People From Washington Co., NY
Buried in Hubbard Cemetery (Junius, Seneca Co., NY)

Hubbard Cemetery is located in the Town of Junius, Seneca Co., NY. 

BAXTER, Parces, mother of Tyler SMITH
BOYD, Salmah W.
BUCK, Amos; Lovina BUCK, wife of Amos BUCK; Sarah G. BUCK, daughter of William and Eliza BUCK; Charles BUCK; Addie BUCK, children of Perry T. and Emeline BUCK
BURCH, Martha, daughter of Laurence D. and Martha BURCH
DAILY, Sarah, wife of Samuel DAILY
DISBROW, Nancy L., wife of James DISBROW
DUNHAM, William H.; Martha P.H. DUNHAM; George DUNHAM; Martha L. DUNHAM
HUBBARD, Dr. Abner; Martha HUBBARD, wife of Dr. A. HUBBARD
Following on one large four-sided stone: HUBBARD, Orlando; Susan Stuart HUBBARD; Martha M. HUBBARD; Orlando HUBBARD, Jr.; Orlando A. HUBBARD; Infant HUBBARD, children of Orlando and Susan HUBBARD
Following on one stone: HUBBARD, John L.; Sarah E. HUBBARD, wife of J.L. HUBBARD; George G. HUBBARD, son of John L. and Sarah E. HUBBARD
M'ELWAIN, Lucinda, wife of Alex M'ELWAIN, daughter of Aaron HAMILTON
MILLER, Samuel F.; Louisa MILLER, wife of Samuel F. MILLER; Charlotte MILLER; Norman B., MILLER; Charles H. MILLER, son of S.F. and L. MILLER
RICH, Betsey, wife of Richard RICH
Following on one stone:ROGERS, Franklin; Lerna ROGERS, wife of Franklin ROGERS; Infant ROGERS; Franklin ROGERS, Jr.; Jacob O. ROGERS; Martha ROGERS, daughter of Franklin and Lerna ROGERS
ROGERS, Betsey; ROGERS, Mary Ann, wife of Enos ROGERS; children of Enos and Mary Ann ROGERS; Joel Almon ROGERS, son of Joel and Mary A. ROGERS; Sarah ROGERS
SMITH, Catherine, wife of Tyler SMITH
SMITH, Charles A., son of Tyler and Catherine SMITH
SNARY, Henry; Alice J. SNARY, daughter of Henry and Luviann SNARY; William H. SNARY, son of H. and L.A. SNARY; John A. SNARY, son of H. and L. SNARY
STEVENSON, Osker L., son of N.B. and S. STEVENSON
STORY, Benjamin; James STORY
STUART, Addison; Prudence STUART
THORNTON, Nehemiah
UPRIGHT, William E., son of Edmon and Laura UPRIGHT
VAN SCHAICK, Elizabeth, wife of Timothy VAN SCHAICK

This cemetery is in a disgraceful condition. It has been used as a pasture and stones have been knocked over and trampled on by horses and cattle. Information copied on 29 July 1965 by K.P. Kellogg and C.W. Fegley.

The list of names was supplied to the Washington Co. web page by Martha S. Magill.

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