Other surnames in query: MANEY, MIDDLETON, CAMPBELL

My 5th great-grandfather Leonard Deklyn-DeKleyn married Margaret MANEY. He fought in the Battle of Saratoga, during which a daughter Ann Magdalen was born (1777). From the Manuscript Department of the NY Historical Society, I have a letter that was dated 20 January 1774, written in Argyle, near Fort Edward. It was addressed to Peter MIDDLETON from Archibald CAMPBELL. It notifies him that Leonard DeKLYN has allowed people to cut down trees for masts. My 4th great-grandfather Barent was born 1770. I am looking for any information on this family. I need a baptism record for Barent or anything that would connect him to his father Leonard. I know this family was in Washington Co. till the 1780's. (Query posted 1/12/00) Nancy Giaretti

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