Surname: BABCOCK
Given Name: Charlotte A. Phillips
Birth Date: 1826
Birth Place: Kingsbury, NY
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Spouse: Augustus M. Babcock
Death Date: 12/7/1896
Death Place: Greenwich, NY
Parents: Rufus Phillips Lucy Langworthy
Children: Julia F. Babcock Osmer A. Babcock Benjamin L. Babcock Job A. Babcock Edward R. Babcock Thomas H. Babcock Harriet Babcock
Other Info: Submitter believes Charlotte's mother Lucy was the dtr. of Sanford Langworthy of Greenwich and White Creek, and died soon after Charlotte's birth. Charlotte then lived in various Langworthy homes of Washington County, until she married. Her father Rufus Phillips, son of Francis of White Creek, remarried Mariah Serviss and moved to Iowa.
1. Village of Greenwich vital records book
2. Greenwich cemetery tombstone
3. "Greenwich Journal" obituary

Submitter: George Jackson
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