Old Photos of North Argyle

Submitted by Mike Huggins

1. The first is a view of the Hook schoolhouse (I forgot the District No.), looking generally to the north. The road to the right is now County Rte 45 that runs past Sherwood Medical, etc. The road to the left is Coach Road that heads toward Tamarack Swamp and Hartford. The photo was probably taken sometime from 1897 to 1900.

the Hook schoolhouse

2. The second photo is a "Mystery Photo" from probably August 1900. It shows a farm probably somewhere in North Argyle - but it could be anywhere, since the photo was not identified. Since I now live in southern California, I had to rack my brain to figure out where it might be, but no luck; my memories don't help. It wouldn't surprise me if the subject farm looks today very much like it did 100 years ago.

North Argyle farm

3. The third photo is a view of the North Argyle Presbyterian Church circa 1899-1900. The view is to the south. The dirt road barely seen on the left is the predecessor of current State Rte. 40.

North Argyle Presbyterian Church

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