Records of Marriages Solemnized by Oliver Hanks

   Oliver HANKS (son of William) was a Justice of Peace in Pawlet, Rutland Co., VT., 1809-1855. While a majority of the listed marriages were of VT residents, a great many of the marriages were between one or two Washington Co. residents. The entries with Washington Co. residents are highlighted in bold type.  This list comes from the book "Vermont Once No Man's Land" by Merritt Clark Barden.
Note by Mr. Barden: Each entry begins with "Be it remembered" and ends with "were duly joined in marriage by me."

1. Sila SHEPARD and Susannah GOODSPEED, of Pawlet, married July 18, 1809.
2. Zenas GOODSPEED and Emma BETTS, both of Pawlet, married August 27, 1812.
3. Jesse LEONARD and Sarah STRATTON, both of Pawlet, married Oct. 10, 1812.
4. Eli JONES and Chloe GOODSPEED, both of Pawlet, married Jan. 3, 1813.
5. Benjamin FULLER, of Wells, and Sally BALDWIN, of Pawlet, married Mar. 20, 1813.
6. Walliston HOLLY, of Granville, N.Y., and Mary BROOKS, married Aug. 15, 1813.
7. Samuel PRATT and Sally MOORMAN, both of Pawlet, married Oct. 27, 1813.
8. Hugh MONTGOMERY, of Granville, N.Y., and Catherine BUSBEE, of Pawlet, married Dec. 2, 1813.
9. Calvin BAKER and Nancy BUSBEE, of Pawlet, married Dec. 28, 1813.
10. David CONEWAY, of Hebron, N.Y., and Nancy BEERS, of Argyle, N.Y., married Feb. 2, 1814.
11. Lemuel WILLIAMS, of Warsaw, N.Y., and Betsey THOMAS, of Whiting, Vt., married Feb. 16, 1814.
12. Ezekiel BEBEE, of Rutland, and Cynthia CHASE, of Pawlet, married Oct. 9, 1814.
13. Moses LOOMIS, of West Springfield, Mass., and Polly MYRRH, of Pawlet, married Aug. 10, 1815.
14. John C. BURGES, of Putnam, N.Y., and Sibel J. BREWSTER, of Pawlet, married Oct. 15, 1815.
15. Danforth DEAN and Narcissa PEPPER (dau. of Simeon), both of Pawlet, married June 20, 1816.
16. David KINCH, of Granville, N.Y., and Betsey HAMMOND, of Granville, married Sept. 16, 1816.
17. William DEEN and Ovela GIBBS, married Feb. 3, 1818.
18. Elijah GUILDER and Ruth VAN GUILDER, both of Granville, N.Y., married Jan. 30, 1819.
19. John VAN GUILDER and Patty VAN GUILDER, both of Granville, N.Y., married Dec. 16, 1819.
20. William GIBBS and Ursula STRATTON, both of Pawlet, married Oct. 28, 1819.
21. Abner LONG, of Hebron, N.Y., and widow Naba STONE, of Pawlet, married Feb. 13, 1821.
22. William PALMER, of Hebron, N.Y., and Sophia ROACH of same place, married Oct. 11, 1821.
23. Joel PRIEST and Philinda MONROE, both of Pawlet, married Jan. 5, 1822.
24. Daniel W. DENNIS, of Granville, N.Y., and Hannah PEARSON, of Wells, married July 4, 1822.
25. Hiram JONES (son of Hiram, son of Joseph) and Catherine BALDRIDGE, of Pawlet, married Aug. 28, 1822.
26. John BAKER, of Fort Ann, N.Y., and Clarissa BREWSTER, of Pawlet, married July 28, 1823.
27. Arunah HANKS, Jr., and Philinda ROBINSON (dau. of Abel), both of Pawlet, married Dec. 18, 1823.
28. John BETTS (son of Selah) and Lydia LOVELAND (dau. of Hosea), both of Pawlet, married Mar. 21, 1824.
29. Leonard CASE, of Hebron, N.Y., and Polly LYMAN, of Pawlet, married Apr. 8, 1824.
30. Robert MCIVER, of Pawlet, and Polly HARTWELL, of Granville, N.Y., married Aug. 22, 1824.
31. Lewis WILLIAMS of Granville, N.Y., and Lucina PERKINS, of Pawlet, married Jan. 20, 1825.
32. John SMITH and Leta MARKS, of Pawlet, married May 22, 1825.
33. Seth GANSEY and widow Lucy CURTIS, of Pawlet, married June 15, 1825.
34. Silas MOSSMAN, of Pittsford, and Meritta STRATTON, of Pawlet, married July 7, 1825.
35. Horace DAVIS and Betsey SAGE, of Pawlet, married Dec. 25, 1826.
36. Daniel SHAW and Laura DOWNY, of Pawlet, married Jan. 1, 1827.
37. Milton FLOWERS and Aida GRAVES, of Rupert, Vt., married Oct. 3, 1827.
38. Elias PALMER, of Hebron, N.Y., and Harriet NELSON, of Pawlet, married Oct. 3, 1827.
39. Samuel WARNES, of Granville, N.Y., and Mary SAUNDERS, of Rupert, married Sept. 28, 1828.
40. Sylvester HEART of Mount Tabor and Relief BALDWIN, of Pawlet, married Jan. 25, 1829.
41. Seth DEAN (son of Danforth, Sr.) and the widow _____ LOWELL, both of Pawlet, married Dec. 10, 1829.
42. William STEWART and _____ SARGEANTS, of Pawlet, married Jan. 23., 1830.
43. Clark H. BALDWIN, of Pawlet, and Melinda HART, of Mount Tabor, married Sept. 20, 1831.
44. Joshua CONKEY, of Salem, N.Y., and widow Lucina WILLIAMS, of Pawlet, married Oct.16, 1831.
45. Jeremiah BALDWIN, of county of Chautauqua, N.Y., and widow Polly BALDRIDGE, of Pawlet.
46. Charles CHACE and Susannah BEEBE, both of Pawlet, married Sept. 18, 1832.
47. Joseph WHITNEY, of Granville, N.Y., and Jerusha EASTMAN, of Pawlet, married Oct. 16, 1831.
48. Elisha JOHNSON, of Danby, and Bathsheba PRESTON, of Pawlet, married Oct. 27, 1833.
49. Elisha SMITH of Rupert and widow Dorcas FITCH, of Pawlet, married Oct. 28, 1833.
50. Jonathan GOODRICH, of_____, and Jane UTLEY (dau. of Capt. Leonard; wife, dau. of Aurena HANKS), of Pawlet, married June 29, 1834.
51. Caleb DEEM and Rosella TYLER , of Pawlet, married Apr. 18, 1835.
52. George PARSONS of Hartford, N.Y., and Fanny PERRY, married Dec. 31, 1835.
53. Nathaniel NYE (son of Timothy) and Armina CHURCHILL, both of Pawlet, married Jan. 28, 1836.
54. Ira GIBBS (son of Zebulon), of Pawlet and Betsey ROTCH, of Hebron, N.Y., married Feb. 3, 1836.
55. Walter BUTTON, of Hebron, N.Y., and Eliza EASTMAN, of Pawlet, married May 15, 1836.
56. Elijah BILLINGS, of Salem, N.Y., and widow Anna PEPPER, of Pawlet, married Feb. 13, 1837.
57. Galusha WILKINS and Loisa PEPPER, of Pawlet, married June 18, 1837.
58. Jesse HOW and Abigal WILKINS, both of Pawlet, married Mar. 12, 1839.
59. James YOUNGS, of Hebron, N.Y., and Adeline FULLER, of Pawlet, married July 4, 1839.
60. Ebenezer F. THOMAS and Maria WILKINS, both of Pawlet, married Dec. 25, 1839.
61. Joseph GATES of Kingsbury, N.Y., and widow Anna GATES of Pawlet, married Sept. 20, 1840.
62. Russell VAN GILDOR and Annis ROTENS, both of Granville, N.Y., married Dec. 2, 1840.
63. Ephriam PERRIN, of Granville, N.Y., and widow Laura DRAPER, of Pawlet, married Mar. 10, 1841.
64. Benjamin WOOLL and Harriet BREWSTER, both of Pawlet, married Nov. 3, 1841.
65. Consider BARDWELL and Sally WILLS, of Pawlet, married Dec. 12, 1841.
66. Ira MARKS and Sarah Ann GOODRICH, both of Pawlet, married Jan. 9, 1842.
67. Alonzo HAWLEY and Philene PEPPER, both of Pawlet, married Feb. 24, 1842.
68. Almon WILKINS and Elvira THOMAS, both of Pawlet, married Feb. 27, 1842.
69. Harvey WILCOX and Maria H. CONANT, of Pawlet, married May 3, 1846.
70. Isaiah PEPPER, of Orwell, and widow Sylva DERBY, of Pawlet, married Feb. 14, 1847.
71. Albert A. RAWSON, of Castleton, and Flotilla PEPPER, of Pawlet, married June 17, 1847.
72. Lawson L. BARDWELL and Amy DILLINGHAM, of Pawlet, married Oct. 5, 1847.
73. Ahira CARVER and Jane CLARK, of Pawlet, married Aug. 6, 1848.
74. Ashbel HOLLISTER and widow Mary Pamela GEORGE, of Pawlet, married Aug. 22, 1850.
75. Lewis ROW and Sophia CONGDON, of Danby, married Sept. 25, 1852.
76. Edward WILLIAMS, of Pawlet, and Laura THOMPSON, of Granville, N.Y., married Oct. 12, 1853.
77. Aaron WOOSTER and Sarah HALE, of Pawlet, married Nov. 13, 1853.
78. Warren GRAY, of Granville, N.Y., and Judith DILLINGHAM, married Jan. 31, 1854.
79. William WALDO, of Pawlet, and Hannah GLAZURE, of Hebron, N.Y., married Sept. 23, 1855.
80. Joel WILLCOX and Emma LEE, of Pawlet, married Oct. 10, 1855.

These records furnished by Emily (CLARK) LANDON, great granddaughter of Oliver HANKS (above).

The only solemnity of marriage is in its dissolution.-- M.C.B.

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