Surname: Stevenson or Stephenson
Given Name: Andrew
Birth Date: Before 1755
Birth Place:
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Spouse: 1) Margaret Gilmore (according to family records); 2) Susannah ____ (m. before June 1806 and still m. in Jan. 1816; according to land deeds and will)
Death Date: Between January and September 1816
Death Place: Town of Hector, Seneca/Tompkins/Schuyler Co., NY
1) Elizabeth b. Oct. 23, 1772, d. Oct. 30, 1845 in Rossie, St. Lawrence, NY (m. William Austin);
2) Gilbert b. Sept 14, 1776, d. Aug. 5, 1832, town of Hector, Tompkins Co., NY (m. Betsey Owen);
3) Andrew E. Jr. b. May 28, 1779, d. March 31, 1867, Chillicothe, Wapello County, Iowa (m. Tabitha Dolph & Rachael Early);
4) James b.1774-1790 (m. Polly ______);
5) Alexander b. 1784 (m. Hannah ______);
6) Margaret b. 1774-1790 (m. a Tozer or a Pitcher and King);
7) Susannah b. 1774-1790 (m. a Tozer or Pitcher and King)
Other Info:
1771: Tenant of Philip Skene on Skene's Little Patent east of Skenesborough near Poultney River
1778: Went to Canada and then returned to Charlotte Co.; sent to Albany under guard; took oath of allegiance; allowed to return home
1784: Moved to Westfield/Fort Ann, per compiled history.
1786: Elected an overseer of highways, Westfield.
1790: In census in Westfield.
1792: Took out mortgage for Aritillery Patent (AP) 75 parcel in Comstock's Landing.
1794: Elected a pathmaster for east side of Wood Creek.
1795: An elector in Westfield qualifed to vote for senator; elected a pathmaster for Path No. 2, Westfield.
1796: Elected a commissioner of highways, and a pathmaster, Westfield
1798: Qualified as juror in Westfield
1800: In census in Westfield; sued George Jacques in court and lost.
1802: Sold to George A. Linda under a 2-year mortgage of $405.83 a parcel of 55 acres in AP 75 bounded by AP lots 75, 76, and 56.
1805: Attempted to sell to Charles Kane AP 56 250 acres via mortgage for $250. Apparently Kane didn't pay because land was sold to someone else in following year.
1806: Sold 250 acres in AP 56 for $1000 and a 70 acre and a 55 acre parcel in AP 75 for $1600 to George A. Linda/Lindey.
1807: One of 15 people in Westfield with highest tax assessment, $1150
1810: In census in town of Hector, Seneca Co., NY, as was son Andrew Jr.; bought 98 acres in Hector 77 for $294 from John Atkinson of NY City.
1811: Sold to son Andrew Jr. 98 acres in Hector 77 for $290; he owned other land in Hector because his children later inherited it.
1816: Wrote will in January in town of Hector; son Gilbert and friend Isaac Avery executors; personal inventory made.
Sources: Papers of Philip Skene; Westfield annual town meeting minutes; numerous deeds for land in Westfield and town of Hector; Andrew Stevenson's will and probate; misc. historical records.
Notes: The land Andrew owned in Comstock, town of Westfield/Fort Ann, NY, (Artilery Patent Lots 56 and 75) flanks Wood Creek and borders the town of Whitehall. This land now is the site of a major granite quarry, a lock on the Champlain Canal, an Amtrack railroad line, and a the Great Meadows state prisons.
Submitter: Lynn Stevenson Fisher (descendant of Andrew's son Gilbert)
Submitter Email:

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