A Brief Biography of Jane Fenton Rutherford


Jane Fenton Rutherford was born July 15, 1833 in St. Lawrence County, NY. Her parents were Thomas and Jane (Fenton) Rutherford. Thomas Rutherford and a brother and cousin immigrated from Scotland in 1818 and initially stayed in the Argyle area to work on the canal to earn enough money to buy land and settle in St. Lawrence County. Thomas met and married Jane Fenton, daughter of James and Janet Fenton while he was in Argyle. They moved upstate and had eight children, with Jane Fenton Rutherford being the youngest. Jane's mother died at her birth and when she was 6 months old it was arranged that Jane would live with her maternal grandparents in Argyle, to be raised among her mother's people. In 1855 Jane moved back home with her father and her siblings. She later married a friend and neighbor, James Fife, and had three children of her own. Jane Fenton Rutherford Fife died October 7, 1936 at the age of 103. She led a very full life and was much beloved by her family, friends and neighbors.


Photo of Jane Fenton Rutherford

Photo of Jane Fenton Rutherford

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