McFarland Family of Washington Co., NY

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This McFARLAND branch came from Scotland to Grange, County Tyrone, Ireland in the early 1800s. They emigrated to America about 1880 and they settled in Washington Co., NY.

The original photographs are in the possession of Carol M. Snyder. Carol says they are in very good condition. She believes they are pictures from James and Eliza Jane McNEIL McFARLAND'S family. Carol hopes someone can help her identify any or all people in these photos.

Possibly Grandpa and Grandma McFARLAND. What were their names? Portrait photograph from R.J. Dillon Studio, Salem, NY.

The following three photographs are from William Nims Studio, Fort Edward, NY. Each of these three photos has a reference number on the back.

Robert McFARLAND, #42804

Martha McFARLAND HUGHEY (?), #41805

No name, 18 1/2 years of age (dated 1888), #38937

Photographs from B.C. Kinney Portrait Studio, Salem, NY

Relative of James McFARLAND?

Possibly Joseph McFARLAND.

Relative of James McFARLAND? Photo taken 1892

Was this couple related to James McFARLAND?

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