Transcribed by J. Mitchell, fourth great-grandson of Ebenezer through the marriage of his daughter Permelia to Richard Russell.  E-mail 11mitchell@mchsi.com


On February 24, 1838, Ebenezer Deuel/Duell of Easton, New York, made his will.  His wife Anna was still alive.  His son George W. lived close to him or with him in Washington County, but his other surviving son Seneca lived in Canada.  Grandson Sidney Deuel was left $200; he must have been the son of Seneca by his Briggs wife.  Presumably, living daughters like Permelia inherited instead of their children.  By the time of this will, Permelia had at least six children in Ohio, and she received cash, her Ohio children nothing.  Christina received the promise of a comfortable living, should her husband die; but she died in 1839.  Grandsons Ebenezer and Howard Allen were left money, and their father George was named as one of the two executors; so Patty, the daughter of Ebenezer Deuel  and the mother of Ebenezer and Howard Allen, must have predeceased her father. Grandson George Osborn, son of Lydia and William Osborn, was also an heir, so Lydia must have died earlier.  (But Granddaughter Harriet Osborn received nothing.)  Granddaughter Betsy Sherman received $100, so her mother too had probably predeceased Ebenezer.


            Below is my transcription of Ebenezer's will:


I Ebenezer Deuel of Easton County of Washington and State of New York, considering the uncertainty of this material life and being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following.  That is to say, my will is that all my just debts and funeral charges and just expenses of all kinds be well and duely paid and discharged by my executors hereafter named and out of that part of my estate that is money. 


Item, first I give and bequeath to my wife Anna Deuel one-third part of all my real and personal property and where I now dwell together with all my household furniture and kitchen stuff I own at the time of my decease which I give in lieu of her lawful right of Dower in this my estate as long as she shall remain my widow and after she shall cease to be my widow, I then give all to my Daughter Permelia Russell who lives in the State of Ohio and my son George W. Deuel to be equally divided between them.  I give and bequeath to my son Seneca Deuel who lives in upper Canada [modern Ontario] three hundred dollars.  I give to my daughter Permelia Russell three hundred dollars.  I give to my Daughter Christina Brill [?might be Bull] if she should be left a widow a comfortable living out of my Estate which will be at the discretion of my Executors.   I also give to my son George W. Deuel two hundred Dollars.   I also give to my grand Daughter Betsy Sherman [?] one hundred Dollars.   I also give to my grand son Sidney Deuel two hundred dollars.   I also give to my grand Son Howard Allen two hundred dollars.  I also give to my grandson Ebenezer D. [?] Allen three hundred Dollars.  I also give to my grand son George Osborn two hundred Dollars.  Should there be anything left, my will is that it should be sold at auction [?]  and the avails [proceeds] to be paid to the above named heirs agreeable to the above.  I nominate and appoint George Allen and George W. Deuel my Executors to this my last will and testament.  Easton  February 24, 1838.


Signed and sealed in the presence of the testator Ebenezer Deuel  SS

Done at Easton February 24, 1838

Doratus D. Dennis   Easton