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The Whitehall Times July 24, 1902

Obituary Normandin

Pierre Normandin, aged seventy-two years, was stricken down with appoplexy, while employed at the new personage connected with the Church Notre Dame des Victoires, Saturday morning, a few minutes past ten o'clock and breathed his last in the arms of Rev. Father Lize.  Mr. Normandin, was born in Iberville, P.Q. Canada March 19, 1830. His ancestry dates back to 1634 and is connected with one of the best families in Canada. October 3, 1850, he was united in marriage to Miss M. Onesima Laberge of Iberville and came to St. Albans Vt. where he resided several years. He returned to Canada during the civil war in this country and in 1869 came to Whitehall where he has resided ever since. By trade Mr. Normandin was a mason and several buildings and other work stand today to show the ability of his work in that line. He was a devoted member of the Church Notre Dame des Victoires and was also a member of the St. Joseph Society.
When the society was first organized Mr. Normandin was elected President and at the time he was one of the trustees for the above church. The whole village will greatly miss Mr. Normandin, as he was well known to every one and always had a kind and cheering word for his fellowmen. He is survived by his wife and nine children who are: Sister Marie Madeleine and Sister St. Pierre of Misercorde Convent, Montreal, Canada: Mrs. Eva St-Hilaire, Fair Haven, VT.: Zepherin P. Normandin, Glens Falls: Adolphe F. Normandin, Waterford: Mrs. Rose Emma Charpentier, Rutland, VT,: Mrs. Marie Louise Dalton, Warrenburg: Alfred Normandin and Mrs., Ferdinand Rocque, of this village. One sister also survives, Mrs. Delima Deslauriers dit Chevalier, of Lowell, Mass.

The funeral was held Monday morning at nine o'clock from the Church Notre Dame des Victoires, Rev. Father Lize officiated. The remains interred in Broadman's cemetery and the bearers were, John LaFond, Peter Blais, Edward Godon, Arthur Godon, Frank Godon, and Edward LaFond. These gentlemen were all members of the St. Joseph Society. The following people from out-of-town were in attendance at the funeral: Sisters St. Marie Madeleine and St. Pierre of Montreal, Canada: Alexis St-Hilaire and family of Fair Haven: Mr. and Mrs. Z. P. Normandin and children of Glens Falls: Mr. and Mrs. Adolphe F. Normandin of Waterford: Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Charpentier of Rutland, Vt.: Mrs. Louise Dalton and daughter Miss Bernadette of Warrenburg: Mrs. Marie Laberge, William Laberge, and Miss Eva Hebert of Cohoes: Miss Rigina Labelle of St. John's, Canada: Alphee St-Halaire and Miss Emma Lapointe, Miss Lillian Laliberte, Mr. and Mrs. Prunier, Mr. and Mrs. F. Rollin, all of Fair Haven.

Glens Falls, N, Y. January 24, 1906


Zephirin Pierre Normandin

The funeral of Peter Normandin was largely attended yesterday morning at St. Alphonsus' Church. A solemn requiem high mass was celebrated with Rev. George Lise, celebrant, Rev. Eugene Roy, decon and Rev. George Gratton subdeacon.  There were no flowers but instead special prayers were requested for the deceased by his bereaved family. Those who gave spiritual offerings were Rev. George Lise, Mrs. Zephirin P. Normandin, Alphee P. Normandin, Frederic A. Normandin, Misses Eveline and Pauline Normandin, Mrs. Pierre Normandin, Sister St. Marie Madeleine, Sister St. Pierre, Sister St. Beatrice, Mrs. Alexis St-Hilaire, Mrs. Marie Louise Dalton, Antoine Normandin, Mrs. Charles Huot, Allan Huot, Gertrude Huot, Adolphe F. St-Hilaire, Delphine St-Hilaire, Celia Huot, Mr. and Mrs. Zephirin Bombardier, Lina Bombardier, Mrs. Pinard, Marie Anne Pinard, Mrs. Pierre Lupien, Mrs. Emma Pelletier, Mrs. Henry Daudelin, Marie Bazinet, Josephine Barry, Mr. and Mrs. Adolphe St-Hilaire, Mrs. Beauchemin, Mrs. John Monty, Henry Lavesque, Charles Burnham, Mrs. Henry Chauvin, Mrs. Henry Blanchet, Mrs. Adelard J. Charpentier, Mrs. Ferdinand Rocque, Hector Matte, Mrs. Adolphe F. Normandin, Mrs. John Blanchet, Miss Lilian Louprette, Mr. and Mrs. C. Laberge.
The remains were interred in St. Alphonsus cemetery. The bearers were Patrick C. Walsh, N. McCune, S. Gerdephe, Ernest Boss, James Mansfield and James L. Carey.

The members of the Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers Union attended the funeral in a body. Among those in attendance from out of town were Sister St. M. Madeleine, Sister St. Beatrice, of Montreal, Canada: Mrs. Pierre Normandin, Mr. and Mrs. A. St-Hilaire, Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Perdreaux, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Normandin, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Rocque, Mrs. Henry Blanchette, of Whitehall: John St-Hilaire, of Troy: Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Normandin of Waterford: Hector Matte of Cohoes: Mrs. Adelard J. Charpentier of Rutland, Vt.: Antoine Normandin and family and Mr. and Mrs. Adolphe St-Hilaire of Sandy Hill.

The deceased was born in Iberville, Canada and was a descendant of one of the oldest families of that country. He represented the tenth generation, his forefathers came to the New World in 1634. The family came to Glens Falls about four years ago from Whitehall. (Posted 4/17/00)  Submitted by Rosemary Seabury

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