The Huggins Family

Submitted by Mike Huggins

Family of Lucina Fuller Huggins of North Argyle (the Hook), NY

Photo of Lucina's Family, 1907

Top Row (L to R): Clara F. Huggins, Arthur Ira Huggins, and Nancy Huggins

Middle Row: (L to R): Mary Frances (Fuller) Riddell, Lucina J. (Fuller) Huggins, and Margaret Ann Huggins

Bottom (L to R): Adah Margaret Huggins (with dog) and Mary Lucina (Mazie) Huggins.

photo is courtesy of Mrs. Ruth (Huggins) Ward of North Argyle, NY.

Lucina and Mary Frances Fuller were the daughters of Ira West Fuller and Clarissa Buckley (Culver) Fuller of Cambridge, NY. Mary Frances (a school teacher) was married to James Riddell of Greenwich, but at the time they lived in Nevada (Mary Frances was visiting for Mazie's wedding). Lucina (1851-1927) was a dressmaker and would go to different people's houses and make clothing for the family, and then move on to another family. Her husband, John W. Huggins (1843-1889), was a farmer who died prematurely from pneumonia. After he died, Lucina was forced to sell off the farm and move in with her sister-in-law Margaret Ann (1840-1908), where she raised her five children. They lived on Huggins Road, off of County Rte. 45, on land now owned by Bill and Pam Robertson. The farm homestead was at the top of the hill, and Margaret Ann's house (later Archibald Skellie's) was at the base close to the County road. Clara (1875-1958), the oldest of the Huggins "kids," never married, was a governess in Glens Falls, and was known for her paintings. Arthur (1883-1965) married Jennie Irwin of South Argyle, and bought back the original farm, farming and raising a family there for many years. Nancy (1876-1955) was married to Archibald Skellie of North Argyle. Adah (1886-1964) grew up partly in Greenwich with relatives, became a nurse and homemaker, and married Richard MacKenzie of Greenwich. Mazie (1879-1961), also grew up partly in Greenwich, married Grant Tefft of Greenwich, and, with Grant and their family, operated the Greenwich Journal (in addition to raising a large family). The occasion for this photo was Mazie and Grant's wedding. The Huggins family were very active members of the North Argyle Presbyterian Church.

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