Registered Ear Marks in Granville

In the early days, before fences were built and the land cleared, a certain mark was put in the ears of cattle belonging to a person, in order to distinguish his cattle from that of his neighbor.

These marks were registered to identify cattle belonging to different individuals, and to avoid a duplication of marks. The marks also act as an "unofficial" census, placing an individual in the town of Granville in a specific year.

Marks were similar to this: 1787, Isaac McWethy--Swallow tail in the right ear and a hole in the left ear.

The first owners of cattle in Granville to record ear marks were: 1787--John Crary, Timothy Baker, Thomas Searles, Ebenezer Ferry, Gordon Johnson, Justin Fairchild, Silas McWethy, David Doane, Jophus Murdock, Samuel and Ely Murdock, John Spring, Mark Crowfoot, Josiah Beard, Jonathan Wright, Charles Crofoot, Eleazer Hill, James Austin, Peter Parker, Gideon Barber.

In 1788 the following persons registered ear marks for their cattle: Andrew Sharp, Kitchel Reed.

1789--A. Chapman, Hezekiah Brown, Abraham Bishop, David Graves.

1790--Abraham Reed, Daniel Curtice, Amos Wilson, Scottoway Whitcomb, Stephen Curtis, William Eastman, Jonathan Steel, Allen Adams, Benjamin Baker.

1791--Solomon Williams, Hosea Crippin, Solomon Baker, Manuel Truair, Tristram Brown.

1792--Amos Wilkinson, Lemuel Williams, Benjamin Baker, Sr.

1793--Samuel Chapin, Theophilus Tracy, Jonas Cleveland, John Bentley, Jonathan Dike, Prince West, Elisha Huntington, Daniel Standley, Jeremiah Spencer, Joshua B. Whitney, Jesse Atwater, John Backus, Joseph Andrus, Benajah Hill, Ambrose, Parker, William Dillingham, John C. Bishop, Asahel Curtis, Samuel Frisbie, John McClintock, Asaph Cook, Utter Shapley, Zadock Lee.

1794--Jonathan Stephens, Abel Comstock, John Davis, Conradt Harker, Daniel Curtice, James Blakesley, Ebenezer Backus, Charles Cook Joseph Congdon, Oliver Hitchcock, Jeremiah Spicer, George Scranton, Richard Thomas, William Tanner, Thomas Wait, Isaac Williams.

1795--George Baker, George Darrow, Asel Dodge, Fulton Fairchilds, Samuel Gillet, ____ Graham, Jonathan Ingell, Amos Insign, Timothy Johnson, Increase Jones, Rufus King, Hezekiah Merchant, Asa Rood, David Simonds, David Simmons, Moses Savage, Roger Turner, John Tanner, Caleb West, Amasa West.

1796--Henry Commins, Jonathan Couch, Felix Curtis, Nathan Day, Noah Day, Joseph Davis, Anson Hale, John Hale, Jacob Hale, Charles Haydon, Christopher P. Jones, John King, John Mosse, Asaph Parker, Nathaniel Palmer, Henry Philmore, Eliphalet Parker, Benjamin Spencer, Abraham Sprague, Eleazer Smith, Solomon Savage, Samuel Sprague, Ashbill Treat, Joshia Tanner, John West.

1797--Benjamin Barber, Lemuel Barber, John Hoddard, Jonathan Hull, John Hoddard, Daniel Ketchum, Nathaniel Parker, Thomas Olcott, Cyrus Stow.

1798--Jesse Hanford, Jeremiah Hotchkiss, Amos Savage, Warham Walker.

1799--Thomas Brown, Daniel Curtis, Stephen Chapman, Abner Sweetland, Erastus Wilcox.

1800--Elisha Curtis.

1801--Rev. Nathaniel Hall, Thomas Roblee.

1802--Benjamin Baker, Amos Barrows, John DeKalb, John Felch, Silas Hawley, James Hawley, William Macomber, David Parker, Samuel Whitlock, Joseph Woodruff.

1803--Asaph Cook, Silas Doty, William Foster, Lewis Hatch, Eleazer Smith, Chilion Wood.

1804--Joseph Crippen, Benjamin Hitchcock, Nathanial Robble, Nehemiah Straight, William Vaughn.

1805--Caleb Curtis, Stephen Thorn.

1806--Daniel Abel, Peter Cowen, William Hollister, David Johnson, Zebalon Kinyon, Prince Potter, Sr., Alexander Stone.

1807--Joseph Emerson, Abijah Prouty.

1808--Zillah Hicks, Wait Hatch.

1809--Lawrence Fosdick, William Roads.

1810--Arnold Alford, Moses Buckley, John Martin, Job Picket, Thomas Secomb, Elizur White.

1811--William Law, Joseph White.

1812--Hiel Hollister, William Kalb, Joel Reed, Aaron Sweetland, Stephen Thorn, Clark C. Wait.

1813--Roswell Goodrich, Josiah Holden.

1814--Jonathan Austin, Widow Sally Backus, Isaiah Cook, Elias Dayton, Stephen Frisbie, David Goodrich, Freeman Kenyon, Prince Potter, Jr., Joseph White.

1815--Chapel Beckwith, Esek Fitch, Benjamin Marsh, Gershom Richardson, Richard Savage.

1816--Russel Bidwell, Salmon Clark, Isaac Hollister, Samuel Potter.

1818--Nathaniel Baker, David Goodrich, Jr.

1822--Isaiah B. Goodrich.

1824--John Austin, Potter Austin, John Felch, Stephen Sweet.

1827--Leonard Gibbs.

(Extracted from Sleeper News, Vol. 2, No. 2-3, February/May, 1994. Copyright 1994.)

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