Articles on Land Patents in Washington Co., NY

"Research on the Embury-Wilson Patent, White Creek, Washington Co., NY"
"Residents, in 1789, of the Turner Patent, Washington Co., NY"
"Dates and Names of Sundry Patents in Washington County, NY"

Deeds and Mortgages in Washington Co., NY

"McQueen, John, Washington County from Frasier, William, NYC, Land in Argyle, NY. 7 November 1789"
"McQueen, John, to Folsom, John, both of Argyle, NY, Land in Argyle, NY, 2 March 1791"
"McQueen, John, of Milton, Saratoga Co., NY and McQueen, John, Washington Col, NY, to DeRidder, Walter, Easton, NY, Land in Argyle, NY 3 June 1796"
"McQueen, Peter, Property Deed 7Sep 1785"
"McQueen, Peter, Property Deed 22 Apr 1776"
"McQueen, Peter, Property Deed 28 Jan 1793"

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