Surname: Roche
Given Name: John Patrick
Birth Date: 7/3/51
Birth Place: Granville Hospital , Granville
Marriage Date: 7/7/72
Marriage Place: Lincoln, IL
Spouse: Mary C. Wright
Death Date:
Death Place:
Parents: John Gerald Roche, father Ruth E. Lyng, mother
Children: Christine Anna Roche Patricia Marie Roche Michelle Joanne Roche John William Roche
Other Info: U.S. Navy 1971 - 1975 Have 4 brothers: Eugene Allen Roche, Patrick Joseph Roche, Timothy Michael Roche, Terrence Edward Roche Grandfather: Patrick Joseph Roche, Chief of Police,Granville,NY Wife: Catherine Sennett Their children: Paul, Thomas, Francis, Edward, (my father, John G.)
Sources: Personal knowledge and family records.

Submitter: John P. Roche
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