A Copy of the Last Will & Testament of David Allen, deceased

Recorded September 3rd, 1814

This twenty sixth day of sixth month one thousand eight hundred & thirteen, I David Allen of the town of Cambridge, County of Washington, & State of New York do now make my last Will & Testament as to such estate which I am favoured with which is to be disposed of in the following manner =

Firstly, I order all my just debts to be paid out of my estate by my executors who are to be hereafter named.

Secondly, I give & bequeath unto my beloved wife, Rhoda Allen, a good bed & bedding fit for winter & summer use, our cow, clock, one hundred dollars, a bureau , high chest & drawers, a great table, great Bible, all her wearing apparel & ten pounds worth of household furniture out of my estate free & clear to her own disposal.

Thirdly, I give unto my wife, the improvement of my Farm, all my stock, & farming utensils as long as she remain to be my widow after he decease. I order the Farm to be sold & the remainder of my estate except what I have give to my wife.

Forthly, I give unto James Smith & his wife Elizabeth, & two children, five dollars.

Fifthly, I give & bequeath unto my five grand children, Sarah Wipple, David A. Smith, Rhoda Smith, David Smith, & Rebekca Smith all my estate to be equally divided between them except to David I give a silver spoon, buttons, & buckles for his name sake to them, their heirs & assigns forever except what I have give to my wife. I give to Sarah, Rhoda & Rebecca Smith to each a silver spoon with the letters David A. on them. My will is such that if my estate should rise in value, my wife’s share shall rise in proportion, but if by great expense should fall in value, my wife’s part shall fall in proportion. Also, if there should be any dissatisfaction with my heirs in settling the estate, I appoint Jonathan Griffin, James Pomwell, Thomas Cornwell to take the matter into consideration & the judgement of them or not less than two of them shall settle the difference. Lastly, I do constitute and appoint my friends, Philip Allen & Elisha Baker to be my lawful executors to my estate whom I empower to ???? deed or deeds with as much authority as myself ratifying this to be & no other my last Will & Testament whereunto I set my hand & seal this day & year above written in presence of:

[Signed & Sealed] David Allen

Adam Allen

Job Allen

Rachal Ruggle



File # NY-58-3-316.  It was written 26 Jun 1813 and recorded 3 Sep 1814.


Submitted by: Robert Akin