Dates and Names of Sundry Patents in
Washington County, NY

   A. May 2, 1764. Provincial Patent now in Hartford, comprising 26000 acres, was granted to William COCKROFT, Beamsly GLAZIER, Charles Le ROUX, Michael THODY, Geo. BREWERTON the elder, Geo. BREWERTON the younger, Robert MacGINNIS, Peter MIDDLETON, Isaac CORSA (a lieut. colonel), Joshua BLOOMER, Tobias Van ZANDT, Geo. DUNBAR, Barach SNETHEW, Jonathan OGDEN, Richard REA, Verdine ELLSWORTH, Barnaby BYRNE, Peter DUBOIS (a captain), Abraham De FOREST, Cornelious DUANE, Joseph BULL, Teunis CORSA, Thomas JONES, surgeon, David JOHNSON, surgeon, Henry DAWSON, and Alexander WHITE.

   B. June 15, 1739. Wallomsack patent containing 12000 acres, was granted to Edward COLLINS, James De LANCEY, Gerardus STUYVESANT, Stephen Van RENSSELAER, Charles WILLIAMS and Frederick MORRIS. Lies in the the town of Hoosic and Whitecreek and partly in Vermont.

   C. July 18, 1740. Schuyler's Patent of 12000 acres was granted to John SCHUYLER, Philip SCHUYLER, Stephen BAYARD, Samuel BAYARD, James STEVENSON and John LIVINGSTON.

   D. July 1, 1743. Stephen BAYARD had a grant of 1300 acres, in Argyle, bounded S. by SCHUYLER and W. by Hudson river.

   E. Nov. 21, 1761. 5000 acres in the town of Whitecreek, bounded S. by Wallomsack, W. by Cambridge &c., was granted to Arent Van CORLAER, Nicholas LAKE Jun., James LAKE, Thomas LAKE and John LAKE.

   F. May 11, 1762. 10,000 acres bounded N. by Battenkill, W. by SAWYER or Cambridge patent, was granted to Ryer SCHERMERHORNE, Jacob SCHERMERHORNE, Johannes QUACKENBOSS, Nicholas QUACKENBOSS, Peter QUACKENBOSS, Thomas SMITH, John SMITH, Freeman SCHERMERHORNE, Wm. SCHERMERHORNE and Joseph LYNSEN.

   G. May 18, 1762. 26,000 acres, called Kingsbury was granted to James BRADSHAW, Nathaniel TAYLOR, Daniel TAYLOR, John WARNER, Abel WRIGHT, Benj. SILYE, Kent WRIGHT, Preserved PORTER, Ebenezer SILYE, Partridge THATCHER, Thomas NOBLE, Daniel BOSTWICK, Samuel CANFIELD, John PRINDLE, Isaac HITCHCOCK, Jonathan HITCHCOCK, Benj. WILDMAN, Amos NORTHROP, Israel CAMP, Samuel BROWNSON, John HITCHCOCK, Gideon NOBLE and Comfort STAR.

   H. Oct. 12, 1764. 5000 acres in Hebron, granted to Isaac De FOREST, Wm. HUN, Johannes HESS, Thomas CONKLIN, and Jeremiah WOOD.

   I. May 3, 1764. 10,200 acres in Hebron, granted to John Taber KEMPE, John Morian SCOTT, Elizabeth KEMPE, Philadelphia KEMPE, Whitehead HICKS (mayor of N.Y. 1773), John WOODS, Samuel JONES, Adrian RUTGERS, Adrian RENAUDET, James EMOTT, Richard SHARPE, Benjamin KISSAM, John BARD, Wm. WEBB, Abraham COOK, Bernard LINTOT and Thomas FROST.

   J. October 24, 1764. Artillery patent, 24,000 acres, granted to Joseph WALTON, John WILSON, David STANDISH, Thos. DAVIES, John WILLIAMSON, Walter MITCHELSON, Thos. Dean PEARCE, Wm. BRUCE, Wm. FORMAN (in the name of Thomas GIBSON deceased), David DAVIES, Wm. GRANT, Henry BROWN, Francis STEPHENS, Joseph BROME, Wm. GODWIN, John KENNEDY, Thos. SIDWELL, John GODWIN, Wm. WILSON, Wm. FORD, Archibald BRUCE, Samuel ORAM, Francis LAWSON and Walter MARSHALL.

   K. October 11, 1765. 4000 acres which seems to be in Whitecreek, was granted to James GRANT and Archibald CAMPBELL.

   L. Aug. 23, 1764. 2000 acres in Hebron, bounded W. by Provincial Patent, was granted to Harry MUNRO.

   M. Aug. 23, 1764. 2000 acres in Hebron, bounded S. by MUNRO and W. by Provincial Patent, granted to George SCHNEIDER.

   N. Aug. 23, 1764. 2000 acres in Granville, bounded S. by FARQUHAR and W. by Provincial Patent, was granted to Philip DUPEROON.

   O. Sept. 5, 1764. 2000 acres in Hebron and partly in Vt. was granted to Peter De CONTI.

   P. April 26, 1765. 3000 acres, in Hampton and partly in Vt. was granted to George FAESCH.

   Q. May 3, 1765. 2000 acres in Hebron, bounded N. by KEMPE, W. by DeFOREST, granted to Nathaniel McCULLOCH.

   R. May 10, 1765. 200 acres, in Hebron and in Vt. to John REID, and 200 acres in S.E. part of Hebron to Norman McCLOUD.

   S. July 12, 1765. 200 acres in Granville bounded W. by artillery patent, to Robert MUNRO. 50 acres to Charles SAPETEEN, same place.

   T. Oct. 14, 1765. 3000 acres in Hebron, bounded S. by BLUNDELL, W. by KEMPE, to Wm. SHERIFF.

   U. Oct. 28, 1765. 2000 acres to David MOONEY and 3000 to Simeon ECUYER [??], in Hampton, the E. part in Vt.

   V. Oct. 31, 1765. 8000 acres in Whitecreek and partly in Vt., bounded S. by GRANT and N.E. by SCHERMERNORN, granted to Philip EMBURY, Peter EMBURY, James WILSON, John WILSON, Geo. WILSON, Samuel WILSON, Moses COWEN and Thos. PROCTOR.

   W. May 7, 1767. 50 acres in Hebron, bounded N. by REID, E. by Vt. line, S. by McDONALD, granted to John SUTHERLAND.

   X. Feb. 27, 1770. 800 acres, lying between the Cambridge and Hoosic Patents, granted to Joseph READE Jr. and Wilhelmus Van ANTWERP.

   Y. April 4, 1770. 200 acres in Hebron, bounded S. by SHERIFF, E. by REED and SUTHERLAND, to John CLARK.

   Z. June 28, 1770. 108 acres in Salem, bounded S. by McFARLAND, W. by CRABTREE, to Ross McCABE, Philip HICKLER, John SWIFT, Chas. RAMSAY and Thos. EATON.

   Aa. June 28, 1770. 108 acres in Salem, bounded N. by McCABE, W. by Non-commissioned officers, to Archibald McFARLAN and John FAY, and 100 acres bounded E. by Vt. and W. partly by McCABE, to Edward ROGERS and Crismus HOWELL, and 200 acres, bounded S. by McFARLAN and Non-com. officers patent and W. by TURNER, to John CRABTREE.

   Bb. June 28, 1770. 50 acres in Ft. Ann, bounded S. by Kingsbury and W. by FILSIE, to Michael LAW.

   Cc. April 17, 1771. 1000 acres in Fort Ann, bounded S. by Kingsbury (Artillery Patent) to John LAWRENCE, Henry BOEL and Stephen TUTTLE.

   Dd. April 1, 1772. 700 acres in Putnam, bounded E. by L. Champlain, N. by Edward LEADER, granted to Hugh SCOTT, John McCABE, Wm. TOOL, Wm. BARRON, Wm. MONSON, Philip WHITE, Jas. DOUGHERTY, Wm. MEECHAM, John BRIDGMAN, John HODGE, John MILLER, John BRUCKLEY [??], Wm. MITCHELL and Solomon BICKERTON.

   Ee. June 9, 1774. 50 acres in Salem, to Jonathan RYLES, and 50 to Manuel FOSTER, bounded by non-commissioned officers and A. McFARLAND.

[From: The Asa Fitch Papers, Volume 2, page 2. Copyright 1998, The Sleeper Co.)

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