Surname: Martin
Given Name: Abigail
Birth Date: 27 Aug 1772
Birth Place: Sturbridge, Worcester Co., NY
Marriage Date: 27 Jan 1791
Marriage Place: Sale, Washington Co., NY
Spouse: Hon. Asa Fitch, M.D.
Death Date: 26 Mar 1839
Death Place: Fitch's Point, Washington Co.,
Parents: Col./Capt. Adam Martin & Abigail Cheney
Children: surname FITCH: Martin Asa, Mary, Almira, Barbara J., Barbara Jarvis, Asa Fitch, Abigail Martin, James Harvey
Other Info: The "old Fitch homestead" at Fitch's Point was built c.1787 by Abigail's father, Col. Adam Martin. Asa & Abigail Fitch purchased it & the 140 acres in 1795. The home still stands today. Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Salem, NY. Submitted by great-great-great granddaughter.
Sources: "History of Washington County"

Submitter: Judith (Witman) Evenson
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