The Jackson Family

Submitted by George Jackson

William George Jackson was born in 1884 in Bessbrook, Ireland. George, as he went by, came to the USA in 1909, before his wife and children. He was recruited by Joe Henderson to work at the Dunbarton linen thread Mill in Greenwich as a mechanic. He advanced quickly to master mechanic, and then foreman. When he first arrived, he lived with his uncle, John Walker. He was very active in the United Prebyterian church, serving as an Elder. He also sang in the choir, and as a soloist publically. He died in 1957. His wife, Sarah Swan Stewart, was born in County Down, Ireland in 1880. She came from Ireland in 1910 with the 2 oldest children, Stony and Sadie. They landed in NYC in May, and proceeded to Greenwich, where George, her husband had already secured a job at the Dunbarton linen thread mill. The mill was located at the end of Corliss Ave. along the Battenkill River. They lived in a small house next to the mill. Their house sat behind a larger house, which was a day care center for the mill employees. This is perhaps the first documented company-run day care, a concept which really did not take root until the 1980's. Later they acquired the larger house, and the small one was removed. She died in 1973. Also pictured are 5 of their 6 children; John, William (Stony), George (Jordy), Dorothy, and Sarah (Sadie), with Isaac not yet born.

Photo of the Jackson Family

Photo of Jackson Family

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