Other surnames in query:  DORR, SHENCK

I am searching for the ancestors of Hetty Gersha ALVEY who married Dr. Jonathan DORR, Jr. in the mid 1800's in Cambridge, NY. I have found that she was supposed to have been from Hartford, NY. I have also seen that there was another name listed to read Hetty Gersha SHENCK ALVEY. Does anyone know who her family may have been? Thank you in advance for your help. (Posted 4/17/00)  Submitted by Linda Kelley

Looking for the parents of John ANGEL, born 21 April 1830, NY. (Query posted 1/4/00) James DeBuse

Other surnames in query: MARSH, AKIN, PEACOCK

Need the dates and places of the following marriages:
1. Edward Chandler AUSTIN to Rhea Emma MARSH, early 1900's
2. George W. AUSTIN to Florence L. AKIN, late 1800's
3. Calvin Edgar MARSH to Margaret J. PEACOCK, late 1800's
(Query posted 1/4/00) Jillean

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