Dave and Laura On The Town!

Here we are all dressed up for the DISCOM (Division Support Command) Formal that took place on 11 June 1998. Dave is stationed here at Fort Campbell, KY, where he is Command Sergeant Major (CSM) for the 801st MSB (Main Support Battalion), a 900-soldier battalion that supports the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). I attended in all my bald glory--no hair on my head, no eyelashes, and I didn't even have to shave my legs. : ) I have 2 wigs I never wear and I do get some strange looks, especially from children. I wanted to wear my pink "Race for the Cure" hat but decided I'd better go formal to the Formal! My dress was light blue, navy blue and black. My scarf was navy with a gold pin in the back. Tres elegant...

Dave & Laura on the Town!

By the way...I am barefoot in this picture and Dave's wearing his shoes. I really am that much taller!

My Favorite Picture

This is my favorite picture! I have it framed and hanging on my wall. It was drawn by my 10 year old stepdaughter Carrie . I think she really caught me in all my glory and she has me wearing my pink hat!!

Carrie's picture of Laura

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