An Ecclesiastical Book Belonging to the First Presbyterian Church of Whitehall

Part One--Baptisms

   The following is a copy of an old book marked on the cover "Infant Baptisms and Marriages," and on the fly leaf "Memorandum of Baptisms and Marriages in the First Presbyterian Society of Whitehall--and occasional instances elsewhere--administered by me from my first settlement in the Gospel Ministry. Aug. 7, 1822."
   Signed: John R. COE
   The book is just about a hundred years old. It is very well preserved, and the writing is exceedingly bright. It is exactly the same size as this page, and about half an inch thick, with plain, rather thick paper, such as they used to prefer for quill pens. The cover is pasteboard with imitation leather back and corners. On the last fly leaf is a pencil memorandum headed, "Lewis things." The mem. reads: 4 shirts, 2 collars, 2 pr. cotton pants, 2 mixed and 1 do worsted, 1 do sheeps gray, on every day jacket, 1 plain linen do, 1 Sunday do, 1 pr. boots, 1 so shoes, 1 pr. cotton socks, 1 pkt. handkerchief. Below this in another hand in ink is written the name Rev. L. KELLOGG, Esq., but whether in KELLOGG'S hand or not is uncertain. I have copied the book verbatim as to spelling and punctuation, but not as to form, for the way it has been ruled in columns is impossible to imitate on a typewriter, and besides the form varies on nearly every page. (C.E.H.)
   Rev. John R. COE, the first pastor of the church was installed July 17, 1822. He died Sept. 30, 1823. Mr. LOWREY says, "He was an earnest warm hearted man, beginning his ministry with great promise of usefulness. He was buried in the old cemetery which surrounded the church edifice, and there for forty years he lay until the body was removed to the new cemetery between Troy and Lansingburgh." (C.E.H.--C.E. HOLDEN, compiler of these records.)

Oring Archibald, son of Archibald and Lucy SMITH, born ?, baptized Feb. 18, 1821.
Lucy Ann, daughter of do., same date.
Clarissa Ann, dau. of do., baptized July 22.
John, son of Samuel and Amanda SMITH, born ?, bap. Aug. 19. (Samuel SMITH is not on any list of Presbyterian Church members that we have, but he was buried in the old cemetery, and the stone says he died April 16, 1838, aged 57. C.E.H.)
   The above children were baptized by the Rev. Ralph ROBINSON previous to my being constituted pastor of the church. (Nov. 5, 1821, Rev. Ralph ROBINSON agreed to preach to the people each alternate Sabbath for one year. C.E.H.)
James Henry, son of Elias and Elsie DEPEW, born Sept. 23, 1821, bap. Sept. 1, 1822.
Caroline Matilda, dau. of William and Eliza TURK, born Aug. 31, 1817, bap. Sept. 1, 1822.
James Henry, son of do., born Sept. 14, 1821, baptized Sept. 1, 1822.
Ebenezer Wallace, son of James and Eliza CALDWELL, born Nov. 28, 1819, bap. Sept. 1, 1822. (I think James is the same as James G. (C.E.H.) He lived on the southwest corner of High and Center streets in the house later occupied by Elisha BLIN. It may be that this child Ebenezer Wallace is the same man known in other records as Wallace E. (H.E.S.)
Robert, son of James and Jane MATTHEWS, born April 16, 1822, bapt. Sept. 1, 1822. (I know this Robert well. He was the father of Andrew, Joseph and Alice (Mrs. L.M. RICH). His wife was Jane Ann BRIDGE. He was a large, fleshy, heavy red faced man. In his old age when I knew him he was a paralytic. (H.E.S.)
Thaddeus Augustus, son of James and Amanda SMITH, born July 25, 1822, bapt. Sept. 22.
Elisha Jay, son of Joseph and Tiney ADAMS, bap. Oct. 25, Brunswick.
Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas and Phebe TOZER, born Aug. 4, 1822, bap. Feb. 2, 1823.
Joel Henry, son of John and Betsey SULLIVAN, born June 16, 1820, bap. May 4, 1823. (Joel was my grandfather. He was a large man. He was born in the family home on Center street. It has been related to me that Joel as a boy lived with Ezra SMITH, who had a line of stages and also a line of horses on the canal. Joel became a famous driver, and was known from Albany to the Canada line. He continued until the railroad drove the stages out of business, when he went to New York and engaged as a fancy driver there. At the outbreak of the civil war he was engaged to buy horses for the Government, and in that occupation travelled extensively in the west, but making New York his headquarters. He died in NY City, 1863. H.E.S.)
John, son of Ranaud and Caroline RODGERS. (I am not positive about the name Ranaud. It looks something like that. It might be Ramond. The record of the child is not completed. C.E.H.)
Hiram, son of Russel and Mary OSBORNE, born Sept. 7, 1815, bap. Aug. 3, 1823.
Menander, son of do., born June 27, 1818, bap. Aug. 3, 1823.
William Shepard, son of Mr. Esa EDDY and Mrs. EDDY, bap. Apl. 14, 1825, aged 7 yr. 9 mo. 4 da. (William S. always lived in Whitehall. His first wife was a daughter of Jesse L. BILLINGS, and they lived at that time in the EDDY homestead on Church street, formerly the BILLINGS house. After the death of his first wife, William S. married the widow of John CAIN, and moved to the Myers row on High street. Afterwards they lived in the north side of the Dr. NORTON house on Williams street. He died along in the late 80s. Mrs. EDDY is still living. (H.E.S.) Esa: Asa is meant, of course. He built the house next north of the Presbyterian church and lived there. Afterwards the house was sold to Alwyn MARTIN, and now owned by Wm. H. CARTER. I have always understood that he gave to the church the ground where the present church stands. He was my grandfather. (Mrs. E.T. HORTON)).
John LEWIS, son of do., bap. April 14, 1825, aged 5 yr. 0 mo. 26 da. (John Lewis EDDY was my father. He went west when a young man, and afterwards came back to Rutland, where he married Sarah GOULD of Chittenden. There were several children, but I am the only one living in Whitehall. (Mrs. E.T. HORTON))
Cornelia, dau. of do., bap. do. aged 3-7-3. (I was named for my aunt Cornelia. She went west and died some years ago. (Mrs. E.T.H.))
Israel, son of do., bap. do., aged 1-6-8. (Israel died young. (Mrs. E.T.H.))
William Cantwell, son of James MCGUIRE, born April 16, 1829, bap. at 11 mos.
Andrew Johnston, son of Wm. WALKER, born Dec. 16, 1829, bap. at 12 mos. (Never heard of him. He must have died young. (H.E.S.))

   Infant Baptisms administered by me, A. FLEMING, installed pastor, Sept. 6, 1832. (Rev. Archibald FLEMING was the third regular pastor of the Presbyterian church in Whitehall. He resigned in February, 1837, but continued to supply the pulpit until the first of the following May. He was born in Scotland and came to this country when a boy. His pastorate is said to have been a very happy and successful one. (C.E.H.))

Isaac, son of Ezra and Mrs. SMITH, born Sept. 29, 1832, bap. Dec. 23, 1832.
James Henry, son of Robert and Caroline ORR, born April 3, 1832, bap. Dec. 23, 1832.
Joseph, son of James and Jane MATTHEWS, born Dec. 13, 1832, bap. Apl. 14, 1833 (Joseph married Marietta, eldest daughter of Earl MAY. Their children were Mary (Mrs. Joseph DANA), Carrie (Mrs. Henry W. COLLINS), Gertrude (Mrs. Frank COLLINS). Joseph was killed by the cars at the depot in the late 70s or thereabouts. (H.E.S.) Josesph's mother, Jane MATTHEWS, joined the church in Mr. COE'S time. In 1876 she was said to be the only surviving member of his congregation. See II-239. (C.E.H.))
Henry Richards, son of Alfred and Sarah T. JOHNSON, bap. July 5, 1833, aged 10 mos.
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel and Amanda SMITH, born Dec. 10, 1832, bap. Nov. 10, 1833.
Joseph Matthew, son of W.A. and Margaret TRAVIS, born May 28 , 1832, bap. July 5, 1834 (He was my half brother, about four years older than I. He died years ago. He used to clerk for M.J. MYERS (W.D. TRAVIS)).
Peter Michael, son of Peter J.H. and Lucy MYERS, born July 12, 1833, bap. July 1834.
William Julius, son of Julius and Eliza PIERCE, born Dec. 20, 1831, bap. Jan. 2, 1835.
Alpheus Lorin, son of Robert and Caroline ORR, born Feb. 17, 1834, bap. Jan. 2, 1835.
Robert Henry, son of Hiram and Fanny EDDY, born Nov. 18, 1833, bap. Jan. 2, 1835 (Hiram was a brother of Asa. He had one son Robert. The EDDYS came from Fort Edward. (W.D. TRAVIS) Hiram died Feb. 12, 1852, aged 51 (Wm. St. Cem.)).
Mary Jane Volinda, dau. of Archibald and Julia Ann FLEMING, born July 17, 1834, bap. Jan. 2, 1835.
Harriet Eliza, dau. of Wm. H. and the late Harriet PARKER, born Feb. 25, 1828, bap. May 1, 1835 (Harriet, wife of William H. PARKER, died Sept. 8, 1834, aged 39. (Wms. St. Cem.)).
Eliza, dau. of Lewis and Eliza KEELER, born April 27, 1834, bap. May 1, 1835.
Phebe Lovina, dau. of John and Phebe CULL, born Mar. 25, 1835, bap. July 3, 1835.
Joseph Allen, son of Joseph and Jane BUNCE, born 1834, bap. July 3, 1835 (He died in Chicago, August 1871. See XV-268 (C.E.H.)).
William Patrick, son of Alfred A. and Sarah T. JOHNSON, born June 22, 1834, bap. Oct. 30, 1835 (Alfred A. JOHNSON was a merchant here. Nov. 30, 1849, he purchased the store and stock of James G. CALDWELL and Co. dry goods, groceries, crockery, boots and shoes, flour, salt, nails, marble dust, etc. The store was located two doors north of the Phoenix Hotel. See Chornicle of that date. An Alfred JONNSON died Aug. 29, 1851 and is buried in Williams street cemetery, but whether or not this is Alfred A. is uncertain. (C.E.H.)).
Robert Henry, son of Archibald and Julia A. FLEMING, born Sept. 29, 1835, bap. July 1, 1836.
Charles Alwin, son of Robert and Caroline ORR, born May 10, 1836, bap. Sept. 2, 1836.
Harriet, dau. of Edward C. and Mary PARKER, no dates (Mary B. CARPENTER was Edward's first wife. See Carpenter Genealogy. She died August 1st 1849, aged 29. (Boardman's Cemetery). His second wife was Jane GOODRICH. She died Sept. 16, 1892. (C.E.H.)).
John Nelson, son of John L. and _____ SMITH, born _____, bap. Dec. 30. 1836.
Helen Marcella, dau. fo the same, bap. Dec. 30 (She married Rev. Henry LANCASHIRE. I do not know where he was from, but he preached here in the Presbyterian church. She was a school teacher. They had three daughters and a son Henry. The latter married a rich woman and lived in Alman, Mich. (H.E.S.)).

Adult Baptisms

James CALDWELL, Sept. 1, 1822 (Undoubtedly James G. CALDWELL (C.E.H.)).
Mary Amanda BOARDMAN, do (She was a daughter of Samuel BOARDMAN, and married Orla HOUSE).
Sally LOCKWOOD, do (She afterwards married Dr. Wm. S. CLARK).
Mary OSBORNE, January 19, 1823.
Phebe TOZER, do (She was the wife of Thomas TOZER, Jr. He died in 1827 and she afterwards married John CULL (C.E.H.)).
Betsey SULLIVAN, do (Betsey was my great grandmother. Her husband's name was John, who came to Whitehall prior to 1817 as his name appears on a road warrant that year. I do not know Betsey's maiden name, or where they were married or came from. I have an idea Betsey was the daughter of Mrs. Hannah WHITING, who in 1824, owned a house on Center street mentioned in a lease from the WILLIAMS estate to Elias DEPEW, now in my possession. I think the only other buildings on that street then were the CALDWELL house and the school house. The SULLIVAN (or WHITING) house was of brick with white marble steps. The late Egbert PRINDLE told me this, and showed a scar on his head which was received in a fall down these steps. He remembered Betsey as a large buxom woman, very good looking and with light hair. In 1824 Betsey is referred to as the Widow SULLIVAN. (H.E.S.)).
Lovina CALDWELL, May 4, 1823.
Eliza CALDWELL, Aug. 3, 1823 (She was the wife of James G. (C.E.H.)).
Ada EDDY, 18 April 1829.

Extracted from Sleeper News, vol. 2, nos. 2-3 (May-August 1994. Copyright 1994)

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