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Other surnames in query: ALLEN, CLOUGH

I am trying to find information on the QUA and ALLEN family of Washington Co. A charles ALLEN married a Mary QUA, daughter of Robert QUA. Charles' mother was a Mrs. Abigail ALLEN, who married second a Jonathan CLOUGH. She died and he remarried and moved to the west. A John ALLEN who has some ties to the QUA family has put a query in, but I cannot send a note to him, as his email address does not work according to aol. Can someone help? (Query posted 5/20/99) Tom Skarbek

Other surnames in query: MCGILVY, ARMSTRONG, CHAMBERS

I am researching the QUA family of Washington Co., NY, specifically the families of John and Jane (MCGILVYy) Qua, Robert and Margaret (ARMSTRONG) Qua, and Samuel and Mary (CHAMBERS) Qua. I would be very interested in corresponding with anyone who is researching these families or this line. (Query posted 2/5/99) John Allen

Other surnames in query: FALVEY

I am interested in finding information on the Michael and Mary FALVEY QUINLAN/QUINLEN family. They were married about 1851 and reared a family of 14 children. They lived in Washington Co., and I have been told that in the Granville History a mention is made of a QUINLAN who owned a store there. Any information will be appreciated. (Query posted 10/28/99) Karen Smith


I am interested of the background of the RACE family from Raceville, NY where they came from (what country) and when. (Query posted 9/28/99) Donna Race Kneip

Other surnames in query: TODD

I would like to correspond with descendants of Andrew and Phoebe TODD RANDLES. This family came from County Monaghan, Ireland and settled in Hebron, Washington Co., NY, prior to the Revolutionary War. Their children were: Hugh, John, Andrew, William, Martha, Elizabeth and Phoebe. (Query posted 6/17/99) Dan Faries

I am looking for informtion on John RANSOM who died 20 June 1804, at Fort Miller, NY, which I find is located in Washington Co. He was married to Susanna (unknown). This is all the information I have at this time. I am looking for his children. My great-great-great-grandfather Robert RANSOM was born in NY (not certain what county) in 1786, and I am looking for his parents. Any information would be appreciated. (Query posted 10/1/99) Russell Ransom Watson


Other surnames in query: RILEY
John RASEY(RAZEY, RAZEE, RAZY) died in 1855. In the 1850 Census he was listed with his daughter Betsy RILEY in the Town of Hartford and aged 84 years. There is no listing of his burial location in published documents. Does anyone know where he is buried? (Query posted 3/14/99) Jim Tyler

Other surnames in query: PENDERGAST, BEHAN, BARRY

I've recently found out a great deal more about my REED and PENDERGAST families. Thomas REED, born1789, Ireland, and his wife, Catherine S. REED, born 1800, Ireland, were in White Creek in 1855. With them were the following; Thomas REED, born 1827, Ireland; Catherine REED, born1829, Ireland; Simon REED, no age given, born Ireland. They had been in White Creek one year. I am thinking that the younger Thomas and Catherine were married, as their first child, Margaret, was born in 1856. However, there was also a daughter of Thomas and Catherine S., also named Catherine, who was married on 11 November 1855 in St. Patrick's Church in Cambridge to a Thomas BEHAN. Also living with the family were; John, John, and Patrick, no last names given. Thomas Sr., owned land valued at $2200. The family story is that they had sheep. In the 1860 census, Jackson, Thomas, Sr. is gone, as is the older Simon. Catherine PENDERGAST REED is listed, and appears to be the same as the C. Reed from 1855, same birth date. Also in the home are three children; Margaret, age 4; Simon, age 2; Thomas Edward, age 1. Farm Hand - Michael BARRY. Thomas and his family eventually ended up in Cambridge, and then on to Cohoes, where both he and Catherine died and are buried. Any connection to either of these families? (Query posted 11/9/99) Ann Wheeler

Other surnames in query: WEED

Need a list of the children born to Abraham and Thankful (WEED) REED who married in 1773 and lived in Granville, Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 9/24/99) Jesse Wood

I am looking for a REID family living in Washington Co. in 1789. The father' s name is Samuel and the mother was possibly Mary. They had a son Major REID born there 13 September 1789. They moved from there to western NY near a town called Belcoda. (Query posted 10/7/99) Barbara Sprik

Other surnames in query: SHELDON, HAWS, RICHARDSON, HINES

David REMINGTON and wife Mary SHELDON migrated west to Greenwich sometime after 1767. David was a Rev. War Vet. Son, Gardner REMINGTON and his wife Mary HAWS were married 1790 in Washington Co. Mary was the daughter of Obediah & Tabitha (RICHARDSON) HAWS. Grandson, Gardner II REMINGTON and his wife Sarah HINES were married before 1844. Sara's parents are still a mystery to me. Gardner and Sarah moved west to OH, WI, and Jones Co., IA. I'd appreciate sharing any info. (Query posted 9/22/99) Jane A. Hardin

Other surnames in query: DINES

Any info on RENAUD'S would be appreciated. My grandfather, Howard Frederick RENAUD was born 6 May 1901. His parents were Alex RENAUD and Mary Caroline DINES. Trying to locate parents of Alex. (Query posted 5/13/99) Paulette

Other surnames in query: BACKUS, CONGDON

I am looking for information on the REW surname. Two sons of John BACKUS and Electra CONGDON BACKUS married into the REW family. The BACKUS children were all born in Putnam, Washington, NY. Their son Aaron BACKUS (born 9 January 1825) married Jerusha REW. Her parents were Ira and Olive REW. Their son Joseph BACKUS (born 16 May 1829) married Lois REW. I am not sure who Lois's parents were. Probably Lois and Jerusha REW were sisters. I know nothing about Ira and Olive REW except possibly they were born in Vermont. If anyone has information about these BACKUS brothers or about the REW family I would appreciate hearing from you. (Query posted 7/11/99) Marilyn Reynolds

Other surnames in query: FONES, SWEET, BRIGGS, LEGGETT, SLOCUM

Looking for information on Arnold REYNOLDS family. He was born 4 January 1741 in North Kingstown, RI to Francis REYNOLDS and Elizabeth FONES. He married Ruth _____ in 1758/9. They were Quakers. They moved to Beekman, Dutchess Co., NY, then to Easton, Washington Co., NY, then to Smyrna, Chenango Co., NY in 1807, where they died. Some of their children may have stayed in Washington County when rest of family moved to Smyrna. The children were:
1. Jeremiah, 1760-1825;
2. Oliver, 1762-1801;
3. Thomas, 1764-1788;
4. Nathan, 1766-1813;5. Alice, 1769-1793;
6. Mary, 1772-1797, married John SWEET;
7. Benjamin, 1774-1854; married Sarah BRIGGS and Mary LEGGETT;
8. Elizabeth, 1776-1854;
9. Eunice, 1778-1807;
10. John, 1781 -aft 1822;
11. Francis, 1784-1856, married Catherine SLOCUM; and
12. Ruth, 1790-1831.
Any info on this family appreciated. (Query posted 10/20/99) Robert Reynolds

I am interested in any information regarding John Francis and Myrtle REYNOLDS who lived in Glens Falls, NY. He is supposedly buried in Glens Falls cemetery. I am trying to locate where he is buried. Myrtle REYNOLDS lived in Lewis Co. when she was older. (Query posted 7/11/99) Gail

Searching for parents of Jabez REYNOLDS (born 1 January 1813) in NY state. 1810 census shows a Jabez REYNOLDS in Washington Co., NY. His father? Any information on a Jabez REYNOLDS needed to help confirm or disregard will be deeply appreciated and probably earn specific notice in my will. (Query posted 3/14/99) Randy Reynolds

Other surnames in query: PORTER/PORTOR, KILMER

I am interested in David RICE of Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, born about 1755-1765. I think my great-great- grandfather Samuel RICE, founder of Riceville, PA, was one of David's children. My Samuel RICE was born 1786 in NY, I think lived a few houses from David in the 1810 Census then moved west to found Riceville, PA, in 1833. Samuel Rice married Polly PORTER/PORTOR. Their first child was David RICE, born in Fort Ann, NY, in 1809. This child married Eunice KILMER and they had many children in NY/PA. Any info on this family greatly appreciated. (Query posted 5/20/99) Don Rice

Other surnames in query: ALLEN, WILLIAMS, MURPHY

I am looking to share and receive info on the RICHARDS family of White Creek. Related to the ALLEN family and the RIPLEY family of Schagticoke. I have a diary from 1904 written by Juliet RIPLEY WILLIAMS, born in NY, moved to MI, and back to her ancestral home (RICHARDS MURPHY) house White Creek. I have located much info on this woman but her family needs to be filled in. I do have her grandparents graves in White Creek but would like any info, particularly descendents. (Query posted 1/3/99) Judith Loebel

Other surnames in query: LLOYD, COBB, BARNES

I have just started my search for records of Thomas, John and William RICHARDSON, all of whom lived in Washington Co. at one point and were ultimately buried in northwestern CT. A brief history of this family is as follows: Thomas, born 1742 in London, married Abigail LLOYD in Colmonell Parish, Scotland, emigrated to Canada and is said to have started to negotiate for a 400 acre farm in Kingsbury during 1775 (described as "4 miles north of Fort Edward"); the purchase was completed in 1776 and was known as "Richardson Plain". We believe Thomas answered the Provincial Governors call for volunteers to aid the King's cause, and is said to have been at Saratoga when Burgoyne surrendered. John RICHARDSON, his son, was born on this farm in May 1777. We next hear of John when he married Dorothy (Dolly) COBB in Norfolk, CT, in May 1798. He and Dolly must have immediately removed to Fort Ann where 3 of their children were born between 1801 and 1807 - Charlotte, Henry Earle and James. We strongly believe that he was involved in the Fort Ann iron industry inasmuch as when he returned to Canaan, CT, he was in the iron business. Meantime, Thomas died in 1808, we believe he died in Kingsbury or environs as there is no evidence of a will or administration of his estate anyplace in CT -- he was a land owner at the time of his death; therefore we are now searching for probate records in NY State. William RICHARDSON, the last son of Thomas was born in Salisbury, CT about 1779/81. He married Esther BARNES of Canaan, but have no record of where they were married. In the Salisbury, CT land records, there is a document signed by William, dated 1812, and which indicates he was living in the Town of Kingsbury, NY. The document indicates he was selling land in Salisbury, believed to have been inherited from his father Thomas. We believe that William may have been living in Kingsbury, on the land owned by his father, Thomas. John and William returned to Canaan, CT about 1812 or 1813. Any information regarding land records, births, deaths or marriages would be welcome. (Query posted 10/22/99) Bill LoSasso

I am searching for birth information for the following 2 siblings (hopefully some documented parental info): Sarah RICHARDSON, born September 3, 1797 in Whitehall, Washington Co. (supposedly) and Dalina RICHARDSON, born March 10, 1810 in Whitehall, Washington Co. (Query posted 7/11/99) Siobhan Kimminau

Other surnames in query: DAILEY, SOULE, YOUNG

Seeking info on Laura A. DAILEY, born 1813 in Ft. Edward, Washington Co., NY, and married Austin Nathaniel RICHARDSON, born 16 July 1839 in Ft. Ann, Washington, NY, and died 17 June 1897 in Clarks, Merrick Co., NE. They had children: Sidney J., married Arline SOULE of the Mayflower family; James A., married Amelia SOULE of the Mayflower family; Myra Eugenia; Ethal Absolem; Mary; Hariett Georgia; and Ruth Antoinette. The DAILEY family is somehow related to John YOUNG who was Governor of NY 1847-1849. Also served in the House of Reps. He died in 1852 in NYC. The RICHARDSON-DAILEY family lived in Sodus, Pike, and Centerville before migrating to NE. Parents of both Laura and Austin were Loyalists. I have not been able to find any info on them. (Query posted 3/20/99) Judy R. Williams


Daniel RICHARDSON and Mary NORTON had six children born in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. They were: Sarah, born 1797, married Thomas CARTER; Annie, born 1801, married Thomas FOSTER; Charlotte Chloe, born 1803, married Roswell LANGDON; Daniel C., born 1805, married Sarah SWEAT; David, born 1808, married Elizabeth SPRAGUE; Dalana, born 1810, married William FOWLER; Alphonso, born 1812, married Mary RICHARD. And the following children born in Breckinridge Co, Ky: Pliny, born 1814, married Elizabeth PEARCE; Henry, born 1816, married Elizabeth RICHARD; William, born 1819, married Cathrine GRAY; Mary Jane, born 1821, married John BOLEY; Thomas C.C., born 1821, married Mary STANFORD. Most of the children were married in Harrison Co., IN. I also have that Thomas CARTER who married the oldest daughter Sarah was born in Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 1/31/99) Joelyn James

Other surnames in query: WEBSTER

Seeking info on John RIPLEY. He had daughter Sarah RIPLEY who married Phineas WEBSTER on 18 May 1800. (Query posted 2/18/99) Thomas Palmer

Looking for information on Phineas ROACH who is listed in the 1800 and 1810 census for NY in Washington Co. His wife's name was Lucinda and they were most likely married in Washington Co., NY. Both were born in MA. They moved to Rutland Co., VT, prior to 1820. Any info on any ROACH'S in Washington Co. between 1780 and 1820 would be most appreciated! (Query posted 3/24/99) Shearer1

Other surnames in query: HUGHES

Edgar B. ROBERSON was born April 1844 NY and married Catharine HUGHES. I find them on the 1880 census in Washington Co. Their children were Laura Ann and Franklin Edgar. I am trying to locate information on the ROBERSON family. (Query posted 6/25/99) Joan

Other surnames in query: COY, TEMPLE

I'm trying to find more of my grandfather James Chauncey ROBINSON who was born in Hebron in 1861. His father was John Alexander ROBINSON who married Emeline COY who died when James Chauncey was 14 years old, leaving 4 girls--Libby, Helen, Anna and Emma and two sons John and James. I do know they lived on a "rocky farm" and that James was educated at the Ft. Edward Collegiate Institute. John Alexander's father was Christopher ROBINSON born 1805, died 1836. My grandfather married Mary Cornelia TEMPLE, daughter of Luther Roswell TEMPLE of Granville in 1888. After teaching school in Washington Co., James went to NE in 1886 and returned to marry and then settle in Douglas Co., NE, where he established the J.C. Robinson Seed Company, still a family business of 4 generations standing. I have considerable information about Mary TEMPLE ROBINSON, my grandmother, as she had researched her ancestors to establish DAR links, successfully through at least three lines. I know nothing of Christopher ROBINSON'S birthplace or place of residence or who he married. (Query posted 3/28/99) Carol Robinson McLean

Other surnames in query: HYDE, HUGHES

Laura ROBESON and Lester HYDE were married in Greenwich on October 1, 1903. Laura's parents were Edgar B. ROBESON and Catherine HUGHES. I am trying to locate any relatives that know of this couple. (Query posted 6/22/99) Joan

Other surnames in query: RICE, LUNDY

I am searching for an ancestor from Washington Co. near Granville, I believe. He was Matthew ROGERS, born about 1778, married to Phebe (possibly RICE). They had a least two sons that I know of: Matthew Jr. and John. He moved his family to Wayne Co., NY, about 1815. Matthew Jr (born 30 March 1815 and died 30 April 1856 in Marengo, Wayne Co., NY) married Catherine LUNDY (born 15 August 1815 and died 28 April 1886 in Marengo, Wayne Co., NY). I would appreciate any information about Matthew's parents, Phebe's family, or their children. (Query posted 10/11/99) Kathleen Simmons


James ROGERS and Experience FOSTER lived in or near Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. He was the son of James ROGERS and Mercy TEFFT, she the daughter of Jonathan FOSTER and his wife Sarah (surname unknown). The following information was gathered from a variety of sources, including wills, marriage & death notices, cemetery inscriptions and Federal Census returns:
1 James ROGERS 2nd (1779 - 1866) & Experience FOSTER (1786 - 1836)
1.1a Archibald ROGERS* (1804 - ) & Mary Ann BUELL (1808 - 1836)
1.1a.1 Mary A. ROGERS (1835 - ) & Mr. LINCOLN ( - c1870)
1.1b Archibald ROGERS* (1804 - ) & Charlotte MOSHER (1814 - 1868)
1.1b.1 Emma S. ROGERS (1852 - )
1.2 Polly ROGERS (1805 - 1820)
1.3 Allen ROGERS (1808 - c1880) & Lavenda TEFFT (1813 - )
1.3.1 Leroy ROGERS (1832 - )
1.3.2 Harlan ROGERS (1839 - 1842)
1.3.3 Hassan A. ROGERS (1841 - ) & Fanny E. [ ] ROGERS (1851 - ) Mable A. ROGERS (1886 - ) Emma K. ROGERS (1888 - ) Earl H. ROGERS (1892 - )
1.3.4 Ann H. ROGERS (1843 - )
1.3.5 Edwin H. ROGERS (1845 - )
1.3.6 James O. ROGERS (1849 - )
1.4a Harvey J. ROGERS* (1809 - 1884) & Julia [ ] ROGERS (~1812 - 1856)
1.4a.1 Mary J. ROGERS (~1838 - )
1.4a.2 Julia E. ROGERS (1841 - 1922) & David C. FIELDING (1838 - 1924)
1.4a.3 James Harvey LEWIS (1839 - 1840)
1.4b Harvey J. ROGERS* (1809 - 1884) & Sarah CORLISS (1811 - )
1.5 Jane ROGERS (1813 - 1839) & Joshua S. LEWIS (1799 - )
1.5.1 Mary Jane LEWIS (1836 - ) & Charles B. MAXSON (1835 - ) Charles H. MAXSON (1868 - ) Grace MAXSON (1869 - )
1.5.2 James Harvey LEWIS (1839 - 1840)
1.6 Mary ROGERS (1822 - 1889) & John D. PETTEYS (1812 - 1877)
1.6.1a Edgar M. PETTEYS* (1843 - 1909) & Elsie SLADE ( - 1873)
1.6.1a.1 John S. PETTEYS (1870 - 1948)
1.6.1a.2 Daughter PETTEYS
1.6.1b Edgar M. PETTEYS* (1843 - 1909) & Frances DAVIDSON (1846 - )
1.6.1b.1 Jay D. PETTEYS (1884 - )
1.7 Eliza Ann ROGERS (~1816 - 1849) & Nathan/Taylor EGGLESTON (1810 - )
1.7.1 Louisa EGGLESTON (1844 - )
1.7.2 Julia EGGLESTON (1848 - )
1.8 Betsey ROGERS (1820 - 1822)
1.9 Lucy ROGERS
1.10 Martin ROGERS
Does anyone have further knowledge of this family and what happened to them? I am trying to fill in missing dates and spouses. (Query posted 9/24/99) Margaret Ernest

I'm looking for Zephaniah ROGERS who was in Hebron in the 1790's as his daughter, Laura, was born there c1796. I believe his wife's name was Polly. Any info would be helpful. (Query posted 6/22/99) Jodell McVey

Other surnames in query: EGGLESTON

I am looking for information on the family of Samuel and Lydia (EGGLESTON) ROGERS who married and lived in Washington Co., NY. Samuel was born 1771, died 1846. Lydia is the daughter of Asa and Martha EGGLESTON, birthdate unknown, died 17 November 1823. Both are buried in Greenwich, NY. I believe they had at least 4 children: Agnes; Lydia, born 1802; Thomas, born 1810; and Harriet, born 1817. I would think there were other children born to this family as well given the span of years between the children that I know about. I am interested in the other children's names and who their spouses might have been. I am happy to share what I know on Lydia's background, I really don't have much on Samuel's background. (Query posted 3/14/99) Karla

Other surnames in query: HUMISTON, ROWLEY, CARDONA, MILLER

Searching for parents, siblings and children of Phillip ROGERS and wife Sarah. 1810 Census of Washington Co., Putnam Twp., NY, shows Philip with 5 children under the age of 16. One of those children I believe to be my John ROGERS, born 1808 NY, died 1889 MI. John married Susan HUMISTON c1820 in NY or VT, they had: Emily, born 1839 VT who married William MILLER; Delia Reuy ROGERS, born 1841 VT, who married Ansel ROWLEY; Julia A., born c1854; Edward B., born c1856; Davis S., born c 1858 and possibly Daniel, born c1848. By 1840 Philip ROGERS may have been living in Suffolk Co., NY, and perhaps died there before 1850 and wife Sarah, born CT c1778, may have been living in the household of John and Lucy A. CARDONA. (Query posted 3/7/99) Katey

Other surnames in query: HUMISTON

According to the death certificate of John ROGERS, who was born 23 April 1808 NY and died 7 June 1889 Mecosta Co., MI and married c1820 to Susan HUMISTON, his parents were Philip ROGERS and Sarah. The only Philip ROGERS I have found in NY in 1810 with a male under 10 years of age was living in Putnam Twp., Washington Co., NY. I believe this Philip is the one I am searching for given the fact all dates correspond and Washington Co is right next to VT where son John lived in Addison and Rutland. Philip ROGERS would have married about 1800 ( had 5 kids under 16 by 1810), and if he was about 22 when he married that would make him born about 1778. I am searching for parents and siblings and children of Philip ROGERS and the parents and siblings of his wife Sarah b ca 1778 (CT?). I know this is not much to go on but am hoping someone can help or direct me as to where to find NY family information. (Query posted 3/7/99) Katey

I am researching the parents of Agnes Ann ROGERS who was born bn 22 July 1822, Washington Co., NY. I do not know the town. She moved at some time in her life to Monroe County, NY. I have been searching for this lady since 1991 with no success. I would be so grateful for a lead in this family. (Query posted 2/18/99) Nora Barden

Other surnames in query: RIDDLE

Seeking info on Clark ROGERS who was born 1784 in MA. He married Betsy RIDDLE who was born c1785 in Ireland. They probably married in Washington Co., NY, c1801 or later. I am frustrated after looking for 4 years for parents, siblings and marriage info. Any help is greatly appreciated. (Query posted 1/10/99) C. Rogers

Other surnames in query: CARTER

Seeking information on, or descendants of Daniel G. ROOD and wife Ann (CARTER) ROOD, of Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. They had one daughter, Marie (or Maria) ROOD, born around 1845. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 11/9/99) Caroline Carter

Other surnames in query: KROM

Recently someone had asked about Aldert ROOSA of Washington Co., NY. I have Aldert ROOSA who married Aagje KROM in my family tree and numorous other ROOSAS on down the line. If that person will contact me, I will be happy to share what info I have. (Query posted 9/30/99) Floyd Krom

Just found out the ROACH family I've been searching for is actually originally ROTCH. Looking for information on Phineas ROTCH (sometimes ROACH) who is listed in the 1800 and 1810 census for NY in Washington Co. His father's name was Edward ROTCH, and he also was living in Washington Co. from before 1790. Phineas' mother's name was Rebecca. They had two other children that I know of besides Phineas, named James and Rebecca. Phineas, and the two siblings I know of, were born in Palmer MA. Phineas was born in 1774. His wife's name was Lucinda (also b. MA) and they were most likely married in Washington Co., NY, in 1798. They moved to Rutland Co., VT, prior to 1820. Any info on any ROTCH'S in Washington Co. between 1780 and 1820 would be most appreciated! (Query posted 6/18/99) Shearer1

Other surnames in query: ELLIOTT

Abram RUNDELL was born in Washington Co., NY, in 1796. He married May (Mary?) Ann ELLIOTT in 1816. Among his children were Isaac and B.J. (my g-g-grandfather). At some point in time, Abram purchased land in Tioga Co., PA; at least some of his children may, however, have been born in NY. That is all that I know - but, I would very much like to know more about this family and their origins. (Query posted 8/6/99) John Rundell


Abram RUNDELL was born Washington County, NY, 1796. Likely Baptist. Moved to Union Township, Tioga Co., PA, c1845. Married May or Mary Ann ELLIOTT by whom he had 9 children: B.J.; Phileta, married Pearson BREESE; Isaac; Lydia, married William BARROWS; Francis E.; Rosilla, married Lorenzo D. WRIGHT; Charles; Maria, married Oliver BLANCHARD who was killed in the battle of Antietam; and Emeline, married Samuel BLANCHARD. Seeking any and all information. (Query posted 8/1/99) John Rundell


Other surnames in query: PROUTY, MOOR

Looking for verification that Joseph SAFFORD who was born c1780-1790 married Sarah PROUTY who was born c1793. We believe this Sarah PROUTY was the daughter of Richard PROUTY and Sarah MOOR PROUTY of Easton, Washington Co. NY. We also believe Joseph SAFFORD may be a son of Jonathan SAFFORD of Argyle. Would appreciate any information of any one who has researched these families. (Query posted 6/30/99) Julie

Other surnames in query: PROUTY

Looking for information of SAFFORD and PROUTY families from the Salem and surrounding areas. Joseph SAFFORD, born 1779, is believed to be from group of SAFFORDS living in this area. He married Sarah (Sally) PROUTY, born c1789. Only known child is Williard SAFFORD, born 1829. There were may SAFFORDS and PROUTYS in this Washington Co. area. Could use any information any one has on these families. (Query posted 6/23/99) Julie

Other surnames in query: WALLACE, CLEMONS, PERRY

Looking for any documentation of any SAGER family living near Whitehall. Laura WALLACE SAGER, who died 24 November 1862, is listed in the Low Hampton (Miller) cemetery with her two sons who were killed in the Civil War, David H. and Edgar W. She was married to David M. SAGER, who died 1865 in Pigeon Hill, Quebec. The standing grave stone is actually in the Sciota Road Cemetery, but not listed as being there on the Sciota Cemetery map. The family of 12 children lived on the water of the Lake. Most of the later children were born in Westport, NY.Two of the girls married, one to Henry CLEMONS and the other to Harry PERRY. I have the map of the Sciota Cemetery occupants or purchasers if anyone is interested, obtained from the County Clerks office. (Query posted 1/3/99) L. Kennedy

Other surnames in query: BARKER

I descend from James Lawrence SAMPSON, said to have been born in Washington County, New York on 5 November 1831. His unknown mother was from NY and his unknown SAMPSON father was from either VT or NH. Hopefully, James had siblings whose descendants are also researching. He was gone from NY, probably to IN, by 19 September 1860 when he married Miss Amelia Lucy BARKER (from Yates Co., NY). If any of this sounds familiar, please do e-mail me. (Query posted 9/30/99) Miss Désirée de Nantes

Looking for anyone researching the SANDERS families who were living in Fort Edward, Washington Co., NY, between the years of 1790 and 1820. Especially Henry SANDERS, head of household in 1800 census. (Query posted 9/22/99) Rick Allison Sanders

Other surnames in query: BARTON, LEDDICK

I am looking for information on William SANSPREE. He is believed to have been born in Canada, but he is on the 1900 census for Whitehall, NY. He died in 1904 in Whitehall. He married to Mary BARTON. They had 4 children that I know of: Frances SANSPREE, married Frank LEDDICK (my ggrandparents); Lidianna SANSPREE (spelling may be incorrect); Willie SANSPREE and Valarine SANSPREE. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 5/20/99) Gilbert Van Norman

Other surnames in query: DURKEE, BRONSON

Looking for information about the SAUNDERS of Fort Edward, eldest son was John who went to the Loyalist side in 1776. He had a sister Christine who married Soloman DURKEE. Their father came apparently from Fishkill and settled in Fort Edward, c1760`s. Another daughter married a BRONSON and a half brother William also fought with the British. Any information would be helpful. (Query posted 12/7/99) Margaret White

Other surnames in query: Lovejoy, Schermerhorne/Schermerhorn, Quackenboss, Lynsen

Can anyone lend a clue to this search? Seeking info on Rhodney SAWYER, born 1765 in NY (probably Albany Co. as defined at the time). Rhodney's children were: Paul, born 1791 NY; Rufus, born 1793 NY; Rodney, born 1795 NY, died 1864 Erie, NY; John Dreer, born 1797 NY; Jonathan, born 1799 NY, died 1860 Davis, IA, married Julia Ann LOVEJOY, born 1806 Cambridge, Washington Co., NY; Barber (Barbara), born 1801 NY; and Effie, born 1803 NY. This line most likely were born in Washington Co. and near Cambridge. There is a reference to SAWYER in Sundry Patents: May 11, 1762 10,000 acres bounded N. by Battenkill, W. by SAWYER or Cambridge patent, was granted to Ryer SCHERMERHORNE, Jacob SCHERMERHORN, Johannes QUACKENBOSS, Nicholas QUACKENBOSS, Peter QUACKENBOSS, Thomas SMITH, John SMITH, Freeman SCHMERHORNE, Wm. SCHERMERHORNE and Joseph LYNSEN. Any clues here may make the differance and add one more generation. (Query posted 6/23/99) J. Sawyer

Other surnames in query: CARROLL

Seeking information about the Henry SCOTT family. Henry and his wife Mary CARROLL SCOTT immigrated from County Sligo, Ireland, to the US in 1836 and lived in Whitehall for 14 years before moving on to PA. They had six children, five were born in Whitehall: Henry, John, Thomas, Michael, and James, all born between 1836 and 1847. When was the Champlain Canal built? I believe Henry may have come to Whitehall to work on the canal. How were workers recruited? What years? It is possible that one or more of Henry's brothers may have immigrated with him. (Query posted 11/2/99) Win Scott

Other surnames in query: BAKER, HOUGH George SCRANTON married Edee BAKER in 1781 in Granville,Washington Co., NY. Erastus SCRANTON, in his History of the Scranton Family of Guilford, Connecticut states that Edee was the daughter of the Reverend Benjamin BAKER (Baptist). George, I believe, was born in 1751, in RI, of Fones SCRANTON and Abigail. He served in the Massachusetts Militia with records locating him with a group in Hancock, MA, which included a Benjamin BAKER. According to Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, he also served at Ticonderoga. George SCRANTON'S son Elnathan (whose son Albert H. SCRANTON was my great-grandfather) married Louisa HOUGH, daughter of Samuel HOUGH, in Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY. According to the History of the Town of Warsaw New York by Andrew YOUNG, Samuel married a Susan Ann in Granville, VT (now NY) in 1795, and in 1813 moved from Granville to Warsaw. I'm trying to get a copy of the original marriage record of George SCRANTON and Edee BAKER. I'd like to see the actual handwriting of the original. I would like to know about the BAKERS: where they came from, who Edee is (could that have been a nickname for Lydia?). I would like to know where Samuel HOUGH came from. Andrew YOUNG says he died in 1826, aged nearly 58 years, making him born in about 1768. I find a Simon HOUGH in Richmond, MA with a son Samuel born in 1767 and highly suspect this is the same Samuel. Richmond, MA, is 13 miles south of Hancock, MA. Simon HOUGH and his family moved there from Wallingford or Saybrook, CT, in 1784. I would greatly appreciate ANY lead anyone can give me. (Query posted 1/15/99) Ann E. Ignacio

Other surnames in query: MCKINNEY, BENT

Searching for information on John SEAL. He was born on 21 March 1831, perhaps in the U.K. or maybe in Canada. He arrived in South Bay Village at age 12 (about 1843) and eventually settled in Ft. Ann, NY. He married Julia MCKINNEY and he lived in Ft. Ann for the remainder of his life. They had two children, Edgar Francis SEAL and Eliza SEAL BENT. Any information on any of these individuals would help us research John SEAL and information on his birth family. (Query posted 6/30/99) S.L. Willig

Other surnames in query: SARLE, UTTER

I am trying to locate further information on the SEARLE and UTTER families of Granville, Washington Co., NY. A Thomas SEARLE/SARLE appears as early as 1742 in Washington Co. and I believe he may have been a Rev. War soldier. I am particularly looking for the birth of Joseph SEARLE in c1812 - parents unknown. (Query posted 9/30/99) Glenys Rasmussen

I am trying to locate and identify the parents of Joseph SEARLE born December 1812. He may have had the middle name of Utter. He married in 1838 in Walworth Co., WI. His parents may have died in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, or Ellicottville, Cattaraugus Co., NY. I have both VT and NY as birthplaces for Joseph on WI census records. He died in WI in 1873. (Query posted 1/24/99) Glenys Rasmussen

Other surnames in query: VAUGHN

We are researching Abraham SEARLES and Hannah VAUGHN in the town of Easton, Washington Co., NY, in the years 1855-1865. They could have belonged to the Religious Society of Friends. Any info will be appreciated. (Query posted 3/7/99) Noel Searles

Other surnames in query: PETTIT, MCMASTER

Surnames that I am looking for are SELFRIDGE, PETTIT and MCMASTER. Martha SELFRIDGE, born 1777, married Herman PETTIT, born 1776. They had, from what I can tell, 4 children Catherine, born 1809; William, born 1805; Susanna, born 1800; and John P., born 1807. The info that I have is that Martha SELFRIDGE was from Salem, Washington Co., NY, and that her father was William SELFRIDGE and mother was Catherine MCMASTER of Watertown. Can anyone help me out on this family? (Query posted 9/28/99) Donna White

I'm researching the SELFRIDGE family which migrated to various locations in Washington Co., NY, from Pelham, Mass. My particular branch is from Hugh "Neal" SELFRIDGE, son of Oliver and Ester SELFRIDGE, who ended up in Harrison Co., OH, via Cattaraugus Co., NY. All assistance would be appreciated. (Query posted 6/22/99) Anna B. Selfridge

Trying to locate descendents of Oliver or William SELFRIDGE who imigrated from MA to the Cambridge, NY, area in the late 1700's. Also, descendents of Oliver and William who later settled in the Argyle area. (Query posted 4/3/99) Henry J. Selfridge

Other surnames in query: WATSON, CHILDS

Seeking info on Abraham SHARP who was born 1769, Granville, NY. He married (1) Diadiama WATSON. When and where was the marriage? He married (2) Sybil CHILDS. When and where were they married? (Query posted 2/2/99) Leslie W. Saint

Other surnames in query: GRISWOLD

Looking for information on George SHERMAN, born 1796 in Washington Co. One census says VT and one census says NY. He was married to Mariah, maiden name unknown, and nothing is known of her background. They relocated to Barcelona, Chautauqua Co., NY, possibly by way of Monroe Co. Mariah died 1850 of consumption as did four of their sons. George later married widow Olive GRISWOLD. George died 1874 in Barcelona. Can any one shed any light on this family and who their parents were. We've hit a dead end in our family tree. (Query posted 3/7/99) mombear

Other surnames in query: BRONSON, SEALY, BENNETT

Looking for information on Seth SHERWOOD and spouse Elizabeth BRONSON of Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. I also have the name of Susannah BENNETT for a spouse. One of their sons, my g-g-grandfather, was Anson SHERWOOD born 1793, supposedly in Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. He may have had a brother Asa SHERWOOD born 3 February 1777, Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. I located Anson SHERWOOD and two sons Charles born 1817 NY and Malcom SHERWOOD born 1823 NY in McKean Co, PA. Anson was married to Polly SEALY. Malcom was married to Catherine, maiden name unknown. There was also a son William C.B. SHERWOOD born 1918 NY who migrated to first Clinton Co, MI in 1850 and was in Gratiot Co, MI in 1860. William was my g-grandfather. (Query posted 3/12/99) Bunny

I am looking for information regarding John and Bridget SHIRLEY who lived in Washington Co. in 1850. I believe they may have had at least two children: Ally and John. Any info on this family or any SHIRLEY family appreciated. (Query posted 9/30/99) Nancy Tweedie

Other surnames in query: SUNDERLIN

Who were parents of Clarissa SHUMWAY who married Gideon SUNDERLIN in Hartford, Washington Co., NY in 1802? (Query posted 10/8/99) adblack55

Other surnames in query: WRIGHT

Need the children of Joseph SIKES (SYKES) and Hannah WRIGHT. Their sons, Noah SIKES and Nathan SIKES settled in Washington Co. between 1790 and 1820. Found in Westfield (later North Hartford) and Greenville areas of Washington Co. Their father Joseph died 18 April 1802 and supposedly buried in North Hartford. Specifically trying to find my known ancestor Calvin C. SIKES (SYKES). From his Civil War Muster Roll and census records I know he was born in Washington Co., NY in 1820. Calvin migrated to Guys Mills Township, Crawford Co., PA c1840's. He was a Dagguerotype Photographer. I have not found how he is related but believe him to be a son of Noah or Nathan mentioned above. I do know that children of Noah (Phylander SIKES and Alexander SIKES) migrated to the town, Guys Mills, PA, as Calvin SIKES during the same time period. Noah SIKES died 9 June 1828 in Pike Township, Wyoming Co., NY and is buried at Doty Hill Cemetery. His will is supposedly available and does not list a Calvin. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this link, if found, would tie me back to our progenitor Richard SIKES of Springfield, MA, early 1600's. (Query posted 12/22/99) Scott C. Sikes

Anson SIMONS was born 14 November 1806 in Granville Township, Washington Co., NY. I need to find his parents' names and any other information regarding their family. By 1833 they were in Ontario, Canada and moved on from there to MI, IL and IA. (Query posted 8/6/99) Judy Bishop

Just discovered today that ancestor James C. SLATERY was born in the town of Washington, NY (Washington County) on 8 September 1835. Unfortunately, we do not have other information on his family and that is what we are searching for. What were parents name and did they immigrate or where they also born here? His later census records differ on this record. It appears that much of the family was living in Rennselaer County, town of Lansingburgh, by 1850; but am not certain since we do not have names of other family members to verify that census. Any clues on the James C. SLATERY family would be sincerely appreciated. (Query posted 2/23/99) Carl Nemecek

My ancestor Levi SMEDLEY (born 1811-1813) was born in VT and his wife Selinda was born in Washington Co., NY. I suspect that Levi SMEDLEY'S father may have moved to Washington Co., NY from VT between 1813 to 1820. I suspect that Samuel SMEDLEY who lived in Jackson Township of Washington Co. during the enumeration of the 1820 census could be Levi SMEDLEY'S father. It is possible that Levi SMEDLEY may have also married in Washington Co. I am searching for information placing Levi SMEDLEY or Samuel SMEDLEY in Washington Co., NY. (Query posted 1/31/99) Russell B. Rotta

Other surnames in query: GOODRICH, HALL, KING

My great-grandfather was Ernest Goodrich SMITH, born 7 February 1893 in Easton, Washington Co. His father was Fred (or perhaps Frank?) SMITH; his mother was Charlotte E. GOODRICH. Charlotte later married a man named HALL (their children were Minnie and Harold D.), and Hiram KING of Glenville, Schenectady Co. If there are any avenues of promising research on the SMITHS or the GOODRICHS, I would appreciate any help. (Query posted 11/2/99) Carl Johnson

William Byron SMITH was born in Fort Ann on 10 July 1834 to Daniel and Catherine SMITH. The 1840 census shows Daniel SMITH with 7 sons and 1 daughter. I appreciate any help on this SMITH line. (Query posted 9/24/99) Linda Maberry

Other surnames in query: PRATT

My great-great-grandfather Thomas SMITH married Mahitable PRATT 25 March 1839 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. I would appreciate any information on this family. I am especially interested in learning the parents and siblings of Thomas SMITH. The first two of their four children were born in VT and the last two were born in OH. Any help will be most appreciated. (Query posted 7/17/99) Lois Adams

Other surnames in query: TINKLEY, GILLIS, PATTEN, WOODCOCK

Searching for information on the SMITH family of Argyle . The following are the names and dates known at this time. John SMITH was born March 19, 1765, and died February 27,1852. He was married to Margaret TINKLEY, the next door neighbor girl, born May 19,1766, died February 17,1849. Anyone know which cemetary they are buried in? The children of John SMITH and Margaret TINKLEY were: Daniel, born February 6,1790; Henry, born April 23, 1792; Abraham, born January 19, 1797; Mary, born May 25, 1799; John Jr., born November 19,1802; Margaret, born June 19, 1805. Of special interest is Henry SMITH, born April 23,1792 and married Catherine GILLIS, born February 23, 1795 died July 13,1826. The GILLIS name is mentioned as patent members on Lot 108, 500 acres. Henry and Catherine had the following children: Catherine, born May 1,1819; John, born July 5, 1821; Laura, born December 25, 1823; Archibald Gillis, born June 11, 1826. Archibald's mother Catherine died about a month after his birth. Henry remarried to Elsie PATTEN, born February 22, 1807, died February 22, 1863 Children of this marriage were: Louisa, born September 19, 1829; George W., born 1833; Jane A., born 1835; William H., born 1836; Charles D., born 1839; Eugene, born 1842; Margaret, born 1844; Silas E., born 1849. Archibald Gillis SMITH was the only family member to head west . Archibald married in NY and had one daughter named Laura who died in 1922 It appears that Laura was raised by father Henry SMITH. Archibald became a circuit Rider for the Methodist Church and was married in Illinois in 1855 to Sarah F. WOODCOCK. I am trying to locate anyone who may have family ties with this family or anyone searching the GILLIS, TINKLEY, or PATTEN families. Also any marriage dates and location of cemetaries. Would also like to find out Archibald's 1st wife's name and particulars of what happened to daughter Laura SMITH. (Query posted 6/18/99) Michael E. Reynolds

Other surnames in query: WAITE

My great grandfather, Marcellus B. SMITH, was born in North White Creek, Washington Co., NY, on 26 September 1814, according to my family records. His parents were Henry and Ann WAITE SMITH. He had at least two brothers: Israel G. SMITH (born 7 September 1816) and Gustavus V. SMITH (born 29 December 1812). All of these brothers immigrated to Chicago in the 1830-1840 period. Any further information on the SMITH or WAITE family is of interest. (Query posted 5/13/99) Dale E. Van Sickle

Other surnames in query: THORNTON

Seeking information in Israel C. SMITH, born 28 January 1810, Washington Co., NY. Looking for his parents and siblings. Believe he marred Angeline Ellen THORNTON about 1831, in NY. Ms. THORNTON was born on 25 June 1814, Galen, Seneca Co., NY. Any assistance with these surnames is appreciated. (Query posted 3/23/99) Kathy Zehner

Other surnames in query: SLOCUM

George SMITH, the first son of Ephraim and Abigail (SLOCUM) SMITH, was born 1843 somewhere in NY. Caroline SMITH, the first daughter, was born 1845 in Grant Co., WI. Ephraim and Abigail were married 1841 somewhere in NY, perhaps Herkimer Co., Saratoga Co., Washington Co., or Albany Co. Ephraim was born 1819 somewhere in NY or VT, and died in 1901 in Brookings Co., SD. We need information about the marriage and the ancestry of Ephraim SMITH. (Query posted 2/23/99) Tom Stone

Other surnames in query: AUSTIN

Does anyone out there know anything about the SNELL family? Mehitable SNELL married Gideon G. AUSTIN about 1826. He lived in Cambridge. I find an Isaac SNELL in the 1800, 1810, 1820, and 1830 Washington Co., NY, census but don't know if he was Mehitable's father. She had two sisters: Ruby, born 1802, and Ruth, born 1810. Mehitable was born 1806. Any information on parents would be appreciated. (Query posted 8/1/99) Ferrol Hicks

I am looking for Rodman SPENCER who was listed in the 1790 Census for Washington Co. He and his family were living in Cambridge Town. I am looking for a marriage record of Rodman and his wife Abigail and her maiden name. I am also looking for the birthdates of their children, William, Joseph, Jacob, John, Susannah, and Sally. I know that the family moved to Smithfield, Madison Co. and were listed on the 1800 and 1810 Census. Rodman died in 1811 and is buried in Smithfield. Any help on the above is greatly appreciated. (Query posted 10/5/99) Jean Payton

Other surnames in query: DAVIS

Rodman SPENCER was born 1759 Connecticut and was in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, on the 1790 census. His wife was Abigail and his sons were Jacob, John, Joseph, William, and daughters Susannah, Sally and one other daughter. I am looking for any type of marriage and birth dates of this family. I know that Rodman SPENCER left Washington Co. in the very early 1800s and moved over to Madison Co. It states in the records of Madison Co. that he died in 1810. But I have two places of burial: the DAVIS farm in Madison Co. and also the Tommy DAVIS farm in Washington Co. Can anyone give me some info such as dates and also give me the names of any newpapers that were in operation at that time? Any help is very greatly appreciated. (Query posted 8/26/99) Jean Payton

Other surnames in query: CLEMONS

Ishmael and Lucy SPINK moved to Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, between 1802 and 1805. They lived there until he passed away in 1818. It appears Lucy, much younger than Ishmael, gave birth to several children between 1800 and the time of his death. Ishmael's will does not seem to reflect these children, but I believe some of them to be Nelson, Paul, Elsie SPINK and maybe a couple of others who may have remained with Lucy when she married Jonathan CLEMONS, also of Whitehall. Are there records from a SPINK Bible anywhere? (Query posted 3/14/99) Colleen Stokes

Other surnames in query: SUMNER/SOMNER

Searching for information on Ephraim SPRING who was born c1775. He married Mary SUMNER/SOMNER. They had children born in Washington Co: Sumner, Clarrisa, Myra and David H. I do know Ephraim left Washington Co. and went to Delaware Co., NY, where a couple more children were born about 1809 and around 1820 they moved west to Crawford Co., PA, and stayed there. (Query posted 2/20/99) Nancy Ogren Anderson

Other surnames in query: FISH, ROBERTS

Looking for info on Penuel STEVENS who was born 1731 CT or VT, is buried in Welch Hollow Cemetery, Washington Co., Ft Ann, NY He was a Revolutionary War soldier, VT, 1777, under Col. Seth Warner's Cont. Troops. Looking for a son Thomas, born 1757, who married Betsey FISH. Thomas had a son, William, born 1789 and died 1861. He marriesd Sybel ROBERTS, born 1790 and died 1876, both buried in Welch Hollow Cemetery. Where are Thomas and Betsey buried? Will be grateful for any info and will pay for copies of any records. (Query posted 2/27/99) Ruth Burgess


Samuel L. STEWART, a.k.a. Simon MARCOUX, born 1 May 1840 in Quebec, Canada, moved to Washington Co. sometime before 1864. He and wife Julia (MURRAY) had 8 children in Washington Co., most or all in Whitehall, probably. Have records of descendants of Lewis Henry (but could use more bio info on him) and wife Ida GATES, but need bio info and descendants on rest. This is all I have: Mederick P. STEWART a.k.a. Mederic MARCOUX, born March 1870, married Harriet Grace BURDICK 5 Jun 1900 in Schuylerville, Saratoga Co., NY; Francis W. STEWART, born November 1874; Isabella STEWART, born July 1881; Lula G. STEWART, born June 1884; Samuel STEWART [III], born May 1865, married Clara CARPENTER--2 children: Roman E., born March 1892, and Violet M., born November 1896; Minnie STEWART, born 1864, married _____ BOMBARD --2 children: Alfred BOMBARD, born 1887, and Sarah B. BOMBARD, born December 1888 (also Washington Co.); Edward STEWART, born September 1877, married Mary "Mamie?" C. --2 children: Asa E. STEWART, born February 1897, no descendants; and Leo STEWART, born December 1899. Any information on any of these goodfolk will be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 7/7/99) Rodman Stewart

Other surnames in query: BROWN

My ancestor was born in Argyle, NY. His name was Charles Harry STEWART, son of James and Laura BROWN STEWART, born 2 April 1840. I am trying to find out if he was still living in NY when he joined the Civil War. His parents had died in 1858 and 1859, so I don't know if he went somewhere else to live, possibly with a relative. I would also appreciate any info on his parents. (Query posted 5/13/99) Angela Pavloff

I'm looking for any info on the STILES family of Greenwich. My father was Edward George STILES. He worked for the local paper for a time as a reporter. His father was George Malcolm STILES, a railroad man and musician. George was married to Etta. George's parents were Henry B. and Alice STILES. Henry fought in the Civil War. Henry died in Greenwich in 1912 and at various times in his life lived in Hartford NY, Easton, and Pittstown. (Query posted 6/23/99) Mike Stiles

Other surnames in query: GAGE, HALE

Looking for Esther Marie STORM, born 4 August 1814, Easttown, Washington Co., NY She married William W. GAGE from Oneida Co., NY on 21 October 1830. At that time her step-father was listed as Danial (or Daniel) HALE. We would like information on her parents, siblings, etc. Any help would be appreciated! (Query posted 10/7/99) Anita Jessup

Other surnames in query: DE WOLF

John STOWE, parents unknown, was born 1775 Washington Co ., NY. He married Martha, born 1777. They had children born Washington Col: Hiram, born 1801; Sarah, born 1802; Benoni, born 1803; Eban/Eben, born 1812; Viletta, born 1813; Mary Jane, born 1815, and Judith Ann. The family moved to Clinton Co., OH, about 1815-1820. Who were John's parents? What was his wife's maiden name: Was he son of Simeon STOWE and Prudence DE WOLF. Simeon died and is buried near Lock 11, Whitehall, NY. Or is he son of Seth? Seth was born 1740 Middlesex, CT, and died near Whitehall. Any help gratefully received. (Query posted 3/14/99) FIFI700

Other surnames in query: DRAPER, KILBURN

Seeking any information on Samuel Draper STOWELL, born 4 February 1811 in the hamlet of Sandgate, Bennington Co., VT. Because of a border dispute in the early years, the hamlet of Sandgate was considered at one time to be in NY. According to my info, Samuel Draper STOWELL was the son of Oren Crocker STOWELL, born 10 June 1785 in Willington, CT, and Lovisa KILBURN, born 28 June 1788 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. Lovisa KILBURN and Oren Crocker STOWELL appear to have married in 1807 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. They moved to Orwell, Oswego Co., NY in c1814, where they lived the remainder of their lives and are buried. I am particularly interested in the origin of the middle name of Samuel Draper STOWELL. My gr-gr-gr-gr grandfather, James DRAPER, was living in Washington Co., NY from c1790 until c1812, and several of his descendants later lived in Orwell, Oswego Co., NY. I'm trying to determine if there is a family connection between my James DRAPER and Samuel Draper STOWELL. (Query posted 12/1/99) Dan Draper

Other surnames in query: DELONG

I am looking for a birth and marriage record for Lydia STREATOR who was born 8 October 1803, supposedly Washington Co. NY. She married c1823/24 to Reuben DeLONG. They moved to Portage Co. OH, shortly after their marriage. (Query posted 3/20/99) Rose

Seeking info on my great-grandparents. They are in the 1835 census of Washington Co., NY. The census states they had a 28 acre farm in Hartford. They list 4 males and 2 females which I assume are children. Mary N. STUART was my great-grandmother and I believe she had a sister Elizabeth. In the 1855 census there are an Elizabeth and Sam STUART in Hartford. In the 1835 census, 2 of the family are listed as naturalized citizens. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 5/7/99) Jim Corcoran

Other surnames in query: ATCHISON, STOWELL

My ggrandmother Mary Neilson STUART was born in Hartford, NY, 9 March 1832 and died in Sandy Hill 11 October 1901. Her parents were James and Eliza (ATCHISON) STUART. She is buried in Union Cemetary, Hudson Falls, NY. She married a William STOWELL on 12 September 1859 in Warrensburg, NY. I believe har parents came from Ireland and she possibly had a sister named Elizabeth. Any further information would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 3/23/99) Jim Corcoran

Other surnames in query: JANES, CROCKER, WALSH, HARVEY, CHASE

Seeking information about my great-great-great grandmother Sarah STURTEVANT (also STURDEVANT) born at Sandy Hill/Kingsbury, NY 1 February 1825 (or 1 March 1824?). It is believed her parents were James STURTEVANT and Sarah JANES of Kingsbury; James being born in Kingsbury c1791, and died 22 February 1865 at Sandy Hill, burried 23 February 1865 in Ft. Edward at Union Cemetery. Sarah's father James was the son of Perez STURTEVANT, born c1756/57 at Kent, Litchfield, CT, and Freelove CROCKER, born c1756 at Cornwall, Litchfield, CT. Perez died 24 December 1809 and was burried 26 December 1809 in Kingsbury at Wright Cemetery. Freelove died 28 April 1830 at Kingsbury. Sarah married Chancellor B. WALSH 4 June 1852 at the house of George HARVEY in Fort Edward, the service performed by Methodist Rev. Hiram CHASE and witnessed by George HARVEY and family. The U.S. Census of 1850 showed that Sarah was living in the HARVEY home at that time. (Query posted 6/21/99) Gene A. Cisewski


My g-g-g-grandmother, Sarah STURTEVANT, says she was born in the Town of Sandy Hill on March 1, 1824. She was married to Chancellor B. WALSH of Danby, VT, on June 4, 1852, by Rev. Hiram CHASE at the house of George HARVEY in Fort Edward. My grandmother's notes said Chancellor WALSH was born in the Town of Bolton, Warren County, NY, on August 22, 1822. While the marriage information says that he was from Danby, the U.S. Census report from 1850 that I reviewed at the National Archives says at that time he was living in Mount Tabor, VT. Also, in 1850, he was married to a Lydia and had two children, Mary, 2, and David, 1 month. My grandmother's notes showed she knew of the son David, born on May 12, 1850, in Mount Tabor. However, she didn't have anything about the first and second marriages, which I only discovered today. I still have to discover what happened to Lydia and Mary -- though it was a later child of Chancellor and Sarah's that is a direct link to my own genealogy. While I haven't found Sarah's parents, census reports from 1830 and 1840 lead me to believe that her father could have been James STURTEVANT of the Town of Kingsbury. Based on the ages of children in the house in each of those years, she could have been his daughter. However, the 1850 Census showed that she was then living at the home of merchant George HARVEY in Kingsbury (though the marriage record says that home is Fort Edward two years later with the marriage information). Also, in the 1850 Census, I could no longer find James STURDEVANT (spelled with the D in one census and a T instead of the D in the other). Yet in looking through all of those listings, I did find three young STURTEVANTS, including Sarah as mentioned above, living in the homes of other people. Was there an epidemic between 1840 and 1850, or more likely a relocation? If anyone would like to know the rest of the story as far as Chancellor and Sarah are concerned, I'd be very happy to share the details about their travels and settling in Wisconsin. They had seven children who grew into adulthood, including my great-great grandmother, Minnie Minerva NAYLOR, nee WALSH. (Query posted 6/14/99) Gene A. Cisewski

Other surnames in query: BABCOCK, HARDING

Searching for information on Caleb SUMNER. Caleb was in Washington Co., NY, in the 1790 and 1800 censuses. He appears to be in Sullivan Co., NY, in 1810 (name enumerated as "SUMMER" for this census), and by the 1820 census, he had reached Ripley Co., IN, where he remained until his death in 1848. According to family history in Ripley Co., IN, Caleb SUMNER was born on 21 April 1767 (place unknown). He died 11 October 1848, in the home of Daniel BABCOCK, his daughter Susan's husband. Caleb's wife's name was Ruth (unknown surname). In the 1790 census of Washington Co., NY, in the township of Westfield, Caleb is head of a household with 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, and 1 female. In the same county and township, there is a Samuel SUMNER listed. In Samuel's household, there were 2 males over 16, 1 male under 16, and 3 females. I believe it is likely that Samuel and Caleb are related. By 1800, it appears Samuel had moved to north to Essex Co., NY. However, Caleb remained in Washington Co.. According to the 1800 Washington Co. census, Caleb and Ruth were both aged between 26 and 44 and had 3 girls and 3 boys under 10. One other note of interest is that one of Caleb's daughters, Eunice HARDING (nee SUMNER) claimed to be a cousin of the notorious senator from MA, Charles SUMNER (born 1811, died 1873). I've looked long and hard to find information on Caleb SUMNER. I wrote to the Sumner Foundation in New York, consulted two other well known SUMNER genealogists, and checked out the massive work on the SUMNERS of MA authored by Appleton and published in 1882. No new information was found within these sources. (Query posted 2/23/99) Mike Kloenne

Other surnames in query: SUNDERLIN/SUNDERLAND

I am in search of the surname SURRARRER, spelled various ways. I do know that in 1865 John SURRARRER was living with the family of Joseph SUNDERLIN/SUNDERLAND. I am trying to locate John's death after 1865. (Query posted 7/7/99) Sharon

Hoping to find the parents of John SWEET who was born c1793 in the town of Hebron, NY. (Query posted 8/6/99) Bert and Kathy Tifft

Other surnames in query: BRAYTON, CLOUGH, HEATH

Looking for anything about William SWEET (1772 RI-1854) who arrived in Washington Co. c1790 with close friends Thomas and Eunice (SWEET) BRAYTON. William married Hannah CLOUGH (1775 CT-1868), daughter of Ithamer and Elizabeth (HEATH) CLOUGH. William and Hannah moved to Ticonderoga (1793) and moved back to East Hartford where they lived until 1816. William may have had a brother Philip and children Oren and Phoebe. They arrived in Gouverneur, NY, between 1840-1850. Does anyone know anything about these people? (Query posted 9/29/99) Jerry Dafoe

Other surnames in query: CLOUGH, DEWEY

William SWEET was born 1772 RI and died 7 November 1854 Gouverneur, NY. He married Hannah CLOUGH, born 18 September 1775 Stafford, CT, and died 10 February 1868 Gouverneur, NY. William SWEET left RI at a very early age and moved to Washington Co., NY. He married Hannah CLOUGH (Ithimer2, Timothy1) in Washington Co., c1791. They moved from Hartford, NY, to Ticonderoga in 1813 where William bought a 200 acre tract in the Vineyard. Sometime before 1850, William and Hannah moved to Gouverneur, St. Lawrence Co., NY, and lived there until they died. They are both buried in Richville, NY. William SWEET may have had a brother Philip and may have had a son Oren and a daughter Phebe. Oren SWEET (1794-1868) married Rachel DEWEY (1794-1815) and Phebe SWEET married Eleazer DEWEY, Jr. (Query posted 9/29/99) Jerry Dafoe

Other surnames in query: CLOUGH, DEWEY

William SWEET was born 1772 RI and died 7 November 1854 Gouverneur, NY. He married Hannah CLOUGH, born 18 September 1775 Stafford, CT, and died 10 February 1868 Gouverneur, NY. William SWEET left RI at a very early age and moved to Washington Co., NY. He married Hannah CLOUGH (Ithimer2, Timothy1) in Washington Co., c1791. They moved from Hartford, NY, to Ticonderoga in 1813 where William bought a 200 acre tract in the Vineyard. Sometime before 1850, William and Hannah moved to Gouverneur, St. Lawrence Co., NY, and lived there until they died. They are both buried in Richville, NY. William SWEET may have had a brother Philip and may have had a son Oren and a daughter Phebe. Oren SWEET (1794-1868) married Rachel DEWEY (1794-1815) and Phebe SWEET married Eleazer DEWEY, Jr. (Query posted 5/20/99) Jerry Dafoe

Other surnames in query: FELT, PARKER

John SWEET married Lucy FELT in Hebron, NY, in 1817. Would anyone happen to know who are Fred SWEET'S parents and sibling are. John and Lucy's children stayed just south of Granville, NY, in the 186?'s . William, born 1822, and his brother Sidney, born 1828, were grantees of a piece of land to what many people in the Granville area known as Willow Glen Hill. William and his wife, Emeline PARKER, sold out to Sidney and another SWEET by the name of Samuel SWEET. I am unsure where Samuel fits in, a nephew to William and Sidney, or a son of one of the two, or maybe a brother, I don't have any info on him . I hope someone could give me a lead. (Query posted 5/10/99) Bert Tifft

Other surnames in query: FOSDICK, LUMAN, SABANS, BROWN

I have documentation on James SWIFT who was born c1765. He was living and married to Susan FOSDICK in the Washington Co, NY, 1820 census and he is buried in the Old Hartford Cemetery. Also have minutes from the First Baptist Church of Hartford covering a period from 1796 to 1819 with notations about James. His recorded will (10 March 1823) in Washington County mention his wife Susan and heirs: William F. SWIFT,Betsey LUMAN, James H. SWIFT, Ebenezer SWIFT, Susan SABANS, Philander SWIFT, Phebe BROWN, and Sally SWIFT. Witnesses: Owen SWIFT, Mary SWIFT, and David BROWN. Would like to know where he was born and who his siblings were. I have access to Virginia Archives if anyone needs help in our area. (Query posted 2/27/99) Barbara Swift Smith


Other surnames in query: CORNELL

Seeking parentage of Louis TABOR/TABER, born c1805 in Easton Twp., Washington Co., NY. He married before 1830 Elizabeth CORNELL, born c1808. Both appear on 1850 census Washington Co., NY, with children Anne F., age 20; Mary E., age 18 and Lewis, age 7. Any information concerning Elizabeth CORNELL and Lewis TABER will be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 10/13/99) Pat Tully

Seeking parents of Louis TABER of Easton Twp., Washington Co., born c1807 NY; married Elizabeth CORNELL before 1834; date of death unknown. Was Elizabeth CORNELL, born c1808, the daughter of James CORNELL and Elizabeth KIRBY? Any information on these two families will be deeply appreciated. (Query posted 10/11/99) Pat Tully

Other surnames in query: GILLIS, TODD

I am trying to find information on Alexander TAYLOR (1744-1819), son of Duncan and Mary (GILLIS) TAYLOR. His son, Joseph Gillis TAYLOR, was my great-great-grandfather. Joseph G. TAYLOR married Jane TODD and had their family at Argyle and later at Ft Edward. I am looking for information on Alexander TAYLOR (buried in Scotch Cemetary) and his missing wife. Also, is there any information on Argyle Accademy? (Query posted 10/8/99) E. H. Anderson

Other surnames in query: ROGERS, SMITH

Looking for the maiden name of Nancy TEFFT (10 May 1767 - 3 February 1834). Husband Thomas S. TEFFT was born in Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, on 30 January 1767 and died in Cayuga Co., NY, on 24 August 1828. Nancy is listed in the Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, 1830 census, thus may have returned to be with family after her husband died. She is buried in Montezuma Cemetery, Cayuga, NY. Thomas's parents were Stanton TEFFT and Mehitable ROGERS. The children of Thomas and Nancy were Stanton, Jabish, Nathan and Elizabeth TEFFT SMITH. They were probably married around 1785, most likely Greenwich. (Query posted 10/1/99) Hans Hammer

Other surnames in query: ROWAN, DERBY, JOHNSTONE

I'm looking for information about Louisa THOMPSON, born July 1, 1827. She was a granddaughter of William and Sarah (ROWAN) THOMPSON. Louisa married (1) John W. DERBY, probably about 1845 in NY, and then John J. JOHNSTONE in WI in 1849. Any info about the children of William and Sarah would sure be a help! (Query posted 6/25/99) Lynn DuChene

Other surnames in query: CHURCHILL, CLIFFORD, LUCE, WHELDON

I am searching for any TILTON surnames who lived in Washington Co. (Easton) NY during the period from late 1700's to 1850. I am especially interested in finding information about Silas TILTON Jr. or Silas TILTON Sr., or his brothers: Ichabod, Warren, and Ephraim; also, sisters : Peggy (TILTON) CHURCHILL, Joanna (TILTON) CLIFFORD, Rebecca (TILTON) LUCE, and Deborah (TILTON) WHELDON. Any information at all will be appreciated. (Query posted 3/24/99) Elva

I am searching for Silas TILTON born bet. 1770-1781 in Easton, Washington Co., NY. I believe he may be the father of Jacob TILTON, born 1801 in NY. Silas is listed in the 1810 NY census, and both Silas and Jacob are listed in the 1830 census in Mexico, Oswego Co., NY. Silas TILTON married Elizabeth. Other sons may include Alexander, John, David, Squire, Smith, and George and at least 2 others. (Query posted 2/7/99) ELVAKEITH

Searching for information about Silas TILTON who was born c1770-1781 in Easton, NY. Another Silas TILTON, born c1740, is listed in the Easton, Washington Co., NY census of 1800; perhaps this is his father. The younger Silas married Elizabeth and moved to Mexico, Oswego Co., NY and is listed there in 1830. Children included Jacob TILTON. (Query posted 2/7/99) ELVAKEITH

I am tracing the TINKEY family. In the US Census, 1790, Page 187, is a Henry TINKEY, I am trying to determine if he was in subsequet census readings in Washington, Co., NY. (Query posted 3/12/99) floydbbenn

Other surnames in query: MCKENZIE

My grandfather, J. Arthur TIREMAN, was born in Fort Ann, NY on 25 April 25 1872. He was the son of Silas and Annice (or Ann) TIREMAN. I am looking for any records regarding death of his mother which occured around the time he was 12 years old. His father remarried. I do not know anything about the second marriage. My grandfather had, to my knowledge, one brother, William and one sister Daisy. My grandfather and brother William left NY and went to IA, I'm not sure of the date. His sister Daisy married Elmer MCKENZIE. I would love any information regarding any connection to the people above. (Query posted 10/13/99) Shirley Ritchie

Other surnames in query: HICKOK

Seeking info on Susan TOLEN who was born 27 April 1827 in Ireland. She came to Whitehall, NY, in 1840 with her family. She married Cullen HICKOK from nearby Fairhaven,VT, in 1851, then they moved to Chicago. Any census information on the Tolen family in Whitehall? (Query posted 5/13/99) Al Lee

Other surnames in query: HAGAR

I am looking for the parents of Allen C. and Theophilus TRACY. According to the information I have, the father must be either Stephen or Riel TRACY. Allen C. TRACY was born 20 April 1813 and died 15 January 1892, buried Logan, N.Y. He married Amy HAGAR on 4 October 1836. They had children Adelia, born 28 September 1839 and died 30 October 1841 and Gustavus Adolphus, born 14 September 1842 in Hector, N.Y. and died 2 April 1893 in Blissfield, MI. (Query posted 10/5/99) Jean H. Dembeck

Other surnames in query: BARTHOLOMEW, BECKWITH, SPARKS

Seeking information and contacts regarding the family and descendants of Sereno TROWBRIDGE and Susannah BARTHOLOMEW. Sereno was born c1775 in New Fairfield, CT. He married Susannah (widow of Dyer BECKWITH) in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, 179-? Known children: Erastus, Cyrenus, Mary (married Eli SPARKS of Whitehall), and Caleb. (Query posted 2/7/99) John McDonald

Other surnames in query: CRANDALL

Would like to know the ancestry of my g-g-g-grandfather, Gideon TRUESDELL, born 1755 in Schaghticoke, Albany Co., NY, died 1799 in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY. He was married to Dorcas CRANDALL, born 1758 in South Kingston, Washington Co. RI. (Query posted 3/12/99) Myrtle Valentine

Looking for information on the Abraham TUCKER family from the Queensbury area. Abraham TUCKER was born c1750, probably in Chappaqua, Westchester Co., NY. He married Deborah ??? c1770. He moved his family to Queensbury about 1786. The family was Quaker. Abraham was a Path Master at Queensbury for at least two years. He died before 7 September 1798. Children were Daniel, Joesph, Abraham, Samuel, Moses, Henry, Caleb, Amy, Sarah, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Anna and Rhoda. Abraham had two brothers, Samuel and Moses. What was Deborah's maiden name and who were her parents? Will be glad to exchange info on this family. (Query posted 1/3/99) Jim Harrison

Other surnames in query: WHEELER, HOYT, BRIGGS

I am researching my TWICHELL (TWITCHELL/TUCHELL) family who were in the area (I think) in the 1780-1800 time frame....and later. Problem is, the county lines have been redrawn so many times I don't know whether I should be looking in Washington, Warren, Rensselaer, Albany or VT! Some information indicates they were in NY, and other information indicates they were in VT. Am wondering if they were really in the same location the whole time and the only things that changed were the state/county lines! Bottom-line issue we're trying to resolve: Who was the father of Joshua, Nancy, (and possibly) Asaph TWICHELL. Joshua was born 1780-1784 and married Margaret WHEELER c1799 in NY. He's in the 1800 and 1810 Washington Co. census. There was an insovency judgment against him in Washington Co. in 1812, indicating debtors were in Benson, Rutland Co., VT, and Chester and Caldwell (towns associated early with Thurman, NY). Nancy was born 1781 (she indicates VT per 1860 census) and married Dr. Jacob HOYT in 1798 in Nassau or Stephentown (both Rensselaer Co.). Moved to New Haven, VT. Asaph was born 1780-1784 and married Irene BRIGGS. Their first child was born 1802 in Lake George, Washington Co. There is only one TWICHELL in the 1790 VT census, and that family has been identified. That leads me to believe I need to be looking in NY, but I don't know where! (Query posted 4/3/99) Candace Cox

Other surnames in query: THOMPSON

Asahael TYRRELL was born 1800 in Washington Co., NY. He married Ann THOMPSON. Their children were: Samuel M. TYREL (later known as Mortimer S. TYREL) born 1835; Charles M. TYRRELL, born Hebron, Washington Co., NY, 1839; and James Oscar TYRELL, born Hebron, Washington Co., NY, 1841. The family moved in the 1850's to Chester, Warren Co., NY. I cannot seem to get beyond Asahael TYRRELL, but I have found a Samuel TYREL in Washington Co. before 1800. Does anyone have any information on the TYRRELL family and where they came from? Also Ann THOMPSON had a brother Sherman, I do not have anything on the THOMPSON family before them, but I assum that they are from Washington Co. also. (Query posted 1/3/99) Tom Dunne


There are no surname queries beginning with the letter "U."


Other surnames in query: VANDENBURG

I am looking for information on Henry VAN BUREN, born 1796 in Washington Co., son of Hendrick VAN BUREN and Maria VANDENBURG. Henry's siblings were Annatje, Altje, William, Gerrit, Teuntje. I would appreciate any infomation on this family or any of it's members. (Query posted 7/17/99) Joe

Other surnames in query: WHITNEY, YOUNGS

Seeking infor on John VAN NESS who was born 8 October 1765 in Washington Co., NY. He died 24 January 1832 in Jerusalem, Yates Co., NY. He married Martha WHITNEY who was born 19 October 1766 in CT and died 28 July 1855 in Providence, NY. Her father was Jeremiah WHITNEY and her mother was Eva YOUNGS. (Query posted 6/30/99) Bonnie

Other surnames in query: TEETS

I am looking for my great-grandmother, Sarah Ann VAN PATTEN, born 1813. I don't know if she was born in Cambridge or not, but she married my great-grandfather, Benjamin TEETS there. Can anyone give me any help? (Query posted 11/2/99) Mary Sorensen

Other surnames in query: BOUTIELLIER

Looking for information regarding Jean Baptiste VANYEA/VANNIER. He died 1 April 1875 Sandy Hill, NY. He fell to his death in a culvert near Monty's Mill according to the Sandy Hill Herald of 8 April 1875. His wife was BOUTIELLIER and they had children: Henry, George, Marie, and Apoline. We have been stuck for quite sometime in the search for where the family lived in Sandy Hill or Kingsbury; when they came to NY and; where they came from. (Query posted 6/22/99) Robert R. Vannier

Seek parents, siblings of Oscar C. VAUGHN, born Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY, in 1840. (Query posted 9/28/99) Donna Wilbur

I am descended from Johann and Augusta VOGEL buried in the East Fort Ann (Otis) Cemetery. Any other descendants out there, I would like to hear from you. (Query posted 3/14/99) Jim Tyler


Other surnames in query: BICKFORD, BOWERS, ANGELL, MCELHENY

Still looking for Nathan WAKLEY'S parents. He married Sarah BICKFORD (need her parents) 16 March 1812 Hebron, Washington Co., NY. Children: Nathan Jr., born 2 June 1816, married Sarah BOWERS; Samuel, born 18 April 1818; Robert, born 9 February 1820, married Sylvia ANGELL; Hiram, born 30 June 1825, married Susan MCELHENY. Nathan and Sarah later moved to Allegany Co., NY.where they are buried. (Query posted 7/17/99) Jackie Oliver

Other surnames in query: BICKFORD

Need parents of Nathan WAKELEY/WAKLEY, born 1786 and died 1870 New Hudson, Alleganey Co.,NY, buried at Black Creek Cemetery. The 1820 Hebron, Washington Co., NY, census list a Nathan WAKLEY, moved to Tompkins by 1825 census. The 1820 Washington Co. census lists a Joseph, John, John, Robert, Samuel, also the 1800 census list a Robert. The 1790 census lists Robert WAKELY in Washington Co., Hebron Town. Nathan married Sarah BICKFORD and they had son Nathan, born 2 January 1816 in Hebron.(Query updated 7/13/99) Jackie Oliver

Other surnames in query: BAILEY

Seeking infor on James WALLACE. He had a child Roxanna Wallace, born 11 April 1788; Roxanna married Jotham A. BAILEY on 26 February 1808 in Fort Ann, NY. (Query posted 2/18/99) Thomas Palmer

Seeking information on the Albert WARD family. I found them in the 1920 census in Greenwich Township. What I am interested in is any birth dates, marriage dates or death dates of he and his wife Margaret or any of their 10 children. I have ages from the census but no actual dates, so the years that I have calculated could well be wrong as the census was taken in January. The names of the children with their ages at that time are as follows: Albert and his wife Margaret were 43; Ada 22; Ethel 20; Rosalie 19; Wilma 13; Leila 11; Alice 9; Lillian 6; Albert 4; Margaret 3. Any information appreciated. (Query posted 11/23/99) Lydia Granda

Other surnames in query: HENDERSON, MUNGER, SKENE

Looking for my 4th great-grandfather, John WARD, born 1765. We find him in Whitehall on Major SKENE'S Artillery Patent which we believe he was elected as an assessor on January 22, 1781 at his home His wife was Rachel HENDERSON, born 1767 Salem, MA. His brother was Samuel WARD and was elected as poormaster. They were joined by their other brothers Israel and Segar. They had a sister named Hope. Their other brother was Silas. John WARD had several children born at Fort Ann/ Whitehall, one of the children was James Henderson WARD born December 10, 1785 at Whitehall. He married Sarah MUNGER. (Query posted 6/14/99) Don and Joan Ward

I'm looking for information on a Walter G. WARNER. He was a soldier from the 123rd Regiment that enlisted in Salem, NY, Washington Co. He mustered in on 4 September 1862. I'm trying to find out who his parents are and his brothers and sisters. (Query posted 10/11/99) Steve and Cathy Warner

Seth WARREN was born in 1788. Did he live in Washington Co.? He had son Seth Hooper WARREN who was born in 1818. Would like to hear from anyone with any knowledge of this family. I have info to share on Seth Hooper WARREN'S family. (Query posted 6/30/99) Julia

Other surnames in query: BROWN, PIERCE, PARKER, DUTCHER, DERBY

Am searching for the family of Addeline WARREN, one of four witnesses to the last will and testament of Jonathan BROWN (husband of Molly (PIERCE) BROWN), Granville. The will is dated 9 August 1826; other witnesses are John C. PARKER, Cornelius DUTCHER, and Samuel DERBY. Any clues gratefully accepted. (Query posted 5/6/99) Eleanor McCain

Other surnames in query: ROYCE/RICE, BRADLEY, HOWE

Seeking info on WARREN families of WARRENSBURG, Washington Co., NY. Also, seeking origin of these vital records: Ebenezer WARREN and Ann ROYCE or RICE married c1798; Timothy Leonard WARREN and Eliza BRADLEY, married 26 March 1822; WARREN, born 26 October 1824 in Washington Co., NY, dau/of Timothy Leonard WARREN and Eliza BRADLEY. (Eliza BRADLEY was dau/of Joy Meiggs BRADLEY and Sally HOWE.) Children of Ebenezer WARREN and Ann ROYCE or RICE: WARREN, Timothy Leonard, born 11 March 1799; WARREN, Huldah, born 5 May 1801; WARREN, Harriet, born 23 April 1803; WARREN, Ansel Bailey, born 2 April 1805; WARREN, Diadema, born 14 July 1807; WARREN, Lovira, born 19 July 1809; WARREN, Finances Phoebe or Phinehas/Finaneas, born 9 August 1811; WARREN, Ebenezer Wallace, born 7 May 1815; WARREN, Benedict Brooks, born 20 August 1817; WARREN, Lucius Platt, born 1 May 1820; WARREN, Elias Davis, born 16 November 1823; and WARREN, Stephen Barnum, born 26 September 1826. (Query posted 3/20/99) Karen Mohr

Other surnames in query: BROWN, SWEET

Looking for confirmation that Cornelia BROWN, born 1 June 1799, NY or RI, and died 5 March 1854 Granville Twp., NY, bur. Truthville Cem.; married c1819 to David BROWN was Cornelia WARREN, daughter of a Charles WARREN born c1770, NY or RI. One 1900's source of cemetery records noted that she was "thought to be a SWEET. (Query posted 1/3/99) Eleanor McCain

Other surnames in query: PERKINS

I'm trying to find an ancestor who was born in Kingsbury, NY. Sarah WEATHERLY was born 1808 and married 1829 to Hervey PERKINS. I don't know either of their parents but they show up in 1830's in Wayne Co., NY. Hervey was born in Pownal , VT, in 1804. That's all the info I have and any help would be appreciacted. (Query posted 3/4/99) Raymond Perkins

Other surnames in query: REYNOLDS, BUYS, PALMATIER

Elizabeth WEAVER, bp 31 Aug 1997, Argyle, Washington Co., NY, parents William WEAVER and Margaret REYNOLDS or possibly William WEAVER and Margaret BUYS as listed in the IGI. Elizabeth married John PALMATIER and lived in Delaware Co., NY with children until 1835 then moved to Steuben Co., NY and in 1844 were temporarily in Livingston Co., MI, settling in 1845 in Branch Co., MI. Any information on Elizabeth, her parents & siblings would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 7/11/99) wrpete@micron.net

I am seeking information on Edmund WELLS, born 1792. He is listed on the 1855 census in Chautauqua Co. with Jane, both born in Washington Co. He is the father of John C. WELLS, born 1822 in Chautauqua Co. Edmund moved to Chautauqua about 1819. He is in a footnote in the NY Gazeteer as being one of the first settlers of White Creek. That is all the information I have at the moment. Any more information would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 9/30/99) C.S. Thun


I am seeking info on the father and ancestors of Theodore (Theodorus) WELLS, born 30 April 1812 in RI, who moved (date unknown) with father, John WELLS, born c1790 in RI, and brother, John Russell WELLS, born 5 September 1817 in RI, to Sandy Hill, Washington Co., NY, from RI. Theodore was born 30 April 1812 in RI, possibly Foster, Providence Co., RI. About 1836 in Sandy Hill, NY, he married Sarah Ann DUERS, who was born 19 October 1818, in Sandy Hill. Their children, born in Washington Co., were Harriet Adeline WELLS, born 29 October 1837 in Queensbury, who married William TIDMARSH in Wauconda, IL; Thomas Edmund WELLS, born 1 March 1839 on Moss St., Sandy Hill, who married Charlotte C. in Sandy Hill (?); Theodore WELLS, born 27 March 1841 on Moss St., Sandy Hill, who married Rosella WHITCOMB in Sandy Hill; John D. WELLS, born 9th of January 1843 in Adamsville, NY; Washington WELLS, born 21 August 1844 in Sandy Hill; Mary Naomi WELLS, born 5 April 1846 near Glens Falls, NY, who married Benjamin GARDNER in Wauconda, IL (?); Elvira WELLS, born 11 January 1848 in Kingsbury, NY, who married George F. DARRELL in Wauconda, IL. In 1849. Theodore and Sarah Ann moved with their young family to Lake Co., IL where Henry WELLS was born 10 April 1851 in Wauconda, IL; James Duane WELLS, was born 16 June 1853 in Wauconda; William Wesley WELLS, (my grandfather) was born 24 February 1855 in Wauconda, IL, returned to Sandy Hill by 1861 to apprentice as mechanical engineer with his brother, Thomas Edmund WELLS, at Sandy Hill Iron and Brass. William married Harriet SMITH, then Carolyn HALL from Washington Co. Back in Wauconda, IL, three more children, Edward, Sarah Ann and a baby, were born to Theodore and Sarah Ann before she died in childbirth 6 October 1863. Theodore, died 10 September 1882 and was buried next to his wife in Wauconda Cemetery, Wauconda, IL. I believe the Theodore WELLS family descended from Thomas WELLES, born 11 December 1605 in Colchester, Essex, England, and was married 23 July 1630 to Abigail WARNER, who was born 1614 in Boxted, England. Thomas WELLES emigrated from Colchester, Essex County, England in 1635 on the "Susan and Ellen" to Boston and the Massachusetts Bay Colony, later settling in Ipswich, MA. Abigail followed with her father and brothers in 1637. Their first son, Peter WELLS, who was born abt 1630/31in Colchester, England, came later to America with William SALTER, and went directly to Jamestown, (Kings Town), Washington Co., RI c1667. I am trying to find any further information about and who John WELLS' parents were. What was his direct relationship to Thomas WELLES, Deacon and Doctor of Ipswich, MA? Where can I find further information about this John WELLS, from RI? (Query posted 8/1/99) Dorothy Wells White

Other surnames in query: WELLS

Seeking info on John Welsh, born c1740 and died 28 April 1803, and his wife Hannah WELLS born c1743 and died 23 March 1833. They are both buried at the Coulter-Wells Cem. near Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. I have a copy of his will and he left a farm to his son William WELSH in Mayfield, Fulton Co., NY. His other children were John Jr., James, George Washington, Mary and Elizabeth. Would like to contact anyone else researching this family. (Query posted 5/13/99) George Welsh

Other surnames in query: WELLS

Looking for the family of John WELSH who died 28 April 1803 and his wife Hannah WELLS who died 23 March 1833, both are burried at the Coulter-Wells cemetery, Cambridge, NY. One of his sons, William WELSH, got his farm in Mayfield, NY. (Query posted 3/4/99) George Welsh

Other surnames in query: POTTER, ROUSE, SMITH

Rusmire/Rusmiah/Rusmyer WEST, born 1794, was son of Benjamin & Elizabeth (SMITH) WEST. He married Hannah POTTER, born 1799-1806. Their child Amy WEST, born 1800, died 1838 NY married ______ROUSE and they had 3 children: William Alonzo, Rebecca A., and Mary/Merry S. ROUSE. Family history says they were in Washington Co. in late 1800. (Query posted 1/31/99) Quodon

Other surnames in query: MORRISEY

I'm looking for information on James WHALEN that held land in Washington Co., NY, at least until after 1904 when he willed it to his son Anthony WHALEN. Several WHALENS moved into Dutchess Co., NY, about 1880 and raised cattle. James then moved to Salisbury, CT. James married Johanna MORRISEY in 1847 and had 7 children: Jerry, Mary, William, Dennis, Anthony, and a daughter Emma that died prior to 1904. I'm trying to find out what happened to the children and when James died. Any help greatly appreciated. (Query posted 5/7/99) V. Wall

Other surnames in query: CHASE

I have found it impossible to locate Peter and Elizabeth (Betsy) WHEELER. I found Elizabeth in 1855 in the Wash. Co. NY Poorhouse with sons Amos and Charles. Both sons were taken out, yet we were never able to find Charles again. We were able to track Amos because of his Civil War service. Amos is my gr-g-rgrandfather. He enlisted in Clyde, NY, were he was between 1855 and 1863 remains a mystery. We have not found Peter listed in the county although Amos was said to have been born in Fort Ann in 1846. The poorhouse records did not indicate where Elizabeth and the boys came from nor when they were released. The 1865 census records for Kingsbury are missing, although in Amos' records he indicated that the nearest relative was in Pattens Mills. In 1864 Elizabeth bought property there with Harriet CHASE, her daughter. If I could find this family in 1850 it would help us identify the children they hadand possibly give us a clue where Peter died. (Query posted 9/28/99) Georgia Anderson

Mary WHIPPLE was born about July 1877, possibly in Whitehall, NY. Her father was Joseph; her mother was Susan. Searching for birthplace, date, mother's maiden name, parent's marriage. (Query posted 5/20/99) Jprzypek

Other surnames in query: SMITH

I'm looking for information on the family of Priscilla WHIPPO who married Sanford SMITH c1760. He was a physician and they lived in Cambridge, Washington Co. I believe Priscilla may have been born in Washington Co. but I'm not sure. Any info would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 12/2/99) Joan Luckhurst

Other surnames in query: ADAMS, OGDEN, BAKER, WITHERELL

Looking for parents and siblings of Edward D. WHITE born 1823 in (Kingsbury?) NY, he married Margaret Elizabeth ADAMS in 1850, they lived in Spartansburg, Crawford Co. PA from about 1850-1878. They moved to Joliet, IL, and lived there until their deaths. Their children were: Lewis, born 1851; Frank, born 1853 and died 1866; Julian, born 1854; Arthur, born 1855; Leslie, born 1857; Harriet OGDEN, born 1859; Florence BAKER, born 1861; Fred, born 1863; Lizzie, born 1864; Katie WITHERELL, born 1866; and William, born 1867. Any information is very much welcome! (Query posted 9/29/99) Beth Kintner

Looking for information on Dennis WHITE, according to his Naturalization Papers (on file at Bellefonte, Centre County, PA Courthouse, dated April 1851), states that he entered the US in Whitehall, NY on or about 01 October 1846. He left County Limerick, Ireland on or about 01 April 1846. I believe that since the trip from IRE to Canada took approx. 46 days and was the cheapest fare he sailed to Quebec and then worked for fare to Whitehall, NY. Were there any ships which sailed from Canada (or from Ireland) to Whitehall, NY on or about Oct 1846? (Query posted 8/6/99) J. Russell White

Other surnames in query: HALL, HATCH

I am searching for information about the decendants of James WHITE and Jane HALL who lived in Washington Co., NY, in the early 1800's. James WHITE may have emigrated from the north of Ireland and Jane HALL may have been from Argyle, NY. I think James may have been born in the 1790's and died in the 1840's. He served in the war of 1812 and was a Presbyterian. Jane died around 80 years of age in 1871. They had 12 children, one of whom is my great-great-grandfather, Henry WHITE who was born in Salem, NY in 1836 and was schooled at the West Hebron Seminary. William WHITE settled in West Hebron, NY and was living there around 1910. Jane WHITE married an Eli HATCH from West Pawlet, VT. Alexander moved to Waterloo, Ia. Robert moved to Sandwich, IL. Daniel G. moved to Rock Island, IL. There were 2 other daughters and 4 other sons about which I know nothing except they were probably not living in 1910. (Query posted 7/13/99) Steven White

Potter WHITE, a veteran of the Revolution, was a resident of Whitehall in 1800-1810. Only one of his children is known, Alexander, born 1818. Is there any information about other children? Any help appreciated. (Query posted 7/13/99) John White

Other surnames in query: HALL, SIMS, HATCH

I am looking for any information on James WHITE or his offspring. He possibly was born in Ireland and settled in Salem, NY in the early 1800's. He was a farmer and died around the age of 48 when he fell from an apple tree. He was married to Jane HALL from Argyle, NY who died in 1871. They had 12 children, including my great-grandfather, HENRY WHITE who married Harriet (Hattie) SIMS from Cazenovia, NY. Other children included William WHITE, Alexander WHITE, Robert WHITE, Daniel G. WHITE, and Jane E. WHITE who married Eli HATCH and moved to West Pawlet, VT. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 7/11/99) Steven White

Other surnames in query: HALL

I am looking for any information on James WHITE and his family. I believe he came to Salem, Washington Co. in the early 1800's (? from Ireland) and married Jane HALL from Argyle, NY. He was a farmer and met his death by falling from an apple tree at about 48 years of age. I believe he served as a soldier in the war of 1812 and think he was a Presbyterian. His wife Jane (HALL) WHITE died in 1871. A son, Henry WHITE, was born in Salem on July 17, 1836 completed his education in the West Hebron Seminary. At the age of 21 or 22 he learned the patternmaker's trade in Oswego. From there he moved to IL. I think there were eight other sons and three daughters born, including William, Jane A., Alexander, Robert, and Daniel. (Query posted 7/11/99) Steven White

Perry Green/Perigrene WHITE of Shaftsbury, VT, in about 1796 followed his children to Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. He lived in 1810 next to son John, and in 1813 he died. Am seeking other WHITES that might be his children. John had son Perry born in 1810 and then I think most of the familiy moved on to Niagara Co., NY. (Query posted 2/7/99) Steve Behr

Other surnames in query: BROWN

Looking for any information on Mary Ellen BROWN WHITEHEAD. She was a compositor for "Whitehall Times" in 1895. She is buried at Our Lady of Angels Cemetery in NY, died 14 August 1944. She married William WHITEHEAD on 21 April 1895 in Whitehall, NY They had two children: my grandfather Daniel John and Grace Elizabeth. (Query posted 2/17/99) Maddie Whitehead Hall

Other surnames in query: JENKS

I am looking for information on Lyman WICKHAM who was born in Washington Co., NY. I would also appreciate any information on Sally JENKS or Stephen WICKHAM who I believe are his parents. (Query posted 4/3/99) Mavis Schaffner

Seek info about Calista WILCOX who was born 1817 Ft. Ann, NY. She was the daughter of Isaac and Freelove WILCOX. Isaac was a carpenter and sometimes later worked on canals. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 6/21/99) PATH3242

Other surnames in query: CUMMINGS, BLAIR

Alexander WILEY, born 1804 Putnam, Washington Co., NY, died 1857 same, married 1829 in Putnam to Margaret CUMMINGS, born 1808 and died 1865 in Putnam. Their children include: Anne Mariah, 1829; George Martin, 1830, a Presbyterian minister; Robert Cummings, 1832-?1894; Hannah Jane, 1833-1856; Isabel, 1835-1901; Alexander, 1836-1913; Cornelia, 1838-1856; Abel Comstock, born 1841; William James, 1842-1844; Margaret, born 1845; Agnes, 1846-1887, married James Martin BLAIR; Delia, 1848-1855; and Mary Emily/Emma, 1850-1893 WILEY. Any other information appreciated. (Query posted 10/6/99) Sherry Kaseberg


Searching for info on the following families: Eunice WILKINSON, born about 1822/1823 in VT or CT, married about 1839 to Amos FOSTER, Junior, died 2 Jan 1891 in Quaker Springs, Saratoga Co., NY, (Fairmount Cemetery). Haven't thus far been able to find out who her parents were. Amos FOSTER'S mother, probably named Mary WICKHAM, born about 1781, married Amos FOSTER, Senior, about 1801, died 6 Oct 1825, Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, (Bottskill Baptist Cemetery). Again, don't know who her parents were. Mary (probable last name) HATCH, born about 1796/7, married Jonathan GREEN, Senior, about 1811, parents of: 1) Sylvia (GREEN) CRANDALL, 1811-1862, 2) Mary (GREEN) HATCH, born 23 Sep 1813, Easton, married Ira HATCH about 1831, died 26 Jun 1891, Easton, Washington County, NY, (Greenwich Cemetery), 3) Jonathan GREEN, Junior, 1818-1898, married Caroline E. FOSTER 4) Anna (GREEN) HUBBARD?, born about 1821. Any help appreciated. (Query posted 9/24/99) Jennifer Dunkle


Lt John P WILLARD, born 1837 in Fort Miller, NY, was son of George WILLARD and Julia Ann PETTIT. George's mother was Rebecca, maiden name unknown, and I am looking for his father's name. Julia was the child of Jacob PETTIT and Lydia LIVERMORE. John P. WILLARD married Susette STILES and moved to Arkansas and where he raised 7 children and farmed. Even until the 1930s we had an Aunt Alice BRISTOL still living in Fort Miller. George's other children are Lydia Margaret, married Roselle VANDERWARKER; Alice, married Abram BRISTOL; William K.; Jacob P.; Mary, married James VANDERWARKER. George and Julia were members of the Reformed Church of Schuyerville as were the VANDERWARKERS. John P. WILLARD and Sussette STILES had children Oscar; Bert; Nettie; Edward; Frank Leslie; James Blain; Elmer, born after the move to Arkansas. Rebecca, George WILLARD'S mother, also had Ann and Hannah who married James CHERRY in NY. Would love to hear from any family still in the area or anyone who knows anymore about them. Julia Ann's father was Jacob PETTIT and I have nothing else on him, her mother was a LIVERMORE and I have the info from The Livermore Family. Jump to a photo of Lt. John P. Willard. (Query posted 11/2/99) Linda Long

Other surnames in query: PETTIT, LIVERMORE, CHERRY, STILES

I am looking for a family from Ft. Miller, Washington Co., NY. George WILLARD was born 1808 and married Julia Ann PETTIT, daughter of Jacob PETTIT and Lydia LIVERMORE. George's mother was named Rebecca and he had sisters Anna and Hannah. Hannah married James CHERRY. George had children: Lydia Margaret, William, Alice, Mary, Jacob, John P., born 1837. John P. married Sussette STILES. I have the STILES and the LIVERMORES but nothing on George's father or Jacob PETTITS family. (Query posted 9/22/99) Linda Long

Seeking info on Isaac, Joseph, and James WILLIAMS. They were all in the 1790 census in Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. Joseph and Isaac were both on the 1800 census. I would like to know if any one can tell me if these people came from RI. Any other information on these people would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 1/24/99) John Cannon

Other surnames in query: FRANCISCO, CISCO, M'CREA

Looking for the cemetery that Robert WILLSON and Ruth FRANCISCO WILLSON are buried in. Henry FRANCISCO lived with Robert and Ruth and Robert is listed in the 1790 census as head of Whitehall Family in Washington Twp., Whitehall Twp. and Henry FRANCISCO is given as Henry SISCO. They were neighbors of Miss M'CREA who had a tragic death. Family lived two miles from Whitehall, on the Salem road to Albany. Does anyone know where this road is in Washington Co.? (Query posted 8/26/99) Deb Sherman

Other surnames in query: ROSS

I am searching for information on a Sarah Ann WILSON of Whitehall who married James S. ROSS of VT. Sarah was born on 8 June 1817. James was born in Otsego Co. They moved to Erie Co., PA in 1838. I am attempting to track down the ROSS family tree. James' father was a John ROSS (born c1773) who married a Lucy and also ended up in PA. (Query posted 10/22/99) jross12991

/ Seeking info on John and Abagail WILSON. John was born about 1760; married before 1790. He was in Skenesborough (Whitehall) by the mid to late-1760s. They had children: Sabra, Jane, Robert, Abagail. (Query posted 2/18/99) Thomas Palmer

I'm searching for information on Joseph WILSON. He was born in 1799 in Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY. I'm looking for his parents and other siblings. If anyone is working on this family, please contact me. (Query posted 1/21/99) Stephanie Osmachenko

Seeking and information on the WILSONS in Ft. Ann, Washington Co., NY. My WILSONS lived in this small town in the 1790's. My great-great-grandfather Joseph WILSON was born there in 1799, parents unknown. Any help to find the parents would deeply be appreciated. (Query posted 1/15/99) Stephanie Osmachenko

Searching for info on Sarah Elizabeth WINCHELL, born 1814-1820 in Washington Co., NY, daughter of Elijah (born c1775 in Suffield, MA) and Dorcas ? (born 1792). Trying to find date/town of Sarah's birth, location/date of marriage of parents Elijah and Dorcas, Dorcas' parents. (Queryposted 4/3/99) Carol T. Burrall

Other surnames in query: HURAHOE

I have been trying to research my great grandparents on my father's dad's side. They lived in Whitehall from at least 1892. Margaret (Maggie) "HURAHOE" WINTERS died in 1905 while giving birth to a child and Fred(erick) WINTERS died in 1962. Fred owned a large portion of property in Whitehall on Winters Road, hence the name. I have been trying to find a land deed for this property but have only been able to find when he sold it. I also have been having trouble with Margaret's maiden name. Several documents that I have found list it differently. Both were to have been from Ireland; Fred from Cty. Roscommon and Maggie Cty. Cork. Maggie's parents' name might have been John and Helen. (Query posted 5/13/99) mandalay@empireone.net


Looking for any information on Nathaniel WOOD or Eunice DRAPER. Nathaniel was born on 12 September 1789, (in MA, I think) and moved to Whitehall sometime after that. He married Eunice DRAPER in February 1818. They had six children, of which only five lived to adulthood; Rollin Charles (married Sylvia MARTLING); Sally Ann (married Justus BARTHOLOMEW); Mary E. (married John H. MILLER); Harriet (married Hubbard PENDLTON); and Jackson (married Eliza ?). Nathaniel died in Whitehall on 11 October 1852, and he and his wife Eunice are buried in Miller Cemetery in Hampton. (Query posted 10/8/99) Woody

Other surnames in query: SEELEY

I am looking for parents of Deborah WOOD, born about 1759 in Salem, Washington County. She married Nehemiah SEELEY. Any info appreciated. (Query posted 1/10/99) Cheryl Classick

Other surnames in query: NELSON, HARE, LYMAN

Almond WOODCOCK was born in 1791 in Hebron, Washington Co., NY. He married Anice NELSON about 1817 in Hebron. She was the daughter of John NELSON and Molly HARE. The father of Almond (Almon?) remains a mystery. None of the WOODCOCK data bases currently online mention him. Alan WOODCOCK'S data at Earthlink includes an Almon WOODCOCK, born 1814 at Sudbury, Addison Co., VT but the birth date is much to late to correspond to Almond/Almon (1791). The Washington Co, NY Census of 1800 includes two WOODCOCKS who might possibly be Almond/Almon's father: Israel WOODCOCK (page 569) - age ranges in household 12210-2000100, and Joseph WOODCOCK (page 485) - age ranges in household 10010-1000100. Almond WOODCOCK first appears in Federal Census records for Potter Co., PA in 1830. Close connections can be surmised with the NELSON and LYMAN families in Washington Co. during the period 1775-1800. It is also possible that some mention of Almond might be found in the "History of Washington County, N.Y." by Crisfield Johnson, which book is not available to this researcher. (Query posted 12/23/99) Tom Dewey

I am looking for any information concering the WOODSTOCK family from Putnam Station, Washington Co., NY. First names: William, Samuel, James. (Query posted 5/6/99) Lauri Winters

William WRAY lived in the house of his father, John WRAY (nephew of George WRAY of Fort Ann), in the Town of Fort Ann. William died 26 December 1889 and his burial site is not recorded. Anyone know where he is buried? (Query posted 3/14/99) Jim Tyler

Other surnames in query: SIMMONS

Searching for parents of Emily WRIGHT who was born Cambridge, Washington Co. ,NY c1805; died New Haven, Oswego Co., NY 1888. She married Hervey/Henry/Hovey SIMMONS. She probably migrated west with family, as there is no record of Hervey going east of Oneida Co. (Query posted 10/7/99) Cynthia Simmons

Other surnames in query: SIMMONS

My great-great grandmother was born in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, c1804-6. She married Hervey SIMMONS c1825 in New Haven, NY, and died there in 1888. I believe her brother was James H. WRIGHT, who also emigrated to New Haven. I cannot find her (their) parents. (Query posted 9/20/99) Cynthia Simmons

Other surnames in query: WEST

Does anyone know whether any substantiated genealogy has been published regarding the many descendants of Enoch WRIGHT (1763-1810) and Tryphena WEST (1761-1847) who moved to Whitehall after their marriage? Children may include: Oren, Chester, Ira, Sara, William, Walter, Rennsalear, Franklin, Grove, and Lucy. (Query posted 2/17/99) Lorraine Ferguson-Goss

Apparently the WRIGHT Family Cemetery on the family farm in Whitehall, NY, was relocated sometime after 1900. There were about 20 graves; some were relocated to Fair Haven, VT, some moved to the Sciota Cemetery, but others are presently unaccounted for. Does anyone know when this cemetery was moved and where the residents were re-interred? (Query posted 3/14/99) Lorraine Ferguson-Goss


Other surnames in query: YARDS, COVEY

Looking for additional info on the family of Thomas YARNES (born c1742) and wife Deborah, who had at least the following children: Gilbert, Josiah, Johnson, Thomas Jr, Jesse, Darius, Jerusha and Sarah. Gilbert YARNES and his brothers Josiah and Johnson had served with Webster's Regiment during the Rev War, but all three appear on a list of Confiscations for Kingsbury, Charlotte Co under the name YARDS. Thomas YARNES was also jailed, and later released in 1781 for good behavior. The family later removed to Fredericksburg, Durham, Ontario. Other YARNES, supposedly of Wash Co, married into the COVEYS there. (Query posted 1/21/99) Pam Wood Waugh

Other surnames in query: O'BRIEN

George YULE shows up on the 1840 Census in Washington Co. in the town of Whitehall on page 252. Again on the 1860 Census in Whitehall on page 95. I am interested in a George YULE, born 1820 and married Adeline O'BRIEN, born 1826. They had a daughter Helen Adelaide YULE, born 25 January 1851. Any assistance in finding this family would be greatly appreciated. They are my gggrandmother and gggrandfather on my mother's side. (Query posted 5/20/99) John Quigley

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