James Beatty will, November 4, 1839.
Washington County, New York

In the name of God Amen, I James Beatty of the town of Hebron, County of Washington and the State of New York considering the….uncertainty of life and the certainty of death. And being now of sound and disposing ……memory, and understanding do make publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit:

Item Firstl…. I order and direct that my executor….pay all my just debts and funeral charges as soon after my decease as conveniently may be….

Item….To my beloved wife Sarah in lieu of her dower I give and bequeath to her all my beds bedding linen cooking utencils and household furniture of every description and five dollars a year in …..during her natural life together with a house and every kind of provision for her comfort, including clothing board washing lodging medicine medical attendance nursing kind attention and care so long as she shall live. And I order and direct that my executor hereinafter named take this care and make this provision for his mother which I make a charge on him in consideration of the bequest and devises to him hereinafter contained. And it is my will and further order and direct that if my said wife Sarah should be disposed to change her residence that then in lieu of the provisions my executor is herein before ordered to make for her that he shall pay her annually during her natural life the sum of one hundred dollars in quarterly payments of twenty five dollars every three months and these provisions for the support care and comfort of my said wife I hereby make a lien and charge on all of my real estate of which shall die seized.

Item….I give devise and bequeath to my son David Beatty the farm on which I now reside in Hebron aforesaid with the appurtenances thereunto belonging being all my real estate containing about one hundred and forty two acreas of land……together with all other real estate of which I may die seized which I hereby give and devise to my said Son David Beatty and to his heirs and assigns forever subject nevertheless to the reservation charge…….and I also give and bequeath to said David Beatty all my ….carriages horses all my farming utensils of every description and all my horses cattle and stock of all kinds with the exception of all my milch cows and sheep…

Item….To my two daughters Sarah Beatty and Hannah Beatty I give devise and bequeath to them jointly and entirely as long as they or either of them remain single and unmarried that part of my dwelling house in Hebron where I now reside being the old part of the said house….and that which was my original dwelling house before the other tract was built with the cellar thereunder. And the appurtenances and right of way for the comfortable enjoyment thereof for the use of each of them to be occupied by them or either of them but not to be sold or rented by them or either of them the said house to be kept in repose for their use by my son David Beatty. And I further give and bequeath to my said Daughters Sarah and Hannah and to each of them to be paid furnished and provided them and each of them by my said son David all the necessary fire wood prepared for the fire….All necessary provisions and food including tea and accessories of that description wanted for their comfortable being and support. And for that of each of my said daughters…and also twenty one dollars a year to each of my said daughters Sally and Hannah….And after that rate for a longer or shorter period than one year…And also the wool of six sheep of good quality and annually to may said two daughters the wool of three for each…and also the keeping for my said two daughters of two ???......All this I give devise and bequeath to my daughters ?Sarah and Hannah as aforesaid…and require my son David to provide and furnish them the same………

Item….I give and bequeath to my Daughters Sarah and Hannah all my milch cows and sheep of which I may be the owner at the time of my decease to be divided equally between them.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Grizy the wife of John J. Nelson the sum of five dollars…
To my son John Beatty the sum of five dollars….
To my son James Beatty Junior the sum of five dollars…
To my son Thomas Beatty the sum of five dollars
To my son Alexander Beatty the sume of five dollars…
The my daughter Maria the wife of George Arnot the sum of five dollars..
And to my daughter Jane the wife of John Armstrong the sum of five dollars…
And I order and direct that my Executor herein after named pay these legacies in this Item specified to my children Grizy, John W, James, Thomas, Alexander, Maria, and Jane within the time of one year from my decease.

Item - I give devise and bequeath all the rest residue and remainder of my eastate real and ???which I shall own at this time of Death after of the payment of my debts and legacies aforesaid to my beloved wife Sarah and to her heirs and assigns forever….

Item…I do hereby constitute and appoint my son David Beatty sole and only Executor
Of this my last will and testament and hereby annul all and every former ????. In witness of all which I have hereto set my hand and caused my seal to be affixed this fourth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine.

James Beatty

Luther Watt

Will proved March 11, 1846…..Washington County, New York.
Martin Lee, Henry Bulkley, L. Watt