The Robblee/Roblee Family of Granville

Submitted by:   Cindy Walcott

The names Robblee, Roblee and Rublee (at least) are all variations of the
same surname. We have been able to trace our origins with some certainty
back to Huntington, Long Island, New York. The Huntington records, circa
1730, use the spelling variation Rublier, Rublear, Rublere and Rubleer.
Rublear is the variation used in church records; other variations appear in
land and other records at fair frequency. Andrew appears in the land
records as early as 1730 and William in 1732. This family disappears from
the Huntington records by 1742 at the latest.

The next sign we have of this family is in Dutchess County, New York. Here
we see more name variations in the written record. During the period 1740 –
1790, we see many name variations of Robblee, Rublee, etc. for men by the
names of William, Rubin, Thomas, John, Andrew and Nathaniel in living in
Southern Precinct, Nine Partners Patent, Rombout Precinct, Charlotte and

For some of the family, the next stop was Lanesborough, MA. William and
Reuben Robblee (as the name is spelled in the Lanesborough records) were in
Lanesborough in 1768 when they both appear on a list of ratable estates. In
the spring of that year, a deed for William refers to him as being “of
Philips Patent, Dutchess Co., NY”, thus confirming where he came from.
Church records reflect baptisms for children of both men.

It appears that, like so many families, the American Revolution split this
family. A branch of this family supported the King. John and Thomas
Robblee went to Nova Scotia at the end of the war. Their descendants live
in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (and other places) to this day.

Four of the sons of William Robblee of Lanesborough - and several of his
daughters – settled in Vermont. For reasons unknown, this family chose the
name variation Rublee. They first settled in New Haven, VT. There were so
many Lanesborough families in New Haven, that one of the main roads in town
is still called Lanesborough St. By about 1800, the four brothers – Hiram,
Andrew, Francis and John Brush - had moved on to Berkshire, Franklin Co.,
VT. The daughters remained in New Haven with their husbands and families.

Reuben’s descendants removed to Granville, Washington Co., NY, along with
the descendants of one or more Thomas Robblees, all using the spelling
Robblee. In just one or two generations, however, the more common spelling
was Roblee. By that time, many of the family had ventured west to Orleans,
Co., Warren Co., NY and beyond to the territories “west”.

Doug Detling hosts a web page for researchers of the Robblee, Roblee,
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