Surname: Leddick
Given Name: Charles Henri
Birth Date: June 7, 1867
Birth Place: Whitehall, NY
Marriage Date: Feb. 20, 1898
Marriage Place: Whitehall, NY
Spouse: Elizabeth Privy (Eveo)
Death Date: Sept 25, 1933
Death Place: Whitehall, NY
Parents: Joseph B. Leduc and Philomene Gendron
Children: Edith Mae Leddick, Alexandre Charles Leddick, Lucy A Leddick
Other Info: Occupation, boatman. Alexandre and Lucy died very young. Charles remarried Lina Rivette Nov. 25, 1908. Spouse listed on death certificate is Lillian Matte.
Sources: death Certificate, family bible, Notre Dame des Victoires Repertoires

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