An Ecclesiastical Book Belonging to the First Presbyterian Church of Whitehall

Part Two--Marriages

Lewis WILKINSON to Maria OSBORNE, Sept. 25, 1822, of Whitehall (According to an advertisement in the Chronicle of April 4, 1845, Lucius WILKINSON was the captain of the packet boat W.E. Caldwell, plying between Whitehall and Buffalo. His name also appears in the list of advertised letters in the Democrat of Oct. 3, 1845. Since writing the above I see I was confused. The above WILKINSON is Lewis, not Lucius. I do not recall ever seeing Lewis' name. (C.E.H.--C.E. HOLDEN, compiler of these records.) Yes, see X-406. Lucius married Mrs. Mary E. WARNER. See VII-29).
James W. COLLISON to Jane MCCHESNEY, Oct. 15, 1822, Brunswick.
Willis OSBORNE to Elizabeth JAKWAY, March 13, 1823, Whitehall (These OSBORNES were probably children of Russell, who died in 1823, and I imagine Mary mentioned on the previous page was his wife. See XV-286 for something about them. C.E.H.)
John OSBORNE to Olivia WISWELL, Sept. 13, 1824, of Whitehall.
Rev. Mr. LATHROP of East Florida to Miss LATHROP of NY, Nov. 19, 1824, Whitehall.
Mr. Joseph BUNCE to Miss Jane SMITH, Dec. 8, 1824, Whitehall.
Mr. John BLIN to Miss ORMSBY, Dec. 16, 1824, Whitehall.
Augustus LOCKWOOD to Belora CARPENTER, Oct. 26, 1824 (Augustin LOCKWOOD died July 23, 1832, aged 30. Williams St. Cemetery).
James KINGSLEY to Annis JOHNSTON, Jan. 6, 1825.
Mr. Joseph SMITH to Susan SMITH, Jan. 20, 1825, Whitehall.
Ebra STOCKBRIDGE to Barbara WILLARD, Feb. 14, 1825, Whitehall.
Orla HOUSE to Amanda BOARDMAN, 1825, Whitehall (Orla HOUSE was a son of John HOUSE who came here in the early days and was a partner of Peter J.H. MYERS. He died Jan. 2, 1866, and is buried in Boardman's. Her name was Mary Amanda. She was a daughter of Samuel (H.E.S.) Died April 17, 1863, aged 63, and is buried in Boardman's C.E.H.)
Mr. John PARKE to Eliza WING, 28th June 1825, Whitehall (I think this is meant for John C. PARKE, who was the son of John and Barbara PARK. The old people did not always use the final 3, but the children did. C.E.H.)
Mr. Roswell CORBIN to Miss Charlotte SIMMONS, 18th July 1825 (I think she was a daughter of Shubael SIMMONS and a sister of Mrs. Peter KETELTAS. C.E.H.)
Mr. William CARNEY to Rosey MCDERMINT, 29th August.
John J. PANGMON to Miss Linorah GILBERT, Sept. 8th, 1825 (John J. PANGMON was born in 1804 and died soon after his marriage, that is, in 1828. He left one son, John Jay, who was born the year of his fathers' death. Leonora GILBERT was born in 1808 and survived her husband 53 years, dying in 1881. They are all buried in Greenmount. C.E.H.)
James MCKEAN to Lydia JORDAN, 24 Oct. 1825.
Sophia S. KIMBALL to Elias BROWER, Whitehall, 7th Feb'y. 1826.
Gilbert MCNALL to Laura LOOMIS, Whitehall, 24th May 1826.
Robert ORR to Caroline TAFT, Whitehall, 30th June 1826 (Robert ORR died Jan. 13, 1851, aged 51. Buried in Boardman's. Next to him is the grave of Caroline, wife of Geo. W. MASON, died April 1, 1866. I do not know it, but it seems probable she was ORR'S wife who married MASON after his death. A son, Charles A., died Feb. 21, 1852, aged five months. There are three other graves marked Caroline Elizabeth, dau. of R & C, died July 25, 1832 aged 2 years, Caroline E., dau. of R & C died July 11, 1840, aged 11 mos. and Caroline E. dau. of R & C died July 29, 1844 aged 18 days. One would think that they would have grown supersititious of that name. See IV-144 and XIV-310 for notes on Robert. C.E.H.)
Ira MILIARD to Clarissa GOODRICH, Whitehall, 30th July 1826.
Thomas DEWEY to Esther FISH, in the Town of Whitehall, 30th July 1826.
Ansel RECORD to Mary HAMILTON, Dec. 6, 1826, at Whitehall.
Kies C. HAMILTON to Caroline KELLEY, Dec. 7th, Whitehall.
Benoni GUILDER to Maria FULLER, Apl. 16, 1827 (More properly VAN GUILDER).
James WAGNER to Jane LYTLE, June 21, 1827.
William STICKNEY to Julianna HARRIS, Whitehall, Feb. 22, 1827.
Hiram THOMAS to Sally TAYLOR, Whitehall, 17th Sept. 1827.
Mr. Clark LOCKWOOD to (illegible), Dec. 31, 1827.
Mr. Daty ALLEN to Sarah BENJAMIN, 10th Nov. 1828 (He died June 17, 1840, aged 64. Williams Street Cemetery. Crisfield Johnson speaking of the outlet of Long Pond on which Amos COLLINS sawmill stood, says, paged 285-6, "Daty ALLEN subsequently built a sawmill on the opposite side of the creek." Under the name of Daly ALLEN, he was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1821, serving one term. C.E.H.)
Mr. Washington Abraham TRAVIS to Miss Margaret MYERS, 3rd Feb. 1829 (She was Deacon Travis' first wife, one of the daughters of Peter J.H. MYERS. She did not live long. C.E.H.)
Henry J. DAY to Sally THURSTON, 9th Sept. 1829 (She was probably a daughter of Daniel THURSTON, as he is the only man of that name appearing in any of the old records. C.E.H. See I-258 for a receipt for money paid by Governor SKENE to Deacon Nathan DAY of West Windsor, Conn. In the old Williams Street Cemetery is a stone to Deacon Nathan DAY, born 1748, died 1821. Charles DAY was a resident of Whitehall Village in 1820, and had three children in school. Henry DAY was an early resident, but I find very little concerning him. He had a brother who was a preacher and married a daughter of Drake BENJAMIN. then there was an Orson DAY,a merchant of some prominence. I presume Deacon Nathan was the progenitor of the Whitehall family, and probably Henry, Charles and the preacher were his sons. Mrs. CONERY told me once that Henry J. was the son of Henry Sr. and that he had a brother Ed and a sister Helen who married John C. EARL. Henry J. must have been a visitor at Orson's house, as withess to the following ad from the Whitehall Democrat of April 14, 1847: Lost. On Wednesday evening last, between the dwellings of Orson DAY and H.J. DAY, in the village of Whitehall, a Black Merino fringed Cape. A suitable reward will be paid for its return to: H.J. DAY, Whitehall, April 2, 1847. I also saw a clipping from the Free Soil Advocate of Sept. 25, 1848 which gives some idea of the nature of his occupation at that time. Mrs. DAY died May 1, 1872 and was buried in Hartford. H.J. DAY. Is now prepared to jump axes, and to grind them fit for use. Old iron and most kinds of grain taken for pay. November 13th, 1847.)
Mr. Syant HARDY to Miss Mary HILL, Whitehall, May 29, 1829.
Dr. Benjamin OTTER to Miss Mary ALLEN, Dec. 29, 1829.
Mr. Austin DAY to Miss Mary Ann HESKILL, Dec. 30, 1829 (It is possible this was meant for Orson DAY. She was the daughter of Dr. Amasa ALLEN. She had a brother Horace. Their sister was the second wife of Michael J. MYERS. See IV-131.)
John H. BOYD, Esq., aged 30, attorney at law, to Miss Lucretia ADAMS, aged 21, Jan. 25, 1830, witness Peter J.H. MYERS, S. BAIN, Jr. and John KENNEDY (She was a daughter of Jeremiah and sister of J. Pliny. It is said that her father built the house next south of the Methodist church and gave it to Lucretia as a wedding present. She died within a year or two. H.E. SULLIVAN).
Mr. Joshua BLANCHARD, aged 30, to Miss Nancy DICKERMAN, aged 28, Whitehall, Feb. 3, 1830. (Comfort and Joseph DICKERMAN were residents soon after 1800. They apparently lived in the northern part of the town. The BLANCHARDS lived over in Egypt, that is the valley between the old turnpike and Wood creek, in back of VIRGILS. There was a large family of the BLANCHARDS, and practically all of them bore Bible names.)
Mr. Henry WISWELL, aged 23, to Miss Mary GOODALE, aged 19, Feb. 19, 1830, Whitehall.
Mr. Erastus D. COLVER to Caroline BLIN, March 4, 1830, at Whitehall. (He was one of the great guns of Whiggery in this section. See VII-8. Caroline was a sister of Elisha BLIN, the merchant, and a daughter of the elder Elisha.)
Mr. Horace CARPENTER to Elenour BOSTWICK, Whitehall, 27th Sept. 1830.
William LOURTICK to Miss Mary Ann TERRY, Oct. 12, 1830.
Mr. Joshua HALE to Miss Harriet CRAIGE, October 27, 1830.
Mr. Felander SAUNDERS to Miss Jane GILMOUR, Oct. 28, 1830. (Philander it should be. The only reference to him I know of is in a couple law suits in 1842, in which he was defendent. See III. C.E.H.)
Mr. Alfred H. GRISWOLD to Miss Susan WRIGHT, Oct. 28, 1830.
Mr. William COAL to Margaret MCEU, 24th Nov. 1830. (Probably MCCUE.)
Mr. Peter LEBELLE to Minish DODLIN, 4th Dec. 1830. (This name DODLIN, or something like it is the original French name of the family now known as DOUGLASS who lived for a great many years in the Elbow district. In later years the French gaelicized the English form to Dudlaw, variously spelled.)
Mr. Augustus PRIME to Mary Ann BLACK, 14th Dec. 1830.
Nathan C. HILL to Sabrina Ann LOOMIS, 16th Dec. 1830.
Columbus ALLEN to Delia WOODWITH, 16th Dec. 1830.
Mr. King MOON, Junr. to Eliza Ann DEAL, 20th Jan. 1831. [Nearly illegible.]
Elisha A. MARTIN, aged 24, to Mary C. BOYNTON, aged 20, Feb. 8, 1831.
Charles NICHOLS to Anna CARPENTER, 23rd March 1831.
David RIDER to Mary Jane THURSTON, 7th Sept. 1831.
Alfred A. JOHNSON to Sarah RICHARDS, 20th Dec. 1831.
Edward LESHER to Amy BURT, 12th Jan. 1832. (These must have been strangers. There were LUSHERS, and LACHERS and several BURT girls, but we cannot identify any of them with these people.)
John CULL to Phebe TOZER, Whitehall, 20th Jan. 1832. (Phebe was the widow of Thomas TOZER, Jr. who died in the late ‘20's. C.E.H.)
Benjamin TOMILSON to Cornelia BOYINGTON, Whitehall, 23rd June 1832.

Record of marriages solemnized by me, A. Fleming.

Job R. SMITH, Esq., to Miss Jemima GREEN, Whitehall, Sept. 12, 1832, many witnesses. (He was a professional man, probably a lawyer. His office was burned Dec. 8, 1835. See II-216.)
John SHERMAN to Catherine HOWLANDS, both Irish, Whitehall, Sept. 26, 1832, witnesses N. PIERCE, M. STARR, etc. at the close of lecture.
Rev. Gershom B. DAY of Middletown, Vt., to Elizabeth BENJAMIN, Whitehall, Oct. 25, 1832, many witnesses at her parents’ home. (This is the preacher brother of H.J. that we have spoken of. C.E.H.)
Chauncey P. CARROLL of Warwick, Mass., to Christina A. DOWD, of New Haven, Vt., Whitehall, May 30, 1833 at Mr. PARK'S house, witnesses Judge WHEELER, etc.
Joseph DOULIN alias DOUGLASS to Josette BEAUCHAMP alias PINEFIELD, Whitehall, August 1st, 1833 before many witnesses.
Horace CARPENTER to Mrs. Maria LOCKWOOD, Whitehall, August 20. 1833. (Evidently his first wife did not live long. See page 124.)
Henry PRIME to Anna Maria HERD, Whitehall, Sept. 2, 1833.
Charles DERBY to Harriet HITCHCOCK, Whitehall, Oct. 13, 1833, at Mr. FOSDICK'S.
Humphrey STARR to Lucy L. BLACK, Whitehall, Oct. 21, 1833.
(??) MERRITT to Sarah WISWELL, Whitehall at the BARNEY'S, Hatch Hill, Oct. 28, 1833.
William ORR, to Catherine POTTER, Whitehall, Nov. 16, 1833, at Solomon ORR'S house, before Robert ORR, Mrs. Robert ORR and Mrs. Solomon ORR, witnesses.
Byron Lothrop HARLOW to Celia MANVILLE, Whitehall, Feb. 19, 1834, at Mrs. MANVILLE'S, the parents of both parties being present.
Calvin CUMMINGS to Ann WALKER, Whitehall, Feb. 27, 1834. Mr. and Mrs. WALKER and others were present.
Simeon BECKER to Emeline WESTCOAT, both of Westport, N.Y., Whitehall, May 26, 1834, at my house before Mrs. F., two brothers of the bride, crew of the canal boat Phoenix.
Chauncey L. WATERS of Hoosic, N.Y., to Sophie TOWNSEND, of Dunham, L.C., June 10, 1834, at Mr. JOHNSON'S hotel, Whitehall.
Zaphras DEWEY to Margaret DODLIN, June 13, 1834, at the home of the bride’s parents in Whitehall.
Joseph VARNEY to Lemissa DODLIN, June 13, 1834, at the home of the bride’s parents in Whitehall.
Martin HERD of Arlington, Vt., to Mrs. Laura KETTELTAS of Whitehall, July 10, 1834, at Whitehall. (She was Laura SIMMONS, daughter of Shubael SIMMONS and widow of the late Samuel KETTELTAS.)
George WHEELER, Esq., of Troy, N.Y., to Marrion MACNEIL, of Burlington, Vt., at Whitehall, July 12, 1834.
James WILSON, of Newcastle, England, to Dolly LONEGIN, county of Antrim, Ireland, Whitehall, July 17, 1834.
Antoine RENOIX to Margaret TERRY, Whitehall, N.Y., Aug. 19, 1834. (Antoine RENOIS of course. I never heard he had two wives, but that must be the fact. In Boardman Cemertery are these two stones: Col. Antoine RENOIS, born June 13, 1811, died Aug. 20, 1894. Charlotte LATREMEUILLE, his wife, born Aug. 25, 1817, died June 6, 1902.)
Daniel PENFIELD to Sarah Ann JILLSON, Whitehall, Oct. 16, 1834.
Doct. Wm. S. CLARK of Troy to Sally LOCKWOOD of Whitehall, Whitehall, Oct. 19, 1834. (Dr. CLARK died in 1844, aged 87.)
Edward PARKER to Mary L. CARPENTER, Whitehall, Oct. 23, 1834.
Charles THURMAN to Mary BLIN, both of this place, Whitehall, Feb. 3, 1835, witnesses Mrs. BLIN, the bride’s mother, Nancy BOARDMAN and Mr.and Mrs. Austin SMITH. (Mary was the daughter of the younger Elisha, and her mother’s name was Sally. THURMAN was a merchant and U.S. Commissioner of Loans. He lived in and built the house next to the Catholic Church now owned by H.M. Sullivan. He sold out about 1848 and removed to New York where he was engaged in the mercantile business. See Vol. 23 for considerable information concerning the BLINS and the THURMANS.)
Washington A. TRAVIS of Whitehall, to Harriet Olive DOE of Wilton, Saratoga county, N.Y. J. WHITTON, Saratoga county, N.Y., Nov. 5, 1834. (Washington TRAVIS was born in Plattsburgh, 1802, and married Margaret the sister of P.J.H. MYERS. Her children were Joseph and Margaret and she died. After he death he married Harriet DOE of Saratoga. I was born in 1837 and Mary MYERS in 1839. There were two other children who died young. He probably came to Whitehall about 1820. He worked for Asa EDDY for several years and then went into business for himself. He was working for Asa EDDY in his store at Fort Edward during the cold summer, 1816. W.D. TRAVIS.)
James H. MCLEAN to Jemima D. DAILY, Whitehall, Dec. 25, 1834.
Randolph JOHNSON to Jane WILSON, both of this place, Whitehall, Jan. 22, 1835.
George COLE of Ticonderoga, to Sarah Ann HERRICK, of Huron, Waune Co., N.Y., Whitehall, July 2nd, 1835, witnesses Mrs. Julia A. FLEMING and Mrs. Mary BROWN, at my house. A.F.

Extracted from Sleeper News, vol. 2, no. 4 and vol. 3, no. 1 (November 1994 and February 1995. Copyright 1994-1995).

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