Hebron Cemeteries

Town of Hebron Cemetery Records
Washington County, NY

First page of note book containing 200 pages of cemetery records for the Town Hebron, Washington County, NY.
Graciously loaned so that they made be entered onto the Washington County pages by Harold and Drucille Craig. 

"The Hebron Preservation Society has been instrumental and has encouraged the compiling of these cemetery Records during the Bi- Centennial years 1975 and 1976.

Many people have worked hard and diligently cutting brush and trees, straightening stones and cutting grass in theses cemeteries. Many hours have been spent copying names and dates and other information from the stones and are now typed in this book as a permanent record. Many stones were hard to read and some impossible. If anyone has information that should be included in this book, would you please notify, Cliff Rogers. There are over 200 pages in this book. Three copies have been made and are in the possession of Drucille Craig, Town of Hebron Historian, Wilson Durham, Secretary and caretaker of the Hebron Cemetery and Cliff Rogers, (deceased) treasurer of the Hebron Cemetery Association.

Among those who have had a part in this project are Harold and Drucille Craig, Nancy and Cliff Rogers, Tom Rogers, Helen Callaway, Wilson Durham, Mrs. Maurice Woodard, Sally and Joseph Brillon, Arch and Polly Craig, Dorothea Craig, Jean Getty and children, Dick and Mary Campbell and family, Jim Wever, Charles Horuff, Mike Spence and many others. The members of the Junior Farmers, 4_H Club, Joyce Fleming's 4-H group members of the County Gals 4-H Club and the Youth Fellowship of the West Hebron Church were of great help."

Hebron Cemetery Association

1. Old Hebron Cemetery
2. New Hebron Cemetery
3. Belcher Methodist
4. North Hebron
5. Burch Hill Cemetery
6. Moreshouse Cemetery
7. Grimes Hill
8. Braymer Route 22, near Sawmill Road.
9. Port Methodist
10. Porter
11. Hannibal
12. Smith
13. Carey's Farm East
14. Hopkins
15. Tiplady- First Cemetery in Hebron
16. Darrow
17. Downings- Vermont Line
18. Parrish
19. Hurd
20. Woodard Farm
21. Smith- Smith Pond
22. Saw Mill Road- Baldridge
23. Fuller- Rt. 22- North of Old Brown Store
24. Vance- Higgins Road
25. Shaw - Shaw Hill
26. Carey Farm-Shaw Hill- Wright
27. Oak Hill
28. Slateville
29. Button
30. Wood
31. Duel- Middle Road
32. Northup
33. Howard- no longer there
34. Fitzpatrick
35. Munson

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