Washington Co NY Wills Vol. 4A page 112

Luther Washburn of Fort Ann
probated 9 Apr 1902

I, Luther Washburn of the town of Fort Ann, County of Washington and State of New York being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this life, do therefore, make, ordain, publish and declare, this to be my last Will and Testament: That is to say,

First, after all my lawful debts are paid and discharged, I give and bequeath and devise all the real and personal property of which I may die seized and possessed to my wife Henrietta Washburn, to be used and enjoyed by her during her natural life; and if the income therefrom be insufficent to keep her in comfort, then I direct that any or all of said real or personal property be sold or mortgaged for that purpose. After my wife's death, or before if so elect, I give my Estey Organ to my granddaughter Beulah T. Washburn. Whatever propety is left at the death of my wife, and the payment of her funeral expenses, I give, devise and bequeath to my children in equal shares, and in case any of them shall die in my lifetime leaving descendants, I direct that his or her share shall not lapse but shall go to such descendants share and share alike. I direct that my engagements with my son Archibald concerning his mail contract with the United States, be fulfilled in every particular by my Executors.

Likewise, I make, constitute and appoint my wife Henrietta Washburn to be executrix and my son Lemon D. Washburn to be Executor of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me made.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name, and affixed my seal, the tenth day of October in the year of one thousand nine hundred and one (1901).

Luther Washburn (LS)

Frederick I. Baker, residing at Fort Ann, N.Y.
Fred G. Baker, residing at Fort Ann, N.Y.