Other surnames in query:  DORR

Faulkner/Dorr: I am searching for the ancestors of Margaret FAULKNER who was born in the late 1700's to James FAULKNER and Anne?. She resided in Cambridge, NY and was married to Dr. Jonathan DORR. Her father is listed as Judge James FAULKNER. Does anyone have information on the Faulkner family in Cambridge during the late 1700's early 1800's? Thank you in advance. (Posted 4/17/00) Linda Kelley

Other surnames in Query:  MORGAN

I am looking for a W.C. FENNELL. I have news paper clipping out of the Poultney Journal of Jan. 26, 1894. He was a rail road yard master in Whitehall. The news clipping says his mother, MRS. D.W. FENNELL, went visit him because of an illness. I do not know the first names of either of these people. I do believe they are related to my family tree, however, these names have not come up in my searches. I believe he is related to and EDWARD FINEL [b.1748 Granville, Mass] and ANNE MORGAN. If anybody has any knowledge of these people, I would like to hear from you. I will share all the info I have on the FINEL/FENNELL. I am a descendent of Edward and Anne. Luther [b.1785 d.1826 Salem, N.Y.] was one of his sons. He had a son also named Luther[b.1826, Salem, NY].  If there is any railway buffs in Washington Co., they may have info on W.C. FENNELL.  (Posted 5/9/00) John Fennell

Looking for information on Felix and Amanda FITZSIMMONS. They had at least three children named William, Hugh, and Josephine. Felix was born about 1795 and Amanda was born about 1801. Family history shows that their son William was born in Fort Edward on 16 September 1836. If anyone has information on any of these people, it would be greatly appreciated. (Query posted 1/4/00) Heather

Other surnames in query:  WHITE (WHYT)

Trying to make a connection to Argyle, Washington County New York. On an old piece of paper from Family is written John Flack from Ireland lived in Argyle NY, buried there. It said his wife was a Hannah Whyt (White). However when I asked someone was nice enough to tell me there are two Jon Flacks buried there and a Hannah White, not Hanna White Flack. Is there anyway to find out if either John had children or a wife's name. I am totally lost and have no info except what is on the paper.  (Posted 4/15/00) Submitted by Barbara

Other surnames in query:  EVANS, COLE, ELDRIDGE

Jacob FULLER was born in 1786, moved to Ohio around 1812 from New York with 4 of his sons, followed later by his wife, Lucy EVANS (or COLE, m. ca. 1804?).  Between her and second wife Mary ELDRIDGE, they had around 18 children, Abel, Mathew, Calvin, Quartus, Willis, Samuel, 8 unknowns, Cynthia, Maria, Jacob E. and Harry.  They eventually settled in the Putnam County area of Ohio.  He died in 1872.  (Query posted 4/9/00)  Belinda Tantalo

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