Surname: Foster
Given Name: Henry
Birth Date: Oct. 23, 1919
Birth Place: Clemons,NY
Marriage Date: April 5, 1945
Marriage Place: Whitehall,NY
Spouse: Frances Young Foster
Death Date: October 20, 1999
Death Place: Rutland Regional Medical Ctr.
Parents: Willis & Rose Noble Foster
Children: Michael,Kathleen,Barbara, Charles,Joanne & Patricia (twins)
Other Info: My Father's death certificate has his date of death incorrect..they have it as Oct. 21, 1999 when his actual death came at October 20, 1999 at 7:30 PM Burial place: Mountain Grove Cemetery in Huletts Landing,NY on October 23, 1999 on his 80th birthday! BIRTHDATE: 10/23/1919
Sources: Daughter..Patricia Foster-Connors

Submitter: Patricia Foster-Connors
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