Redford Dennis will and probate recorded 18 Feb. 1833

Be it remembered that I Redford Dennis of the town of Cambridge county of Washington and State of New York, aged eighty years and upwards, but of sound mind and memory - do make and declare this as and for my last will and testament in manner and form following: - Viz.. first- I order my executors hereinafter named and appointed to pay all my just debts and funeral charges out of my property. Second- I give and bequeath to my son Enoch Dennis one hundred dollars to be paid in one year after my decease, and I also give my son Enoch Dennis one promisory with I hold against him of three hundred dollars. Wherein all my wearing apparel - third - I give and bequeath to my daughter Lusanna Sisson all of my household furniture and utensils - Fourthly - I give and bequeath to my grandson Redford Dennis Pearce the sum of sixty dollars - Fifthly - after my executors have paid the expenses that shall occur in the settlement of my estate and the above mentioned ___, I give and bequeath to my daughter Lusanna Sisson and to the children of my daughter Hannah Pearce deceased & to the children of my daughter Europa Hall, devide all the remander and residue of my property, not herein ____ disposed of to be divided among them in the following manner - that is one third part to my daughter Lusanna Sisson, and one third part to the children of my daugh ter Hannah Pearce, deceased, and one third part part to the children of my daughter Europa Hall deceased, and my will is that if any of my grandchildren to whom I have given legaces shall not be of lawful age at my decease, then my executor ___ not to pay them their legaces until they become of lawful age and then to pay them their legacies with interest at four percent, to ____ in one year after my decease - Sixthly I do nominate and appoint my son in laws Eilbert Sisson and Richard Hall execut or of this my last will and testament hereby ? all former wills and testaments by me made. In ____w hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty fifth day of April one thousand eight hundred and twenty two.

Redford Dennis{ss}

Signed sealed and ? by the said testator to be his last will and testament in the ____ _____ who at his request and in his _________ ____ or hereunto and in the presence of each other have he reunto set our names as witnesses to the same.

John Dennis, Cambridge, Washington County
Susan C. Dennis, Cambridge, Washington County
State of New York

Be it remembered, that at a Surrogates ___ held at Salem, in the County of Washinton, on the Eighteenth day of February 1833 before John Willard, Surrogate of the said County, on the return of a ___to the widow & next of kin of Redford Dennis, late of the town of Cambridge, in the said County deceased, duly sworn according to law. John Dennis one of the subscribing witnesses to the last will and testament of the said deceased, (a copy where of is hereto annexed) approved before the said Surrogate, in open court, and bring duly affirmed testitor that he was present, and saw the said Redford Dennis, in his life time, _________ the said will: that the said Redford, at the same time, published and declard it as and for his last will & testament, in the ______ of the _____, & Susan C. Dennis; and the affi___, & the said Susan, at the request of the said Redford, & in his presence, subscribed their names ____ thereto, as witnesses to the execution ____ that at the time there of the said Redford was above the age of twenty one years, of sound dispoi- -y mind and memory, and not under restraint- whereupon the said Surrogate did order that the said will be admitted to probate & and t hat letters testamentary thereon be granted to Gilbert Sisson and Richard Hall, exectutor in the said will named at the expiration of thirty days from the making said order on this taking and subscribing the oath required by law.

In ____ when of I the said Surrogate have hereunto _____

{L.S.} ____ (my name, & affixed my seal of office, at Salem in the said county this 18th day of February one thousand eight hundred & thirty three - John Willard, Surrogate Washington County}

Surrogate Office} I certify, the foregoing to be a correct ___ of the last will and testament of Redford Dennis ____ before this day & of the probate there of, both of which were recorded this 18th day of February 1833.

John Willard, Surrogate.