Last Will and Testament of Martin Hopkins

Submitted by Loma Wilkins

I, MARTIN HOPKINS, of the Town of Fort Edward County of Washington and State of New York being weak in body, but of sound mind thanks to Almighty God for the same so make this my last Will and Testament as follows viz:
1st. I will that all my just and lawful debts be first paid.

2nd. I will and bequeath to my beloved wife PHEBE HOPKINS fifty acres of Parcel from the north and east part of my farm on which I now reside including my dwelling House on the Town part of said farm for her own use, benefit and disposal forever and also our roan horse, two cows, four hogs, all the hay and grasses on the premises at present for present use. All the waggons, sleighs, harnesses and farming utensils on the premises, two feather beds, four feather pillows, two feather bolsters, four sheets, four kersey blankets, two coverlets, four comfortables, eight pillow cases, three bedquilts, two under beds, two French bedsteads, one bureau, one chest of drawers, one table, one stand, one cooking stove, pipe and apparatus for cooking, three brass kettles, all the cooking and stove ware in the house, all her own individual clothing and wearing apparel of every kind, two black trunks, two pans, two milk pails, one pail and strainer, one water pail, twelve silver tea spoons, nine knives and forks.

I will and bequeath to my grand son JOSEPH HENRY HOPKINS four hundred dollars in cash also our yoke of 4 year old oxen, one Roan four year old horse, one red cow, two red 2 year old heifers and two buffalo robes.  I will and bequeath to my son FREEMAN HOPKINS fifty dollars. I will and bequeath to my son MATHEW HOPKINS fifty dollars. I will and bequeath to my son ASAHEL G. HOPKINS two hundred and fifty dollars. The residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal I will and bequeath to my other children to be divided among them equally alike viz: MARTIN HOPKINS, ELSIE GREEN, CHARLES C. HOPKINS, MARIAM GREEN, SALLY FORD, MARY GREEN, HANNAH WILLIAMS, MILLITA MILLER and DANIEL B. HOPKINS.

It is my will that son MARTIN HOPKINS shall receive only the lawful interest on his legacy annually and at his death the principal shall be divided among his children equal except JOSEPH HENRY HOPKINS who is not entitled to any thereof.
It is my will that MARY GREEN receive no more than the lawful interest on her legacy annually and at her death the principal is to be divided among her children equally alike.

I acknowledge he above to be my last will and testament I hereby appoint THOMAS ELLIS and ABEL POTTER executors of the Same evoking all other wills by me made whereunto I have set my hand and seal this twenty-fifth day of January 1854.
(Signed:) MARTIN HOPKINS (seal)
In presence of JAMES SAVAGE, Argyle
MARY ELLIS - Fort Edward

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