem. Any help would be appreciated. (Query posted 11/30/98) Terry Meltzer

Other surnames in query: WOODARD

Lewis WATSON born c1822, married Phebe in 1840. Had children William G. born c1841; Eliza J. born c1847; Cynthia A. born c 1849; Mary L. born c1854; Ida born c1861. By 1865 Lewis is married to Mariah WOODARD. Looking for information about the parents of Phebe, her death date and any descendants. Any help would be appreciated. (Query posted 11/30/98) Terry Meltzer

Other surnames in query: MCLAUGHLIN, TOWNER, RYAN

Seeking information on Isabella WAT(T)SON. She was born 23 January 1799 in Montreal, Canada. Parents were John WATSON and Isabella MCLAUGHLIN. Isabella married 15 May 1816 Ithiel TOWNER in Whitehall, NY. They moved to St. Johns, Canada (loyalists?). He died 1832 and she remarried William RYAN, died 5 May 1876 in Oakland, CA. Any information about the WATSON, TOWNER, or MCLAUGHLIN families greatly appreciated. (Query posted 4/19/98) Diana Ward Baber

George WEATHERLY was born c1814 in Whitehall or Granville, NY, and married Cornelia (maiden name unknown) in 1835. Am seeking the marriage record of these people. (Query posted 6/5/98) Rod

Other surnames in query: RALSTON

I am researching Robert WEIR who married Jeanette RALSTON. They had daughter Rena born 10 November 1896 in Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. Would appreciate any info. (Query posted 2/17/98) cwald36709

Other surnames in query: DIMICK

WELCOME, Peter (wife Eglaine Welcome nee DIMICK) probably lived in Cambridge, NY, and bought a store in Salem, NY, in 1882. Peter died approximately 20 May 1890. (Query posted 8/2/98) John C. Owens

Other surnames in query: CRANDALL

Looking for information on Susannah WELLS who was born 23 April 1767 in Washington Co., NY. She married Pardon CRANDALL in 1783 in Washington Co., NY. When did she die? Any info would be helpful. (Query posted 10/29/98) Jeff Darlington

Other surnames in query: HOOKEM/HOLCOMB, PISON/POISSON

Levi/Levy Holcomb WELLS was born 5 March 1817, possibly in Fort Ann, NY. His father was Jona(than) WELLS who was born c1787/88 NY; he may have been in Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY 1820. Levi's mother was C. HOOKEM/HOLCOMB who was born c1790 NY. Levi had brother Allen Clinton WELLS born 23 May 1819, possibly in Fort Ann, NY. A Jonathan WELLS is listed in the 1820 Census in Fort Ann. A Levi HOLCOMB, probably married to Chloe PISON/POISSON, is listed in the same area in 1790 and 1800. He may be the namesake for Levi Holcomb WELLS, and the father of C. (Chloe?) HOOKEM. Family lists I have found so far do not list a daughter of this name, but the 1800 Census seems to indicate that she existed. If the names on the census rolls are of my family, then Jonathan WELLS and C. HOLCOMB were probably married in Washington Co., and Levi H. WELLS was probably born there. Does anyone have any information to verify this? (Query posted 8/23/98) Michael A. Shoemaker

Other surnames in query: FENTON, LAWSON

Anna WELLS was born 3 July 1765 in Hebron, Tolland Co., CT. She married c1785 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, to Benjamin FENTON, son of Thomas FENTON and Eleanor LAWSON. She had children Anne, Azzan Wells, Ben Jr., Zina, Zalmon, Soloman, Martha, and Thomas FENTON. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 8/23/98) Donna

Other surnames in query: HERVEY, CULTON

Searching for info on John Marvin WELLS, born 2 May 1825 Sandy Hill, NY, and died 21 February 1884 Palouse, WA. He is buried in Colfax, WA. John married c1863 Sarah Louise HERVEY. They were in Roseburg, Buena Vista, Monroe, and Junction City, OR, areas, then in Palouse and Colfax, WA. They had children: William Henry, 1864-1938; Caroline Amelia, born 1866, married a CULTON; Albert Deroy, 1868-1924; Helen Marie, 1870-1884; and Nellie Ann, 1873-1875. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 1/23/98)Joyce

Other surnames in query: RAINEY

I'm looking for any information on Moses WEST who died in Washington Co., NY, in 1801. He was married to Mary RAINEY in Chatham, CT. Children are: Richard, Aaron, Ezra, b. 1790, Hannah, b. 1776, Ackley, Elisha, Ezekial, J. Moses, Polly, Demmes, and Marjorie. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Mary was in Bennington Co., VT, when she filed for his Revolutionary War Pension. (Query posted 8/2/98) Susan Roberts

Other surnames in query: WAITE

Am searching for information on Isaac WHALEY who resided in Easton, Washington Co., NY, in the 1790s-1820s. Am looking for a connection with Jeremiah WHALEY who was born 1787 in NY and married Susanna WAITE in Rome, NY, in 1814. She was the daughter of Benjamin WAITE who came from Washington Co., NY. I am trying to prove the parentage of Jeremiah WHALEY. I know he married in Rome, NY, in 1814 and lived in New Haven, NY from 1820-1834 when he left for Allen Co., IN. His first son was named Isaac. (Query posted 2/17/98) ThinkHorse@aol.com

Looking for burial information on the WHEADON/WHEDON/WHEEDON families of Hebron and Salem, Washington Co., NY. I'm particularly interested in information on Charles Harland, Charles and Benjamin WHEADON/WHEDON/WHEEDON. (Query posted 2/17/98) Dawn

Other surnames in query: CLEMENT

I am looking for information on Martha WHEDON. I am especially interested in learning of Martha's family, her parents, siblings etc. Martha was born 4 March 1809, died 4 October 1869. She married Daniel CLEMENT 25 February 1832. There were eight children: Caroline, Marvin, James, Rachel, Charles, Jesse, Alfred and Duane. I believe she came from Hebron and resided in Washington Co. (Query posted 12/22/98) George Harrington

Other surnames in query: SMITH

I'm searching for information about Polly WHEDON, daughter of David and Zillah. When and where was she born? Who is Zillah? (a Polly was named in David's will written 28 August 1797 and probated 22 April 1802). Polly had brothers Edmond, Ansel, and David Jr. and sisters Sarai and Lorens. Polly married Nathan SMITH of N. Hebron. Nathan was born about 1782 and they married before 1804. (Query posted 11/10/98) Liz Burdick

Other surnames in query: PATTEN, LANDON

I am looking for info regarding Aaron WHEELER who was born around 1821 in Washington Co., NY. Any info will be appreciated. His father George WHEELER and mother Sally PATTEN may have lived there awhile. Also, Aaron may have lived there with his wives, one of whom was named Lucy LANDON. (Query posted 11/30/98) Pam Pohly

Looking for the parentage of Ammi WHIPPLE, born 1806 NY. His wife Savina and children Orison, Catharine, Isabel, Mary, emigrated to Wapello Co. IA in 1845. I do believe he had a brother named James Madison WHIPPLE. James wife name was Mary. I would be grateful for any help. (Query posted 10/28/98) Dorothy

Ami/Ammi WHIPPLE was born in NY c1805. He was married but I do not know the name of his wife, the date, or the location of the marriage. They had four children born in NY, they are: Orison WHIPPLE, born 1836; Catharine WHIPPLE, born 1839; Isabelle WHIPPLE, born 1841; and Mary WHIPPLE, born 1845. I found Ami WHIPPLE in the 1840 U.S. census, living in the town of Dresden, Washington Co. The family emigrated to IA in 1846, had two more sons there: George and Joseph. His wife died in 1849. (Query posted 8/11/98) Dorothy

Pliny WHITCOMB died in South Granville, NY, 1 August 1858. Asahel, his son, is listed on HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0b (5/28/97) [Data @ 1998 by Albert E. Myers] on the internet. He was born 9 February 1806. Azel is my g-g-grandfather, listed as age 44 born in Washington Co., NY, in the 1850 Census. This of course would indicate that he was born in 1806. The question is Azel and Asahel one and the same? I cannot find anyother WHITCOMB living in Washington Co. at that time. Pliny belong to the First Baptist Church in Granville. Pliny's father Scottoway moved to Granville after his wife passed in Rochester, MA. (Query posted 9/16/98) Robert Whitcomb

Other surnames in query: CROUCH

Searching for information on Eli WHITCOMB and his twin brother Levi WHITCOMB. They lived in Granville, South Granville or the Hartford area in the early 1800s. I am especially interested in any census or gravestone data. Eli and Levi were the sons of Pliny WHITCOMB of South Granville, NY, and they were born 13 November 1813. Levi married Marbey Jane CROUCH. Pliny WHITCOMB died 1 August 1858 in South Granville, NY, at the age of 83. He was a farmer and speculator. Pliny was the son of Scottoway WHITCOMB, a Revolutionary War veteran who settled in Granville. Scottoway died 28 July 1812 in Granville, NY, at the age of 73. He was assessor in Washington Co., NY, in 1788. Both Scottoway and his wife Mary are buried in Granville, NY. (Query posted 1/28/98)Harvey Whitcomb

Other surnames in query: TIMEWELL

My great-grandfather, Lewis WHITE, was born in Washington Co., NY 6 January 1808 or thereabouts, moved to Cayuga Co., NY and married Eliza TIMEWELL. He died 6 October 1874 and is buried in Old North Street Cemetary, Auburn, NY, with his wife, who predeceased him by three years. I am searching for his parents and information on his birth and where his parents came from. (Query posted 6/20/98) Peg Margensey

Other surnames in query: ANDREWS

Salome WHITE was born in 1825 in Washington Co., NY, died 13 March 1862 in Queensbury, NY. She married William ANDREWS, born 3 September 1823, Queensbury, and died 19 March 1854, Queensbury. Salome's father is thought to be Josiah WHITE born probably 1780-1805, in probably that part of Washington Co., that later became Vermont. Seeking information on Salome and father Josiah WHITE. (Query posted 5/4/98) Jim Dayton

I am researching the Consider WHITE family who lived in Greenwich, Troy, and Easton from 1763 to the late 1800's. I would like to contact others from the same family. (Query posted 4/24/98) MChambe486@aol.com

Other surnames in query: FRAKE, MILLER

The FRAKE and WHITE families seem to have come together at the turn of this century (around 1900) when Edith FRAKE married my great-grandfather Alfred Miller WHITE, probably in Glens Falls, NY. I have what looks like Masonic or Shriner's cards on a Charles A. FRAKE of Sandy Hill, NY (now Hudson Falls, NY). My dad said that this is Edith FRAKE'S father. He belonged to Sandy Hill Lodge No. 372, F.&A.M., and Sandy Hill Chapter, NO. 189, R.A.M. My great-grandfather Alfred Miller WHITE was born on 3 September 1883, at Sandy Hill, NY. Now I believe through family bible entries that Alfred Miller WHITE'S parents were Robert E. WHITE, born on 30 September 1854, at Sandy Hill, NY, and on 1 June, 1881, he married Nettie Frances MILLER at Sandy Hill, NY and he died on 11 August, 1924 and I do not know where. Again from family bible entries, Robert and Nettie had a daughter named Grace WHITE born at Sandy Hill, NY, on 3 March 1882 and died on 23 August 1882 at Sandy Hill, NY. My great-grandfather Alfred Miller WHITE came along in 1883. Any information on this family would be appreciated. (Query posted 3/7/98) George G. White

Other surnames in query: ROGERS

I am looking for information on a David WHITEHEAD who was born in England in 1790 and came to USA probably in early 1800's. He married someone named Elena or Jane and they settled in Whitehall, NY. He was some sort of laborer and had 4 sons (a William and a Daniel, others unknown) and 2 daughters (Jane who married Frank ROGERS and other unknown). Does he show up on any of the census? Or marriage records? (Query posted 8/3/98) Maddie Whitehead Hall

I have traced my family back to Daniel R. WHITEHEAD who was born in Hatch Hall in Whitehall, NY in 1830 on the E.E. DAVIS farm. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 6/4/98) Maddie Whitehead Hall

I am looking for any information on Lyman WICKHAM who was born in Washington Co., NY. His son, Elbert Jenks WICKHAM was my grandfather. (Query posted 11/12/98) Marlowe H. Schaffner

Other surnames in query: DEWEY

Would like to find descendants of Martin and Jerusha (DEWEY) WILCOX. Martin was born 1759 CT and died 1813, Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. Jerusha was born 1766 CT and died 1848. They were married 1787, and their children were: (1) Rodophus, born 1788, (2) Orlando, born 1791 (3) Clarinda, born 1789 (4) Romulus, born 1793 (5) Zarena, born 1795 (6) Remus, born 1797 (7) Lysander, born 1799 (8) Lorenzo, born 1801 (9) Lorita, born 1803 (10) Amander, born 1808. (Query posted 4/19/98) Chimrock2

Other surnames in query: HOUGHTON, HARDIE

I am looking for a male WILDER from Washington Co. that married a HOUGHTON. They moved to Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT, by 1845. They had a male child on 4 March 1845 in Bakersfield. The WILDER died by drowning by 1848 and the HOUGHTON was also dead by 1848. The child was raised by the Lyman D. HARDIE family in Bakersfield as Lyman H. HARDIE. I am looking for his birth parents. (Query posted 10/28/98) Dwightwild

Other surnames in query: JONES

Looking for information on Lemuel WILLIAMS who was born 3 August 1742 Dighton, MA; he married April 1769 Dighton, MA, to Molly JONES. He lived in and about Granville, NY. He died October 31, 1833, Granville, NY. Also need info on Sylvester WILLIAMS, born 15 July 1836. Simeon R. WILLIAMS moved to Cattaraugus Co., NY in 1832 or so. Any information on Lemuel WILLIAMS and his ancestors and descendants would be appreciated. (Query posted 5/4/98) Mark Williams

Seeking any info on a Benjamin WILLIAMS who would have lived in Washington Co., NY, sometime time after 1792 through 1820 and was a tanner and currier by trade. He was born in RI in the 1760's, I don't know how long he lived or what city, I realize this is asking for a miracle, but I'am at the end of my rope and any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 3/4/98) Don Williams

Other surnames in query: IRISH, GEARING

I am looking for information on Edwin WILLIAMS who married Mary IRISH. They were both from Glens Falls, NY and they had a daughter Stella E. WILLIAMS who was born in 1868 and married John E. GEARING. (Query posted 2/24/98) Suzanne Carpenter

Searching for information on Roland WILLIAMS and wife Prudence. They lived in Granville, Washington Co., NY, in 1880 and had at least 3 children: William, Elizabeth and Mary. Family rumors say he owned racehorses and had an important role in the first purple quarry. I need Prudence's maiden name and would also like to verify these family rumors. Both were born in Wales. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 2/17/98) Delores

I am looking for information on Elizabeth Lillian WILLIAMS. Need to find info on her parents/ancestors. She was born 12 December 1877 in Granville, Washington Co., NY. Her parents were R.J. and Prudence WILLIAMS. I do not know what R.J. stands for nor do I know her mother's maiden name. R.J. worked in the purple quarry and stories are that he owned one, and was involved with race horses. (Query posted 1/23/98)Delores

Looking for the parents, brothers and sisters of an Amos WILSON/WILLSON born 1809, Washington Co., New York. Any information on Amos would be very much appreciated! (Query posted 8/3/98) Sharon K. Merren

Other surnames in query: CARTER

Does anyone have information as to the origin of the WILSON brothers of Hebron? James, John, Robert and David are common names Were these the sons of Robert WILSON who emigrated from Ireland in 1722? Is there any relationship between these WILSONS and Anthony WILSON born in 1782 who married Thankful CARTER of RI in 1807 and had 12 children - several of them in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY? (Query posted 5/24/98) Alice Wilson

Other surnames in query: CARTER, JACKWAYS

Wish to correspond with others researching WILSON/WILLSON families in the areas of Putnam, Whitehall, and Granville. Seeking the parentage & birthplace of Anthony WILSON/WILLSON who was born Sept.14, 1782/83. He married Thankful (?Jacques?CARTER) on January 16, 1807. Anthony was related to a Peter WILSON. In 1810, Anthony and his family were listed on the census of Putnam, Washington Co., N.Y. Residing next to them was a Joseph JACKWAYS. Also residing there was a Thomas WILLSON. Two children of Anthony and Thankful were born in Whitehall: Loyal in 1811, and Mary in 1815. Family was in Addison Co., Vt. in 1817. (Query posted 3/14/98) Diana Appel

Other surnames in query: SEELEY

I am searching for the family of Deborah WOOD, who was born in Salem, Washington Co., NY, c1759. She married Nehemiah SEELEY. Thanks for any information. (Query posted 8/23/98) Anthony Classick

Other surnames in query: DRAPER

Searching for parents/siblings of Nathaniel WOOD who was born 12 September 1789 in Whitehall, NY. He died on 11 October 1852 in Whitehall, NY, and is buried in Miller Cemetery, Hampton, NY. He married February 1818 to Eunice DRAPER. They had children: Rollin Charles WOOD, born 1 October 1818, died 1 November 1908; Sally Ann WOOD, born 29 February 1820, died 14 February 1892; Maryette WOOD, born 7 August 1825, died 19 November 1896; Harriet WOOD, born 13 November 1826, died October 1899; and Jackson WOOD, born 26 June 1828, died 22 March 1902. Most, if not all the children, moved to Rutland, VT. I have found Rollin's grave marker in Orwell, VT. The above information, is good. I have a family bible that is dated 1841 and has been kept up well as far as names, dates, marriges, and children. I heard they didn't have birth certificates back then, but I would really like to know who Nathaniel's parents were and what he and his parents and children did. I've heard he was a minister, but don't know for sure. (Query posted 7/12/98) Woody

Other surnames in query: DRAPER

I am looking for information on Nathaniel WOOD who was born in 1789 in Washington Co., NY, and died in 1852 in Washington Co., NY. He married Eunice DRAPER in 1818. He was a minister. At least one of his children, Sally Ann WOOD, was born in Whitehall, NY in 1820. He also had a son, Rollin C. WOOD, born 1818, and a son Jackson WOOD born in 1828. (Query posted 6/20/98) Dscottwood

I'm looking for information on Peter H. WOOD of Whitehall, NY. He susposedly had a son, John M. WOOD, who moved to Geneva, PA in the early 1800's. John is the grandfather of my grandfather, Asa Dunn WOOD. (Query posted 3/1/98) Vic Feldmiller

Other surnames in query: ROSE

Enos WOODARD, born 12 September 1899, died 19 November 1987 in White Creek, Washington Co., NY, married Edna ROSE. Looking for parents of Edna as well as descendants of Enos. Any help would be appreciated. (Query posted 11/30/98) Terry Meltzer

Need the parents of Lemuel WOODWARD. He was born in Washington Co., NY, on 31 March 1831-34. Anyone know of this person or parents? (Query posted 12/17/98) Alvin Retzlaff

Other surnames in query: HUBBARD

I would like to correspond with anyone having some details on the ancestors of James WRIGHT who married Jane HUBBARD, possibly in Salem or Shushan, Washington Co., NY, and had at least one child, James Garrison WRIGHT, 1855-1922. Possibly Jane's sister Elizabeth HUBBARD married Thomas WRIGHT, brother of James WRIGHT. First child of Thomas D. WRIGHT and Elizabeth was born 1851. (Query posted 8/23/98) Jean Gilmore

See query posted under "SCHOOLS--HUDSON RIVER INSTITUTE."

Other surnames in query: REED

Looking for complete birthdate of Mary or Maria A. WRIGHT born in Salem about 1836. Also need her parent's names. She's my g-g-grandmother. She married a Carmi S. REED. They both died in Chittenden, VT, and are buried there. Thanks in advance for any info anyone can give me. (Query posted 3/14/98) Sharon Hayes


Other surnames in query: RODD, MANELL

Looking for Noel Jacob YARTER in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, married to Mary Helene (Ellen) RODD MANELL after 1875. They had a child Fredrick Alfred YARTER who was born 1 May 1884 and died December 1899. (Query posted 9/16/98) Laurie

Other surnames in query: ROBINSON

Looking for information on Jacob YOUNG of Easton, NY, born 18 September 1762 and died 29 December 1836 in Jerusalem, Yates Co., NY. He was married to Elizabeth. Some of his children were: Abigail YOUNG, born 4 May 1796; Abraham YOUNG, born 23 July 1799 and died 1885 in Jerusalem. He was married to Almira ROBINSON who was born 6 December 1803 in Easton, NY, and died 10 November 1837 in Jerusalem. They were married in 1821 in Easton. Jacob is listed in the 1820 census for Jerusalem and Abraham is listed in the 1830 census. Abraham's oldest child was born in March 1822 in Jerusalem so I guess the family left Washington Co. around 1820. (Query posted 8/11/98) Mona Gauger

I am looking for information on Lewis or Catherine YOUNGLOVE who lived in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, in the mid-1800s. I believe they belonged to the Dutch Reformed Church. (Query posted 2/17/98) Anita Dingman

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