Residents , in 1789, of the Turner Patent, Washington Co., NY

   From original document presented to the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society by Tobias Alexander Wright, former member of the Publication Committee.
   "While not very interesting to read it possessed value as a census of Americans born 150 to 200 years ago and would suggest that it be used as 'filler' for the Record in the future.
John E. Stillwell
March 1, 1930"

Possessors Names, Acres, Lot Number(s)

Daniel Mattison, 88a, lot 58
John Beatty, 150a, lots 146, 220, 221
William Slown, 84a, lot 217
Nathaniel and Abner Carswell, 300a, lots 45, 51, 52
Samuel Gilles, 88a, lot 40
John Beatty, Junr., 88a, lots 156, 157
Nathan Willson, 88a, lots 135, 145
Patrick Willson & Nathan Wilson, 200a, lots 171, 177
Ebenezer Getty, 88a, lot 170
John Harsha, 88a, lot 69
John Duncan, 88a, lot 227
John Lytle (Lyth?), 113a, lot 92
Andrew Lytle (Lyth?), 90a, lot 191
Joshua Conkey, 100a, lots 63, 153
Alexander Gantt, 150a, lots 82, 84, 88
Thomas Lyon, 88a, lot 121
Robert Getty, 88a, lot 32
John Gray & Nathaniel Gray, 200a, lots 147, 148
William Moncreif, Jr., 88a, lot 44
William McCoy, 88a, lot 160
Edward Long, 100a, lots 40, 164
George Gunn, 88a, lot 160
James Rowan, 150a, lots 138, 141
William Moncreif, Sr., 100a, lots 41, 48
Hugh Moncreif, 88a, lot 28
Alexander Turner, 100a, lots 22, 93
Alexander McNees, 88a, lot 19
Calvin Gault, 88a, lot 16
John Gray, Junr., 90a, lot 89
Edward Savage, 100a, lots 15, 100
Margaret Savage, 150a, lots 6, 18, 99
Thomas Oswald, 150a, lots 190, 228
James Armstrong, 88a, lot 129
Abraham Turner, 150a, lot 10
Thomas Williams, 83a, lot 83
William Boyd, 84a, lot 133
Benjamin Cleveland & Palmer Cleveland, 300a, lots 136, 208
Abner Stone, 88a, lot 205
John Steet, 150a, lot 6[??]
Samuel Willson, 150a, lot 70
Joseph Neilson, 150a, lot 104
James Steawrt (sic), 88a, lot 95
John McCarter & Samuel McCarter, 150a, lot 112
Alexander Steawrt, 88a, lot 47
Joseph McCracken, 150a, lot 135
Ebenezer Rusal, 150a, lot 124
James McFarland, 88a, lot 84
William McCleary, 88a, lot 124
James Moore, 150a, lots 276, 652[??]
Elisha Fitch, 88a, lot 219
James Ramage, 150a, lot 272, 273
John McMikel, 88a, lot 59
Robert Gilmore, 88a, lot 83
David Web, 88a, lot 258
William Thomson, 150a, lot 22
Joseph McCracken, Junr., 88a, lot 53
Saml. & Nathan Hopkins, 200a, lots 135, 137
John Tinten Gault, 88a, lot 111
Hezekiah Moredock, 88a, lot 101
William Brown, 130a, lots 219, 220
Hamilton McCollister, 150a, lot 190
William Hoy, 150a, lot 44
Daniel McNit, 88a, lot 73
John Chamborn, 146a, lot 24
Alexander Simson, 140a, lot 11
Joseph Tomb, 150a, lot 57
James Stephenson, 88a, lot 167
James Henderson, 150a, lot 152
William Mathews, 150a, lot 140
James Morr, Senr., 88a, lot 279
James Gault, 88a, lot 224
James Thomson, 96a, lot 75
William Hogans, 88a, lot 132
Hugh Moore, 88a, lot 278
John Williams, 150a, lot 77, 161, 209
John Armstrong, Thomas Armstrong, 150a, lots 42, 131
David Scot, 150a, lots 102, 109
John Henry, 88a, lot 86
Leonard Web, 150a, lot 235
Joseph Slarah, 88a, lot 48
Peter McDougal, 88a, lot 220
Robert Orr, 88a, lot 127
Samuel Wright, 88a, lot 196
Moses Martin & Aaron Martin, 300a, lot 12
Alexander Weight, 150a, lot 27
William Smith, 150a, lot 190
Isaac Lindsey, 60a, lot 37
Andrew Robinson, 88a, lot 176
John Rowan, Junr., 88a, lot 194
Richard Hoy, 64a, lot 48
Thomas Collins, 150a, no lot listed
Thomas Steet, 150a, lot 299
Robert Mathews, 88a, lot 32
William Bell, 88a, lot 39
Elizabeth Boyd, 150a, lot 256
Samuel Covenhoven, 88a, lot 193
Thomas Boyd, 88a, lot 123
David Eager, 60a, lot 60
Joseph Willson, 88a, lot 178
William Beaty, 100a, lot 154
John Lyon, 88a, lot 98
John Conner, 50a, lot 295
David Harrah (Hannah?), 88a, lot 30
William Rogers, 88a, lot 173
Moses Lamon, 88a, lot 61
William Terrel, 88a, lot 36
John Blakeney, 150a, lots 226, 250
David McIlma, 88a, lot 141
David McCracken, 88a, lot 145
Samuel McCracken, 88a, lot 214
John Rowan, Esq., 88a, lot 189
Alexander Turner, Junr., 88a, lot 50
Reubin Turner, 88a, lot 49
Robt. McMurry, 88a, lot 230
James Craig, 88a, lot 204
Bartholomew Bartlet, 88a, lot 290
Robert Steawrt, 88a, lot 26
James Crozet, 88a, lot 80
George Crookshank, 88a, lot 108
Jean Gibson, 88a, lot 31
Joseph Bartlet, 88a, lot 274
John McCrea, 88a, lot 158
James Rogers, 88a, lot 160
Allen Hunsden, 88a, lot not listed
David Mathews, 104a, lots 44, 60
John Livingston, 88a, lot 179
Jennet Thomas, 150a, lots 12, 159, 16, 920[??]
Robt. Landon, 150a, lot 158
Mathew McCloskey, Thomas McCloskey, 100a, lots 35, 38, and Andrew McCloskey, 88a, lot 34

County of Washington--
   I do hereby Certify that the above named persons of the County of Washington has given me Sattisfactory Proof that they actually resided on the Respective Farms--annexed to their names, in the division of a patent of Twenty-five Thousand acres of Land Originally granted to Alexander Turner and twenty four others on the 7th day of August 1764, and that on Account of the Late War, they were respectively Obliged to Quit their said Farms by the Incursions of the Enemy, as Witness my hand this 24th day of January 1789.
   David Hopkins, one of the Judges of Washington County

Albany, January 24, 1789. I Certify that the within is a true Copy of a Certificate and Shedule Signed by David Hopkins, Esq., one of the Judges of Common pleas for Washington County, and I do futher Certify that the several persons therein named are free from paying all past as well as future quit rents for the number of acres set opposite to their respective names.
   Peter S. Curtenius, SA

Patent to Alexr. Turner etc. 7th August 1764, 14,246 acres.

Extracted from Sleeper News, volume 3, number 4, November 1995. Copyright 1995.

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